Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 10

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 10 9 Dreams


[The System: If Master wants to get out of his mindscape all he has to do is drink the cup that has been in front of you since the beginning.]

Sora sent away the screen and sat there pondering for a couple of seconds before taking up the cup and downing it like a champ. Once he the liquid went down he saw endless darkness and soon the setting of his room came into his eyes. When he finally regained his bearings he saw a head of full of blue hair on his chest, Bulma. She had a blanket over herself as she slept on top of Sora who was sitting on the couch. 'How the hell did she even manage to get over here on the couch with me?'

Sora ignored his question and soon sleepiness hit him, even with all the [Ki] in his body he always felt tired whenever he saw someone tired, sleepy or sleeping. So he wrapped his arms around Bulma who was snoring away her worries and he sighed happily as he remembers his times when he would hug his children and grandchildren. So he slept as well to get rid of the sleepiness, he slept and began dreaming of his past family as a sleeping Bulma got happy from Sora's warming hug.


(Sora's Reminiscent Dream)

"Daddy! Daddy! I won the talent show!" A little girl about 12 years old with dark brown hair and eyes yells in happiness towards her equally happy father. He was 178 cm tall, he had a moderate beard and mustache on his face, his hair had two bangs one slightly longer than the other. He had dark brown hair like the young girl, and light brown eyes. He had no wrinkles on his face as his body gives out a youthful air, this was Sora otherwise known as Luis.

"That's wonderful Emily, but don't show off too much of the family's martial arts, or the people will get hurt from trying to do it. You know they don't know how to use them without the proper exercise I created for it," said Luis. He saw her get slightly sad and pinched her cheeks a little before chuckling at her response of moving his hands with difficulty. He looked at her with great affection and hugged her.

"Daddy? Why are you hugging me?" Emily had confusion written all over her face with her cheeks marked red by the pinching.

"Hmm no reason at all, I just love you so much," Luis said with slight sadness and love that his daughter didn't catch. "How about we go have fun? I heard they recently opened an amus.e.m.e.nt park?" He asked as he let his daughter out of the hug and looked at her in the face with a dead serious face.

When Emily heard this she got happy, "Yay, lets ride the roller coaster! hehehe." Emily giggled as she saw her dads serious face go pale at the mention of roller coaster. She knew her dad was very strong and scared of mostly nothing, she saw him fight against a bear with only his fists. The next day the bear was his pet and he acted like nothing while her mothers were sweat dropping at the bear wearing a collar for dogs. However at the mention of roller coasters her dad always goes chicken. "Do not worry daddy, I am here so there is nothing to fear," she says as she takes hold of her dad's hand and walks out of school and takes a turn.

"Uhh.. Emily? The amus.e.m.e.nt park is the other way," says Luis as he sees his daughter's figure freeze. She then moves in a robotic way to face the direction of the amus.e.m.e.nt park while her face is red in embarrassment. "Lets continue moving, shall we baby?" He asks as he picks her up from her waist and places her on his shoulders.

With renewed vigor, Emily lifts up her head to face the sky and says, "Yes! Lets go and get there quick daddy! We have to ride as much rides as possible and eat all the cotton candy."

With that Luis sprinted all the way to the amus.e.m.e.nt park with a laughing girl on his shoulders as the parents and guardians around looked at them confused and weirded out by the father-daughter duo. The children looked at Luis and wished he was their dad to have as much fun as Emily does.

A couple of seconds of Luis sprinting later, the duo finally made it to amus.e.m.e.nt park. After paying for the tickets and walking inside, the first thing Emily wanted was to enter the bumper carts to bump into other people. When he asked why, she said, "Cause it is fun to crash into people, even more when they end up hurt. Hehe." He questioned his own daughters insanity but just laughed it off a couple of seconds later.

A couple of kids left crying after Emily began playing bumper carts, she would keep crashing into the kids until she got them stuck in the corner. When the kids realized that they could go against her in numbers, they surround her like wolves would surround a lone sheep. Too bad for them this sheep was a lion in sheep clothing. She backed up a bit before going forward and hitting the kid in front of her and making him back up enough for her to leave the circle. The others saw this and followed in behind her.

Emily saw this and smirked, she drove to the corner and then made a sharp turn as some of the kids couldn't stop before they crashed into the corner. They prevented each other from going out and couldn't move. She had only 2 people behind her now as she drove away from them, she turned to look at the corner full of stuck kids and saw something. So she drove to pass by the corner once again.

When she was passing by, she lightly hit one of the carts letting it be able to go out. Once the kid in that cart realized it, he back up and he got slammed back into the corner with every other kid. However now with a new addition, when the kid was backing out he made one of the 2 people following Emily crash into him. This made them both stuck in the corner with the other kids. The last person seeing his partner in crime get stuck as well got distracted, which was what Emily awaited for.

She turned as fast as she can and went to the left and turn again to have the front part of her cart face the side of the last kids cart. She stepped on the pedal and drove straight into him at the quickest speed a cart can go. She rammed into the kid making skid against the floor as he slid toward the pile of carts and leaving Emily with a satisfied smile while all the kids were complaining.

She got out of the cart and walked out of the ride area and arrived in front of a laughing Luis. Emily looked at her dad with a smug smile, "Now lets go ride all the other rides now."

"Sure lets go," Luis laughed a little more while walking and holding hands with his daughter to the other rides. They enjoyed every single ride that they could enjoy at the park, besides the roller coaster.

