Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 29

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 29 29 The Kiss


[System has leveled up!

F -> E]

[Quest (Completed): Eliminate or incapacitate Frieza. Method or how thorough you go to eliminate or incapacitate Frieza will account to Grade of Quest.

Rewards will be given when host receives the quest.

Grade Received: Ex

Due to dissolving and eliminating Frieza down to the molecular level where echen wishing him back to life will be difficult. CONGRATULATIONS!]

The whole solar system began to collapse, Namek was of course the first to go. It got obliterated, blown to smitherings, not a single particle survived that magnitude of an explosion.

The planets in that solar system were blown away and destroyed slowly. Luckily there were no beings on those planets, they were left all alone. Probably something the Namekians had wished before to keep their planet safe.

Cracks began to appear in space and the explosion collided with the sun. It caused it to be blown away and thrown towards another sun as they collided together and began to spin together.

They span and span as they soon got to one point and their energies created a black hole.

The cracks in space began to grow as they fell apart and different places in the universe were shown. Sora flew away as soon as he could and [Instant Transmissioned] out of there.

After Sora left, the cracks in space began to recover at a rapid pace. After an hour it was completely healed.

A ship soon appeared in the place where Namek was.


(Inside the ship)

"King Cold, the last traces of Lord Frieza was here sir. B-but... it seems Lord Frieza is... de-de... dead.." DeadSoldier #1 said in fright.

King Cold turned to face the soldier in anger and sent a laser his way which killed him. "How dare he say my son died. That's impossible."


"King Cold! The ship is going in disarray! It had detected a black hole nearby! I don't think we can hold for any longer!"

The ship began to suck into the black hole and King Cold got out of the ship as he laughed the misfortune of his DeadSoldiers #2 to #302.

"I will kill whoever sent my son to his demise and destroyed my favorite ship!" King Cold turned and faced in the direction of Earth and yelled.


(On Earth)

"Holy shit that was terrifying!" Sora yelled out as soon as he appeared on Earth in front of everyone that was brought back to life and to Earth.

"LANGUAGE!!" Ran yelled as she covered Gohan's ears.

Sora just walked away as quick as he can as 7 people followed behind him. He walked away in the distance and soon appeared in front of an huge empty area. He nodded seeing the appearance of the ground and the quality of it as he flattened it and made a huge house.


"Oh that's right you are following Vegeta. Hah!" Sora walked into the house and said, "Well come on in ladies and trashes!"

The women blushed whilst Piccolo and Vegeta both just scoffed at what he said and walked right in.

"What are you going to do about the Namekians?" Piccolo went straight to the point.

Stores recalled the events off earlier and relayed it to him before saying, "So we will have to wish them to live in a new peaceful and habitable planet. Their previous world was destroyed and so was the sun. As well as a black hole appearing nearby."


Piccolo stood up and left as he sent Yamahas and the rest to look for the Dragon Balls that were brought back when Dende has restored them. Sora turned to look at Vegeta and asked him, "And you? Why did you come here?"

Not wasting a single second, Vegeta told Sora what he needed. "I need a place to live in. I will be waiting for Kakarot to return since I need to have a fight with him."

Sores nodded and said, "You can probably ask Tights about that. She's been wanting a roommate for years. Especially one that is an alien. Cough* offworlder is what I meant to say."

"Who's this Tights you speak of?"

"She is the sister of this beautiful gal," Sora pulled in Bulma from the waist and held her softly in his embrace. "And the daughter of this wonderful woman." He smiled wide as he outstretched his hand in Panchy's direction as her face gained a red tint and refused to look at anyone in the eyes. "She has blonde hair sand always keeps a journal in hand to right her next 'big story'."

Vegeta nodded and walked out to look for Tights.

"Okay girls, I made this house for us to live in. If you want to move in you may take any room in this house." Sora smiled as they left in a hurry to choose their rooms. He looked at Panchy who was looking at him with a kind smile as he just looked at her fondly and said, "And what would you like Panchy?"

Panchy began to fidget as she looked down and didn't look at Sora. She went over all that she wanted to tell him but she couldn't say anything now that the time to do it came.

Sora saw that she couldn't say anything so he stood up and walked to her. She was startled when he stood up and began to get more nervous as he approached.

He placed his arms around her and hugged her softly as he whispered in her ears, "I won't judge you for what you say. You can tell me anything, I'll be here for you Panchy. You also have Bulma too, you know?"

Within his hug, Panchy began to grow calmer and warm as she snuggled up to Sora's chest and hugged him back. She softly spoke to Sora, "I-I.."

She couldn't bring herself to say anything as she backed up a bit and looked into Sora's enchanting golden eyes. She felt happy being in his presence, something she hasn't felt with Hakase any more. She did whatever she can to make Hakase pay more attention to her but it didn't work out. He stayed focused on his work and didn't pay an ounce of attention to her since Bulma had been born.

In fact he started becoming grumpy and angry most of the time not long after Tights was born. She kept him happy with a special plant she grew with her plants that had a warm yellow color. It kept him happy and made sure he was calm most of the time that they are together.

