Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 23 23 Fight 3

"Hmph. Suit yourself, it will end the same either way." Vegeta said as he looked back at Goku agreeing to the change of location. He began to fly off the ground and Goku flew off into the distance as he followed behind. The rest of the Z-fighters followed behind them as Sora flew right next to Goku to their new location of battle.

Once they got to the new location which had nothing but sand and tall mountains that were shaped weirdly as far as they could see. Both Goku and Vegeta got in their stances and faced each other as their energy began to rise and the land around them began to tremble. Small rocks can be seen floating around them and the wind began to go violent. They soon began to fight when they had fully powered up and Goku used Kaio-ken to catch up to Vegeta's power level that was higher than his. They then began to combat on equal terms, what Goku liked and Vegeta hated.

Vegeta grew mad at the fact that he couldn't beat Goku even after powering up all the way. So he started to condense a ball of energy on top of him and started yelling out stuff like he will do just the way his ancestors conquered the planet they lived on. Throughout the fight, Sora was watching it and began to like the character of this Vegeta guy. Mostly due to the fact that he could push Goku to grow stronger from the pressure of having someone next to him for whom to spar with.

Vegeta threw the ball of energy up high in the sky that he had in his hands and it began to emit a weird wave of energy that began to affect Vegeta and Raditz... and Sora.

Sora looked up at the ball of energy and thought that it looked very familiar as he gradually lost his vision and blacked out as his body grew larger. He didn't look away due to the fact that he didn't know what the ball was for and that he thought it looked nothing like the moon. As Vegeta, Raditz and Sora began to grow into large and hairy beings, everyone in the Z-force began to go crazy, Goku stood all beat and afraid of what might be Sora's strength in this form.

When the transformations were complete, Vegeta began talking to Goku and everyone in the Z-fighters payed more attention to Sora and Raditz than him. They were all hoping for Sora to be calm and collected or have full control of this form like Vegeta.

Goku and Vegeta began to fight and Goku could no longer keep up with the fight as he began to gradually lose the fight against Vegeta. Vegeta began to cackle and beating Goku with more energy than before.

Sora and Raditz had completed transforming and were as rage filled as a mom when she finds out her child didn't take out the trash like she told them to. They began to thrash around beat their chests as they exuded might from their bodies.


Both roared and looked at each other as they acknowledged each others existence, they then looked back at the Z-fighters who began to go nervous.

"Everyone get ready to fight them!" Piccolo yelled as he noticed that neither Sora nor Raditz were in their right mind and in control of the Oozaru form. Raditz went running towards Tien and Chiaotzu and began to fight them as he launched a beam from his mouth towards their direction. He continued by stomping and swatting them when they began to fly around him and attempted to get his tail removed.

Sora focused his attention on Piccolo and Frisk as he jumped at their direction and slapped down on where they were. Frisk had jumped up and was sent flying back into the mountain. Piccolo vanished from the spot that he was at and began to move to Sora's tail.

Piccolo had appeared behind Oozaru Sora after he vanished from being slapped down by Sora and went ahead to attempt to cut his tail. However that proved futile as when he hit it, in fact his hand got hurt instead after he hit it. It showed no damage to the tail, not even the fur of the tail was damaged, the tail moved and swatted him away in reflex. Sora grew furious at what Piccolo had tried to do, or what he understood of his actions, and shot a beam from his mouth to Piccolo as he was still flying from being swatted away.

Piccolo saw the mouth beam coming at him and shot an attack at it to divert it or stop it completely. He only managed to stop the beam for a second even after using up all of his energy in the attack. However the attack was so strong that it didn't move a single inch besides stopping it for a second and hit Piccolo. Piccolo saw there was no chance of him getting out from the blast as he thought, 'Gohan my boy, I hope you grow up to be a fine young man. And stop being such a crybaby...'

After Piccolo had died, Sora's body came to a stop as he just stood there and a lively scent came off his body. The nice calming smell drifted to Raditz causing him to calm down his Oozaru form. He ended up killing Chiaotzu and made Tien lose both his legs while they fought him and tried to remove his tail. Tien saw it as his chance when he noticed Raditz not moving anymore as he shot a [Ki Blast] with all his energy at the tail of Raditz, effectively removing it and causing him to return to normal. Tien fell to the ground and coughed up blood as dies shortly after because of not having enough energy for his body to maintain itself.

