Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 24 24 Gold

Soon the day was over after they had finished discussing their next plans for bringing back to life those that had perished. They had received Kami's and Nappa's space pods to help them in their search of how to manage to get to the planet Krillin had mentioned. After all was said and done, the day was ending and the sun was going down.

Soon everyone had had begun to leave and Sora went back to the ship where Casion is staying and sat on top of the ship and looked up to the sky as the sun disappeared over the horizon and the stars in the sky began to pop out into existence. He brought his fist up in to the air and closed his eyes for a moment as the memories of having hurt Frisk and killing Piccolo stung his being. He opened his eyes and lift his middle finger as he flipped off the crescent moon. "Thanks a lot you asshole."

He shook his head and decided to keep the [Dongxuan Sutra] running most of the time as it cleared his mind and would prevent him from going berserk. His body began to let out more of the nice scent of life which attracted all the animals nearby as they built their home in the trees and underground.

Casion came out of his watch as a hologram and looked up Sora as she asked, "What's wrong Sora? What is eating at you?"

Sora looked at Casion for a second before looking back up at the night sky and asked, "Do you think that Goku and them would hate me for killing one of our friends and my student?"

She began to think over the question for a bit and then just lightly smiled, "They will forgive you. You were in a state where you can't think rationally and can't do anything about it. I am sure they will forgive you if you say sorry Sora."

Hearing her give him good advice, Sora chuckled a bit before he stood and went inside the ship with Casion in tow as he said, "Thanks Casion, I'll do just that."


At this time in the desert a man had woken up under a ton of sand as he stood up and it fell off him. He shook his head left and right making the sand in his hair fall out as he looked into the sky with a frown and he looked down to look at his fist with determination present in his eyes.


The next day Sora was seen on top of the ship with a book of notes as he looked over all the information in his head and the Kaio-ken technique. However he needs another type of technique or skill that could make someone stronger.

Sora had been racking his brain for 2 months on the idea of permanently increasing the grade of his body so that the [Dongxuan Sutra] can go into the next phase. He has delved in to the state of Kaio-ken and other similar techniques that boost the power of the body or energy. He looking for insight into using this information to create a Sutra or technique that would help him improve his body's quality so that the grade may go higher.

So far the idea has been farfetched as he can't get anywhere since the Saiyan transformations aren't in the included techniques and skills he had received. So he can't go creating the Sutra half assed when he can create it good and powerful to help his body grow in grade quickly.

A couple of days has now passed since Vegeta was defeated and went back to where he came from. Two new visitors have come back to Earth to say hi from their trips into space, it was Tights and Jaco who had come back.

Everyone had met up at Bulma's house to talk and discuss plans while Gohan, Goku and Krillin were still in the hospital. When everyone got there, they saw Tights and Jaco just arriving as they sat down on the chairs inside Bulma's house.

"Hey Tights! Been a while since I have seen you." Sora said as he sat next to Jaco and Tights.

"Hey Sora how is it going with Bulma?" she asks with a mischievous smile.

Sora shook his head and said, "I am waiting for something, and I am trying to complete it quickly so I can do something for her too."

Tights smiled and listened to the conversation Jaco and Bulma were having before going wide eyed and yelling, "WHA!? You're going to another planet on an adventure? I'm coming with, I need more ideas for my story!"

Bulma turned her head and looked at her older sister with a finger on her cheeks as she had a contemplative face. She then said, "Sure why not, but you should take Jaco. He will be able to help keep you safe just in case."

After telling Tights to take Jaco, Bulma went over to Sora as she put her arm around his neck as she sat down on his laps. "Are you going to go?"

"Of course I am, I can't have you going all alone." Sora said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her soft lips. He pulled his head back and looked into her eyes as he added with a smirk, "And I will be inviting Chi-chi, Mai, and Launch. Think of it as a picnic, but on a trip to a planet."

"Tch. Damn, I was hoping to hog you during this time." Bulma replied annoyed as she turned her head and rest it on Sora's shoulders.

"Okay lets start getting ready."


It was soon time to leave as everyone had gathered around a spaceship ready to leave at a moments notice.

"Hey where's Goku?" Sora asked as he looked at everybody that was there.

"He isn't here because he isn't healed yet and there really won't be much of danger anyways." Bulma said as she was taking all the capsules that she will need inside the ship. Both Krillin and Gohan nodded at Bulma's words and followed behind her inside the ship.

Sora followed behind in with Chi-Chi, Mai, and Launch. Chi-Chi and Mai discussing how to get rid of every woman near Sora while Launch just happily walked next to Sora holding his hands with a happy smile.

