Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 12 11 Something In The Inventory

"I am also planning to be a father soon, however I hardly know anything about being one.." Ox-King seemed really down when he said that.

Sora was amused by the mans worries, "Heh, well don't worry old man. I'm sure you will figure out a way to be a good father and make your child happy."

The Ox-King smiled a bit at what Sora said, especially about the idea that he is being lectured by a small kid. The Ox-King was about to say something else but he remembered that Sora had wanted the ball so he went to retrieve it real quick. "Well I will go get that ball you wanted kid, I will be back in a jiffy."

With that he left and Sora was standing on top of the mountain doing nothing the whole time waiting. So while waiting he decided to ask the system certain questions about his situation and about the systems differences to other systems.

'So system how will this whole traveling around to different worlds work out for me?' Sora asked the system.


[Sora will have to find a way to attain that power himself and travel the universe using your own means and abilities. The system is trying to make host as independent as possible as to not rely on the system itself.]

The blue screen box was glowing menacingly as the words power, universe, abilities, and independent were bold and glowing.

Sora thought over what the system was saying and decided to ask about the part of being independent as he is having doubts on certain aspects of being independent. 'Well that does seem like a good idea, but what about the possibility that I am in desperate need of help? Will the system help me? or will it ask for something in return, like an offer, help, or by giving me a quest?'

Almost as soon as Sora finished his questioning a blue box with its occasional ding came out along with it.


[Well, when Sora is in deep need of help, system will send a quest. However if the help is needed as an emergency, system will disappear for a year before it comes back. With each consecutive year it doubles. For example, 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128...]

It was a good idea, Sora could get help when he desperately needs it or when he is in deep shit with fighting or something.

'By the way system you don't have to give me an alert that I have received a notification or something. So what is the similarities between you and other systems?' Sora wanted to know what stays the same as any other system that is out there.



[Recognized... 2% ... 5%... 78%... 98%... 99%... 100%. Complete. Request has been accepted by 'The System'.]

[The system has every aspect of any other system. However there is one ability that has been added due to Sora's skill [Instant Mastery] which lets you Master any skill or ability Instantly. However finding any other uses for it is up to the user of the skill. The other function is the [Evolution Mastery] which means that once a skill has been maxed out in control or mastery, it goes through an Evolution to a higher level.]

Looking over the information that has been given, Sora thinks of abilities that could go above and beyond that could be strong in their own way. 'What about the [Starter Gift Pack]? THAT I know about, but did I receive it. Like ever?'

[Sora has received the Gift Pack, it has been sitting in the [Inventory] this whole time. It was assumed that Sora knew that he will receive it and will be in the [Inventory] where Sora can retrieve it whenever.]


Well sure Sora could have just checked the [Inventory] over the course since he got the system but it never really occurred to him to do it. So now he checked the [Starter Gift Pack] in the [Inventory] which was left all alone.


-[Starter Gift Pack] x1 ]

Sora clicked on the [Starter Gift Pack] and a scree appeared right in front of him in white.

[Would you like to open [Starter Gift Pack]?]




[Sora has received the items and have been placed in the [Inventory] where the items can be viewed and used.]

Happiness. Sora was filled with happiness, because whatever he just received he knows he can possibly become stronger with what he had received. He goes over what he had received from the [Starter Gift Pack] reviewing each 1 by 1.

[Stellar Transformations]

[Grade: SS+]

When Sora saw the name he didn't think much of it and assumed it was something to transform into like a star or something. However when he saw the grade it had received by the system, he became ecstatic so he asked for more information. 'Can you give me an explanation or definition of this thing? And for the other stuff I received as well, since I need to know about them to use them.'

[Stellar Transformations: A cultivation manual to evolve according to how the universe began its evolution since it was created. In order to begin practicing this technique, the user has to first train their bodies to the Xiantian level so as to have a strong enough body to endure the training.

Requirement(s): Body Grade: D+]

Sora stared with excitement when he saw that it was a cultivation manual to become stronger, but reading more into it, and seeing it had a requirement, really made him have a bad feeling. 'And what is my [Body Grade] system?'

[Sora's Body Grade: F]

'Why is my [Body Grade] at F? Don't I train my body very diligently?' Sora was dumbfounded by what the system had said about the Grade of his body and needed to know why so.

[Sora's Body would be at a higher grade if it wasn't for unconscious use of [Ki] to keep going and sustaining yourself. As well as Defense being put in with Body as both Defense and Strength work well together.] (A/N: I know saiyans or the z fighters from Dragon Ball don't really have this 'problem' but defense really isn't put into it. Defense also accounts for how sturdy the body, or 'foundation' ig you can say.)

'Well I believe that makes some sense. Alright then, what is the next thing that I received?' Sora pondered.

[Dongxuan Sutra]

[Grade: SS+]

[Dongxuan Sutra: A technique made to cultivate the eyes, mind and senses, as well as unlock some extra boons. Can break the void once cultivated to the highest point and said to take you directly to Heaven. Has 13 tiers to breakthrough, can promote your life force, its potency, and make you smell nice too.] (A/N: Honestly couldn't find a single website or look through the chapters itself to look for an original definition for the Dongxuan Sutra, so I had to make my own. Plus remember for those who have read Super Gene, it first said it has 13 tiers but then it had 10 gene locks, so I had to make up my own 11-13 tiers tbh.)

