Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 14

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 14 14 I Was Just Saiyan

After Sora had Ox-King calm down, he began to tell him why he had come to visit, "So... you okay now?? I didn't mean to scare you. Haha. I just saw the chance to walk inside when you open the door so wide for, so I just walked in." Sora said while still smiling cheeckily towards Ox-King who just sighed at Sora's antics. He just attributed it to being the playful acts of a small young kid, unknown to him it's an OLD man.

"Yeah yeah.. I'm alright now. By the way I don't have much time to speak with you since my wife is pregnant and she needed my help to do something just now." Ox-King mentioned with a sincere voice as he smiled brightly when he mentioned his wife being pregnant.

Sora smiles and said, "Ah I see. You finally made it work." Sora chuckled and thought for a bit before he looked up at the huge man and winked at him as he yelled with giddiness at him, "HEY! If its a girl, let me marry her!"

"HUUHH?! Shameless! You've been weird ever since I met you! But if it really is a girl, she will decide. I don't want to put pressure on my child at such a young age." Ox-King was shaken up by what Sora said and practically yelled at him while his thoughts were almost the complete opposite of what he had just said, 'Damn, I hope the baby is born a boy or just hope that the girl will be sensible enough to not date this weird boy.'

Sora just sweatdropped at what the man was yelling and just shook his head. "Well I only came by to drop off the Dragon Ball. I wish you good luck on what we just talked about. Hahaha."

Sora left after dropping off the Dragon Ball and went ahead to the Briefs' place at a quick pace. When he arrived there the first place he thought of going towards to was Dr. Brief's laboratory. He sneaked in and dropped off the Dragon Ball in Dr. Brief's laboratory but before he can leave he heard Dr. Brief say from where he was, "Pick up the Gravity bracelet on the way out, it's on top of the door to the lab."

Sora just lightly smiled as he grabbed the bracelet and left the laboratory. On his way out he saw Bulma's room and decided to go see how she is doing.

When He got there, he lightly opened the door and noticed that she was asleep on her chair laying her head down on the desk in front of her. He walked towards her desk and noticed a ton of blueprints for many types of weapons and gadgets. She even had a small gun made already next to the blueprints. Sora smiled seeing how hard she is trying to be as good as her dad. He then picked her up from her chair carefully and laid her on the bed. He then kissed her forehead and said good luck as he left.

Sora left and was on his way out to leave until he saw Panchy sad and all alone while watering her plants. So Sora being Sora walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her as she tended up a bit.

Panchy was somewhat thrown back when she received a hug and began to wonder who it is that is hugging her. She turned her head to look at who it was and when she saw who it was, a tear went down her cheek as she hugged back Sora who she had missed when he was gone.

"You know, I really miss you." Panchy said a little shakily as she hugged Sora a little tighter.

When Sora heard that she missed him, he chuckled a little. "If I didn't know any better I would assume you have a crush on me. Haha. Ouch-"

Panchy pinched him when she heard him say that she had a crush on him. She had a blush on her face as she said, "No! It's more of a motherly love."

She hugged him a bit tighter as Sora took a deep breath of her smell and exhaled happily. Panchy knew what he just did and let it slide but decided to get a little back at him as she said, "Just because of you smelling me just now, you have to visit me more often. At least once a month." She ended off her 'command, with a very ominous smile.

Sora backed off and said, "Easy there Panchy. But alright, I will try to visit more often for the sake of making you happy." He turned to leave but before he flew away he said, "I will see you later Panchy. Bye!" Sora fflew away leaving behind a smiling Panchy.

A while later Sora made it back to Grandpa Gohan's place and walked up to his house. "Damn I should have just left off this Dragon Ball here first," Sora said as he looked at the 4 star ball in his possessions after he had returned every other.

*knock knock

After waiting for a couple of seconds, Gohan had opened the door with a bit of curiosity of who it could be midday. When he opened the door all the way and saw Sora, he said, "Oh Sora it's you. Come on in."

Sora walked in and talked with Gohan for a while before Sora took out the 4-Star Dragon Ball and gave it to Gohan. "Here, I should have given this back to you earlier."

Gohan looked at the ball and smiled, "Ah, don't worry about it. You can have it."

"Nonsense, I asked for it borrowed, if I don't return it I basically robbed it." Sora shook his head and just left the Dragon Ball on a stand and was on his way to the door he said, "By the way, we will be training harder starting tomorrow. I got an interesting item that could make me stronger, so I need to test it. Hehehe."

Sora chuckled when he saw the facial expression of Gohan, he had a frightened look in his eyes as he maintained a 'happy' smile. Sora left and went back to the spaceship to see Casion.

"Hey Casion, I'm back," Sora said.

"Bah, get out of here. You didn't bring me a gift either today." Casion pouted and turned away from Sora as she kind of glimpsed at Sora from the corner of her eyes.


And so they spent their time talking until Sora fell asleep and left Casion smiling sweetly at him.

