Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 15 15 Rules?

The next day after Goku had arrived through the flying pod, Sora was seen sitting on top of the spaceship of Casion. Sora was there sitting with a contemplative face thinking over the recent things he had received from the system. Such as the [Stellar Transformation] Cultivation Manual and the [Dongxuan Sutra] which he had both received from the Starter Gift Pack. He brought out his [Inventory] screen and went to the [Stellar Transformation] Manual and clicked on the icon that showed a Gold glowing book. However the learning option didn't appear, instead a different screen had appeared in its place.

[Unable to learn.]

[Body is unable to cultivate any energy besides [Ki], [Life], and [Soul], also known as [Spirit]. The only possible way to use the manual is if host attains a bloodline that is from these "Cultivation" Realms. Such as the [Azure Dragon Bloodline] or the [Monkey King Bloodline], both would provide you a good body to begin cultivation.]

"Damn, this System has it out for me... Actually never mind, I think I remember that one guy had mentioned something like this bound to happen." Sora looked at the other technique and he hoped that he was allowed to use it. He scrolled over to the other technique, the [Dongxuan Sutra] which had a black book covered in mini stars all over it. He clicked over the Sutra and the prompt to learn came up as Sora sighed in relief.

[Would you like to learn this?]

[ ]

"Of course I will say 'Yes'."

[Acknowledge.. implementing knowledge into Sora's head. Would Sora like to have an automatic "Yes" for skills and any other thing related to be learnt and implemented into the head?]

[ ]

"Sure, why not. Its not like I won't click on an ability without wanting to learn it... right?"

[Acknowledged.. Calibrating new idea by Sora.. 35%... 78%... 90%... 100%... Complete.]

Sora received an influx of information into his head, however most of the information was 'blurry' and illegible. When he saw the method to start using the method, Sora got into a comfortable position to begin. Once he got comfortable, he began working on it. With every small cycle, Sora could felt an energy work around his body and make a 'circle'. Soon 36 cycles were completed and a major cycle had been finished.

When the major cycle had been completed, to Sora it felt as if the gravity he had placed on himself had lowered by a bit and he was light than a whale. A sweet smell had been released into the air, a smell Sora knew wasn't there before, that belonged to him. He felt his cells move as if they had a mind of their own, like they had been bestowed life and they were working to make everything serene and a calm pond with not a single ripple.

Sora also felt another thing... hunger... a hunger he never felt before. The technique seemed to be making his metabolism more quicker making him go hungry. This made him pull out a [Food Pill] which he had been saving due to its usefulness and ate it. This helped his cells and stomach to stop causing a 'ruckus'.

Sora was going to continue using the technique when he realized that he couldn't go on anymore. As well as the fact that the new information that went into his head had mentioned that his body needs to be stronger to support the increased life essence. Meaning that it is the same as the Cultivation Manual [Stellar Transformation] where it needs the body to be of a higher grade.

Sora has no Art or technique to increase the grade of his body. As well as the fact that the skills and techniques he wished from the Dragon Balls haven't really given him anything like it. So it is not really sure whether the wish will end up giving him something to help with that, but it is highly improbable. Seeing as how the beings of this universe rely more on the use of [Ki] to 'temporarily' strengthen the body.

Looking over at the the abilities he received from beginning seemed to be a big boon already. Turns out that as long as he has the technique 'running' and a living being breaths in his 'scent', he can copy their life essence and aura. This will give him those abilities of that person or creature. For example, a creature has the ability to breathe fire, if Sora were to copy the creatures life essence, he will gain the ability to breathe fire. However the ability will have a lower output than the original until higher tiers of the Sutra.

For the past few minutes that Sora had been reviewing the information, he also felt that his mind had gotten more clear. He could think more logical than before and he feels as if learning something would be easier. If it wasn't for the fact that he could only do one major cycle per day, Sora would have kept on going to get to the first tier. So seeing as he will be able to learn stuff more easier like this and possible seek more insights on techniques and anything related to it he decided to do something daring in his opinion.

"System. Change my skill [Instant Mastery] to [Evolutionary Mastery]." Once Sora had finished saying that, a red screen flashing red and a danger sign as the title appeared in front of Sora.


Once Sora changes [Instant Mastery] to [Evolutionary Mastery], you won't be able to return to it. The highest you may be able to return to is [Fast Mastery] which will make Sora Master anything faster than regular people. However it may not out-Master any other divine or higher realm being. Would you like to continue?


