Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 28 28 Miss??


A beam came out of the captain's mouth as it went directly to Sora. Sora looked at the beam that seemed to be going at an extremely slow speed.

He dodged the incoming projectile as he stepped to the side and saw it pass right by him as it hit a frog mid leap.

The body of the captain fell to the ground and faceplanted onto the floor. He stood up on his hind legs as both his hands were in front of him and leapt like a frog. He croaked with every leap he took.

Sora seemed to have come to understanding as he looked back at the frog that was shot with the beam.

It seemed to have been talking as it shook its.. hands? Flippers? Appendages? Limbs? At Sora's way in anger. Sora seemed to somewhat understand what the frog was saying as he shook his head and said, "What the hell do you mean 'why did I dodge?' I dodged because I could."

A tick mark appeared on Sora's forehead as yelled at the frog, "I'm done playing mimic's with you. You stupid captain frog." Sora sent a [Ki Beam] at the frog with his index finger as he ended its life and vaporated his body.

Vzee !



Sora looked at the leaping body of Ginyu as he let it be since it is just an innocent frog that was involved. He turned and saw that his three teammates were down in an unconscious state as their opponent are dead.

Nodding at what they accomplished, he noticed three familiar [Ki Signatures] making their way to him. Sora grabbed Gohan, Vegeta and Krillin and put them right in front of himself.

Soon a space ship landed and three figures stepped out from it. It was Goku, Frisk and Panchy that had come from within the ship. Both Goku and Frisk had stopped to look at the battlefield where a ton of craters were and 4 dead bodies were with a weird jumping man that croaked.

Panchy ran to Sora once she noticed him and hugged him once she arrived right in front of him. "Why didn't you tell me that you came over here?? Lately you haven't been visiting me and I don't know what to do.."

She hugged Sora tighter and after 10 minutes or so she let go and looked at Sora clearer. She was astonished by the changes Sora has gone over the whole time she hasn't seen him. His hair had golden strands and had golden eyes with the slit in them.

He brought her back closer to him and hugged her as he answered, "I'll tell you all about it later. For now go with everyone right now." Sora [Instant Transmissioned] Panchy to where Guru's house was and left her with Bulma and everyone else that was there.

[Instant Transmissioning] back to where he was, he looked at Goku and said, "So.. when are you going to give them the [Sensu Beans]?"

Listening to what he said Goku laughed lightly as he scratched his cheek in embarrassment. "I thought you were going to heal them with that one skill you always used on me.. ehehe"

"Well I would use it... buuuut it takes too long to get them to full health. The [Sensu Beans] are better for this type of job." Sora as he just pushed the job on to Goku. He looked at Goku and his power level and nodded in satisfaction at the level he's reached.

[Goku's Power Level: 120,000]

Remembering back to part where Guru unlocked Gohan's and Krillin's potential he decided to check Goku's for his. He activated the skill [Potential Finder] to look for how much potential he had.

[Potential: 2,400,000]

Sora had a theory that a persons potential was more based on the untapped energy that acc.u.mulated when a person is training and fighting. For Saiyan's it comes out when they receive a Zenkai which they get when they are close to death. So bringing out a person's potential is possibly tricking the body that it is on the brink of death to make it let go of the energy it needs.

He went up to Goku and slapped his back as he used the skill [Potential Unlock], which is the better side of the skill [Partial Potential Unlock] that Guru used on Gohan and Krillin. Goku didn't seem to notice anything until after Sora let go of him and his power suddenly erupted.

White flaming [Ki] came out of Goku's body as his eyes rolled back and marveled the power he had.

The three knocked out warriors son woke up witnessing Goku's power up. Although Vegeta and Gohan received a Zenkai from fighting. They looked down as they swore to catch up to Goku and go past his power.

The flaming [Ki] around Goku's body began to dim down as he looked at Sora and nodded towards his direction. Sora repeated the same process on Frisk.

His power level rose from [121,000] all the way to [2,310,000] which was a great surprise for everyone besides Sora.

Sora felt a power level coming towards their direction and soon Goku, Frisk, Gohan and Vegeta felt it too.

"It can't be! Why is he coming over here?? Well it matters not. Kakarot and Sora are here and they far than enough to take on that bastard..." Vegeta's grumbled but Sora heard what he said as he turned and asked,

"You mean Frieza is coming over here? Great!" Sora smiled and waited for him to arrive. Krillin began to panic at what Sora said as he knew that he was no match for Frieza or enough to protect himself.

Raising an eyebrow at what Sora said he asked, "Who is Frieza? King Kai mentioned him but I still don't know who he is."

"Haha. Don't worry about that. All we need to know is that he is a great person to fight. However I will have to kill him for destroying planet Vegeta since I wanted to meet some female Saiyans." He shook his head and looked to where Frieza was approaching in his pod.

Frieza soon arrived and he looked at the battlefield that was filled with the corpses of the Ginyu Force. A scowl formed on his face and he turned to look at Sora and then to Vegeta. "Damn you monkeys!! How dare you kill my elite force!"