When Sora woke up he went outside to check if the gravity bracelet works. So he pulled it out from his [Inventory] and slapped it onto his wrist to turn it on. When it turned on a blue screen appeared in front of him with a good notification.

[The System has detected a beneficiary object for Sora's pursuit of power. System will now pull the Gravity Bracelet into the System and integrate it.]

[Connection Successful. Connecting to leveling of system... 56% ... 89% ... 100% Connection Complete!]

"Great! Now I can keep growing stronger over time." Sora looked over the blue screens and swiped them away when a purple screen appeared.

[Level 1 (Grade: F): Max 150 Gravity Increase

Level 2 (Grade: E): Max 300 Gravity Increase

Level 3 (Grade: D): Max 625 Gravity Increase

Level 4 (Grade: C): Max 1,250 Gravity Increase

Level 5 (Grade: B): Max 2,500 Gravity Increase

Level 6 (Grade: A): Max 5,000 Gravity Increase

Level 7 (Grade: S): Max 10,000 Gravity Increase

Level 8 (Grade: SS): Max 100,000 Gravity Increase

Level 9 (Grade: EX): Max 1,000,000 Gravity Increase

Level X (Grade: XX): Max () Gravity Increase]

Sora looked at the screen and seemed to be thinking about it, and after a while he finally said something, "This is a terrible function but I can live with it as I level up the system. It's just killing beasts and evil beings, right?"

He turned on the function and placed it at 20 times gravity. This brought pressure onto Sora but it was still a bit moveable for him so he upped it to 30 times gravity. This made him bend his knees and lower his head. This brought back a little trauma his father had given him by accident during a 'friendly' spar, so he got a 'bit' angry and sad. "I.. will... NOT.. lower... MY HEAD." So he lifted up his head with great difficulty and his veins popped out of his neck as his head shook a little with difficulty and tears weld up in the corners of his eyes. This cause his power level to go up a little as he was now able to keep up his head in 30 times gravity.


A year has passed since Sora had returned the Dragon Balls, began to use the gravity bracelet and trained with Gohan. Sora trained with the gravity with Grandpa Gohan thoughout the spars through the weeks and months. And whenever he would get used to the gravity for everyday things like eating, sitting and standing up, he would up the gravity. Like this he had spent a year training under high gravity and spars with Gohan to refine his techniques.

[Current amount of Gravity times: 73]

During this year Sora had talked a a lot with Panchy when he could, as well with Casion. He had trained in all the techniques he had gained from the wish he had made. He had received a technique called 'Magic Materialization'. Where he can materialize anything as long as he had the general information of the thing he wanted to create and the amount of [Ki] to support its creation.

Many other techniques had also appeared in his head but not many had caught his attention. He had seen a technique called [Destructo Disc], which can slice anything as long as the target's defense is weaker or comparable to the strength of the Disc itself. However Sora never really wanted to use the technique due to that very fact. Sometimes the enemys' body might be a higher grade than the Disc. And he doesn't really want to gamble on that when he can use his punches and sword.

Today Sora was training with Gohan when he suddenly felt a [Ki Signature] traveling through the sky to Earth. Although the being had a low power level of 2, it didn't change the fact that it's falling at a high rate towards where he and Gohan were sparring. Sora had stopped moving causing Gohan to stop as well as he saw Sora looking towards the sky.

Gohan looked up and saw a light shine up in the sky, and the light got bigger as it turned into an object. Getting closer, Gohan had noticed that it was a weird looking spaceship that was spherical. Soon it had landed with a big 'BOOM' a couple of meters away from him and he rushed over there in worry.

Sora seeing Gohan rush just smiled as he shook his head at his actions, he decided to follow behind Gohan walking.

Gohan had arrived in front of the weird spaceship and saw that it had opened. He approached it and saw that it was a child, "Who could send a poor kid on a weird ship?"

He picked up the little kid and saw that he had a tail and thought of it being a bit weird but dismissed the thought. Gohan put him in his embrace and smiled lovingly at the kid. Gohan then heard a voice behind him and was somewhat surprised by what the voice had said.

"Oh? A saiyan? I guess he is part of my race huh... so what are you planning to name him Gohan? I don't think he will have any parents if he was flown here." Sora said to Gohan as he looked at the young Saiyan then turned to Gohan who had a mildly surprised face expression. "Huh, what?"

"Well you said he is part of your race.. does that mean you also have a tail?" Gohan inquires while looking at Sora's behind and not seeing a tail at all.

Sora looked at Gohan like he had asked the most stupidest he has ever heard. He turned to look down and realized it is wrapped around the waist. He unwrapped it and said, "I guess you might have mistaken it for a belt or something along the lines, but yeah this is my tail." Sora said the last part with a bit of pride as he puffed up his chest to Gohan.

Gohan saw Sora's tail and was surprised that he can control a tail to that extent. He then remembered one of the questions that Sora had asked him and answered, "Well his name will be... Goku. Son Goku." He smiled warmly at the young Saiyan, who is now named Goku.