Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 19 19 Sssssnake

In a bas.e.m.e.nt of a random house that was found near the Brief house that was abandoned. Two figures were in the bas.e.m.e.nt, one was being held up by the other person from the neck by a tail.

Sora had made Raditz tell him everything that he knew about the people he was with and what happened to the planet. At first Raditz didn't want to talk but after a while of Sora slapping him silly he began to want talk just so that the humiliation could stop and the slaps would stop.

Of course Sora's slaps were done with enough strength to hurt Raditz, so with every slap he would lose a tooth and look more beaten. "TELL ME WHERE THE MONEY IS SHITHEAD-


I mean... tell me what you know about the people you were with!"

"AHH! Please just stop! I'll talk just please stop slapping me!"

"Then talk damnit!" Sora spat out at Raditz as he then slapped him again.


"Puagh!" Raditz lost a tooth as he was slapped for the eighth time.

Sora stopped slapping him and let go of Raditz as he awaited his response as he stared 'angrily' at Raditz who just fell to the ground trembling.

After a couple of seconds of waiting, Raditz seemed to gain enough strength to talk and tell Sora what he knew.

"One of them is the Pri-prince Vegeta, the other.. is an annoying lackey of Prince Vegeta, his name is Nappa. You can't mistake him if you see him, he is bald and talks very loudly.. no one really liked him.. he almost got us killed once." Raditz was very shaken and had his pride wounded by being slapped to the point of being unable to retaliate but still responded to Sora's question to retain little to nothing of his remaining pride.

When Raditz had mentioned that Prince Vegeta was alive Sora smiled and was glad that at least someone related to King Vegeta was still alive. He thought about asking the Prince if he knew about the destruction of the planet. If he doesn't know about it then Sora would just wound his pride to the point where he doesn't want to claim he is a Prince of Saiyans.

He stood up and approached Raditz, "You have done good.. now tell me.. why do you hate Go- Kakarot so much?" He crouched in front of Raditz who was laying on the ground powerlessly and stared at the ground.

Raditz heard what Sora had asked and clenches his fist and spoke, "I-I.. don't hate.. Kakarot. In fact I.. I... care for him. I never wanted to show it because it is unlike a Saiyan to care for someone... in fact, after many years I only remembered where Kakarot was because as a brother I must care for him.. I came looking for him so that I could take him with me.. I he didn't come willingly I would take him by force...."

Sora just looked at him while he spoke with not emotion eminent on his face. He waited for Raditz to finish talking so he can get to the point of what he wanted to say.

"I only said what I said because I was being listened to... Prince Vegeta and.." Raditz looked very reluctant to mention the last person.

Of course Sora noticed this and sent another slap for Raditz's face but stopped before it had reached him because Raditz spoke before he could.

"... Lord Frieza.."

When Sora heard the name he seemed to remember something and closed his eyes to see why. A small memory resurfaced to his mind before he lightly smiled and remembered his grandson yelling, 'Kill Frieza Goku! Don't show mercy, he's a tiny meany that kills for fun!'

Sora's smile then disappeared and stood up to walk away. When he was about to leave the bas.e.m.e.nt he told Raditz, "If you really care for your brother, show it. No one will hate you for it, in fact they'll hate you for not showing it. You have a nephew so try showing him some love you bastard." (A/N: honestly im going to change Raditz's character because honestly it is pretty weird he remembered where goku was even after almost 20-30 years. Never really made sense to me.)

Before Sora could leave, Raditz lifted up his hand a bit and held it out towards Sora. He barely managed to say some words, ".. ho-hold on... you-ou need to kn-know.. they might come he-here.. ... tell Kakarot to prepare.."

Sora heard him and just walked away, exited the bas.e.m.e.nt and left some food for Raditz.

Sora left the bas.e.m.e.nt leaving a lone Raditz all alone in the dark bas.e.m.e.nt with the only light shining on him.

He left the house and went flying to where Goku was and found him at Kame house still tense and doing push ups. "Yo Goku! Lets go to Kami's place.. You need to train quickly, bad guys are coming here to earth in the near future. And you need someone who can teach you a good technique or techniques."

Goku jumped up from his position and walked to Sora as he said, "Great, do I get to spar with someone? haha."

"You really only think of sparring.." Sora shook his head and put his index and middle finger on his forehead. "Anyways, lets go."

Sora went to Goku and grabbed his shoulder as he [Instant Transmissioned] out of there and next to kami.



Sora chuckled at Kami's reaction and just simply waited till Kami calmed down.

"Ah. Sora, you really need to calm down the jokes, my heart is not as strong as before! Anyways why are you here? You should have accepted my offer of becoming the next Kami." Kami was mildly sad and mad at what Sora did and had done. He slightly shook his head and looked at Sora awaiting what he wanted.

Sora laughed and then got serious, "We might get attacked by two strong beings in the near future. I need Goku to fight his own battles and get stronger. Do you know anyone who can teach him any techniques? My techniques have been heavily modified to suit my body alone and I don't think it will do any good to Goku."

Thinking over a bit Kami seemed to come to a realization when he looked at Goku and seemed reluctant. He sighed and said, "Well.. I know a guy, who knows a guy.. who might be able to help Goku."

"Why'd you say it like that? All right, who is it?" Sora looked at Kami expectantly and waited for him to say who.