When they finished the rides they walked home. When they got there they saw a group of people outside their house. When Luis saw this he stopped, "Hey Emily? Do you know if we have a special event today?"

Emily let go of her dads hand and ran to the group of people and hugged them as she smiled at them. In the group of people, their were 16 women and 31 children, 4 of the women were Luis' wives, 9 were the wives of others whom he slept with occasionally, and the last 3 were young women from a university near his home. The rest were boys and girls either teenagers or little kids, they were his children. His grandchildren were there as well, when he noticed this he realized that their parents were younger than they originally were, which was why he didn't notice them at first. Their respective partners of his children were also there holding hands with each other.

"Mommy! I won the talent show and then we went to have fun! I was so thrilled, I want to go again," says Emily rapidly.

The women who Emily hugged hugged was a mature lady with a healthy white skin and light pink lips. She had brown hair and dark brown eyes, a curvy figure which make Luis go wild at the thought of her n.a.k.e.d body. She turned and faced Luis and gave him a happy smile with eternal love interlaced between it. "How about we go inside and eat, I prepared a feast to celebrate Emily's win. I had faith in her winning," she said to Luis.

"Sure lets go inside honey." He smiled warmly at her and held her waist with his left hand and pulled in the closest of the other 3 wives with his right hand and placed it around her waist. She had long wavy blonde hair and beautiful light blue eyes which the sunlight made look more beautiful. She had skin as white as snow, her body was slim and she b.r.e.a.s.ts were moderate while her ass was nice and round. "Don't think I forgot about you sugar."

"Of course not darling, why would you forget someone who you ravage at night and at day? Especially whenever I am cooking with nothing but your shirts." She gave a seductive grin to Luis who just smiled warmly at her. She giggled a little and gave a kiss to Luis on the cheek.

With that they all went inside and ate all the food that the moms had prepared for the celebration. The kids went and played games, the a.d.u.l.ts were drinking, and everyone was just having a fun time. Music began to play, Luis began dancing with all his women, daughters, and granddaughters. His sons danced with their some of the girls. Then they danced in a group, Luis was having the time of his life with his family. But it all has to end sometime.

The clock struck 11 pm, some of the younger kids had already fallen asleep. So Luis picked them up and took them to their respective beds and tucked them in nice and tight. He went back to his women and enjoyed his time with them, they hugged and kissed, and occasionally s.e.x.u.a.lly teasing each other. Soon they began to feel sleepy and the women fell asleep as well. He picked up each of his women separately in a princes carry and took them to his room.

Once he was done with that he headed down back to where they had the celebration and he cleaned up. He put everything where it went, picked all the trash, and all the toys. He finished half an hour later and grabbed walked outside. He looked into the bright starry sky and the moon that seem to want to encompass the sky. Luis knew that he was in a dream and that it would end anytime, he saw a door in the drive way which had a green sign above it which said exit in white letters. He approached it and put his hand on the door knob, when he did he realized that everything began to go dark.

When he saw this he instinctively looked back and saw the only thing that remained bright in the darkness, his old house. He saw his family was all there outside of the house huddled up together looking at him from afar. His women were all the way in front of every other child, and Emily all the way in the front of them.

Emily ran towards Luis, once she got to him he realized that she was the taller than him. He looked down at his body and saw that he was his younger self, he now had the tail, and his hair was now spiky. His daughter didn't look at him in wonder, confusion or fear at all, she hugged him and said, "Daddy? Don't ever forget about us. We will always love you."

Luis was confused at first by what she said but answered with a loving smile. "Of course not baby, why will I forget about you all." When Luis finished saying that, Emily began to wail and hugged him tighter.

He patted her back and said, "Don't worry, you will always be my number one little girl."

All his other children came up to him as well and hugged him and Emily. One of his sons said, "Dad don't forget to become a [Saiyan God]. And try fighting with Goku so you can see who is a better fighter between you both." His other children and grandchildren all said similar things, one of them even said to beat up the big bad hairless purple cat.

Soon his children and grandchildren stopped hugging him and opened up a way for his women to come up to him. When they reached him they all picked him up and smothered him on their b.r.e.a.s.ts, "Your so small now! Is your Jr. small too now? Or is it the same dragon we know?" One of them asked without shame as the women around her blushed while others just laughed.

Luis loved this feeling and wished it never ended.


[Master has to wake up soon. Masters time in the current place he is in with his family is limited and would be allowed back when he gets stronger.]

When Luis read this he couldn't help but become sad at the text on the blue screen, 'I will do my best to become strong and bring my women and Emily back to life, and before I can bring the others alive, I need to know if they want to come.'

[Masters mentality and soul will be damaged if he continues to stay here. So forceful extraction will begin in 3 seconds.]


"What?!" Luis an incredulous look on his face as he looked at all his family in the face, "I don't even get to give a proper farewell!? Damn!"


"Honey, don't worry, you will see us again once you get stronger." "We will always be with you in your heart and mind so you don't need to say bye." "Remember us forever and don't let us down. You got a universe to conquer and explore, alright?" "Be the coolest daddy out there and become the strongest!" "Never lose to those bad guys!" "Get every girl you can get daddy so I can get more mommies!" "You won't get rid of us that easily." "This dragon of yours deserves to be let out and eat all those unsuspecting maidens." "Have fun..." "Live well..." "And always remember..."


"""""""""""""WE LOVE YOU!!!"""""""""""""

[Commencing extraction.]

When Luis, now Sora, opened his eyes he had an annoyed face as he was back on the couch with Bulma on top of him. "Damn, I didn't get to say 'I love you' back either."