"I don't think they were elite at all. They did really quick." Sora smiled and looked at Frieza with an evil smile.

Jumping out of his hover pod, Frieza looked at the jumping 'frog' and killed it with a [Ki Laser]. He looked at Sora and the rest and went straight to his Final Form at 20%.

Sora's eyes hardened noticing that Frieza's power level was slightly above his. He got into stance waiting for Frieza to attack but that moment never came as he stood there looking at them.

Sora launched himself at him and sent him flying with a kick to the side of his head. Before flying off Frieza grabbed him with his tail and smashed him on the floor.

"Damn! Why do I always get use to the floor!" Sora got up from the floor and dusted himself off. He flew to Frieza and began to trade blows with the being.

The first bout ended with Frieza's win as Sora was sent flying back and abruptly stopped as he appeared behind Frieza and punched his back with all his strength.


Frieza yelled in pain as it arched his back backwards and he fell to the ground as he flew back to Sora and began another round of fighting which ended in a tie. "Hmph. Don't get so you foolish simian!" Frieza brought up his power level to 50% as he shot a [Ki Blast] to Sora which sent him flying.

Anger arose from Sora's mind as he looked at Frieza and flew at him and sent a punch to his face only to end up blocked by Frieza's hand.

"Go back to where you belong." Frieza gave a maniacal grin as he punched at Sora stomach effectively taking out the air of his lungs. Sora fell to the ground as he coughed out blood and gasped for air. "Below me with all the other people."

Sora tried standing up and fell back down. Frieza grew tired and shot a [Ki Laser] to Sora's chest making him fall back. He fell back as he closed his eyes to concentrate his energy on the wound and make it heal before he bleeds out.

"Sora!" Goku yelled out and felt immense emotional pain upon seeing his older brother 'die' right in front of him. Rage filled him as he stumbled towards Sora. Each step was staggering, his [Ki] rose higher and higher. He stopped walking once he made it in front of Sora's 'corpse' as his head rose up and his pupils disappeared.

His hair began to turn golden and yellow lightning began to descend from the sky. The land began to shake and rocks floated up and dissipated into the air.

Everything began to calm down as Goku's eyes turned green and calm as they stared down Frieza.

Everything was quiet, the winds calmed down and everyone looked at Goku's transformation as Vegeta looked astonished at Goku's transformation.

Sora opened his eyes feeling the ground shake and not letting him get his wounds healed. His eyes landed on the figure in front of him as he unconsciously began to use the [Dongxuan Sutra] and a nice smell came off his body.

That nice smell filled with the scent of life came in front of Goku and realized where the smell came from as he turned to look at the slow rising body of Sora. The smell of life began to grow and Sora's body began to emit a yellow flaming [Ki]. Sora's eyes remained rested on Goku's body... or more specifically his energy pathways.

His body came off the ground and stood upright. His black hair turning golden as his golden hair strands turned white. His yellow pupils turning light green with the slit remaining. Sora's tail turned golden and his [Ki] skyrocketed to 800 million power level.


"That's better..." Sora sighed and he looked at Goku and said, "Wow, didn't know you cared about me Goku. He missed my heart in case your wondering how I survived."

Sora looked at Frieza who looked frightened about what was going on. He smirked and appeared behind Frieza and chopped his shoulder making Frieza fall to the ground at a speed that could break Frieza's legs. Goku appeared below Frieza and shot a Kamehameha at him.

Frieza lost one of his legs and his tail and powered up to his maximum. "I can't use the Dragon Balls then no one can!"

He shot the ground making the world collapse. The sky grew dark and everyone was panicking. "Gohan!! Take the Dragon Balls to Dende and wish for everyone back to life and to Earth. Then bring Piccolo back to life so we can fix this world!"

"R-right!!" Gohan gathered the Dragon Balls and left with Krillin and Frisk. Vegeta left to his pod and left to Earth. Goku and Sora stared at Frieza who eyed Gohan who was flying away with the Dragon Balls.

He readied a [Ki Blast] to shoot at Gohan but was intercepted by Sora who slapped it away. Goku appeared in front of Frieza and fought each other. They fought on equal terms before Frieza began to grow tired and was in the losing side.

Sora began to prepare a [Nova Bullet] as he summoned 90% of his energy and compressed it all. One wrong move and he blows up the entire solar system. He managed to complete it as it took a solid form and looked like a gum ball. "Goku! Leave now!"

Looking at Sora then back at Frieza, Goku decided to leave it to him and he made it to Ginyu's space pod. Sora approached Frieza and grabbed him by the neck as he looked into the eyes of a pleading Frieza.

"Please! Let me go!!" Frieza pleaded on and on but the hand holding his neck only got tighter.

"All your words are bullshit. I smell, see more hear a shred of sincerity on your person. You will now die Frieza." Sora felt no more presence on Namek. Everyone had left for Earth and Goku was no longer on the planet. "Bye-bye Frieza."

He thrust his hand down Frieza's mouth with the [Solid Nova Ball] and released it in his stomach. Sora let go and pulled out his hand and [I.T.]of the solar system as he watched it explode.