Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 21 21

Sora thought over how much time it might take him and Goku to get to Earth at their current speed and realized that they might not make it in time to save the Z-fighters. They might even be dead, Sora has his full trust in them but even with that he doesn't want them to get gravely injured either as he had developed sort of friendly bond with them.

So in order to go even faster than he currently is going, Sora decided to remove some of the gravity that was on him and looked at Goku's back before finally removing 20x gravity out of the 150x gravity. He is now at 130x gravity and felt lighter than he has ever felt before and sped up to catch up to Goku which was easy as hell for him now. He went up behind Goku and chopped at his neck which made Goku slump over as Sora put his arm around him, grabbed him and lifted up Goku.

Sora stopped and got low into a technique that makes him move faster as he keeps on running, and he slowly moved one foot in front of the other in different patterns. It then got quicker and faster before he vanished from his position and all that was left was a blur in the Snake Way. The shadow went dimmer and dimmer as time went on and soon only the sound of wind rustling could be heard and nothing was seen.


On earth, the two threats known as Vegeta and Nappa have flown up and landed on the street where they can see everyone in the surrounding area around them. Nappa with a foolish smile lifted up two of his fingers and the surrounding area around him and Vegeta had been blown up.

Vegeta who was right next to him when this happened grew a tick mark and said, "Damnit Nappa, because of your foolish actions you have probably destroyed the Dragon Balls. Now our plan to get Eternal Life could have just gone up in smoke all thanks to your annoying actions."

Upon hearing what Vegeta had said Nappa lowered his head a bit and apologized, "S-sorry, it completely slipped my mind." Vegeta just shook his head and thought over a bit for the next course of actions they should take before speaking to Nappa again and carefully.

"Okay, we will look for the person with the highest Power level and go to them as they are the most likely to have killed Raditz." Vegeta moved up his had and pressed the button on the side of his scouter and switched it to 'Read Power level' mode. The numbers that had come up had astounded Vegeta and Nappa as he said, "There are 4 high Power levels grouped together in that direction and one of the power levels is higher than the other three..

Over there in that direction is 1 more but on a lower scale as well as over in that area as well. Let us head into the direction of the 4 grouped power levels first."

Vegeta and Nappa both flew up and went to the direction where the four power levels were and approached at quick speeds. Nappa was in a really weird and dumb stance as he flew behind Vegeta and got closer to the other four.


Raditz, Frisk, Gohan and Piccolo were focused on the two immense [Ki Signature] that were heading towards them at the fastest speeds they have known. They soon felt even more immense [Ki Signatures] heading towards their direction from more sides.

One figure soon arrived with a shining bald head and six dots on his forehead, it was Krillin who had finally arrived. Piccolo, Raditz and Frisk saw him and all three had turned their heads away and ignored him. Gohan was the only one who didn't ignore him and approached him and said. "You're one of my dad's friends, right? My names Gohan."

"Yeah! I'm Krillin." Krillin said as he looked around and noticed Piccolo and the rest. When he noticed Raditz he put his left hand on his cheek and softly rubbed it in a pained expression.

They exchanged pleasantries for a bit before they sensed two beings right above them and turned to look at the two beings with a little bit of fright but determined faces ready for what's about to come.

Vegeta and Nappa had arrived as they looked at the 5 that were gathered together as they smiled evilly at them. They landed on the ground and Nappa noticed Piccolo and remembered something as he told Vegeta, "Hey, that one there is a Namekian, what is he doing here?"

When Piccolo heard that he was a Namekian he froze a bit and thought over what he had said. Kami had also heard what Nappa had said and froze as Mr. Popo walked closer to Kami in worry. "This does explain why I was always a little different than everyone else." If Sora was here to listen to what Kami had just said, he would have slap him in the back of his head and yell, "A 'LITTLE'!!"

Vegeta turned to look at Piccolo and thought, 'the Namekians were known for being good at magic.. maybe he is the one who made the Dragon Balls and they probably weren't destroyed.. that or we can have him make new ones as well..' Vegeta then said to Nappa in return to his question as he kept looking at Piccolo with curious eyes, "Yeah. There is a chance he had made the balls they call Dragon Balls. After all Namekians were known for their magic tricks."

Everyone of the current people standing in front of the two Saiyans froze when they heard that they knew of the Dragon Balls. Smiling evilly at all the people that were in front of him, Nappa said, "You know.. I can get them to fight the saibamen. Get them to push around these earthlings around for a bit. hehe.. then pull the information we need from them when they get tired."

"Good idea Nappa, lets take these scouters off first. They don't work against these weaklings. They probably have a way to mask their own power level which throws off our readings." Vegeta said as he grasped the scouter that kept beeping and took it off as he dropped it on the floor. Nappa saw his actions and followed it as he dropped it to the floor and took out a flask with pills and another with some weird liquid.

