Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4728

Chapter 4728: Rich Harvest

In the endless years of the building, Megatron, the great man in the entire Absolute Space Sea, the master of the Ninth Floor, was just assassinated by Lin Fei! At this moment, on the ninth floor, a lot of blood rain began to appear between the heaven and the earth, and there were countless cries.

The fall of a chaos **** would have caused a vision of heaven and earth. What's more, the master of the ninth floor managed the ninth floor, and the laws he had understood were deeply carved into the sea of space on the ninth floor. Now the master of the ninth floor has fallen, Naturally it will cause an anomaly of heaven and earth.

At the same time, in the sea of space on the ninth floor, countless planes, countless stars, and countless interfaces, the soul tablets of the ninth floor masters exploded one after another.

Countless races and forces began to cry.

The Ninth Floor is a relatively large-scale sea of space, with countless large and small worlds. In these worlds, countless forces and races are mainly dedicated to the Ninth Floor.

In short, the master of the Ninth Floor is the main belief and spiritual pillar of all living creatures in the space of the Ninth Floor.

Now, this spiritual pillar has suddenly fallen, and all races are in grief immediately! "Master Ninth Floor was actually killed!"

"It's over, we are over on the ninth floor!"

...Countless creatures are crying and screaming.

at the same time.

The headquarters of Years House.

In the depths of the headquarters, in a hidden space opened up, four old landlords are sitting cross-legged.

"The ghost clan is really terrible! Those legends about him are not false!"

One of the old posters suddenly sighed and said.

"Not bad.

The terrible degree of this Yingui clan is beyond my imagination.

The four of us teamed up and it was difficult to beat him. "

The other old host nodded and replied.

"Humph, no matter what, the four of us managed to escape.

In the future, as long as we don't go back to that terrible space, we probably won't have many chances to meet that ghost clan again. "

An old poster said.

"It seems that the ancestor of the fire source beast used some means to trap the ghost tribe in that time and space.

The ancestor of the fire source beast, the strength is not to be glimpsed. "

Another old poster sighed.

"As long as the fire source beast ancestor continues to trap the ghost tribe in that time and space, we don't have to worry about the ghost tribe coming out."

An old poster said.

"Not bad."

The other three old posters all nodded.

When the four of them had just escaped from that time and space, they were always worried and afraid, afraid that the Yingui tribe would suddenly come out of that time and space and come to Suiyuelou to settle accounts with them! Later, when they recalled carefully, they finally discovered that the Yingui tribe was trapped in that time and space by the ancestor of the fire source beast.

Otherwise, the Yingui clan would have left that time and space long ago! "Fortunately, we finally escaped!"

These four old posters recalled the terrible experience in that time and space, and each of them had lingering fears.

"During this period, our years of development have been very good.

The strength continues to grow, even if compared with the Dark Clan, it is not far behind. "

An old poster said suddenly.

"No! This is only superficial.

Don't forget that the strongest on the surface of the Dark Clan is the three major Dark Lords, but in fact, the real top master of the Dark Clan is the Black Tyrant.

How do you think the strength of the four of us compares with the black bully? "

The other old host shook his head and said.

Black bully! When the other three old posters heard the word Hei Ba, they were all stunned and speechless for a while.

"The strength of the three of us should be incomparable with the black bully."

Finally, an old poster said with a sigh.

"It's not that it should, but it's absolutely incomparable to the black bully!"

The old poster said affirmatively.

"So, you must remember that although we have made some progress during this period of time, we must not be proud.

Even more can not provoke the dark race.

As long as the black tyrant is here, we will be compared with the black tyrant for the time being. "

The old poster said.

"Not bad."

The other three old posters were silent for a moment, and they all nodded in agreement.

"It's just that, as long as the four of us, from now on, work hard to cultivate, one day, our strength will keep up with the black bully! After all, the black bully is old, and the four of us are in their prime of life!"

The old host said again.

"Not bad.

From now on, the four of us must work hard to cultivate! "

When the other three old posters heard this, they were all refreshed and said at the same time.

Just now.

One of the old posters suddenly had a face, and took out a jade slip for communication.


! "

When he finished reading the information in this jade slip, his face changed a lot on the spot.

"What happened?"

The other three old posters looked at the old poster and asked.

"The owner of the ninth floor sent a message for help, and someone suddenly broke into the ninth floor and acted on him."

The old host said in a deep voice.

"Someone broke into the ninth floor?

who is it! The ninth floor is the site of our time building, and there are people who dare to invade. Isn't this looking for death? Even the dark people don't dare to be so blatant and provoke us. "

The other three old posters were furious.

"It's Lin Fei and the underage fire source beast. The two of them suddenly entered the ninth floor and are besieging the owner of the ninth floor!"

The old poster said.


It's Lin Fei and the fire source beast! How can it be! Aren't Lin Fei and the source beast trapped in that time and space by the ghost tribe?

How did they escape! "

The old posters of the Years Tower were shocked and puzzled.

"With the strength of that ghost clan, how could Lin Fei and the juvenile fire source beast escape?"

An old poster said puzzledly.

"Anyway, now, the ninth floor is in a hurry, we must rush to help him immediately."

An old poster said.

"Not bad.

The most important thing is to save the 9th floor master first! "

The other three old posters all nodded and said.


Boom...The four old landlords all left the headquarters, showing their starting methods, and galloping toward the ninth floor.

At the same time, these four old posters immediately sent voice transmissions to the other high-level people of the Years Tower, so that many of the high-level people who were closer to the ninth floor immediately brought the people of the Years Tower to help.


In the sea of absolute space, a large number of people and horses of the Years Tower rushed violently towards the ninth floor.

at this time.

Lin Fei and Huoyuan Beast were still on the ninth floor.

"Unexpectedly, this Ninth Floor Lord has a pretty rich net worth.

It seems that he has been the owner of the ninth building for so long and accumulated a lot of wealth.

It's just that the wealth he has accumulated over his life and worked so hard has finally made me cheaper! "

Lin Fei and Huoyuan Beast are on this ninth floor, searching for property everywhere, and the harvest is very rich!