Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 27

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 27 27 Change

Five people soon arrived with the same Battle Armor that every other person in Frieza's army wore. They all appeared in a showy fashion.

The first one to come up was a purple horned alien as he looked at everyone in the field.

Snapping his fingers the purple horned alien continued. "Jeice, Burter, Guldo, Recoome! Step forward and introduce yourselves."

The white haired, red skinned alien stepped forward grinning. "I'm Jeice."

The tallest of the group, a dark blue skinned alien stepped forward next. "I'm Burter."

The green four eyed alien waddled forward. "I'm Guldo"

The large, muscular, red headed humanoid alien stepped forward, smiling and brimming with confidence. "I'm Recoome!"

Everyone winced at the loud words of the red headed man as he yelled out stupidly.

Finally the purple horned alien stepped forward.

"And I'm Captain Ginyu, leader of the Ginyu force!"






"""""GINYU FORCE!!"""""

They did all this whilst.. 'dancing' and getting into formation. They were brimming with happiness and what Sora referred to them exuding stupidity. As they believed to look cool and be stylish when they completed each step and were facing everyone.

Sora backed off step by step while thinking, 'These dudes have a mental illness don't they?'

"Hey Vegeta.. you sure they are the Elite force?" Sora asked in case he had the wrong people and these were just people on the something excessive... way too excessive.

"Yeah.. that's them. I can hardly believe we were under the same force. Even more surprised Frieza never killed them. It was said they were handpicked by Frieza himself. He must have been crazy I have to say." Vegeta had a face of disgust as he looked away and chuckled a bit.

The shortest one in the Ginyu Force, Guldo, looked at Vegeta in anger and then smiled. "Hahaha, back then you were under Frieza's protection, now you are all alone with no protection at all. Kehehe."


Everything stopped moving and nothing seemed to want or could move at all. In Sora's body, a ball of multiple lights from dark to light. White to black, the center of the spinning sphere was all the light colors as it grew dark outwards.

A silver colored strand with white and black lines mixed in it moved around his body. It went to his head and moved rapidly around Sora's brain as it cleared his senses and allowed him to see everything.

Sora felt that everything was stopped and saw that everything was in a dull color. Nothing moved anymore, not even the wind, no noise can be heard at all. All but the subtle sounds of quick footsteps that Sora could hear but not see. Sora's mind kept working as he sensed that single entity move. Move to their side and then back to the Ginyu Force side multiple times.

The footsteps got slower as time went on and more heavy.


He looked at the person who he had sensed move. He was green, short and had many eyes. Sweat rolled down his cheek as he tried to catch his breath. His name is Guldo. And he had taken all the Dragon Balls.

Whilst time was 'stopped' Sora felt the [Chaos Energy] within himself moving. Once time began again he felt it stop. He lifted to his hand as he summoned a bit of the same [Energy] he had felt and tried summoning it. The strand that came from the [Chaos Energy] that was silver colored with white and black lines mixed in it.


However the desired effect that Sora had expected did not happen. He either needed to complete an action or something is still missing.

He clenched his fist as the stand dissipated into the air and looked at Guldo. While no one was paying attention to Sora he moved behind Guldo. Sora pinche with all his strength as his hand went through Guldo's body and came out throughout the other side al bloodied.

Guldo felt.. light.. light as his problems just disappeared. He noticed one of his enemies disappear. Didn't matter much to him, maybe he ran away. He turned to look at Recoome to tell him to hurry up and kill Vegeta.

However he noticed Recoome was looking behind him. He turned to see what he was looking at and saw golden, glowing yet dark and ominous eyes as it started down at him.

JVDY ;& SCARY ! $&(

Guldo's soul shook in fright and he tried to hold his breath to get away as soon as possible from whoever it was.


BLOOD! He coughed out blood as his bodies color faded. He turned to face forward again and pain registered in him as he yelled and looked down. He saw a red drooping bloodied hand come out of his chest. He panicked.

The hand slowly came out of him as he lost more blood and he slumped to the floor slowly. Darkness began to envelop him as everything from his surroundings left him and he was left alone in a dark room.


By the time the teammates of Guldo realized what happened they, besides Captain Ginyu. screamed for Guldo. Ginyu focused on Sora as he eyed him with interest and smiled wide.

Sora moved back to his side as everyone looked at him with horrified eyes. Vegeta only seemed satisfied at the quick death of Guldo since he was the most annoying and frightened at Sora's speed. Gohan eyed Sora's bloodied arm and Krillin looked at Sora from behind Vegeta with fear.

"You're an interesting one." Captain Ginyu stated as he looked at Sora and thought, 'just how strong is this guy. I can't wait to take his body.'

"I'm sorry but I don't swing that way." Sora looked at him coldly as he squinted his eyes and the golden glow seemed to become brighter.

"I don't understand." Captain Ginyu seemed to be at a lost and decided to just ignore what Sora had just said.

Lowering his power level to the point where he and Ginyu can have a 'fair' fight, Sora yelled to the people beside him, "Okay, it's time to give them hell!"

Sora flew directly at Ginyu and Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta flew at the other three, Recoome, Jeice and Burter.

Starting off with a right hook Sora approached at quick speeds as he used no special movement technique. His fist was intercepted by Ginyu's hand but did nothing as the fist made contact with Ginyu's hand and continued on its path further and made Ginyu's hand hit his own face.

