Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 26 26

Tights and Mai returned to Bulma and the rest with Krillin, Gohan and the child Namekian not far behind them.

They talked for a while with the Namekian child while giving him something to eat. Everyone found out that the Namekian's name is Dende and that he could lead one of them to the Grand Elder who has one of the 2 last Dragon Balls.

Krillin was nominated to go and left with Dende to visit the Grand Elder and get the Dragon Ball.

*Dee deedee

"Hey Gohan there is a Dragon Ball nearby." Bulma said as the saw the radar that had a dot flashing near their position.

"Really?" Gohan said while he walked up to Bulma and was shown where it was.

He was handed the Dragon Ball radar as he left for the Dragon Ball.

Bulma thought over everything she was just told. Beings have also come to this planet to get the Dragon Balls. Meaning their place may be exposed at any moment. "Jaco! Tell everybody to pack up everything. We will depart once Gohan and Krillin come back!"

Jaco nodded when he heard what Bulma said and turned to walk away as he grumbled, "This isn't why I became a Galactic Patroller..."

"I heard that!"

He sped up his movement as he told everyone to pack up the stuff.

Soon Krillin returned and more powerful than when he had left. He had a Dragon Ball in hand as he approached the group smiling. "Hehe, look at this thing!?-"

"Oi twerp! Hand over that Ball if you know what's good for you!" A voice came from behind Krillin as he froze in fear and turned to face who it was. When he saw that face that haunted him when he slept, he stepped back in horror as he tripped and fell on his behind.

"V-vegeta! What are you doing here!" Krillin shouted in fear.

"I don't need to answer that. Just give me the-"

Another voice seemed to interrupt Vegeta as it cackled and said, "Good Vegeta. You found another Dragon Ball. I will be taking that too. Kekeke"

Vegeta only smiled more when he realized who the voice belonged to. He turned and eyed the light-blue skinned warrior Zarbon. "This time I won't be going down easily at all. Hehe"


A blue beam was shot at Zarbon as it hit his arm and made him bleed. "Hah. That is really easy. I don't know why I even bothered hiding behind this tree for cover." Jaco said as he stepped away from a tree and aimed at Zarbon again.

Zarbon turned to eye Jaco with rage in his eyes as he yelled, "My beautiful skin! How dare you scar my beautiful skin!"

With his rage, Zarbon began to turn into a reptilian creature as he eyed Jaco with menacing eyes. He ran to Jaco to get rid of him before he does more damage to his 'beauty'. However he was stopped in his tracks as a fist went through his stomach as it came out through his back.

"Damn. How dare he ignore me!" Vegeta yelled as he removed his fist from Zarbon's stomach. Everyone watched from the sidelines in fear as they witnessed Vegeta's astounding new power as he easily killed the warrior.

"Now hand over the Dragon Ball and I May spare you group of bafoons." Vegeta threatened the group to hand over the Dragon Ball. Krillin complied with his order as he rolled the Dragon Ball to Vegeta. "You made a good decision there baldy."

Vegeta chuckled as he flew away leaving everyone alive and a tensed up Jaco.

Soon Gohan made it back all nervous with a Dragon Ball in hand.

"Hurry it up Gohan! We need to leave as soon as possible. Vegeta will come back for that Dragon Ball you have!" Mai yelled as she got Tights and ran along with Jaco and Launch.

Bulma followed behind with the box of Capsules. Krillin ran to Gohan and told him to keep his [Ki] as low as he can as they followed behind them.



A primal yell echoed through the world that was half covered in shining green grass that contained life and the other half had red bloodied dirt that houses anything dead.

On the dead side of the world, withered trees, bushes and bones of many dead animals remained. Dried land that used to house huge amounts of water. Ravines as far as one can see.

In the life-filled side of the world, birds chirped and waterfalls came from huge mountains. The grass being nutritioned by a huge lake that every animal drank from. Big and sturdy trees that surrounded a huge crater that was in the middle of the life-filled land.

And in the middle of that crater stood a young man who's clothes was ripped and tattered. He had black hair which contained golden hair strands in few numbers. Golden eyes that had an unnatural charm and glow to them with a dark slit resembling those of a snake. The man smiled which showed his teeth which showed strong and sharp they were.

This was Sora after the integration with the bloodline of the Golden Snake of Death.

"Kahhahaha!" Sora laughed at the enormous strength boost he had just received. One from the Zenkai and the other from being integrated with the Snake's bloodline. He clenched his fist as he waved it around.

Sora's strength had increased so much he could hardly believe it.

With the Zenkai, by going from a [Power Level: 151,893] all the way to a [Power Level: 10,439,051]. It was such a massive boost that it was hardly believable. Of course he has to thank the Kaio-ken technique for even letting him manage to reach a level that was 6/10th of it. As well as his final attack, [Nova Blast], it compresses a huge power all into a small ball. Which in turn boosts the damage considerably high.

Now thanks to integrating with the Golden Snake bloodline, his power level has doubled. Bringing his [Power Level: 10,439,051] up to a whopping [Power Level: 20,878,102]. He decided to begin for his search of looking for the people he was with.

