Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 17 17 Mega Skip??

Sora, Bulma and Goku had completed their travel for the Dragon Balls and for their wish, although it ended in an unfavorable way. For example one of the three people they had take with them that went by the name of Oolong had wished for worn underwear from a random girl. If you are wondering why Sora didn't help them out with the wish and the like... it was mostly because he felt too lazy to. As well as he thought that Bulma wishing for an unlimited supple for strawberries was a waste of a wish when she could wish for something of better value. Puar and Yamcha, the other two that had joined their travel, wanted to wish for Yamcha's immunity to girls.

Sora just slapped the poor boy in the back of the head for even thinking of wishing that. Sora, back in his day when he was nervous around girls, would just close his eyes and approach them. Most of the time when he did this would end up bad as he would crash into the girls, however with time he was able to vaguely sense when someone was in front of him. Over time he did get used to talking to the girls and stopped closing his eyes. He wanted Yamcha to steel himself and just get over his feeling of being afraid of women and take it step by step.

Of course he also punched Oolong for having wasted such a wish to the point where seeing him with a black eye was the norm.

Sora had begun to train in the [Heavenly Vision Technique] and had made it the Small Success Stage. He also made a lot of advances to Bulma who just kept bushing and yelling at him with each advance. He had also met another target to whom he could flirt with, a woman named Mai who kept trying to steal the Dragon Balls. On the first encounter she seemed very steel willed, but with each encounter she would get more fl.u.s.tered by Sora who would wink and flirt with her. It would always make him laugh whenever she just couldn't get anything correctly done because of him, and Goku of course.

He once pretended to be asleep when she threw sleeping gas towards them and he had somehow prevented the gas from reaching him with a [Ki] technique he had received. While he was 'asleep', Mai had decided to kiss him and when their lips touched, Sora oped his eyes and embraced her. Of course she had gotten scared but then just fell vulnerable and got her lips and tongue 'ravished' by Sora. When they finished kissing, she stood up in a hurry with the Dragon Balls with a red face and smoke coming out her ears. Sora didn't bother stoping her for the reason that although a bit rough, he liked the kiss from such a wonderful girl.

When their adventure for the Dragon Balls came to an end, Sora took Goku and Bulma to Roshi's house. Yamcha and Puar had left for their own adventure with Oolong who had left with a dissatisfied face and an sad look towards Sora. Sora had already noticed his dissatisfaction and gave him a slap on the back with a chuckle because he somewhat understood what he was thinking.

After they had reached Roshi's Island, another kid was there, his name was Krillin. He claims to have come from a Monk temple but Sora doesn't want to believe that because the 'monk' had lewd magazines. Although Roshi had Yuka, he still secretly accepted the magazines and claimed Krillin as his disciple.

Roshi sent Krillin and Goku to look for a maid for his household but seeing the perverted look on his face when he said maid, Sora realized he was up to no good. So he waited to see who they would bring and he would take her and keep her away from Roshi.

Goku and Krillin came back with a blue haired woman and she looked beautiful. Sora smiled warmly at her and waved as she sort of blushed and waved back. Roshi had come out of the house and saw her and jumped towards the blue haired girl but was met with a kick from Yuka.

After a few hours of getting to know each other, knowing her name is Launch and Sora flirting with her, Launch's hair had blown across her nose and cause her to sneeze. Launch had turned blonde and her eyes showed a furious look as she looked around, pulled a gun out of no where and aimed it at everyone. After a while Sora got tired of what she was doing and put her over his shoulder as she kicked and screamed to be let down.

Sora formed an sadistic smile as he brought up his hand and hit her behind as she yelped in surprise and pain. B. Launch had never received anything like this before, she felt it was different mean, and idiotic... but it made her feel butterflies in her stomach. She looked at Sora's back as she calmed down and had rosy color on her cheeks.

Days passed, Goku and Krillin had joined a tournament to test their power, Goku had done it more to just 'play' around and fight more. Roshi had joined the tournament as a man named Jackie Chun. Yamcha had also appeared and joined the match to fight Goku to show how much he had improved.

The World Martial Arts Tournament had ended with Jackie Chun winning and the poor Goku on the floor knocked out. He was knocked out by Sora when he had noticed he was about to transform into an Oozaru. No one had noticed the [Ki] attack he had sent to knock him out so he was not confronted for interfering. Although Roshi had won, he still lost the battle when Goku had wasted all the prize money when he invited Goku for food.

Goku had left on a mission to retrieve the Dragon Ball of his grandfather to not make him upset for 'losing' it. Grandpa Gohan had gone to visit his master, Roshi, and saw Sora was there as they sparred and trained more while Goku was on his trip.

Goku had come back from his trip and took Krillin with him to go to the sea to look for another Dragon Ball. After a while Goku had come back all beat up with his Power Pole and approached Sora as he said that he was going to go to a mysterious land above the clouds. Sora decided to join and left with Goku to this land above the sky name Korin's Tower.

When they reached the base Goku used the Power Pole as Sora climbed the pillar to improve his strength. He was able to stay behind Goku on the way up, once they reached the top a cat humanoid was there waiting for them. They talk for a while when Goku realized that the vase held [Sacred Water] that could improve his strength to fight the Mercenary Tao.

Goku spent 3 days to attain the [Sacred Water], although Sora had taught him the same methods, Goku seemed to understand Korin better. Goku had left and Sora stayed there talking with Korin and exchanging ideas on Martial Arts.

