Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 18 18 Finally??

It has been 5 years since Ram and Goku had married each other. Only a couple of weeks has passed since they were married to each other and they were already expecting a baby. One year into their marriage they had a baby that Goku had managed to name Gohan, he named him Gohan because he is expressing his thanks of being taken care of and taught by him.

In the 5 years Sora has managed to get a relationship going on between, Mai, Launch, Chi-Chi, Bulma and Casion. Now he is officially going out with all of them but they still share some rivalry between each other.

When Gohan had reached the age of 3, his power level was higher compared to Goku's power level, who had trained for many years to reach a power level of 480. When Sora heard of this he acted like any other caring uncle he knew would act like. He kidnapped Gohan and have him to Grandpa Gohan to train to make use of his potential to be a better fighter than his dad. Of course Ram yelled at Goku for letting Sora do this when she found out of what they had done. However Sora was laughing at Goku's misfortune and his, "Mah mah Ram, calm down."

While Gohan trained under Grandpa Gohan, Sora went ahead to where the bear was to train him harder. The bear spent as much as only 8 to 11 years in training and it had already reached a power level of 730. Sora saw that the bear had a lot of potential so he pushed him harder to train. The bear had spent many days crying silently at night from the hellish training and cursing his own potential.

In the 5 years of training and learning how to speak, he could finally now speak and he decided to name himself... Frisk. He believed that the name was for someone of his size, for being big and strong. Sora like Frisk's idea of naming himself and thought that the name Tusk Rusty was a good name as well for him but Frisk denied it saying, "No, if I had bigger teeth I would have thought about it. But I have no tusks and it would have been a good name to ram into things and take huge chomps out of food."

When Frisk got to the point of taking huge chomps out of food he started salivating and hallucinating while thinking of eating food. Sora gave him a slap on the back of the head for getting sidetracked.

Sora had finally stop receiving all the techniques in his head as he saw the last one which really called out to him. A technique that had been lost for 5,000+ years, a special one that could possibly make one stronger or weaker.

A bloodline refining technique, however it could only be used to refine once the blood and Sora doesn't want to take the chances to try it yet since he doesn't know how it will affect him. He has thought over of using the [Upgrade Crystal: Technique] on it but he wants to think it over more and see if there are any more valuable techniques.

He had also received a way on how to use a technique called [Instant Transmission] as well as another similar technique called [Kai Kai]. However that technique needed a thing called [God Ki] which Sora knew he didn't have. Only energies he knew he had was [Chaos Energy] and [Ki], he knew how to effectively use [Ki] but the [Chaos Energy] is what he didn't know how to use. All he knew how to do with it was that he could manifest it out of his body. He knew that [Chaos Energy] was related to everything and nothing at the same times. He could probably make wood and diamond, or air and earth but he doesn't know the specific process that would lead him to that. So he opted to not use it if it can lead to his death or the destruction of the entire universe.

It seems that there is many techniques missing as he only has their names and nothing about the functions or uses of them. Such as [Temporal Do-Over], [Divination], [Erase], or a ritual technique with no name that could make a person hold [God Ki], or what is thought to be [God Ki].

Anyways, 5 years has passed and Sora is training with Frisk while Goku sparred with Gohan, his son. Grandpa G. had gone with Roshi for a 'walk' and Yuka had followed them from behind. A couple of minutes later you could hear yells of, "I'm sorry!! Noo!! Not my beard! Leave the sunglasses alone! They're innocent I swear! Someone HELP!!"

Goku and Sora ignored the yells as they both continued training Frisk and Gohan. The latter two were afraid of Yuka so they slightly shivered in fright from the screams which caused them to get a hit to the head. Krillin was off training to the side kicking the air and sending punches. Bulma was next to Yuka and Roshi as they saw Sora and the rest training.

As they trained Sora felt power level that is higher than Goku's and Piccolo's so he stopped and looked at a sphere falling from the sky. Sora looked away and kept beati- training Frisk on how to move more efficiently and remove the unnecessary movements he had been doing.


"What was that?!"

"Do you guys sense that? It's a huge power level and seems to be heading towards us," Goku said. "Sora, do you think they will reject me if I ask them for a spar?"

"Heh.. you only think of fighting, if I didn't know you any better. I would have thought you were an Orc," remarked Sora

"What's an Orc?"

"Hey look the power level is approaching."

Sora walked off to the side and let Goku, Frisk and Gohan deal with the person. Everyone else became tense and looked towards where the being was coming from. Bulma saw Sora walk off to the side and decided to go next to him and stay there with him.

Soon a man had appeared he was taller than Goku, had extremely long, spiky black hair, brown and black colored Battle Armor, with boots, armored gloves, and a scouter that is green. Additionally, he wears two accessory bands that are red, one is tightened around his left arm, and the other on his left leg. He had a tail wrapped around his waist showing he was a Saiyan like Goku and Sora, however only Sora noticed this since he does that. When he arrived, he looked straight at Goku as he flew down and didn't glance at anyone else.

"Kakarot, what is with the state of this planet? Why haven't the humans been eradicated from here?" The man questioned as he looked at Goku.