The [Dongxuan Sutra] had began to run by itself while Sora was a mindless Oozaru. Sora's mind was like an inferno and after such a long time was blessed by rain as it began to go away and began to calm down. Soon clarity came to Sora as he relaxed and sat on the ground causing a tremor to happen all around him. He turned left and right wondering what had happened and noticed Goku and Vegeta were still fighting. He saw a little figure running behind Vegeta and cutting his tail off as he yelled, "Nooo!!" and shrunk back to his normal size.

Vegeta stayed there lying on the ground tired and battered from fighting as Goku stood for a while before falling with a smile. Vegeta began to crawl back to his pod that had arrived a while ago for him. Goku saw this and decided to do nothing as he wanted a rematch and a fair fight for a next time. Sora decided a while ago that he was going to kill Vegeta but noticed that Vegeta would be a good motivation for Goku to keep fighting and grow stronger. Plus, it is always better to have more manpower if the firepower is of low quality.

Soon a bear came out of the mountain that he was thrown to and saw all the destruction that had happened in such a short while. Frisk turned his attention to a huge figure sitting there in the open and realized that it was Sora who still hadn't turned back to normal. "This is going to make me go insane won't it.."

Sora heard him and turned to face him as he said, "Not as much as when I heard a Turtle, Cat, and a Bear talk. Even more when I realized that some people in the city were beasts as well." He began to shrink and his fur began to go away as the ball of energy up in the sky began to dissipate. Frisk was scared when he heard Sora speak but gradually calmed down when he saw him turn back normal.

Sora noticed that he was now n.a.k.e.d because his clothes wasn't stretchable and got destroy when he turned into an Oozaru. So he made some clothes real quick and made it stretchable so that if this ever happened again, he can be ready for it.

After a while of waiting and talking, a ship begins to approach as Sora notices the familiar signatures and begins to smile. It soon makes it to where they are and it lands in front of them as Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ram, Master Roshi, Krillin, Gohan and Korin come out of the ship. One figure speeds out of the ship like a blur and appears in front of Goku holding him up in the air and slapping him




"Goku, how dare you take our child to fight... shut up.. I don't care if you were dead and didn't actually take him. I am talking here, now listen!" Ram began to yell at Goku who just sweat dropped and tried to summon his energy to fly away but couldn't.

"Bahahaha." Sora began to laugh at what had happened to Goku and what he was suffering about. Two figures soon flanked his sides as they glared at each other from his left and right side of him. It was Bulma and Chi-Chi who are fighting over who arrived at his side first and they looked at Sora to decide. "Eh? Don't pull me into your mess."

Sora noticed both Bulma and Chi-Chi looking at him with anger and let go of him as they cross their arms, turn around and pout. Sora was just exasperated by their overreacting and just lightly chuckled. He pulled them in close as he held Chi-Chi's solid Amazonian and Bulma's slender and supple waist. He smiled and held them tight but gently as he let out a sigh out of content. "Come on girls, lets just go and relax. I make good lasagna, you girls like my lasagna don't you?"

Both Bulma and Chi-Chi perked up when they heard Sora will make his lasagna and gladly hugged him back. They began to talk between themselves as Sora just shook his head and walked into the ship. He left Goku behind with a black and blue beaten face by Ram's fists and slaps. Gohan was off to the side drawing circles on the ground and began to contemplate whether his dad was only a good fighter when Ram isn't involved in the matter.

One minute his dad is beating the crap out of his opponents and the next he is being beaten black and blue by his mom. The only time his mom treats his dad nice is when He brings in vegetables and money Sora gives him. Of course most of the money Sora gets is from using the magic materialization technique. Which Sora told him to keep quiet about so that no one know where he gets the money from. Mostly because Sora doesn't have a job and spends his time training and keeping his women company, mainly Casion.

Everyone made their way to the ship after they picked up the bodies of the dead Z-fighters. They started the ship and left for the Capsule Corp. to think over their next course of actions as Krillin had told them that there may be more Dragon Balls. Especially on a planet named Namek where Piccolo and Kami has come from after a major event.

After they left, the only thing left on the area is a body of a long haired man that was unconscious. It was Raditz, he was unconscious and his armor was partially destroyed as he stayed on the ground. All alone in the cold and bright day as the sand was blown all around and began to cover and pile over him. He slightly grunted and turned as more sand began to cover him more and he got put under a ton of sand in a matter of hours.

Sora had been wondering what had happened to Raditz and just focused on other matters as he listened to the plan of going to Namek to wish the Z-fighters back to life.


(Current Status)


Name: Sora Akagi

Age: 504,295 (31)

Race: Saiyan

Bloodline(s): Saiyan

Power Level: 151,893

150G (Suppressed): 2,485

130G (Suppressed): 21,418



Body Grade: F

Soul Grade: B+]