Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 16

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 16 16 The Beginning

It was the age 749, and Bulma was digging through the bas.e.m.e.nt looking for something desperately.

"Come on, it has to be here. That orange ball, I remember seeing it around here." She looked through every corner of the bas.e.m.e.nt and under every object. She stood up and walked to the nearest corner, however on her way there she tripped and fell on the ground. When she hit the ground the dust flew up and it came off the ground.


Bulma groaned and as she lifted up her head lightly, "Ughh.. that hurt.." She turned her head to the right and she was looking under the cabinet that was to her right. She saw an unnatural glow under the cabinet, an orange glow, she put her harm under the cabinet and grabbed the orange thing. When she pulled out her arm from underneath the cabinet, she was astounded by what she had grabbed.

2-Star Dragon Ball!!

She stood up quickly off the ground and went to look for the her equipment up in her room. She gathered up all her tech and assembled it together trying to find the right frequency for the Dragon Ball. After tiring hours of try and error, she found it! The Dragon Ball Radar, as she named it, sent her the location of the nearest Dragon Ball, which was in a cave. She gathered her Capsules and placed her food in one of the Capsules.

It was soon vacation for her and she was at her house after pulling out what he had gathered before. She walked outside of the Briefs' Building, she walked out into the streets and threw out the Capsule that contained the car she was going to use for her travels. She got into it after saying her goodbyes to her parents and left for the cave that contained the closest Dragon Ball.

After she got there she went inside and found the Dragon Ball, she grabbed it and on her way out she saw a bear. She screamed and ran for the car and sped as fast as she could away.

"I was only going to say hi to the Human, am I really that ugly?" The bear had his head down and had a tear roll down his face and walked away with his back hunched forward.


(Nine days later)


"Kick quicker."

"Hah! AH!"

"Straighten out your back."


"Now rest."

"Sora, when are you going to teach me that red technique."

"Bah, I won't teach you it until you really need it." Sora said as he looked down at the little boy who had black hair, a turtle crab hairdo. He had a tail behind him that held onto a red Power Pole and open blue gi secured with a white bow-tied obi over his waist, red wristbands, and dark blue kung fu shoes and also a tank top.

"Come one Sora, or you can teach me how to use my pole-arm better." The little kid had said as he looked at Sora.

Sora thought over for a bit before he chuckled and shook his head. "I don't think I will Goku, you won't end up using that Power Pole that long. Plus that weapon is pretty weak, wait until I learn some blacksmithing and if you still use the Power Pole I will make you one better" Sora laughed and looked a Goku who just laughed and scratched the back of his head. 'Though he still won't use, he likes punching, it shows in his eyes.'

"I'm pretty hungry, I will go hunt for something," Goku said as he walked away towards the river that was near the place where they had been sparring.

Sora walked away and went to sit down as he calmed his mind and rested a bit. However after a while a tick appeared on his forehead, "That damn Gohan left again and I had to explain to Goku how he just went out for his 'walk'."


Vrrr~ Boom!

"Watch where your going!"

Sora lifted up his head and looked towards where he heard the crash and the yell. It was Goku under a blue haired girls car lifting it and throwing it to a side. Seeing as Goku had gone back to an area where there was a fish shows that he was crashed. "Jeez, how many times do I have to tell him to be aware of his surroundings."

Pah! Pah!

Pah! Pah!

Pah! Pah!

Pah! Click~

"Eh! What is he made of??" Sora heard a familiar voice after it finished shooting at Goku.

"Why are you shooting at meEe?" Goku didn't try attacking as he had noticed that the attacker was a girl and his grandpa had told him not to attack women. However he really wanted the shooting to stop as it really hurt him to be shot.

The attacker, a blue haired girl, stopped squirming when it noticed that the voice was somewhat squeaky. When she checked she was astounded when she noticed that it was a little boy. "Why aren't you dead??"

"That's not what you say to someone that you hurt. Your lucky my body is as hard as steel you damn feline," Goku spat out as he turned his head. Goku then laughed a little as he yelled to the shocked woman, "Hey, how come you don't seem human like me? You seem so weak and soft."

The girl jumped out the car and said to the boy, "I am human! And I'm a girl."

Goku turned to look at the car and jumped on it, and stomped on it, "Is this really a car? I heard about these from grandpa but they seem weird..."

"Your pretty strong for being so short." The girl said as she looked at the small figure of Goku.

Goku grinned from hearing what she said, "Well of course, I was trained by my grandpa and brother." He thought for a bit and his eyes landed on the car again and lit up with curiosity, "Hey! If you came on car, did you come from the city? How is it over there? Did you see my grandpa?"

