Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 20 20 The Time Has Come.

After Goku managed to stand up his training began and he was ready to be taught. He looked towards King Kai in expectation and asked, "When will my training begin?"

"Oh, eager to train I see, okay hold on." King Kai seemed to think for a bit before his face lit up. "Okay, if you can laugh at my joke, I will train you."

King Kai relaxed and then put his 'game' face on and said, "Riing riing~.. moshi moshi?


I picked up the phone.. but no one was there?!" King Kai awaited Goku's reaction and saw Goku staring at him very seriously.

"So when are you going to tell your joke?" Goku said as King Kai did a comedic fall.

King Kai got up and turned away from Goku as he said, "Get out of here. I can't train you when you can't laugh at my jokes.."

Goku seemed lost and quickly thought of something and began to 'laugh', "Hohaaha That was so funny! Haha!"

King Kai seemed to not buy it but then turned to look at Goku as he smiled a bit. "So you were just too tense to understand my joke. Hehe."

"Okay now you have to tell me a joke so that I can decide whether to train you."

Goku panicked when he heard that he had to tell a joke and turned to Sora who just quickly turned his head away and whistled bad if he didn't hear a thing. Goku seemed lost and racked his head for a good joke to say. He thought over for a bit before saying, "My futton... flew away, gone!"


When Goku saw that he almost made King Kai laugh, he told another 'joke'. "My feline... has gone supine!!"

"Bahahahah! Okay okay.. stop it! You're too funny. Why didn't you tell me you were professional." After King Kai stopped laughing he looked at Goku seriously and said, "Okay.. I can teach you... my best gag joke."

"Eh? No I need you to teach me martial arts." Goku said denying the chance to here King Kai's most prized joke to ever exist... for him.

King Kai's brain had short curcuited for a second before he said, "Well why didn't you say so, you wasted my time.. okay then, get in a stance."

Both Goku and King Kai had gotten low and put both their arms up, Goku had difficulty getting into his stance due to the gravity. King Kai noticed this and said, "Are you from Earth or something? You seem to not be used to the gravity. On my planet, although small, the gravity is almost as 10 times stronger than there."


After that day, Goku had spent his time training day after day and gaining insight to becoming powerful. King Kai has seen potential in him and taught him two techniques Sora had noticed were similar to the ones he had received from his wish.

It was the techniques of Kaio-ken and the spirit bomb which gathered energy from every thing around himself. Which would then be put above him until it is a ball of energy and sent off as a powerful attack or even gathered around the fist and shot off as a [Ki Blast]. Kaoi-ken, as Sora learnt, was a powerful technique that pushes the body to its limits and farther. It would make the user stronger by multiplying the base power of the user to a certain degree.

Sora had found out that the highest he himself can go up to is 40 times. He had hit a certain mark where he can not boost himself further and make himself stronger. He had tried over and over to try and hit at least a multiplier off 41 but could not go higher. The heavenly eye techniques had hit a stop too and could not advance further.

The Dongxuan Sutra seemed to be on the brink of breaking through but has stopped because of the grade of his body. He needed to find a Sutra that would strengthen his body so that he could continue it and breakthrough.

Sora had seen the need of defeating monsters and opponents as well as completing the quests by the system. However what he had found out from the system is that the long lasting quests will not begin until the next world. Mostly due to Dragon Ball world being one of the wide variety ones.

For example, the system can give him a quest to not harm any beings and he would not be able to grow stronger at all. Although there are certain quests he can complete without struggle such as "not use any type of weapon".

The system had mentioned that the major reason why he doesn't have a long-run quest is due to Dragon Ball being his first world to travel to. He gets stuff from enemies depending on how strong they are and how effectively they use their strength.

Overall what Sora had learnt from his short lesson from the system is that he can get stuff that can help him grow stronger from defeating his opponents. As well that the quests place 'limits' on him that make things difficult for him and has to find ways around the problems.

Anyways, it has been 11 months since Goku and Sora had started their journey to make Goku more powerful. Sora had only followed so that he can observe what Goku would do just to get stronger. As well as make sure that he is keeping up through the torture Sora had placed on which he likes to call, 'training'.

Many weird things had happened while watching Goku train. He had to chase a monkey named Bubbles to increase his speed and predicting ability. His predicting ability is more of a think what your opponent will do next or where they will take their next step.

The next training was to hit a flying bug type of alien named Gregory, with a mallet. It proved tricky for Goku who had to hit a fast moving opponent who he can hardly follow with his eyes.

Today was the final day for Goku and Sora on King Kai's planet to train and spar because the Saiyans were arriving the next day on earth. Goku and Sora were waiting to be wished back to Earth by the z fighters that were all ready from training. However they soon found out that Shenron can't bring them back from that side of the world due to being in the 'Lower Realm'.

