Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 3 First Day

(1st Person POV)

'Huuuuh!!?? Am I in a big jar? And what is this green liquid?? And what type of creature is that?!' After calming down I looked around a bit, I was nervous. Although I was in my 90's when I died, not everything will become common sense when you reincarnate, even if you meet 'God' himself. I did not know Saiyans are treated like this when they are children, maybe I should have asked for an info pack or something. Maybe look at the internet or something, all I had were memories of the times I spent with my son and grandson. I should have payed more attention when I was with them. Why is that weird thing coming here?

"Ah, look its awake, those despicable saiyans reproduce too quickly. This ones parents died earlier in a mission, so it is said he will be sent to a world to capture it." The weird creature than turned to look to his partner that he was talking to.

"Well, such a pity... Oh well, ready up the pod to send him to the world he should be going to to. We can't waste any more time" said the partner as he got me out of the incubator. As he did that I saw the other alien get the pod and was inputting something, he then stopped and looked at my direction.

"By the way Hupor, what is the name of this brat?" The alien questioned Hupor as he turned back to the machine, he seemed to be waiting for an answer. (AN: I am not good with names as you can see lol)

"Hmmm, the paper here says 'Sora Akagi', pretty weird compared to the names of these brainless Saiyans. Hey Saern, his first name is Sora and last name is Akagi." Hupor yelled to Saern as he placed me inside the pod.

'Hmmm.. I wonder where I will be going to. And I wonder how old I am and when the so called system will activate.' I pondered as I looked around to find a clue about my age. 'Oh look, I don't know what it means but it says Age 733. I think my grandson said that the main character was born in Age 737 so i believe about 4-5 years until this planet gets destroyed. Good thing I am being sent away.'

As I was thinking that I realized I am going up into space, I see all types of stars and planets. I was filled with awe, I never once thought that I would be able to ever see this. As I gazed into space I realized I should be trying out the powers I already have. As I try to sense something in me I feel something click in my mind and I soon felt some type of instinct to know how to sense stuff correctly.

As I checked again I sensed two energies in my body. One was a multicolored ball and the other was a bluish white ball, they both float there in my body. As I look at the multicolored ball I remembered that it was the [Chaos Energy]. "So how am I supposed to use it. Should I draw out little by little or let it flow around my body? Whatever lets try drawing out little by little and controlling it." I pondered over it's use and to not destroy the pod I am in and die because of it.

I soon tried to pull it out of my body using the [Chaos Energy] little by little. Then the same sensation happened and something clicked in my head and I can now use use the energy like if I had used it for a lifetime. I tried to use the [Chaos Energy] and I made it into a ball in front of me. It was mesmerizing, multicolored light shown from it and it shown all over inside the pod. I then looked over to the other ball of energy.

"That so called God also mentioned another energy, is this the 'Ki' he talked about? It feels as if I can also use it like it was there since forever. Hmm, I should find a way to know how I have. Right! There was the scouters, is there one in here, I'm already wearing the armor but what about the scouter."

I soon looked all over the pod to try to find anything that resembles a type of glasses that were cut in half and cover the ear. "Oooh is that it?" I was looking at something that was on a long furry thing that wiggled around. "What is and where does it come from? Is that my tail? I should try to move it so that i can have full control over it." I then moved my tail, it felt foreign to me, like if I had broken my arm and I am in rehab. The next time I trued moving my tail it moved the way I wanted it to, I wrapped it around my waist as soon as I could do it.

I grabbed the scouter and placed it in front of me to check my Power Level.

[Battle Power: 5,447]

"Hoo~ I'm not sure if that is high but sounds good if it's in the thousands." I then tried to calm my breathing and meditate, a habit I have ever since I took up martial arts and mastered them all. I quickly fell asleep while meditating as my small body couldn't stay awake any longer.



A pod can be seen falling on a planet that has mushroom-like trees with leaves that are pink colored and the wood itself black. The water was as blue and you can see 3-eyed fish swimming in the water. A weird water-like bird flying dropping water ever now and then. An animal that looks like a T-rex but had overgrown arms, a horn on its forehead and spiky tail.

The planet was as big as earth and it had huge mountains comparable to Mt. Everest. There were tribes with beings that looks like orcs, they all had an average Battle Power of 100,000 and the highest among them has 300,000 Battle Power, presumably a Chief of the village. As the pod is traveling over the village the villagers turn to look at the pod, some with fear, some with reverence and others with curiosity.

