Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 25 25 Namek

Both Sora who had a red flame-like aura around himself and the giant Golden Snake stared down at each other as the giant Snake hissed at the Sora. The Snake's head slightly moving from side to side trying to see its enemies intentions as Sora looked for any weaknesses that the [Heavenly Vision Technique] was supposed to mention.

They stared at each other for a bit more before the fight finally began. Finally after what seemed hours the snake made a decision and moved first as it whipped its tail in Sora's direction as it moved at speeds Sora could hardly see. It soon arrived in front of his face as it swung up and he got sent flying back into the sky. He stopped after gaining back a bit of control over his flung body and noticed a ton of pain in his chest as he gasped for breath. The Snake already sent another whip in Sora's direction as he narrowly dodged it and only received a cut on his waist on the right side from the tails tip.

Sora flew straight at the snakes face and solar flared it. The snake's senses went into a disordered state and could not make notice of anything for a second as it could not 'see' where Sora was. It's heat sensors went into disarray as it whipped its tail quickly in front of its face to shield from any possibly attacks it may receive. Sora took advantage of its scrambling and began to gather energy on the tips of all his fingers as he pointed all of them at the snake's face.

When the snake regained its bearings, Sora shot the beams of [Ki] and it hit the snake's head. One landed on its nostril, one on its forehead, 5 under the left eye, 2 on its mouth and the last one in its right eye.

The Golden Snake went crazy again as it began to shake its head as its tail began to gather energy as well and shot it in multiple directions. Multiple rays of [Ki] spewed out of the Snakes tail as they drilled holes into the ground and exploded before they went any farther to the planet's core and others went of into space and destroyed planets and moons.

Sora saw one coming his way and dodged it narrowly as he failed to see another right behind it as hit him and sent him flying right into the ground.


He crashed into the ground creating a massive crater as the Golden Snake heard Sora's crash and it stopped freaking out as it turned to face Sora's direction. It hissed and approached Sora's location with one eye closed, one slightly closing and blood coming out of its mouth.

It opened its mouth and launched at Sora to take a bit out of him and eat him as Sora dodged by rolling to the right and sent a [Ki Blast] into its mouth before it closed. Snake crashed into the place where Sora was as it lifted its head out of the pit and blood coming out of its nose as it scrunched up. The [Ki Blast] then exploded in its mouth and smoke began to come out of the snake's mouth and opened its mouth as more blood began to gush out of its injuries.



The snake faced Sora again with anger evident in its remaining eye and sent its tail at fast speeds in his direction. Sora could hardly react to as it reached him and got a hold of his leg. It began to constrict as it lifted Sora and began to bang him on the ground over and over.




Sora cried out in pain as he grabbed a hold of a golden scale of the snake as he pulled on it with his dwindling might as he kept getting bashed on the floor and more ribs broke. The more he pulled on the hard Golden Scale, the more stronger the bashing on the floor he would receive. Finally with a tug with all the strength he could muster with a x40 Kaio-ken he pulled the scale off of the snakes tail as the Snake bashed him one last time on the ground and threw him far away.

Sora landed not too far away as his leg broke and when he fell on the ground hard, he coughed up blood as his broken ribs punctured his lungs. His breathing began to shorten and his surroundings began to dimmer and he coughed up more blood. He was in immense pain but couldn't scream out as he laid there on the ground motionlessly.

The long Snake came up to Sora and hissed at him as Sora lift up his shaking battered hand and flipped it off as he chuckled what he deemed his last time to chuckle alive. The snake got mad, even if it did not understand Sora's actions, it understood one thing... it was mean.

It got angered and it opened its mouth wide as it approached Sora and he did nothing as he could hardly move but a hand. The Kaio-ken had been dispelled when he was thrown and most of his ribs and his leg were just broken, as well as his lung being punctured. He was being swallowed by the snake feet first as his vision got more blurry and he saw darkness.

With the last bit of will power he has left and the remaining energy he had remaining. He brought it all together to the his outstretched hand above him as he goes down the snake's body. All his energy gathered up into his one hand as he compressed it all and shot it off in speeds rivaling a speeding bullet up to the snakes head. The little ball of energy imploded and pulled everything near the ball of energy to it. The Snakes head began to collapse as it began to sink and the mouth was pulled into its skull. The surrounding began to be affected as the air was pulled inward to the head of the snake and close dirt was pulled in as well and soon exploded in all directions.

Chunks of meat was thrown all over the planet as there remained a huge carcass of the dead snake and a huge crater where the head had rested before. A body of a muscular man soaked in yellowish-red blood and his tail was soaked remained where the head and the body of the snake remained. Energy began to seep out of his body as three strings of different colored energy seeped out and coiled around his body.