"Kaka-What? Who's that? I am Son Goku, I don't know the person you are looking for," Goku said as he moved Gohan behind him.

The man seemed adamant on his point so he asked again with ridicule, "Did you hit your head or something? Stop talking nonsense Kakarot and tell me why this planet hasn't been claimed!"

Bulma was slightly afraid and curious about what was happening and decided to ask Goku about it, "Goku, what is he talking about?"

"I'm not sure.." Goku said with uncertainty as he kept looking at the man all tense.

"Bah, this man has a screw loose. Shoo shoo, go back to where you came from." Krillin made the 'shoo' motion as he stepped closer to the man very arrogantly. Everyone looked at Krillin and thought, 'something is going to happen to him, huh? It's very obvious...'

As Krillin approached, the man looked at him with a scrutinizing gaze as he flicked his tail to Krillin's face. Krillin was sent flying and hit the wall of the Kame house making a hole in it.


Goku turned back to face the man as he then noticed the tail and was shocked. The man saw Goku's shocked face and smirked. "So you finally remembered huh?"

"What do you mean?" Goku inquired still being dumb and all.

The man went on to explaining how the tail signifies our pride and it makes us known as saiyans who have been going to many planets to kill the inhabitants in order to then sell it to new inhabitants. A.d.u.l.t saiyans are sent directly to high power level planets to take over them to then sell. The babies are sent to low-leveled planets to take over during their stay on that planet.

"I, Raditz, am a saiyan, WE are Saiyans, WE were born on planet Vegeta. We are the mightiest warrior race in the universe. And you Kakarot, are a saiyan and my brother." Raditz chuckled rather evilly as he looked at the shocked expressions of everyone. "Luckily, this planet has a moon so you shouldn't have had a single problem taking this planet." He looked up to the sky and then back to Goku.

"What do you mean 'luckily' there is a moon?" Goku questioned as everyone else thought back to the moments Goku has turned into a Great Ape. Goku had his tail removed when he was fighting against Piccolo and decided to just keep it cut off.

"It is when the moon is at its fullest that we are at our strongest!" He said with conviction and pride.

Goku seemed out of the loop and did not understand what he was saying while maintaining his guard up and looking warily at Raditz. "What are you talking about, I don't understand what your tying to say."

Thinking over what Goku had said, Raditz questioned, "What?!" His face turned angry as he then looked at Goku's behind and saw no tail and was shocked, "I-it can't be.. what happened to your tail? It is our most pride and joy? Where is it Kakarot?!"

Goku looked at his behind in wonder and looked back at Raditz, "My tail? It got cut off and disappeared long ago!"

"Agh! You fool! No wonder you are so chummy with these earthling. Us saiyans have always been low in numbers, especially now since a meteor landed on our planet and destroyed it. Only Me and another saiyan survived, as well as another that had left for a planet had survived as well." Raditz said as he looked at Goku with scrutinizing eyes.

"What does that have to do with me?!" Goku.

"We found a planet nearby for us to take and we three aren't enough to take it. So we needed another person, luckily I remembered you were here." Raditz approached Goku as he backed up from the approaching Raditz. "Does your saiyan blood not stir with antici-"

"HOLD ON!" A loud voice had startled everyone and they turned to see who it was. Sora stood up from where he was and got closer to Raditz. "You mean to tell me that Planet Vegeta was destroyed?"

Raditz looked at the man before answering and asked instead, "Who are you?"

"Me? None of your business. And if you really are Goku's brother, why don't you do something brotherly, huh? Like at least give him a warm smile or something." Sora showed disdain for the man that claimed to be Goku's brother but did nothing to show the brother bond.

"W-what? Basta-"

"So tell me, was Planet Vegeta destroyed by a meteor?" Sora asked the question again as Raditz frowned and answered the question.

"Yes, the planet was destroyed."

"Damn." Sora walked away for a moment and decided to think for a bit on what to do. He thought, 'Saiyans are.. WE are the mightiest beings in the universe right? We plunder and take planets. What if it wasn't a meteor that destroyed the planet but someone or a group..'

Sora turned back around and looked at Raditz who was still staring at him with a frown.

"Raditz, was King Vegeta there?" Sora looked into the eyes of Raditz and asked.

Raditz was surprised when he heard the name King Vegeta and answered as quick as he could, "Yes, the king was there on the planet. W-wait, if you know about the king, then you must be a Saiyan as well... why aren't you destroying this planet as well? What are you? Spineless!?"

Upon hearing what Raditz had said about calling him spineless Sora got pissed and walked up to the man before punching him on the chest and knocking him away. His scouter fell off his ear and Sora was quick to catch it. He tossed the scouter to Bulma and told her she can do anything with it.

"AGH! How are you so strong? You only had a battle power of 10!" Raditz yelled as he clutched his chest to catch his breath.

Sora looked at him as if he was an idiot and said, "I hid it. So no machine can get a reading of my true power level." He walked up closer to Raditz and placed his hand on his shoulder, "Now tell me everything that you know about these survivors and this 'meteor' that destroyed Planet Vegeta."