A couple days in, Sora notices an abnormally large amount of [Ki] in an area around a cave. He goes to check it to make sure it is not anything bad for the Earth. When he arrives there he notices a big bear be surrounded by 4 hunters. Sora took out the hunters and approached the bear as it kept backing up from Sora. Sora sighed as he just stopped and gave a choice to the bear, follow him or stay to be hunted.

The bear was quick to choose to follow Sora as he cried a little and stood up on his hind two legs to hug Sora. Sora just sighed and grabbed one of his paws as he flew back to Korin's Tower to drop the bear there. Korin was surprised by the being that Sora had brought back to the tower and the fact that he will train the bear while Sora just overlooked it.

A couple of days later the sky had turned dark and Sora realized that Goku and his companions are possibly using the Dragon Balls. He begins to hope that they do not wish for another bad wish such as possibly wishing for 100 Zeni or something when they could wish for something more.

The Bear had made great improvements as he is now able to walk as if it was normal for him. The claws of the bear had become more sharper and he could say small words clearly.


(Three years later)

Sora over the three years had visited Casion, Bulma, Panchy, Mai, Launch, and Chi-chi. He made advance between all of them, however Panchy was still reserved and the rest had more of a rivalry going on between them to see how to take Sora's love for themselves. Mai didn't know of this but knew that Sora had other conquests but she herself didn't mind much. Of course as long as she makes Sora spend 90% of his time with her and 8% percent for him to train and 2% percent for any other girl he wants.

The Bear can also speak more fluently but only as much as three sentences before it bites its tongue.

Sora noticed Goku traveling to the next Tournament and begins fighting along with Krillin and Yamcha. Jackie Chun, also known as Roshi, joined the match as well. Some bald man with a third eye on his forehead had joined the tournament who seemed very ill-mannered. Sora had also noticed a black short haired girl who had her eyes set on Goku.

All six had made it to top eight left in the tournament, Goku had to fight with the short haired girl. Before the match could begin, the girl tells Goku that if he is satisfied with the fight, if he would consider marrying her. Goku's eyes widen a bit in surprise of her request and thought over it for a while as he then accepted.

They fought for a grueling 16 minutes before the girl was finally defeated and Goku was satisfied with the fight. He looked at he and cheerfully smiled as he said that he looks forward to doing this 'marrying' thing. The girl was elated and cheered Goku on for his next match against his next opponent. (A/N: Didn't even know each other for more than an hour and are already engaged???? I swear, Goku is just too dumb or something... Btw is it weird that I say (A/N) even though I am the only one that is doing this on my fanfic??)

Goku fought against the other fighters and won against Tien due to Sora's rough training placed upon him. Krillin died due to some 'monster' that wanted the Dragon Balls and a list of fighters in the tournament, Goku is enraged by the 'monster's' actions of killing his friend Krillin.

A couple days later, the skies are darkening and rumbling with rage as they die out. Sora realizes why this is happening and shook his head in disappointment, someone has destroyed the Dragon Balls.

Couple more days later Sora is traveling through the forest and finds a small weird alien that is known as a Namekian. Sora decides to follow him and see what he does and throughout the time he had followed him he realized that his name is Piccolo Jr. and that his father was killed. He decided to take him in as a disciple to attempt to make him see Sora a father figure.

With each wrong deed done, Sora would make Piccolo's training more difficult to do. Little by little Piccolo became more nicer, but he always kept an angered face and makes for a terrible conversationalist. Sora just thought that Piccolo was already in his teenage age where he is rebellious and won't listen.


(Another three years LATER!!)

Sora reached the Large Success stage for the [Heavenly Eye Technique] and no improvement of the [Dongxuan Sutra] in these 6 years due to not having a stronger body.

Everyone is standing in front of the next Tournament and Goku is no where in sight. Minutes later, a tall figure appears and approaches the black short haired girl, Ram, who is standing along with everyone and awaiting for Goku's arrival.

The tall figure then hugs Ram from behind and she scream and sends a fury of punches to the tall figure. The tall figure didn't block any of them and just yelled that it was him, Goku as Ram yells back at him that she knows it's him Goku.

Soon the Tournament begins and Sora is watching from the sidelines watching everything happening with Bulma, Mai, Launch, Casion and Chi-Chi glaring at each other. Casion was there due to a new watch that had come out that has a holographic feature. So now he can take Casion around and she can see anything that Sora sees when the holographic feature is on.

Soon the Tournament wins with Goku as the winner due to Piccolo's challenge, whoever manages to hit 40 times their opponent first then their opponent, then they win. This made Goku the winner as he was faster than Piccolo by a slim margin, 39 - 40, almost a tie.

Ram and Goku announce that they are marrying in one week and sent invitations to everyone. Goku gave Sora two invitation cards, one for him and one for the lonely Ox-King.

Sora goes to Ox-King's castle and sees that it is in flames and is making the Ox-King sad. He decides to use a new technique he had recently learned which allows him to freeze fire. The ice will melt away slowly as soon the area turns frost and begins to snow. Sora gives Ox-King the invitation and leaves the area as Ox-King stays there mumbling to himself, ".. I'm just going to move places already... I'm tired of the fires and now I have to deal with freezing temperatures... and I have no heater or electricity here either... this mountain is just bad luck... that brat even took my dear Chi-chi..."