Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 13 13 The Mighty Shenron

Sora took a deep breath and exhaled as he readied himself and roared into the skies for his wish, "Eternal Dragon, by your name, I summon you forth: Shenron!"

When the words had left Sora's mouth, the clouds had begun to rumble and change into an ominous color as they all came together and covered the sun. No light came through and everything was turning dark as lightning emanated from the clouds. The Dragon Balls began to glow and sent out waves of light from the middle of them. A bolt of lightning went down and hit the Dragon Balls, when the Dragon Balls got hit they shot a yellow pillar of lightning into the sky. The light began to take shape into an eastern dragon, the Long Dragon. The light began to shed as it revealed its brown antlers, sharp teeth, green scaly skin, red eyes, a long serpentine body, and long flowing whiskers.

The dragons eyes scanned the surroundings as its body was twisting and turning up in the air, soon its gaze landed on Sora and he said. "I am Shenron, I can grant thee any wish. Now speak thy wish."

When Sora heard this he clenched his fists and thought, 'Finally, I can get my wish.' Sora smiled and looked up to the dragon and yelled, "I wish for my companion Casion to have a body so that she can experience life to the fullest and be by my side."

The Dragon's eyes glowed red and after a couple of seconds it spoke again to Sora, who was shaking with anticipation and nervousness. "That wish is not within my capabilities. Ask for a different wish."

Sora's mind stopped for a second and it began again after a few seconds, he got sad hearing that but didn't let it show on his face. He spent a couple of seconds thinking about what he could wish for and not let this opportunity go. Sora thought of a good wish to get and wished for it, "I wish to have the knowledge of all the skills and techniques of the universe and how to use and develop all these skills and techniques."

The dragon thought over the wish of the youth and then gave his thoughts to Sora on what is possible, "This wish of yours is possible. However the wish's information will be transmitting into your head over the years as taking too much it in one moment will be bad for your mentality and conscious. Do you still want the wish?" The dragon inquired as Sora immediately began contemplating the idea.

'Should I do it? I get to know every single technique and skill in the universe, however the only drawback is that the technique and skills will be shown over the course of the days, weeks, months, years and/or possibly decades. You know what? I'll take a gamble and accept the dragons change in the wish.' Sora came out of his contemplation and talked to the huge dragon, "Yes, I still desire the wish."

"As you wish then." After Sora accepted the wish the way it will be, the dragon's eyes then glowed and the sky began to rumble once again. Not for the incoming disappearance of the dragon but for the incoming of grand knowledge that has been known for centuries, the culmination of skills and techniques. A bolt of white lightning fell on Sora which cause him to open his mouth in surprise and made light come out from his eyes and mouth. The whole process had lasted 3 minutes, and when it ended the light went away and Sora felt a light headache.

"Well now that the process is done, I will now go back to my slumber," Shenron says as he turns into light and goes back into the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls come off the ground as they begin spinning and about to leave, soon they separate but before they could go farther, they are stopped by Sora. He puts them all back in his backpack and then his [Inventory].

"Ughh, this headache is annoying." Sora then went flying to where Grandpa Gohan was living at. Once he got to where the house was at and his spaceship was, it was night and the moon began to come up. He flew over his house and saw the spaceship in which he arrived in and went inside it. Once he made his way inside he saw Casion looking at the doll of himself with a happy expression. *Cough* "Wouldn't you want to see the real deal?"

Casion who heard Sora lifted her head up in happiness and turned to face him as she replied with a snarky comment, "No thanks, this is more cute and lovable." She began to point at the doll as she gave a big grin towards Sora.

"Dang how unfortunate, I guess I will go to sleep..." said Sora as he walked towards the bed. When he got to the bed he got on it and laid on top of it. Once he did he said, "Hey Casion tell about what you experience here in the ship."

Soon Casion appeared above him smiling and 'laid' down next to him as she began to tell her experiences.


(Couple Weeks Later)

The forest was luscious and green, it was brimming with vitality and the animals in the forest enjoyed their time there. A small figure and be seen weaving between trees, jumping over fallen trees and small pits. He moved at an astonishing speed faster than a cheetah in the open plains chasing after gazelles. The feeling of the wind brushing onto your face as your hair blown back and the body feels liberated as you feel your muscles stretch and ache.

Sora soon came to a stop and decided go see how Gohan is doing and how he has been. "Is he still training? I heard from Casion that he likes to practice martial arts whenever he has the time or is waiting for something."

Sora began to travel towards where Gohan lives and did it in a faster speed than before. Soon he arrived in front of Gohan's house and didn't see him anywhere until he heard a voice from behind.

"Who are you looking for young Sora?" Gohan had gone to get food to eat and so he went hunting and returned with great amount of meat. He was carrying a big boar over his right shoulder while still having a carefree expression on his face and smiling at Sora.

Sora turned and saw Gohan there and said while chuckling, "Haha, well obviously for you, unless your hiding someone here."

