Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 1

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 1 Reincarnation And 5 Wishes

Floating in the endless void is a soul of a 90 year old man with a corporeal body. Although not too noticeable due to his see through body, he was well toned and had muscle. His body was lean and stood at a height of 178 centimeters even at old age. He had a white silvery toned beard and hair. His hair was well combed back and his beard combed nicely to his stomach. His dark brown eyes stared directly into the void seemingly trying to find the secrets it's hiding.

His eyes shone with astonishment after a few hours and he closed his eyes trying to understand. Soon a "door" opened into the void and a man with 160 centimeters of height with short dark grey hair and a short trimmed beard. He searched left and right in the void and soon worry started to appear on his face. He walked forward but soon tripped over something and "fell" on the void's "floor" and hurt his face.

Young Man: "Arghh-"

He stood up quickly with a red face from embarrassment and looked behind and saw an old man there in a meditative position. Soon realization hit the young man and he smiled a little before leaving through the door again.

Hundreds thousands of years soon passed and 500,000 years quickly went by. Soon the old man woke up and his eyes shown with light in the dark void however this went unnoticed by the old man and he just stood up and completed a set of martial techniques with deep profoundness that could put the Gods of fights and those related to it to shame. He soon finished and stopped, he put his arm forward and opened his palm and faced it upward. When he did this a ball of many colors seemed to float within the ball, the inside of it was very chaotic while the outside was a calming as the waves of a beach at night.

?????: "My my... to be able to use chaos energy in such a short amount of time.. my cousin took billions of years to understand even half the concept of it."

This startled the old man and quickly dispersed the ball of energy and eyed the young man cautiously. The young man that appeared out of a "door" was the same man from the beginning.

Old man: "Who are you and what is this place? And what do you mean by chaos energy?"

Young man: "Very fl.u.s.tered I see... Well you, one day my younger brother when he was 10, he jumped down to the mortal world, however my family don't develop there powers until they are 16 years of age and went without any bodyguards. He was a very mischievous little guy, but I still love the rascal."

Old man: "I see, but this story has nothing to do with me and does not answer my question."

Young man: "Oh... but it does. You see he was shortly kidnapped by traffickers because he had gold on himself to buy a certain present for our mother. When he got kidnapped you were in the area looking for someone and came across the traffickers. And you my good sir managed to save him and even helped him on getting the present and even if he sounded crazy, you still helped him find a way to get back home."

Old man: "Well the question still hasn't been answered, why am I here?"

Young man: "Ohhh right, there was that question huh... oh and also the other one. Well to answer your first question, I am a descendant of the primordial being, &?, or how you mortals prefer to call me, God. But my mortal name is Jack, it changes from time to time, you may call me whatever you may want. For your second question, my brother had awoken his powers long ago and he can now grant wishes. He has offered you to have 6 wishes and anything is possible. However one of those wishes will be used to reincarnate you in your new life may it be "fiction" or non-fiction so technically it is 5 wishes."

Old man: "Well... God, what do you mean by "fiction"?"

God/Jack: "Well, Luis, in reality, all the works of fiction that was and will be written in your universe had a corresponding universe, even those so called fan-fictions as every minuscule amount of change can cause many different type of parallel universes to exist. Meaning the Marvel universe, DC universe, MCU, Anime, Movies and novels exist already and have always existed."

Old man/Luis: "Ahhh I see, I did hear, watch and read about this type of stuff with my grandchildren. All of them had peculiar taste but they were my adorable munchkins. By the way, are they doing fine?"

God: "They died long ago, you were in an enlightenment state for almost 500,000 years. But after you died they made a big funeral for you, they lived very happily till their death and you can say every children of theirs have become outstanding."

Luis: "Pains me a little to know that they are dead but I am glad they didn't get dragged down by my death, I had many enemies I wouldn't be able to count."

God: "Even if they did try to do anything I would have destroyed them. Anyways... JOSEPH GET IN HERE AND GRANT YOUR WISHES!"

Soon a 18 year old man came out the door and came in front of Luis. He stared at him before grinning happily and took him in a hug.

Joseph: "Thank you so much for saving me when I was a young child, I will now grant you 5 wishes and reincarnation in a world of your choice."

Luis: "Hmmm... alright let me think for a while."

After saying that, Joseph seemed somewhat dumbfounded. He expected the old man to be very happy and not serious. Thinking back the old man did have 4 wives, and the wives of the men he c*ckblocked, and they died very peacefully, everyone of his family died peacefully, some even wished to reincarnated but they died long ago happily. Hell, he even slept with those that were way younger than him, around 18 and older he won't really jump the gun for those under 17 he had his morals, the women didn't really care as he was a heavenly beast in bed and he looked good for his age. Especially with all the training he did that made him look 40-50 years younger compared to the usual 90 year old humans. This man here was serious only when it came to work and mostly fooled around. Took training seriously and made fun of Yu IlHan, main character of "Everyone Else is a Returnee", by learning every martial art and use of every weapon to household object as a weapon in only 56 years. He even managed to get some enlightenment on all the weapons and martial arts.

