Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 22 22 Saibamen Fight 2

Everyone in the Z-force, aside from the serious trio, looked very mad and wanted to beat them for killing one of their friends. However Piccolo talked before anyone else could say something, "We will take you up on your offer."

Nappa and Raditz smiled at the fact that they had accepted their offer even after indiscriminately killing their friend. Everyone in the Z-force went on ahead to choose who will go first to fight against one of the Saibamen. They didn't decide on anyone as Krillin had stepped up with anger in his eyes and his hands still in fists as he said, "I will show you guys the fruit of my training and get revenge for Yamcha."

Nappa sent off one of the Saibamen as Krillin kept charging up his energy and getting ready to fight with the Saibamen. He kicked off the ground and went towards the Saibamen with incredible speed as he appeared next to it and sent a punch to its stomach as it was sent off flying. The Saibaman stopped in midair and then disappeared from Krillin's sight as he begins to feel pain on his right shoulder and left leg. He looks at them wondering why they hurt and say bloody wounds that were afflicted by something sharp.

"GiiGii gii"

Krillin looked left and right before he heard a weird laugh-like noise from behind him and saw it was the Saibaman with blood on it's hands that seemed to have claws. Krillin realized he might not survive much longer with the amount of blood he is losing as he comes in and out of his consciousness. The only reason why he is coming out is because he kept feeling intense pain he has never felt before.

He charged up all of his remaining energy and made a [Destructo Disc] as he waved his arm in a circle above him to make it spin faster. The Saibaman looked at Krillin's futile attempt at trying to finish it off and 'laughed' again as it just stood there to show Krillin that his attempt to finish it off will be all for nothing.

Krillin let go of the [Destructo Disc] as he began to fall back and cough up blood as he blanked out and blacked out. The Saibaman saw the [Destructo Disc] heading towards it and did nothing but smile at it as it awaited its arrival. When the [Destructo Disc] made it to being 1 foot away from the Saibaman, it began to feel immense fear for the Disc before it got cut cleanly in half.

Everyone of the Z-fighters payed attention to the Disc as it still cut through everything after cutting in half the Saibaman. They were all interrupted when they heard a young voice scream.



Sora had been running for a couple of minutes after removing 20G and made quick progress as he moved at extreme speeds. Sora suddenly noticed a [Ki Signature] he is familiar to it and decided to [Instant Transmission] towards the source. He soon disappeared from the Snake Way with Goku on his back leaving it completely quiet.

He soon reappeared next to Kami who soon sensed him and his enormous power which practically made him fall back as he gasped for air. Sora payed no attention to him and search for the [Ki Signature] of the Z-fighters. When he found it he woke Goku up by throwing him up in the air and punching him in the face as he was launched out of the Watchtower.

"AHH!! Flying Nimbus!" Goku yelled frantically when he noticed he was falling.

"Oh Goku! Here take these last 2 Sensu Beans." Yelled out Korin as he threw two green beans to Goku who caught then and said thanks as he landed on his Flying Nimbus. He ate one of them as the bruise on his face disappeared and he looked less tired as his energy was brought back up to 100%. He rushed over to where he felt a lot of immense [Ki Signatures] and noticed two missing and 1 similar.

Sora followed behind Goku flying and had brought back the Gravity that was on him back to 150G. He sighed as he noticed they were still too slow and just flew next to Goku and placed his hand on his shoulder as he put his middle and index finger on his forehead and [Instant Transmission] to where the signatures are.

When they got there they heard a voice scream out,"KRILLIN!!"

Both Sora and Goku turned to look at who it was and saw Gohan in tears. Goku turned to look at who he was looking at and saw Krillin. Goku became frantic as he jumped off the Flying Nimbus and went to Krillin as he put the last [Sensu Bean] in his mouth and moved his mouth so that he can chew it. Krillin's wounds healed and he looked much better as he opened his eyes slowly and said, "Yo.. you made it Goku- Cough*"

".." Didn't respond but got up and looked at the Saibamen and then at the two saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa. Sora saw that there were two many people in the battlefield so he shot [Ki Lasers] towards the Saibamen which instantly killed them and blew up. Goku stood there as he eyed both Nappa and Vegeta who looked back at him smiling.

"So, you finally made it." Vegeta was the first to speak as Goku kept looking at them angrily. Nappa didn't seem to notice this as he told Vegeta that he is going to fight Goku first and defeat him.

"Lets fight you sorry excuse for a Saiyan." Nappa said as he removed his upper body armor to fight Goku.

Goku got into his fighting stance as Nappa rushed to Goku right away and sent a punch to Goku's right side. However Goku disappeared before the hit could connect and reappeared behind Nappa kicking his neck and sent him to the ground.

When Nappa hit the floor, everyone was astounded besides Sora and Vegeta as Sora already knew and Vegeta for dissatisfaction. Nappa got back up and said, "You bastard.."

"Your nothing but muscle if you have no skill behind any move you make. I could tell from the way you rushed at me and sent the punch." Goku said as he looked at Nappa who got back up and just got more furious from what Goku had said.