"That is a good idea... its probably why Raditz died, he must have underestimated the-" Nappa was about to continue before he noticed a figure behind the big hulking bear that looked meaning. He saw a long haired man walk out from behind the bear with a frown on his face and his long spiky hair slicked back all the way down to his h.i.p.s.

As Raditz walked out from behind Frisk, Vegeta's smile had faltered for a bit before he continued smiling and Nappa went mad and stared angrily at Raditz. "What is the meaning of this Raditz? Are you betraying Lord Frieza? Even us your fellow brethren?"

"You stopped being my brethren when I found out you didn't come here for revenge but for those Dragon Balls you just mentioned." Raditz said as he looked straight into the eyes of Nappa.

Nappa grew more infuriated and threw the two flasks he had in hand and charged at Raditz. The flasks broke and from one of the flasks six pills that were in it came out and landed on the ground covered in dirt and the second flask broke and wet them with the weird liquid.

"NAPPA CALM DOWN AND COME BACK!" Vegeta grew annoyed at Nappa's actions and called him back treating him like a dog. And naturally like most dogs, Nappa stopped in his tracks and seemed reluctant before he finally went back.

The six pills grew abnormally large and began to grow arms and legs as a new ball came out of them as well and grew eyes, mouth, and ears. When they fully formed they began to make weird chuckling noises and moving around fast before they landed in front of Nappa and Vegeta in a formation of sort.

Gohan looked terrified of the things and looked at Raditz and asked him, "What are those things and why are they so powerful?"

Raditz didn't even turn to look at Gohan as he responded with a serious voice, "Those are saibamen, they are planted on the ground and then you put special liquid on them to have them grow in to these beings you see." Raditz shifted a bit back as he got into his battle stance and continued explaining to Gohan. "But what just happened here is wrong. Usually the little seeds would crumble and turn to dust but something went wrong and instead they grew more powerful. They are no on Nappa's power level, which should be around in the 4 thousands."

Gohan and Krillin stumbled back when they heard Raditz's explanation and looked at the Saibamen with a bit of fright in their eyes. Piccolos eyes hardened upon hearing this and Frisk just did his bear grunt and put his paws in front of himself as the claws came out.

Vegeta seemed astounded at what Raditz had just said and Nappa just laughed and said, "Haha, great now they are even more powerful than you Raditz, hahaha!"

The Saibamen then moved at rapid speeds and shuffled all round the 5 that were huddled up together. Piccolo, Frisk and Krillin moved closer to Gohan to protect him as Raditz just stood where he was and attacked the closest Saibamen near him. The rest went for Piccolo, Frisk and Krillin. Both Raditz and Piccolo took on two as Krillin and Frisk only took one Saibaman to fight and take down.. or at least defend them selves from them.

The Saibamen were beating them, although they were basically at a stalemate as they hardly advanced and only lost stamina while fighting. A huge explosion was then heard as all the saibamen grouped back together and were back in front of Vegeta and Nappa as they looked at the new incomers.

It was two people, one was short and floating of the ground with a white skin and red dots on his cheeks. As well as another figure who was bald, had a third eye on his forehead and had no shirt as he wore green pants and a red sash around his waist.

Soon another figure made his appearance as he landed and looked at the other direction the opponents were facing. 'Shit I'm facing the wrong direction.. I have to save myself somehow..' He then slowly turned around and said with a smile, "Krillin sorry I'm late."

While they talked amongst themselves with the new incomers consisting of Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha. Nappa counted how many there were in total, "1.. 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8..."

"Hmm, that's is two more than their are compared to the Saibamen..." Vegeta said as he looked at the Saibamen and then at the Z-fighters.

When Nappa heard what Vegeta said, he thought that Vegeta had implied something and said, "I am going to get rid of two warriors so that we can have even fighters." After he finished saying that he sent a [Ki Blast] to Krillin which was intercepted by Yamcha's body as he thought, 'Saved..'

Nappa saw this and laughed, "Haha, this fool walked into the blast." He was going to send another blast before Vegeta stopped him and made him calm down.

Krillin saw Yamcha die and got mad at what had happened which he couldn't react to. Gohan fell on his ass when he saw Yamcha die in front of him and tried to get up but fell back down. Tien snarled and balled up his fist as he said , "Bastard!" Frisk, Piccolo and Raditz just looked indifferently at what had happened and stood more on guard at what had just happened.

"Now now, calm down. We will have each one of you fight the Saibamen one on one. It will be fair and square, unlike what this dumbass of Nappa had just done." Vegeta said as he crossed his arms and looked at Nappa as he shook his head and almost sent him flying with a kick.

Everyone in the Z-force, aside from the serious trio, looked very mad and wanted to beat them for killing one of their friends. However Piccolo talked before anyone else could say something, "We will take you up on your offer."