Before they could leave somebody had stopped them and Sora went outside to see who it was and saw Korin there slightly panting as he held onto his cane. "Hold- ah.. hold on Sora... hah.. I came to bring you this." He pulled out Sacred Water and a ceramic cup that contained Ultra Divine Water.

Sora look skeptically at the cups before looking back at Korin as he asked, "What's this for? I don't remember asking for any of this."

After managing to catch his breath, Korin spoke up, "I brought it because I have a feeling that you will meet great trouble on your trip to bring Kami back to life. Mr. Popo wanted me to bring you the Ultra Divine Water, although you play a lot of jokes on Kami, he thinks you are worthy enough to Drink the Ultra Divine Water."

"What about the Sacred Water?" Sora asked pointing towards it.

"Although I said it has no real effects and it comes from the tap, it actually has one effect that you have the privilege of knowing. It actually dimities a bit the effects of the Ultra Divine Water, meaning there is a higher possibility of not dying." Korin gave both of the Water to Sora and turned to walk away as he said, "And be sure to bring back Kami to life.."

Sora smiled and drank the Sacred Water as he put the Ultra Divine Water into his [Inventory] for later. He went back into the ship and told everyone that they could now leave, "Okay people, we can now leave."

Both Tights and Jaco followed behind them as they traveled through space on their journey to bring back everyone to life.


A whole two weeks have passed since they had left to their journey and they had landed a couple of days back on a planet which they assumed was Namek but wasn't. They left right after but Krillin's and Gohan's hopes went down pretty quick.

They passed by hundreds of planets and Sora was intrigued by everything that they were passing by. He even saw a planet that was entirely made of water and tons of fish, he even managed to catch a glimpse of a mermaid.

Soon, they began to pass by a another planet and Sora got a blue screen in front of him which kind of startled him.

[Sora is now approaching a being with 0.05 % Golden Dragon Blood in them. It is recommended that Sora kill the being and takes its bloodline and makes it his own.]

Sora sighed and said, "I will be stepping out now. I will see you guys in Namek don't wait for me because I will be right behind you."

B. Launch stopped him before he could leave and asked, "Wait where are you going? At least tell us why you are leaving, and can you even survive out in space??"

"Calm down with the question, heh. And I am going to that planet we are approaching quickly. I am going there because I sense a power level on it that could possibly challenge me ad yes I can survive out in space. I have done this before." Sora chuckled and gave B. Launch a deep kiss and gave kisses to Mai, Bulma, and Chi-Chi as well before left.

He flew out into space, the place where there is no sense of direction and anything can be anywhere. The vast endless of space which one can be lost pretty quickly and no sense of time is known. He flew towards the planet which seemed deserted and small with something yellow wrapped around it.

The closer he grew near it the more he can see of what was wrapped around the planet. It was snake that had Golden Scales and eyes that have a black sclera and a red ominous slit. They stared at Sora as he approached the planet and flew down as he grew closer to the ground. The Golden snake hissed at Sora as he looked at it with the [Heavenly Vision Technique].


{Power Level: 10,841,000}

{This Golden Snake is known for traversing the planets and killing them as it absorbs the energy of the planets it travels to. It has killed 102 planets so far that had many inhabitants, this caused the Golden Snake to become associated to death. This Golden Snake had killed its own family in its pursuit of growing stronger and wrecking havoc upon the universe. Is closer to gaining insight into the truth of the %&* %$ [email protected]$#. Can reach Godhood in 100 years.}

Sora let out a surprised whistle as he read what the Heavenly Eyes had shown him about the so called Golden Snake. Even more of the fact that it can reach a state of god in 100 years of more killing and destruction of planets. "Guess I will Have to stop you here buddy." Sora said as his blood pumped and boiled for the fight that is about to happen as he gave a wide smile full of bloodl.u.s.t.

He removed all of the Gravity on himself and looked straight into the eyes of the snake as it had a look of anger and disgust when Sora landed on the floor and hissed harder. It lifted its head as it began to let go of the planet and slithered its tail back to itself. Sora took this as a way for the snake to ask for a challenge and he got low and pumped his muscles as he yelled out.



(Current Status)


Name: Sora Akagi

Age: 504,295 (31)

Race: Saiyan

Bloodline(s): Saiyan

Power Level: 151,893

150G (Suppressed): 2,485

Kaio-Ken x40: 6,075,720



Body Grade: F

Soul Grade: B+]