It's the stuff he smokes most of the time which people assume is just tobacco since she mixes with it.

However she knew that she couldn't keep the farce any more and was beginning to grow sad by the days and maintained a fake smile. However Sora had noticed this back when he was younger and took her to amus.e.m.e.nt parks with Bulma and Tights.

She grew to be happy having Sora around her and she liked the maturity he showed. It was like he is older than he really is and that is intriguing to her. His eyes exuded calmness and joy, he played around almost all the time but would take things seriously when he can.

As he grew older she began to grow feelings stronger than just liking having him around.

She got closer to Sora who was just in front of her waiting for her response. She got closer and closer as their lips inches closer together. Their lips made contact and Panchy kissed him happily.

Sora was astounded about the kiss but he didn't back down. He pulled her back in closer to him, their chests pressing against each other. Her lips parted as she tried to catch her breath and he took this chance to slither his tongue in her mouth.

Their tongues intertwined and cared each other and a couple of seconds later it grew 'rougher'.

Panchy let go as her hair was disshelved and her eyes were cloudy as she stared at Sora with amour.

Sora brought his hands up and cupped her face and gave her short but passionate kiss and said, "How about you choose a room too? I'd be glad if you live with me. I'll try to explain to Bulma and the rest why you're here."

"Yes, I'd be glad to stay here with you and.. thank you.." Panchy stood up and walked away a little awkwardly as she used the walk to support herself.

Sora kept his eyes on her back as he smiled happily until she was out of sight. He stopped smiling and got serious as he reviewed the transformation he recently got.

Super Saiya-Jin

He went to his room that contained a desk and multiple papers on it with a pen. He sat on the chair and wrote everything he could remember about the sensation of transforming into a Super Saiya-Jin.

Super Saiya-Jin

A tingling sensation in the back. Ki excludes from his being as it comes out from all over his body. His cells being part of the transformation. Side effect: makes user lose stamina quick and drains power to maintain the state.

Next he wrote what he knew about other techniques that he knew of and what they could do.


The act of multiplying the power of the being by putting an immense pressure on the body. Side effect: It damages the body the more powerful one becomes.


The Saiyans constitution. A way of making the user stronger and comparable to the strength of what has made the person on the brink of death. It helps one overcome limits and face their problems head on. Side effect: causes the Saiyans to crave fighting to grow stronger after their brink of death.

Potential Unlock

It causes a beings potential to be unlocked and brought out to be used by said being. It makes them stronger PERMANENTLY as long as they have any potential. Side effect: Takes time for the beings to get used to their new power level. Depends on amount gained. A low level side effect.

Yardratian Fusion Dance

The act of combining two people into one with their powers added together. Both beings must be close to the same power level. It multiplies the users power level to a certain amount. Both minds work together in unison. Side effect: the being becomes very arrogant and rash. When minds stop working together they separate. 30 minute fusion time period, shortens the stronger a being is. If the dance is done incorrectly it makes the outcome a bad one and must wait for 30 minutes for the fusion to end.

He decided to make full use of a Saiyans habit of eating a lot and to make it part of the technique. The new technique, or Sutra as one may call it, can be used in two ways. One by cultivating like any other technique, Mantra or Sutra. Or, just eating, however each new level would require higher qualities of meat or food. And they cannot be created by a Technique, skill, Magic or any means that does not mean that the food or material one eats, experience 'life'.

Sora looked over everything and brought out the key points of each technique and placed them together. He brought out the [Heavenly Vision Technique] manual and looked over it as he looked at how the eyes become 'stronger'.

How to 'cultivate' the eyes and make then show him the 'truth' of the world. To see through a being and see their meridians and source of life and energy.

He turned to look at the [Dongxuan Sutra] and read the most important part.


To use Qi to make the mind a better quality. To circulate the energy in its specified motion to make that conduct better and of a higher quality.

To TRASCEND its original purpose.



So Sora put everything together and refined the thoughts. Now all he needs to do is to remember the way his body feels like when he goes [Super Saiya-Jin] and replicate those pathways. Even if he remembers Goku's pathways where the power went through his body. He isn't sure if his and Goku's pathways are in the same locations but decided to attempt either way.

He activated the [Super Saiya-Jin] state and felt his [Ki] flowing through his body as moved and circulated throughout him. Passing through all his internal organs one by one and then his body structure.

He stopped the state and began to replicate it but with all he knew about the new Sutra he is making. It had 8 Major stages that could theoretically take him to Ex grade. Within those Major grades, there Minor grades each ranked from low-mid-high. According to his own Art he is in the first Major stage and first Minor stage.


[Tyranical War Emperor Body Art]

Major Stage: 1

Minor Stage: Low


Name: Sora Akagi

Age: 31 (504,295)

Race: Saiyan

Bloodline(s): Saiyan

Power Level: 20,878,102

Sutra: Tyranic War Emperor Body Art, Dongxuan Sutra

Mantra: Heavenly Vision Technique

Cultivation Manual: None



Body Grade: F

Soul Grade: B+]