Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 11 10 Dragon Ball Search

Ever since the day of the dream, Sora kept training and went to visit Casion more often and worked out in the spaceship. Sora even decorated the ship for Casion which had made her happy that he thinks of her, he even made a mini wooden version of himself in a cartoony way to keep her company, she was very happy seeing it. A month soon passed again and Sora got the radar from Dr. Brief, as Sora was leaving the house of the Brief's he was met with Panchy and Bulma at the door.

"Hey! Why are you girls here?" Sora was wondering if there was something they were going to do that needed them here at the door.

Both turned to look at Sora who carried a backpack on his back, a look of sadness appeared on their face before Panchy's usual smile came back. Bulma ran to Sora and hugged him, "Sowa don't leave, did I do something to make you leave?"

Sora was taken back a little at what she said and laughed, "Haha, that's silly, nothing you do will make me leave. I just have something to do and then I will come back and visit for a while." He thought for a while before smiling a bit and took out a Two Star Dragon Ball. "Look, you see this ball here?"

Bulma nodded her head upon hearing the question as she looked at the Two Starred ball as an unnatural shine came over it and the shine disappeared. She was mesmerized by the look of the ball, "What is it Sowa?"

"This here is a Dragon Ball, it can make one wish true for any person. However it will only work with the other 6 Dragon Balls," saying this Sora took out the other Dragon Ball from his backpack with his [Ki], picked up the other Dragon Ball on his hand and kept them float as he made them revolve around him slowly. "It is said that a mighty Dragon will come out and grant you a wish if you say the magic words."

Both Bulma and Panchy were amazed at the floating Dragon Balls around Sora and how they moved. Hearing that they can grant wishes had astounded them and they wished they could see that and be able to witness the wish come true. Bulma came out of her amazement and asked in pure curiosity, "And what awre those magic wohrds?"

"Well before I say that I need to show you another thing," said Sora as he backed away from Bulma. He went outside and stood in the middle of the drive way, "This is what happens when you make a wish from the Dragon Balls so you don't be alarmed." Once he finished saying that he made the balls spin before they were launched in the surrounding of the house, both still floating by Sora's [Ki]. "They spread out and they lose all color, turning them to stone until you can use them again a year later. Plus they have to be right next to each other in order to be used correctly."

Bulma was remembering everything she could hear from Sora. She didn't want to miss a single detail that he would mention.

Bulma's focus on what he would be seeing made Sora chuckle a bit at how much attention she was paying. "The magic words are 'Eternal Dragon, by your name, I summon you forth: Shenron!' And if it worked a majestic Dragon will come out of the Dragon Balls. It was said that a person once found and united these Dragon Balls only to wish himself to be king." Sora said the last sentence with annoyance as that was a pretty bad wish, but considering probably the Age in when he made it, it probably made sense. "Well I have to go now Bulma. If I don't come back... I will send a Dragon Ball here so you can wish something for yourself."

Bulma was tearing up when she heard that he may not come back, "Why!? *Sniff sniff*"

"I have to train, there is beings out there in the Universe that can kill us without using their full power." Sora was ready to train as hard as he can to bring back his family and to protect them with all his power. Of course now that he is growing in power, obviously so would his stamina, and considering how l.u.s.tful he was in his past life, he expects his future, when he goes through puberty, to be unfulfilling at his nightly adventures. Meaning he will have to get more women to be able to satisfy him in his nightly "battles", not harm his women and let his pregnant women relax when they do get pregnant.

"Why can't someone.. *Sniff* else get stwong to defeat them? And you stay hewre with us?" Bulma was trying her best to keep Sora to stay and Panchy seeing her like that just hugged her from behind.

"Honey you have to let him go, if not those big baddies will make the whole planet go to 'sleep forever' and you won't be able to see Sora again." Panchy thought for a bit before whispering in her ear, "Plus, you can always wish him back here."

*Uwahh* Bulma burst in tears in her mother's embrace as she snuggled closer to her bosom, "And you Sora, you have to come back to visit me.. us or.. I don't know if we can be as happy as before." Panchy had gotten closer with Sora over the two months having him in her house. She felt at ease whenever he was around, she even hung out with her when her husband was doing his experiments that would take a week to complete.

"Sure Mrs. Brief, I will try my best to come once a year to keep you and Bulma company and make you guys happy." Sora smiled wryly as he can never find a way to say no to this blonde woman that he spent time with in the two months.