Sora looked at the screen with difficulty as he thought over what benefits both can give him. [Instant Mastery] can help him with mastering anything with ease and the only thing he needs what to do by himself is learn different ways to use it. However, [Evolutionary Mastery] can help him refine those skills and make them better than when he can do [Instant Mastery]. As well as the fact that the techniques and skills will go through and evolution, which will make them better and stronger. They may even end up including a new ability in the mix.

After thinking over everything that he can possibly get any benefits from and see the bad side of the stuff. He then yelled with a firm tone and a resolute face, "YES!"

[Beginning change ... Calibrating skills... organizing information from Sora... 12%... 23%... 31%... 54%... 78%... 89%... 98%... 100%... Complete.]

[Host is now capable of making abilities go into an evolution into another grade, as well as combining certain abilities to create an even better technique or skill.]


"Great, I will get my family back, I will become an existence higher than any other being to protect my family, I will my family, gain new friends, and I WILL DOMINATE!" Sora yelled into the sky as his body tense and his power level raised. He looked up into the sky with a resolute heart and declared to himself that he will DOMINATE.

Years had passed since the day that Sora had yelled out his resolution. Over the course of the years many things had happened.

First thing that was noticeable over the years was the fact that Goku was always calm around Sora but very angry and wild around everyone else. It seemed it was either the scent from the [Dongxuan Sutra] or the fact that he was also a Saiyan. So he decided to be his big brother and take on Goku as his younger brother, obviously he thought it sounded a bit silly at first but he did not mind. It doesn't really bother him, besides when Goku would kick his face while they slept.

Second thing that had happened during the years was that Goku had fallen off the bed while he had been sleeping. This caused Goku to be more gentle, as well as a bit more... idiotic. However he still remembered most of what had happened when he got to Earth and got taken in by Gohan.

Third thing that had happened, Sora found an interesting technique that can make anyone younger looking. It was called [Revitalizing Heart], it causes people who are old to return to their prime. However although it was an interesting technique, Sora can not use it on himself. Meaning he tried it out on Gohan after training with animals for a couple of days. The first animal he tested it on was a bird, it had turned back into a yolk when he had tried on it. This technique makes use of the [Ki] and the properties of [Nature Energy].

Which means Gohan now looked young and can be considered Goku's dad, but still calls himself grandpa. The poor old man was so happy he was in his prime he disappeared for 2 weeks and returned with red kisses all over his face. He would occasionally leave every Sunday except when it was a holiday of sorts. He would spend every weekday to train Goku and make him learn common sense. On Saturdays he would try to spoil Goku by getting the biggest boar he could find.

Fourth thing was that Sora had received a reward for [Retrieving and Returning] the Dragon Balls. Sora had checked in with the system and found out why he never knew why he had it. The system had the notifications for quest rewards off as it thought it was unimportant. However what he received wasn't much important, it was only an [Upgrade Crystal: Technique]. It could upgrade any technique as long as it is not S grade or higher. He decided to save it and not think much about it and so he just kept on training.

Sora had maxed out his use in the gravity bracelet. Which meant that he had achieved the maximum of 150 times gravity. Sora had really grown with power level over the years. Now he is stuck and can not grow higher in power level and has to wait for; either killing enough monsters to level up system or fight strong enemies.

The information of the techniques and skills still have not been completed going into Sora's head, especially since only once technique or skill is given to him per day.. Every night before going to sleep, Sora would enter his memory palace and organize all the skills and techniques. This however did not help with speeding up the receiving of the techniques and skills. However Sora knows that sooner or later the techniques and skills will end as it had been slowing down, 1 technique or skill every 2 days.

This is probably all due to getting the insights of every user of every technique and skill. Some of the abilities had many users and had many different ways to use it or they just perceived the skills in a different way than the norm.

Sora was now training in one of the techniques he had received a couple months ago, he found out that its name was [Kaio-Ken]. From what he had found out from the information, is that it only has a theory and does not have a user. As well as the fact if executed properly it could double his power level, increase speed and heighten his senses.

While training in the technique, he found out that with more that his body gets used to the technique the higher he can go. The highest he has been able to go was [Kaio-Ken: x13], however his body was badly damaged after using the technique.

During the years, he had been overlooking Goku's training, however he didn't want to strain or overwork him. So he had only given him simple workouts while Gohan had taught him his family martial arts. Goku's power level currently had only reached the point where he his only as strong as the average human, which is around 5-10 power level. Goku's power level was sitting at around only 12 after learning half of Gohan's refined techniques and going through Sora's simplified training.