"Yeah, I came from the city. Can't really say how it is over at the city since I don't spend much time out of school and my lab, and I don't know who your grandpa is." The girl said as she rested her elbow on her hand and placed her hand on her cheek.

Goku seemed happy to hear that she came from the city so he jumped off from the car and yelled, "Okay I have decided. You will come to my house so that I can give you meat because your a girl." He ran to the fish that was off to the side and lifted it over his should and yelled, "Come on, lets go!"

The girl was startled for a moment and stuttered, "W-wait a minute.." She took out the Dragon Ball Radar and looked at it for a second before thinking, 'He is going in the same direction as the place where the Dragon Ball is... does he have it?'

Goku got near her so that she can follow him quicker, as she thought, 'If he does have, then his power will come in handy even if he is pretty weird..'

And so they both went to Gohan's house as they hardly talked and approached another person who had been there waiting the arrival of the two figures, or more specifically the food. "Wow Bulma, you grew to be stunning." Sora gave a big smile when he saw the disbelieving face of Bulma.

"Why are you here?!" She yelled as she pointed her finger at Sora as if he had just committed the biggest heist to be known.

Goku looked confused at what was going on and questioned, "You guys know each other??"

"Yeah but I'm surprised that Bulma even remembers me since I tried dodging her every day I would visit her house." Sora said as he looked away from Bulma's stare. However after a couple of seconds she humphed and looked away.

"Well it doesn't matter because I had cameras installed all over the house. AND they were small enough to evade your detection so I always knew when you would visit." Bulma said as she turned back to face Sora with a somewhat red face.

"Anyways why are you here? Are you here to visit? or for the Dragon Balls?" Sora gave a smirk to Bulma as she squirmed under his gaze. Goku had long left as he had gone to prepare the fish so that they can eat.


Sora sighed and smiled again at Bulma as he asked, "Anyway, how have you been Bulma?"

Bulma got a bit dazed when she saw Sora's smile and got a bit red as she said, "I-I have been g-good Sora, how about you-u?"

As Sora took her to the area where the table and chairs were set up to eat they talked for a while before Goku finally arrived. "Time to dig in guys!!"

Goku, Sora and Bulma ate the fish and she still has not gotten used to Sora eating so much, even if it was once.

"How do you guys end up eating so much?? Is your stomach like an abyss or something?" Bulma asked Sora as he sort of started coughing when she had asked that.

After recovering from coughing Sora grimly smiled at Bulma and said, "I prefer not answer that question.. haha." Sora looked away from Bulma and suddenly said, "Oh yeah, you wanted to search for the Dragon Balls right?"

"Yeah." Bulma smiled at Sora as she pulled out the Dragon Ball Radar.

Sora stood up and went for the Dragon Ball and came back a couple of seconds later. "Here yah go Bulma, I will travel with you as I want to see how you go through your adventure to attain the Dragon Balls."

When Goku saw what Sora had given to Bulma, he got somewhat angry and yelled, "Hey! Don't give that away, that is Grandpa's!"

"Don't sweat it Goku, Gohan won't notice it missing. In fact he's been wanting to get rid of it for a couple of weeks. How about you travel with us so that you can keep an eye on it them? I will leave a note for Gohan." Sora said as he materialized a paper and pen as he wrote that they will leave for some days and mentioned how he will take Goku and a guest to Roshi's House.

He went outside with Goku and Bulma, as she then realized that her car had been destroyed. Bulma took out her capsules and told Goku to stand back as she threw it out and a motorcycle appeared in a puff of smoke.

"Hmm.. we won't fit but it doesn't matter. I will run since I need to make my stamina better." Sora said as he started stretching a bit.

Bulma seemed somewhat sad but went along with what he had said. 'I really wanted to ride with Sora..' She then told Goku to get on the motorcycle and hold on tight as she started up the motorcycle. "Come on Goku, get on we need to go. See if you can catch up Sora!"

"Pfft. See if you can catch up to me, just give me the location of the next one we are going for." Sora smirked at Bulma as he received the location of the closest Dragon Ball.

"Alright then I guess I will see you there then." He smiled a bit as the muscles on his legs clenched and he squat down a bit. He then disappeared from his location as he left in quick speed.

"Hey! No fair, you're supposed to wait for the get ready, set mark, go!!" Bulma said as she quickly started up the motorcycle.

"C'mon Bulma!! Sora is getting away!" Goku yelled as he jumped up and down on the motorcycle as it started up. And also sped away behind Sora as they tried to reach him who had gotten pretty far away already.