The z fighters had trained harder than they had trained for their own tournaments, even if the main reason they did it is to save the earth or their own asses. Tien and Chiaotzu had sparred together and trained until they couldn't stand up for longer than a minute. Krillin trained in the way that master Roshi had taught him over the years and has gotten significantly stronger. Raditz had joined Piccolo, Gohan and Frisk to learn how to fight and better control ones [Ki]. Raditz was at first skeptical but after a while started to enjoy learning new ways on how to grow stronger.

Gohan was scared of Raditz the first few days but warmed up to him a couple of weeks later and saw Raditz more as an uncle. Frisk is still on alert around Raditz but spars and talks with Raditz when he can, in fact they had gone drinking once and it went crazy.

Piccolo, even after Sora's beatings, he still had a short temper and could hardly stop himself from wanting to kill Raditz. After all Raditz acted very arrogant in front of Piccolo because he had a higher power level that him. Couple of minutes into training Raditz had lost all his spunk and arrogance when he noticed that although he had a higher power level than Piccolo, he can still be badly damaged by him. So he gave up and decided to stop being arrogant and be 'soft'.

Yamcha trained all alone in the forest trying to become better at his techniques which he had picked up from the wilderness or trying to gain a sort of insight into it.

Chi-Chi had trained Bulma and Launch because she didn't want them to get hurt, even B. Launch had taken part of training. Mostly because when she learns how to fly and use [Ki Blasts] she will go on a robbing spree of the nearest banks in town.

Ram had trained with Gohan on Sundays and make food for him whenever she could. Piccolo would always take the food from Gohan though and proclaimed it was for his own good. He even sent out Gohan to go hunt for his own food. Frisk was sent to travel to the sea and capture fish underwater and to even hunt for some birds, mostly to teach him to be swift when needed because Frisk only relies on brute strength and his sturdy body.

When Goku and Sora heard that they couldn't be wished back they bade farewell to King Kai, Gregory and Bubbles and jumped off the planet and back to the Snake Way. On their way back Sora had noticed that Goku still doesn't know how to fly even after seeing a ton of people flying. 'I'm surprised he still hasn't picked up on it. He still pumps his [Ki] into his legs and feet to help him go faster and farther.' He shook his head and faced forward.

Sora was down for a bit due to not being able to take advantage of the increased gravity in King Kai's place because he thought it would multiply with the gravity he already has on himself. However it did not work because the system had said,

[Sora can not do that because when the system had merged the Gravity Bracelet to the system itself, it made it impossible for Sora to be influenced by Gravity unless it was used with a %&$. So now only the gravity placed upon Sora is the only thing you are affected by Gravity-wise.]


(The next day.)

The Saiyans have arrived on earth at 11:43 and Sora and Goku were nowhere to be seen on Earth. All the Z-fighters had gotten tense when they had sensed the arrival of the saiyans and were now mentally preparing themselves to fight. Gohan and Frisk both received Piccolos trademark clothes and Raditz had the same battle armor but with the removed shoulder pads.

Yamcha wore his usual clothes, as well as Tien and Chiaotzu. Master Roshi had thought many times over if to join the fight or not but ultimately chose not to and just lay back and let Goku and the rest deal with it. He chose to stay behind inside Kame house with Yuka, although sometime Puar and Oolong stay there and he chases them out so that he can enjoy his time with Yuka.

The Saiyans can be seen standing in the middle of some wreckage in the city with their space pods behind them and a destroyed building and floor around them. All the people around had panicked seeing the pods that had fallen from the skies and the weird people that had come out of them. Some even began to already run for their lives once they saw some two menacing figures walk out from their pods.

The first figure that had come out was tall and bald, his body was bulky and full of muscle as well as little facial hair he likes to call mustache. He had a face that seemed to scream 'I AM ANNOYING' and full of arrogance and pride with a smirk.

The other figure came out and it was a below average statured man with troll-like hair that was spiky and black. They both wore the same suits that Raditz had worn and had their tails wrapped around their waist like belts. He had the same type of face like the bald man, however he didn't have as much arrogance as the man before, in fact he had more arrogance than him. Arrogance that he seems to love and enjoy flaunting with the smirk and defined eyes that had scanned all the people in the vicinity.

They both flew up as the people around them had a better look at them and were terrified that they could fly and began to back up as some tripped and fell.

-Will the Z-fighters be able to handle everything until Goku and Sora arrive? Or will they defeat them and Goku trained for nothing? Find out next time on the next chapter of, 'Who's that Pokemo-'

*COUGH* 'Traveler of The Multiverse'-