Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 2 Author's Note 1

Honestly this will take a while to begin as I am not the best writer and my plot writing skills are ass. My MC will be OP but probably a bit ignorant about his powers but knows he's powerful. Will attempt to avoid unnecessary "trouble" (killing). I will make the harem huge as like Seion did in his Fairy tail Fan-fic, where his MC has hundreds of women, but mine will be women from the anime, comics, some movies and stuff.

The comics and movies portions will be terrible as I won't have much knowledge about them to write about them. I will stock up on the knowledge though.


When my character goes into these worlds, you can comment on the females I should take from that specific world. Also give me some ideas on what to do to improve my writing of the story. Do point out any inconsistencies of my story so that I may fix them, such as loopholes or the attitudes of certain characters, as writing certain characters will be tiring due to the fact that I have to transition from a character who is very happy to probably one who is emotionless and just wants to say something normal, you know?

Due point out grammatical mistakes so that I can fix some I understand, as sometimes I just don't understand why I have to change some as it just makes no sense when I change them. Ha. But for the most part do try to enjoy reading it. I will write some lemons here and there, some fantasies I guess you can say, fix some stuff I didn't like in some instances in the anime or comics and such, conquer women some just don't get conquered in some novels, fan-fics, and anime.

Do give me some ideas to write some plots and stuff and occasionally give me some ideas on villains you guys want me to add that are 'minor', and people, friends and 'minor' heroes I can introduce.

The chapter frequency of update is very skewed due to me not having enough motivation to write because, well mostly, I am just very bad at story writing so thanks in advance for reading my story if you still stuck around to read. I will try to update once a week, not much but its the best I can do.


These are all my thoughts at the moment, I might remember some more later.