Ginyu was pushed back and decided to throw a punch as Sora lifted his left arm and pushed Ginyu's punch to the left as Sora ducked down and swept his leg as he made Ginyu fall to the ground.


Ginyu stood up quickly as he glared at Sora and flew up high into the sky. Sora flew right behind him as he sent multiple [Ki Attacks] which he deliberately missed to get Ginyu agitated.

Once they both stopped, Sora sent many punches Ginyu's way as they collided with each other each time. Each strike cause the air to shake and a certain short alien on a hover pod to grow agitated as he made his way slowly to their location.

Sora stopped sending any more punches Ginyu's way as he just dodged the attacks sent to him.

Right. Left. Down. Back. Right. Right. Back. Left. Back. Down. Sora began to grow bored as his blood no longer got riled up by the fight he was having. He decided to look at The other fights while he dodged Ginyu's attacks.


(Gohan vs. Jeice)

Gohan was fighting Jeice with punches while all he received back were [Ki Attacks]. He began to get a hang of attacking and defending as he began to land hits on Jeice who kept on trying to get away from Gohan since he mostly with [Ki Blasts]. Gohan sent many punches to Jeice at quick speeds and to finish it all of he sent a [Ki Blast] to Jeice's stomach.

Jeice was sent flying back and crashed into the ground as the dirt was thrown up into the air and created a natural made smokescreen. Gohan waited for a couple of seconds for Jeice to get back to him as he realized he won't come out to face.

Eyeing the cloud of dirt suspiciously as he approached with extreme caution, Gohan saw multiple yellow lights in the cloud of dirt which made his hair raise. He turned and flew away as fast as he can away from the [Ki Blasts] that were right behind him. He weaved right and left, up and down and dodged many as he only had one [Ki Blast] left to get rid of. He stopped and quickly sent a [Ki Blast] of his own to it.

A figure appeared behind Gohan as it brought down to clutched hands above Gohan's head as smacked him right into the ground.


Gohan had gone unconscious whilst Jeice can barely stay standing up still.


(Krillin vs. Burter)

Krillin was standing all alone in the battlefield and had many bruises all over himself. He was on high alert as he looked left and right slowly. Time went on as Krillin's body was slowly pushed around and more bruises and cuts appeared on his body.

"You can't hit me! Gahahha. I am the fastest person in the universe!" A bluish blur that moved throughout the battlefield laughed at Krillin's misfortune and laughed about how great his speed was.


More cackling seemed to come from the bluish blur as he yelled, "Gahaha. Is 'Gah' all you can answer pipsqueak! ahaha!"

Krillin stopped focusing on his eyes as he closed them and focused on using his ears. He kept receiving punches and focused on the sounds Burter makes when he runs and begins talking loudly.

Slowly getting the hand of feeling Burter's movements, Krillin is able to slightly move more against Burter's attacks.

Lifting his hands to stop some of his attacks and then moving his body to the right and completely evading Burter.

Soon Krillin even got to know where Burter was about to come from and outstretched his foot as he fell and Krillin shot a [Destructo Disc] with some of the remaining energy he had left. He let go of the attack and it his Burter's legs and chopped them off.


Krillin sent another attack Burter's way with the last of his energy to show mercy to his enemy as he passed out from the pain.


(Vegeta vs. Recoome)

Holding his left arm with his right hand, Vegeta looked at Recoome, who had lost his teeth and his battle armor, with anger and annoyance. "You are one tenacious asshole! Why won't you just die!"

"Ehehehe." Recoome gave a silly laugh as he launched himself to Vegeta and tried to hit him and missed as Vegeta retaliated with a kick and sent him flying. He let go of his arm and sent multiple [Ki Blasts] his way to make him die already.

Recoome dodged Vegeta's attacks as he landed back on the ground and launched himself to Vegeta once again. Vegeta did the same move again but was stopped this time by Recoome who laughed and said, "This won't work again. It only worked the first 14 times. ehehe."

Vegeta smirked and jumped a bit as he twisted his body a little and sent his other foot to hit Recoome in the face and send him flying once again. He landed on the ground as Vegeta sent a [Concentrated Ki Attack] and sent it shooting Recoome's way.


The attack lasted for a solid 7 seconds before Recoome's yelling finally died down and Vegeta went up to check and saw nothing in the pit. Recoome appeared behind Vegeta and grabbed on to him in a tight hug as it grew tighter with each passing moment. "I almost died you know? Luckily I remembered to shut up. Ehhehe"

Vegeta threw his head back in hopes of hitting Recoome and making Recoome let go of the tight hug so he can escape. "That tickles Vegeta! HEHEHE"

Vegeta's head hurt when he threw his head back and made contact with Recoome's head. His eyes dilated in pain as he prepared a [Ki Blast] and turned his hand so that it can shoot at Recoome's abdomen.


Recoome fell backwards as his eyes rolled back and unconscious he went. Vegeta grasped for air as he fell on the ground and tried to stand up only to fall back on the ground.

Sora's attention went back to the fight between him and Captain Ginyu who had his arms in an outstretched position. He looked beaten and tired as he faced Sora and yelled, "CHANGE, NOW!"