The old man could have possibly killed Yu IlHan after time resumed and he felt very powerful and his body went through the evolution. When Luis was going to learn blacksmithing to beat him in that as well he died due to his body not enduring the continuous build-up of fatigue and not enough rest. He-


Luis: "Okay I am ready to ask for my wishes now.

My first wish is to have a [System] like one of those from the novels my grandson read, they helped the characters survive and get powerful quickly.

My second wish is to have [Instant Mastery] to be able to quickly use the techniques and whatnot. I don't want to die from over exertion again, even if its not very likely. However I will still train my body.

My third wish is [All Affinities], to be able to use everything without restrictions.

My fourth wish is to have the [Saiyan Bloodline] to be able to receive powerful zenkais and those transformations my nephew bragged about.

My fifth wish is to have [Improved Certain Saiyan Aspects] which will be powerful zenkais and receive them even while fighting, adaptation, oozaru, transformations, the saiyan tail, removal of saiyan anger issues and the most important is the ability to breathe in space.

As for the world which I will travel, it will be... lets see... well I already wasted most of my wishes on stuff from Dragon Ball World... so I will go there for my first world."

Luis then looks at the direction of Joseph and sees him pondering for a bit.

Joseph: "Alright but instead of having the normal Ki, since you awakened the legendary [Chaos Energy], you will be able to mix it with the mortal Ki and god Ki. And to not make process very tedious with getting other types of energies like Mana, Qi, Chakra and others, I made it so that you can use Ki instead, however due to your Saiyan body and many complications with Qi, you won't be able to cultivate. Mostly due to the fact that when you will be fighting and you growth stage, your body will naturally use your Ki and [Chaos Energy] to maintain itself, and because of zenkai, your body will one day rival a True God and Creator from a cultivation world. You may even reach or surpass the bodies of us primordial descendants. Those saiyans are really outstanding with their physique, especially with their transformation."

God: "Yes it does seem so, luckily they were in a Middle World. Or else we would have had many in the Upper and Ascension Worlds. Imagine if they had use of a very minuscule amount of [Chaos Energy]. They would have been very scary."

Joseph: "Yeah, the bald hero for fun guy was even worse. Good thing he wasn't prone to being evil otherwise the worlds would be in chaos."

Luis: "So... uhhh... how is this thing going to work like?? Do I just wait, or do I have to create how I look like next or what?"

Joseph: "Oh uh... yeah. Hold on.."

After Joseph said that he stopped saying anything and waved his hand in the air and a holographic box appeared in front of Luis.


[Choose an appearance,

-NOTE: The option will put you in the body of an already existing character in that universe.

The option will let you retain your appearance in your previous life, although you appearance will constantly change throughout the years when you reincarnate, such as receiving [Magical Eyes] like the Uchiha's Sharingan for example, or in your case, the tail of the Saiyans.

option will put you in a random family in the world of your choosing, it will of course maintain your gender or let you choose.-]

Luis: "Hmmmm... I think I will stick to , I don't want to look that different, I want something I can remember my past life with, as well as my parents."

[Ding... Acknowledged...]

[Choosing option...]


[Choose name...

-NOTE: Options are the same as they were for choosing an appearance.-]

After reading this Luis stopped and pondered for a bit, he then looked up and looked at both God and Joseph.

Luis: "What do you believe is the best option?"

God: "Well, there is not much to say, though your name will cause a lot of confusion and due to 'certain' laws your name will sound gibberish to them. So it would be preferred to have a , , or ."

Joseph: "Yes, those world laws are very tedious, they won't let you choose your own name."

After saying that he faked grievance by closing his eyes and balling up his fists. He then scrunched up his face and opened one eye to see if Luis was falling for his trick.

Joseph: "Haiss~ anyways make a choice. It's very taxing being in the void. How you survived 504,173 years, beats me."

Luis: "Wai- What do you mean 504,173 years?! Wasn't it only a few hours?"

God: "Well maybe for you because you attained enlightenment in here and that enlightenment took you 504,173 years. So your age should be 504,263 years old."

Luis: "Wow.. I don't think I want to be here anymore, you talking about me like this makes my head hurt. I should leave now, I don't want to be stuck here with you guys. I choose ."

[Ding... Acknowledged...]

[Choosing ...


[Loading... Updating information...]

[Initializing System.. 2%... 36%...]

[Loading 51%...]

[Loading 79%...]

[Loading 80%...]

[Loading 81%...]



[Ding... Process will restart in 5 years...]

[Please wait until then Sir Luis... and survive.]

After the holographic screen said that he vanished from the void in bright myriad of colors. All revolving around his body and taking him to the Dragon Ball World.

Joseph: "Wow, no goodbye."

God: "Well you were shooing him away."

Joseph: "No, that's not true at all.."

God: "Is true."




"Huuuuh!!?? Am I in a big jar? And what is this green liquid?? And what type of alien is that?!"