Kami grabbed his cane and looked at Goku and then at Sora, "Put your hands on my back and I will take you there."

Goku and Sora put there hands on Kami's back and while they did Sora heard a comment from Kami he wishes he forgot. "You still smell very nice Sora, tell me your secret. We have no showers up here."

Soon Kami disappeared along with Goku and Sora as they flashed out of the place.

They reappeared in front of a huge desk with a huge ogre like man sitting behind an equally huge desk.

He lifted up his head and looked at Kami, "Oh it's you Kami. Make it quick, I still have souls waiting to be judged."

"Can you let this young man Goku pass to the snake way. As well as this other man Sora."

"Hold on." The big man pulled out a huge book from under the desk and looked for the names. After a bit of constant mumbling he looked up and said, "Yeah, they have good enough Karma to pass. They don't seem to have committed any grave crimes in there life. Especially this person named Goku."

Goku and Sora looked at each other and nodded as the big man said somethung to his assistant.

"Hey, take these two to the snake way and lead Kami out. He's holding up the line.. ah damn I lost 472 souls to hell."

"Right away sir."

Sora and Goku were led to the snake path and they soon were left there at the begging for of the path.

"Let's hurry this up. We don't know when they will get to earth." Sora said as he looked at the really long snake way that seemed to reach out far and away to the horizon.

When Sora finished saying that, Goku left after saying alright and jumped from curve to curve. Sora followed closely behind Goku as they made their way towards the end of the snake path.


Somewhere on another planet that is void of life besides two beings that are cooking meat of the last ex-living being of the planet. They were talking between themselves as they focused on the scouters on their faces.

"Damn that Raditz, he probably got himself killed. I don't hear anything anymore." A tall annoying bald man says.

"Yeah, that Raditz was the weakest of us, at least they removed the weak link. Lets go to earth and see who killed Raditz." A short spiky troll-haired man says.

"Yes!" The annoying man seemed aboard the idea.

"I mostly want to go though because of these 'Dragon Balls' they mentioned to summon back two people when they leave." The short said as he took a huge bite out of the leg he was holding. "Telling from what they mentioned, they can most likely grant any wish... hey Nappa, lets leave now, this planet is too depressing."


(116 days later)

During these days, Piccolo took in Frisk and Gohan to train. Piccolo saw Gohan's and Frisk's potential at fighting and pushed them to their limits. He made them cry and they would sit in a corner and draw circles with their fingers on the ground while crouched down.


(Back to Sora and Goku)

"I can't believe you almost fell Goku.." Sora says as he is carrying Goku over his shoulders who is just scratching his cheek with his index finger.

After a couple of more jumping Sora made it to the end of the snake way. However they couldn't see anything anymore beyond the snake way. Sora looked up after trying to look left and right and saw a small planet and thought of something before throwing Goku towards it.

"Wan?! Ahhh!!" Goku started screaming as he was thrown and was falling and soon hit the planet.


A small cloud of dust appears where Goku had fallen and Sora jumped in afterward.

"Why did you throw me?!" Goku retaliated at Sora once he noticed he wasn't dead. Sora just looked at him and shook his head as he walked away from Goku. "OIII!! Don't ignore me! I can't get up!"

"Shut up! We need to find out who lives here so he can train you to be prepared for the Saiyans that are coming to Earth." Sora said as he ignored what Goku is trying to say.

Sora looked around before finding a house and saw a door to knock on.

*knock knock


"Huh? Two travelers, one which needs training?" Sora responds to the voice that was heard from the inside of the house.

"Eh? What kind of knock knock joke is that? I don't see the funny in that." The voice inside the house seemed so disappointed in what Sora had said that he opened the door to his house and walked outside.

He was wearing Teashade sunglasses and has a very short stature with a pair of cricket-like antennae that came out of his head. He turned his head around before looking at Sora and shaking his head. "You don't look like you are comedy material but I guess I can train you."

"Eh?" Sora didn't know where the person in front of him was going with the comedy and looking like a comedian. After a couple of seconds it clicked in his head that the man in front of him thought of him as coming for comedic training.

"I am not looking to be a comedian, I brought someone else here who would like to be trained by you. He needs to be trained enough to the point where he can defeat someone strong." Sora said as he looked at the man in front of him shake a bit when he said 'defeat someone strong.'

'I guess they got some nasty folks set their eyes on them..' The short man seemed to be going tired with his fidgeting and stopped after a while. "Okay, I will train this fellow that needs to 'defeat' someone. Where is he?"

Sora thought it was a bit weird he put emphasis on defeat but he ignored it. He nodded and looked behind him only to not see Goku. He looked around and couldn't see Goku at all. He went back to where they were earlier when they landed on the planet and saw Goku struggling to stand up. "Oh, Goku? You really need to shape up man..."

Goku looked up at Sora and said, "I really do huh? Ehehe."

The short light-blue skinned man looked at Goku and said, "My name is King Kai, however seeing as you can't stand up. I will not train you until you can stand so that I can properly train you."

Sora looked at Goku who had his eyes change from playing around to dead serious and tried his best to stand up. After a couple of minutes Goku seem to be able to stand a bit as his knees were bent and his hands were on his knees so as to not fall back down quickly... again.

King Kai seemed really impressed by his dedication to be trained and thought, 'Maybe I can teach him my best gag..'