One was green as it began to slowly fix his body as the surrounding environment began to go healthy and grass began to grow. A white glowing string came out of his body as it healed all the wounds his body had. The last string was a culmination of the colors of the rainbow as it pulled the blood of the snake into the body of the man.

The snakes blood began to seep into his body as the body of the Golden Snake dissipated into dust and blended into his body as well. The man's body began to recover slightly as his pale skin began to regain a healthy tan color and the bruises on his body went away slowly. His broken leg returned to place as his collapsed chest was returning to its original shape.

As the man stayed there unconsciously on the ground as his body regenerated slowly but surely.


Bulma and everyone else finally landed on the planet known as Namek. It was a green looking planet, meaning it didn't show much of different color from space. But upon landing on the planet, it was just that the water was green in color and matched the grass.

They stepped of the spaceship and breathed in fresh air which they had missed. Being stuffed into a spaceship and all.

Bulma, Chi-Chi, Launch, and Jaco all began to do what they needed to do to make a 'picnic' out in the new planet. Bulma took out her capsules as she threw one out and a grill with a picnic table and benches popped out of it. Launch and Chi-Chi began to prepare the food as Jaco stood off to the side and said, "I am a Galactic Patrolman. I will stand off to the side to protect you guys. If it looks like I am sleeping, then I am sensing the surrounding are for any possible intruder."

He said it all seriously while during silly poses, however everyone else knew it was just his way of skipping out on helping. So Bulma said with a knowing face and occasional nod, "If you don't help out you won't get to eat at all."

Hearing what Bulma said really frightened Jaco as he did a quick spin and he was wearing an apron with pink frills. "Okay, what do I do now?"

There were four people of to the side as they were discussing their plans to retrieve the Dragon Balls. Bulma had already given them the radar to look for them as they already saw to Dragon Balls together nearby.

Mai, Tights, Gohan, and Krillin went off to the area where these two Dragon Balls were. Tights was carrying a journal to keep track of everything that is happening to turn it into a story.

They finally arrived to the place they saw the two Dragon Balls and Krillin began to sense something, "Hey, we need to take cover quickly. I sense [Malicious Ki] and it is enormous."

Gohan began to get nervous as he listened to what Krillin had said and hid behind a hill with Krillin right behind him. Mai saw that Tights wasn't going to move any time soon as she focused on writing her story in her journal, so she picked her up and put Tights over her shoulder and ran to Gohan and Krillin.

They peeked into a village as they saw people wearing Battle Armor similar to Vegeta and Raditz. They were raiding the village and holding people that resembled Piccolo and Kami, however they were either old or younger, as hostages.

Upon noticing that if they are too loud they may alert the bad guys that are way stronger than them, they may get captured or killed, so they decided to whisper. "What is going on in this village?"

"I don't know but this is good material for my story."

"K-krillin do you think they are here for the Dragon Balls?"

Krillin thought hard on Gohan's question as he thought back to the scouters and the to Raditz and finally to Vegeta. Upon coming with a conclusion he said, "There are two possibilities right now. One, Vegeta told his 'friends' to help him find the Dragon Balls. Or two, his leaders or those of higher rank heard about the Dragon Balls through the scouter things."

"Krillin thats not good. We need to quickly find the Dragon Balls!" Gohan's eyes grew fiercer as he looked on into the warriors.

After a while of watching a weird being appeared on a hovering pod wearing battle armor with a purple chest plate. With two warriors to the side one being a large and pink alien warrior with protruding spikes on his arms and head. The other being light-blue skinned and has long green braided hair and wears a tiara and earrings.

More time passed as they began to threaten the people of the village awaiting for them to hand over the Dragon Balls. The little man on the hovering pod began to grow irritated as he sent the pink man now known as Dodoria to kill the villagers. Gohan began to get mad with every second of this happening as Krillin tried to calm him down.

Almost all the Namekians in the village died as only three remained and the Village Elder gave up the Dragon Ball, the other two were just children. The man sitting on the pod, who was called Frieza, asked for the locations of the other two Dragon Balls as he threatened the man. After a while one of the kids was killed and then the Village Elder.

Gohan finally snapped and rushed to get the other Namekian that survived as Krillin ran in behind to protect him. Mai had to take Tights over her shoulder again as they sneaked away and went back to the spaceship.

"Hehe. This material will last for quite a while.."

"Tights? That's a bit too dark, living beings just lost their lives."