Panchy was happy that he promised her to come and visit, but her smile disappeared before she began smiling again but in a dark manner. "Now Sora, how many times have I told you to call me by my name?" She questioned Sora and was happy with his visible reaction to her question, his smile froze and he sweatdropped.

Sora backed away slowly and pulled in back the two Dragon Balls and flew away as he yelled, "I'm sorry Ms. Brie- Panchy, I will keep that in mind when I visit next year."

*Sigh* Panchy sighed as she didn't expect to be this sad seeing the little guy leave. She looked up to the sky as she pondered when exactly will he come to visit next year.


As Sora was flying away, he kept wondering why he had a feeling of forgetting something very important for him.


"Now where is that little Sora, I just finished the gravity machine for him and I can't find him." Dr. Brief was walking around the house after he gave Sora the radar to look for the watch that he made to increase gravity. Although Sora asked for a [Gravity Room], Dr. Brief did all he could to compact a gravity room mechanics into a watch to manually increase gravity on the body and train as he goes, this kept him up at nights to work on. He made it go up to 150G due to compacting it into a watch.


(8 Hours Later)

Sora flew to all the areas that the [Dragon Ball Radar] had located Dragon Balls in and he memorized where they were. He had already gotten 3 Dragon Balls and right now he has a total of 5 Dragon Balls, he only has 2 left to get. Right now he was on his way to a mountain that seemed to be normal.

Once Sora got there he saw a castle on top of the mountain and went towards it as the [Dragon Ball Radar] pointed to that location. Once he got there he was approached by a huge man who looks barbaric and wild. He had a helmet on his head that had horns sticking out of it, as well as goggles over his eyes, and he carried a big Axe that seemed to complement his huge build.

"Who are you and why are you here kid?" The huge barbaric man seemed to come to question Sora for his arrival to the castle.

Sora took out the Dragon Ball and showed it to the man, "I came to borrow a crystal like ball that looks like this."

"I can't let you have the ball without a fight, even if you are a little kid." The man gave Sora a battle ready face as he lifted up his war axe and swung it to the place where Sora is.

Sora saw it coming but did nothing as he felt no ill intent coming from the man and he knew he won't get hurt at all. The axe came down and stopped right above Sora's face which had a smile over it as if nothing wrong is happening.

"Hey kid, why didn't you move or scream.. or do anything?" the man seemed perplexed by Sora's actions of not doing anything at all.

Sora, with his easygoing smile, answers, "Well I didn't feel your intention to cut me. As well as the fact that you didn't swing hard enough and your expression softened when you saw it was just a kid here."

The man seemed surprised by Sora's intelligence and his deducting abilities and decided to just drop his weapon and put his hand on Sora's shoulder as he laughed out loud, "BAHAHA, you are interesting kid. I am Ox-king and this behind me is my castle."

Sora chuckled a bit and lifted up the axe of the and said, "My name is Sora." He swung the axe hard at himself and hit his shoulder causing the axe to break on contact.


"Oh my, how weak is that axe of yours man?" Sora looked at what remains of the axe on the huge mans hand and thought, 'I don't think these types of weapons are graded by the system.'



[It does get graded Sora, it just goes into the FF category, the lowest of the lowest. However it is usually just categorized as an [F Grade] instead of the FF.]


Sora mentally swiped away the screen and looked at the Ox-King who is astounded, worried, and frightened about what just happened. Sora sighed a bit and calmly said to the man as to not scare him, "Calm down man.. I was just checking whether the axe would harm me or not. hehe.."

"Well... as long as you are okay kid." The Ox-King's face looked as if he still wanted to ask questions but knew he probably won't get any answers from Sora.


The mood was awkward for both of them as Sora did his action from out of no where which did come off as weird.

"Sooo~... you live here?" Sora asked as to divert the question. Which seemed to work as Ox-King seemed to look at Sora with a smile and a gleam through his goggles.

"Well you see, I got married to a beautiful woman and became the ruler of this Mountain. Of course before living here I trained under a great martial artist known as the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi." Ox-King smiled and puffed out his chest in great pride.

"Wow that is pretty nice. Training under a man who is called a Turtle Hermit. Pretty interesting." Sora was pretty astounded by the piece of news he had just received.

"I am also planning to be a father soon, however I hardly know anything about being one.." Ox-King seemed really down when he said that.

Sora was amused by the mans worries, "Heh, well don't worry old man. I'm sure you will figure out a way to be a good father and make your child happy."