"Bahaha, no way, I don't have the bones to bring friends like before." Gohan laughed as he dropped the boar in front of his house and went to get some sticks to make a campfire. While he picked up near sticks and placing them in the middle to burn them Sora began to light the fire. Once that was done, Gohan went to the side and began to practice his fighting techniques. (A/N: I don't remember where, but I heard Grandpa Gohan was also a pervert when he was younger.)

Sora saw Gohan training and decided to sit to the side and watch him train. 'Hmm.. if he lifted his right hand a bit more he could technically bring out more damage from his hits... lift his right foot a little higher.. a bit more back..right.. right.. left.. up..' Sora looked at Gohans technique executions and decided to go and help him out with some of the executions or the core of the problem, stance.

"Hey Gohan, next time you try punching, try using the toes in your foot as well, it will help your execution of the technique." Sora said to Gohan as he jumped up and got into a similar stance to Gohan and upped his power level to Gohan's level. He got low and spread out his legs and punched forward using his toes to make better use of the leg muscles boosting the use of the waist muscles. This ended up making a 'PAH!' sound ring out in the air as the leaves in a distance moved slightly. Gohan's eyebrows went up in surprise at how it seems better and decided to try it out, 'Pah!'. The same noise rang out but in a lower volume compared to the first one executed by Sora.

And so Sora was helping out Gohan with his techniques for the next few months until a whole year since the wish had been made and so the Dragon Balls were ready to use and you could see their respective stars within each of the Dragon Balls.

Sora decided to return the Dragon balls to their owners, so he took the others first before taking the 4 Dragon balls of the owners that he does know. He went and took 3 of them to their places and placed 1 of those 3 in a dungeon. The first one he was taking back out of the other 4, was Roshi's. He wanted to see first how he is doing, poor old man seemed like he used his hands too much.

*Sniff "Poor guy..."

When Sora got to Roshi's house, he looked all around and even invited himself inside Roshi's house. However he did not find him anywhere, while searching outside again he saw Turtle outside in the sun. So he approached the turtle and decided to ask him, "Hey Turtle, do you know where Roshi is?"

"That old man? He is at a date with a nice gal, but she seems to get scared too easily at night. I hear howling all night coming from Roshi's house and it doesn't let me sleep. Pretty weird woman, but she seems to love Roshi, so I'll let it pass. Plus now I can invite my wife here, I never told Roshi I had one because then he'd hate me that I have one and he doesn't. Haha." The turtle laughed and he shook his head by the end of explaining.

Sora sweatdropped at what the Turtle thought of the scream, but it made sense to him since turtles don't really scream when they mate. "Well actually turtle, ..." And so Sora decided to explain to him what those screams really are. When he did, the Turtle went wide eyed and had his mouth gaping open as he closed it and opened it over and over. He turned to look at Sora and at the house and back at Sora, "WHAT?! The Audacity! He couldn't give me noise cancelling headphones or something??"

As Sora was walking away he saw Roshi on a boat with a beautiful purple haired woman that seemed to latch herself onto Roshi. Roshi was smiling like an idiot with a crimson blush on his face. As he approached his island he saw Sora standing there next to turtle who had a red face, whether it was from blushing or from anger, no one knew. "Why hello there Sora, thanks to you I met Otana Yuka. Yuka is her name because she comes 'of good cause'."

Sora lightly smiled and exchanged pleasantries with Yuka. When he shook hands with her he noticed that they seem to feel like she uses the whip. So she decided to ask her about it, "So Yuka..." Before Sora can say anymore, he noticed Roshi slightly shaking and decided to not ask and lightly scan him with [Ki]. So Sora used strands of [Ki] to lightly touch Roshi's body and noticed some whip marks on him. (A/N: Honestly, I can see Roshi liking to be whiped as long as he can touch a womans body... Roshi does also seem like the type... .... ... ...)

When Sora noticed this he coughed out and noticed that he really needed to leave now. He never took Roshi for that type of man, but he won't judge him for his nightly activities of love. Sora said goodbye to Roshi, Yuka, and Turtle and left as fast as he could and went to Ox-King's castle to get away from the madness of that island.

He soon got to Ox-King's castle and he landed right outside, he didn't see anyone come out so he decided to go and knock on the big door of the castle.

*Bang *Bang

'It didn't even sound like knocking, more like I just banged my fist against the door to force my way inside. This door is either hollow or very thin to be able to produce that noise.' Sora waited patiently outside as he thought over how excessively loud the door is.

*boom *clank *creeakk

"Uhh.. Hello? Who's there?" A huge man carrying a box of diapers and still wearing the goggles opened the door to the huge castle. He scanned outside and seemed to see nobody and decided to close to the door.

*creak *click

The huge man known as Ox-King turned around to go up but saw a figure there standing in the middle of the hallway. When he saw the figure at first he got scared and screamed, "AHHHHHH!"