Soon, when the village is out of sight, the pod crashed into mountains and caused mass destruction, soon the pod fell in water. The animals in the surrounding got alerted and ran away, a leopard-like animal approached the pod and circled around it. Soon it saw a door and approached it, once it got near the door flew off and fell out of the water and landed next to the tree.

The leopard-like animal looked at the door that was blown off it turned back to look at the pod and saw an outline of something in the smoke. Soon everything went black for the leopard...

"Wow, what a crazy way to wake up, crashing into a planet. Why not slow down and land gently?"



"Good thing that crazy landing woke me up, if not I would have drowned." I say as I give wry smile at the slowly sinking pod. "Good thing my techniques still work, especially with this body mine that is way stronger than when I was a 'frail' old man."

"Now my techniques can be hundred if not millions of times stronger than before." I say as I stretch my body and get my body moving and flexible. "I should try making Ki techniques now. Hmmm... what should I do? [Ki Sword]? Alright thats my first technique."

I then stretched out my right hand forward and extended my fingers to one point. I made my Ki go out through my hand and make the blade, but it came out as a beam of light. I lowered the output and tried to 'solidify' it. IT WORKED!

"Who knew I would be so happy for making this technique on my own, it might have been made already but it's probably using a different method so I will claim this method as mine."

I walked up to the corpse of the leopard like monster and before I skin it and eat all the meat, I thought of a method that could possibly help me in furthering my knowledge and possibly the foundations of my martial arts and techniques based on animals. If there was Ki that could be the representation of life force, or life, sometimes someones memories is imprinted into that 'life'. By slowly revolving Ki around the head of a living being and take its heads life force which possibly contains its memories.

I then put my forehead to the head of the monster and sent a little Ki in a shape of a very small tornado to its brain and let slowly revolve around its brain and carry its 'essence' which should be its memories and bring it back to me and disperse it in my head. The process was very laborious, it took an hour at most to get search around its brain. It soon finished revolving in all the corners of the brain and it was dispersed in my head, this made me a little nauseous but the memories were moved to my head.


(Sora's viewing of Leopards life POV)

I was seeing the way the alien leopard lived its life in this forest and how it hunted down its prey. How it silently moves to avoid other predators and how much it yearned for a partner when it sees its prey protecting its baby. This caused Sora to want to have a partner and children indirectly. "If I have this yearning now then that means I need to perfect this technique to make the memories not affect me.."

After that I saw orc-like creatures that called themselves Erros. They live in villages that amount to around 200 per village and from what the alien leopard knew, there were 11 villages around this forest. Soon the viewing got erratic as the A. Leopard got chased by a group of 5 hunters from the closest village.

It saw how the hunters were distracted by a flying object and it ran faster for its life. Soon the leopard reached a lake and drank water to satisfy its thirst. The pod then unexpectedly landed in front of it and splashed water everywhere. All the animals in the surrounding area quickly left and the leopard instead approached to see what made the Erros intrigued about the pod.

As soon as it circled and made it was to what it assumed was the door its animalistic instincts rang and told it to run away fast and far from that spot. Soon the door was blasted of the pod and it was scared to move and could only move its head.


(Back to normal Sora's POV)

I turned to look to the place where the leopard came from and said to himself, "So there is actual intelligent life-forms here and they look like Orcs too, but they call themselves Erros. But their language is not understandable, I will have to find that group of hunters and kill them to take their memories."

I looked at the corpse of the leopard and remove its skin and cut the meat in cubes to carry them more easily. I looked to the place where the pod sinked and swam my way to it and pulled it out. I look inside the pod and I saw a type of backpack that can carry the meat of the leopard, I placed all the meat in the backpack and took of my armor and showed off my upper body. And wore the leopards skin around my waist like Broly wore the pelt of his beast friend in the recent movie Broly, though a bit too big compared to my small size. Nodding at my current sense of fashion I turn back to look at the place where the hunters were and I put on the backpack.

I quickly made my way over to the area where the hunters were last seen and looked for tracks that can help me find them. I noticed a faint pungent smell coming from behind me and before I could turn to look, I instantly dodged to my left. Their was a huge axe in the place where I was just at cleaved into the ground and a huge Erros holding the dreadful axe that almost sliced me in half just a minute ago.