However before finding Bulma and the rest, he decided to stretch first and then look for their [Ki] signatures and [Instant Transmissioning] to them.

As he stretched, Sora began to notice that his body had become for flexible than before. If before his body was like an amateur gymnast's, than now his body is like an expert's.

He stopped stretching as he stood up from the ground and stood still as he searched for familiar [Ki Signatures]. Finally he sensed 9 familiar [Ki Signatures]. Seven of them were grouped together as two of them were [Ki Signatures] that Sora recognized being Vegeta's and Krillin's. Although a bigger [Ki Amount] than before when he had first checked their power level.

He decided to [Instant Transmission] straight to the 8 [Ki Signatures] that were grouped together.


A figure appeared as Gohan was getting his potential unlocked. Bulma, Mai, Chi-Chi and Launch blushed as they soon recognized the new addition to be Sora. They noticed that he looked more different than before as they admired Sora's new changes.

"Who are you and how did you get here?!" A Namekian that looks a lot like Piccolo yells and asks.

""""HE'S WITH US!"""" All 4 yell as they run at Sora and hugged him tight. Sora calms them down as he hugs them back. Gohan explained to the Elder Guru who Sora was and how he got there in the first place.

"Why did some of your hair change color?"

"Is it some hair extensions?!"

"What about your eyes? Why are they golden and snake-like?"

"Yeah, what happened on this planet you went to?"

"Are they permanent!?"

Sora sweatdropped at all the questions he had just received in the span of 10 seconds. Especially since he didn't think of the possibility of being asked questions about his new and OBVIOUS changes. Of course, all he did tell them was, "I passed out and woke up like this..."

The girls didn't believe but decided to stop asking him questions. He looked at where the Namekian and Gohan were and saw what Guru was using a special skill he knew, [Partial Potential Unlock], it does as the name says. It partially unlocks a beings untapped potential which they possess.

"So you're having Gohan get his potential unleashed?" Sora asked as he looked at Gohan and then towards the Namekian.

"The name is Nail, but yeah. You're lucky the Elder is nice so I don't have to kill you." Nail said as he answered Sora's question.

"By the way, why are you guys in here?" Sora asked the 5 women and Jaco.

"Uhhh... curious?"


Sora sighed and said, "Alright lets get out of here we got two guests outside."

They all walked outside and saw Vegeta and Krillin. Vegeta looked astounded when he saw Gohan, or more specifically his Power Level.

"Alright, you might have risen in power but you are still no match for me." Vegeta smirked as he looked at Gohan.

Gohan just grit his teeth and said nothing.

Vegeta began to ask for the Dragon Balls and soon everyone that could sense [Ki] froze in fear, besides Sora.Five new [Ki Signatures] made themselves known as they approached to the planet Namek and Vegeta's actions grew desperate. "Hurry up and give me the Dragon Balls to gain immortality! I promise I won't do anything to you guys after!"

"Gohan don't listen to him he is lying!" Krillin shouted as he saw that Vegeta might begin to threaten.

"Krillin stand down. And don't worry. He means it, however Vegeta we don't need the immortality anymore." Sora said as he looked at Vegeta who had a confused face. "My power, do you remember it?"

Vegeta thought for a bit before he began to sweat a bit as he nodded.

"Well now it is way higher than before that." Sora looked at Vegeta who began to shake a bit before composing himself and putting Gohan down. Sora looked up to where the five [Ki Signatures] were and said, "In fact compared to the ones that are going to land. It is way higher."

Vegeta looked horrified of what Sora had just told him and that fear then turn to anger as he gnashed his teeth because he realized that he.. a saiyan prince... is weaker than another saiyan who is not from royal blood descent. He looked at his hands as he clenched them and he thought of growing stronger.

"All we need to do now is get everyone who can't fight to safety." Sora looked at the women and Jaco as he smirked. "Hey Nail. You wouldn't mind if we left them here right?"

"As long as the Grand Elder gives his permi-"

"Let those kind souls stay Nail. That person who asked of this favor is strong enough to protect this planet and its habitants." A voice came out of the house they were just in.

"Thank you Grand Elder." Sora expressed his thanks as he, Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin left.

Once they were far enough, Sora began to talk to everyone he brought with him. "By the way, I will let you guys do most of the fighting since I need Gohan to gain some battle experience. Vegeta you can do what you want since you pride yourself in fighting as I can see. I will entertain myself with the leader since he has the highest power level."

Vegeta only scoffed and Gohan nodded in confirmation to what Sora had said. "Hey what about me??" Krillin didn't miss a beat when he noticed he wasn't mentioned.

"Well.. honestly Krillin I feel you will just run away when you notice that the enemies strength is higher than yours if a teammate has power that can protect you." Sora said without looking at Krillin who only received invisible arrows that did critical damage on him. (A/N: MEGAKILL)

"Well here come the 5 idiots."

"Yeah.. the Ginyu Force is mostly composed of idiots..."



Name: Sora Akagi

Age: 504,295 (31)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake

Bloodline(s): Saiya-jin, Golden Snake

Power Level: 20,878,102

(x150G: 500,000)

(Suppressed: 5)



Body Grade: F

Soul Grade: B+]