"Damnit! I'll show you skill!" yelled Nappa as he charged up his [Ki] and rushed at Goku as he sent punch after punch and kick after kick. However Goku began to dodge all the punches and kicks with relative ease. In Nappa's last attempt at trying to hit Goku, he put all his strength in his right hand and punched towards Goku. Goku dodged and disappeared again from where he was and was nowhere to be seen in Nappa's view.

"Over here!" yelled Goku from 10 feet from Nappa. Nappa turned and saw Goku all unscathed and only got more angry as he Vegeta kept wondering how Goku got so strong so quickly. Goku ran at Nappa at full speed as Nappa got ready for whatever Goku is about to do. however it didn't occur to him that Goku might get on his head as he only got madder. Nappa looked up and said, "Why you.." as he tried to catch Goku. But Goku moved from on top of Nappa's head and appeared in front of Nappa's stomach and punched him.


Nappa held his stomach in pain as he looked at Goku with burning hatred in his eyes. He rushed back to Goku to show that he is the greatest warrior there is second to Vegeta.

This went on for quite a while as Nappa kept going down but only got up over and over again only to meet the ground. Vegeta grew tired of this as he told Nappa to stay down and calm down already. Nappa calmed down and as he was calming down he noticed Krillin and Gohan off to the side away from all the Z-fighters. He rushed towards both of them with a wicked smile on his face.

Goku saw him looking at Gohan and Krillin and rushed behind him as every other of the Z-force also noticed this and went to intercept Nappa. However they were too far away and slow to help Goku, Gohan and Krillin.

Goku noticed he might not make it so he decided to use his 'trump card' and yelled, "Kai-Ken". His power doubled and red [Ki] burst out of his body as it pushed it to its limits. Goku sped up more and made it behind Nappa as he sent a punch to his back and moved in front of him to catch him.

Goku carried Nappa in one hand as he looked at Vegeta. Nappa was tossed over to Vegeta as Nappa landed on the floor with a heavy thud and his, "Damnit!"

"I doubt he will be able to fight anymore. Take him with you and leave this planet now. Hurry and go!" Goku said to Vegeta.

'What was that just now! For an instant his speed and power increased exponentially.' Vegeta thought as looked at Goku. Nappa struggle to lift his arm and held it out to Vegeta as he said with great difficulty, "V-vegeta.. help m-me.."

Vegeta looked down at him still with a frown on his face and reached out for his hand as he grasped it. Nappa smiled a bit and said, "T-thanks.." When Vegeta heard this he grew a smile and looked darkly at Nappa and said, "No worries..."

He held tighter to Nappa's hand and flung him high into the air as Nappa's body kept spinning at high speeds whilst he yelled, "Vegeta! What are you doing Vegeta!?"

"I don't have any use for Saiyans that can not move! Now die!" Vegeta summoned up all his energy and began to condense it as he looked up to Nappa with his dark smile. He let go of all the energy and blasted it off to where Nappa was still spinning at.

"Vegeta!!" Nappa yelled on as he cried out for his owner.

"Die!" Vegeta yelled back at Nappa as he licked his lips in anticipation of Nappa's death.

"AHHHH!!" Nappa yelled as he was being hit by the energy and his body began to bloat up and grow. Then the energy all around and inside him exploded as he nothing remained of him high up in the sky, not even dust or a single particle of him. In the sky there was a blinding light where Nappa had died and the wind blew away from it as everything was blown away.

Krillin was terrified of what Vegeta had just done as he said, "W-what a beast! He even killed his own man!"

Everyone else that was still alive agreed, especially Raditz who just looked more angry at what had just happened as Frisk had just placed his paw on top of Raditz to calm him down. Raditz removed his paw from annoyance but said thanks as he calmed down a bit.

Piccolo just looked the same but the place where his eyebrows were supposed to be were furrowed even more as he frowned at the actions of Vegeta.

Goku was more worried about what had just happened instead of what had happened to Nappa as he told both Krillin and Gohan, "Gohan.. Krillin.. Both of you, go back to Kame house right now."

Both Krillin and Gohan looked back at Goku as Krillin responded, "R-right. Gohan, you heard him. Let's go, now." Krillin looked like he would run a marathon just to escape where he was while Gohan seemed reluctant as he said, "B-but.."

"Gohan, we won't do any good here. He's just a very terrible person to be near of." Krillin said to appease the young Gohan. Gohan looked up at Goku and then back at Krillin as he swallowed back his words and went away with Krillin. "Anyways Goku, can you take the fight somewhere else so that you don't mess with Yamcha's body."

"Huh? Oh, umm, yeah." Goku said as he looked back at Vegeta and got low enough for Vegeta to hear him. "We are going to change locations for our battle."

"Hmph. Suit yourself, it will end the same either way." Vegeta said as he looked back at Goku agreeing to the change of location. He began to fly off the ground and Goku flew off into the distance as he followed behind. The rest of the Z-fighters followed behind them as Sora flew right next to Goku to their new location of battle.