[Requirement(s): None]

Upon reading the description of the technique, Sora was astounded by its sheer potential. He put it in his mind to train this technique in the future as soon as possible when he has the time. Sora swiped away the screen and awaited the next things.

[Origin Dimensional Stone]

[Grade: S]

[Origin Dimensional Stone: Once this stone is absorbed into the body, user can create a Heavenly World of their own. In this world you can do anything, however it is limited to space you have to unlock. If user reaches the maximum of suns, which is 12, user is considered to be a God or Deity. Can allow people to reside in the world, as well as obtain energy called [World Energy] which could make the user stronger. Needs Flux Crystals to expand, Ordinary, Black, Silver, Golden, or Rainbow Flux Crystals.] (A/N: Also didn't have enough info.)

[Requirement(s): Origin Dimensional Stone Integration Manual]

Swiping the screen away with a smile, Sora thinks to himself, 'Wow this is pretty amazing, I hope I received the Integration Manual, or else I have to wait for it too.'

[Sword: Jian]

[Grade: D]

[Sword: Jian: Forged by the most skilled blacksmith in a mid-grade mortal world. A silver double-bladed sword made by the Chinese in the 7th century. A one-handed sword, about 80 cm long. Durability: 750/750]

[Restriction(s): None]

"Its a pretty nice looking sword, I will save it for a later occasion to use." Sora swiped away the screen and kept looking.

[Fighter Hand-wraps]

[Grade: C]

[Fighter Hand-wraps: Black hand-wraps made long enough to up the forearm of the wearer. Used to protect the hands, fight, and keep hands clean. Made from high-grade wool that was woven with threads of bronze for it to be long-lasting. Durability: 1000/1000]

'Wow, these are pretty good, will wear these now.' Sora took the items out of the [Inventory] and put them on his hands as he kept looking at the other items.

100x - [Food Pills]

[Grade: E]

[Food Pill: 1 pill can fill the stomach of any being for 6 months. Its low-grade widely because not every cultivator will make these due to being able to sustain themselves with little food to almost nothing. These pills are useless after going through Divine Tribulation. Made from Stargrass, bone of 500 year old beast, and Ginseng root.]

Sora looked at the pills with a wide grin and thought to himself, 'These will come in very handy for me.'

[Basic Sword Moves: All Books (Beginner- Intermediate- Advanced)]

[Grade: C]

[Basic Sword Moves: Basics on wielding a sword. Always return to the basics to become more accomplished. Mastering the sword takes you to the path where sword moves seem simple to master. Seeing the swordsmanship of others by this master, might seem like monkeys wielding sticks to the master of the sword. User can only read the beginner section until certain master of the moves are reached, then next section will be opened.]

'I don't believe I need this book, but I will read it before I go to sleep every night.' Sora thought to himself as he swiped away the screen.

1000x - [Ordinary Flux Crystals]

[Ordinary Flux Crystals: Expand 1/5 sq. meter of land for a user that has a Heavenly World.]

'Great, now I have this, all that is left is the Integration Manual that I need for the Heavenly World.' Sora thought as he smiled and waited for the last screen to appear.

[Heavenly Vision Technique]

[Grade: Ex]

[Heavenly Vision Technique: Can see through everything. When using this technique on objects or anything, the user will receive information on it. For example its name, a description and anything pertaining to it. X-ray vision to see the inner organs and meridians of others (Medical). User can also see Techniques of the demonic beast and user can also see the Abilities of Swords, armor, clothes with abilities, helmets, and boots. Has three stages, with each advancement, user can see more information and better explanation of abilities. Small Success - Large Success - Great Perfection - One with Heaven] (A/N: Honestly I don't remember the stages.)


Once Sora saw the grade and the description, he was out of words. He didn't know how to explain this situation, he is happy to receive the technique but..

As Sora was still staring dumbfounded at the screen, Ox-King came back with the Dragon Ball on his hand. He approached Sora and had a dumbfounded look as to why he had black wraps on his hands, so he asked, "Hey Sora, why do you have those wraps on?"

Sora was broken out of his state as he gazed at Ox-King and then at his hands and answers, "Well I remembered I had these wraps in my backpack and took them out as I am training in martial arts."

"Ah, alright where here you go, this is the ball you wanted right?" Ox-King asked as he tossed the ball at Sora.

Sora caught the ball and turned to leave and while waving his hands Sora says, "Well I will return this ball to you later Ox-King. Wish you luck with that family stuff and I will probably visit occasionally if you don't mind. I see you as a friend now and I can't just never talk to a friend or never visit them, right?"

While looking at his back Ox-King said, "Just take care of yourself kid and I don't mind you visiting every once in a while. I am pretty sure my wife would love the company and the friendly talks. Hahaha."

And with that Sora left and the Oc-King turned to go to his castle. What is awaiting our warrior Sora on his journey to find the Dragon Balls. Find out next time on Dragon Bal- Cough* Cough* Traveler of The Mutliverse?