Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 30 30 Knooowledge

The same type of energy Sora uses for the Dongxuan Sutra went throughout Sora's body. The energy went in and out of his being as it went through his internal organs, marrow, bone, muscle, flesh and skin.

Swirl of energy revolves around him as it traversed into his body.

He felt his body grow sturdier and easier to move as his body was filled with this energy. The Qi filled his body slow and steady.

His breathing began to grow more calm as time went on.

6 hours pass without Sora noticing and it has become night. He has broken through into the mid-stage.

Every time Sora exhaled out his muscles would contact and then expand. He continued the Sutra as his body began to to fill with Qi and began to hit a wall.


He hit the wall once and it began to crack and he began to get ready for the next bash. He pulled everything into a single point to hit the wall that had many cracks on it. He trusted it forward and sent it hurling to the wall.




Breakthrough! Sora broke through to the late-stage! He has made it to the E- Body Grade!

The corner of his lips curled up in enjoyment as he switched techniques. He went to the [Dongxuan Sutra] and began to complete a Major circle.


He completed the Major circle and it was as if a switch had been flipped. His senses expanded and he felt everyone that lived inside his house. As well as those that were walking nearby or lived nearby.

From just looking at them from this far, he could see their energy. All from 100 meters away with relative ease.

He stood up from the ground and stretched his arms and legs.


He sighed in satisfaction of being able to stand up and not remain on a sitting position anymore..

He went out and punched the air repeatedly as his body felt lightness and the amazing transformation his body has gone through. He punched, kicked, jumped and did any possible move that could come to mind.

He stopped an hour later because he didn't want to wake up anyone when it is night. He moved far away from anyone that could possibly end up getting awake from him being so 'loud'.

Once he was far away, Sora stopped and opened the quest to open the latest completion. The quest that was completed for killing Frieza and receiving an Ex Grade.

[Rewards (Ex Grade):

1x Get 1 Get Another Free (? Grade)

Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art (A+ Grade)

Big Tiny Wishes (B+ Grade)

Artificer Knowledge (SS- Grade)

All Rewards have been placed in Sora's [Inventory] to be retrieved at any moment.] (A/N: I got the Artificer knowledge from the Lightnovel 'Mythran's master of all'. Big Tiny Wishes, made by Yours Truly, 'motherf.u.c.k.i.n.g human king Lin Fan'. Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art from Lightnovel 'A Will Eternal'.)

Sora smiled at what he received and and opened his [Inventory] as quickly as possible. He moved his eyes over to where all four new things he had been placed as he pressed on every single one to receive their description.

[Big Tiny Wishes (B+ Grade Skill)

Can make user become as big as the universe and heavens are. Becoming tiny to resemble dust particles.]

[Skill has now been learnt.]

[Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art (A- Grade Skill and Learning Control Method)

Lightness in Heaviness: Turn your reserves into tiny innumerable unbreakable threads. Helps in manipulation of energy. From disorganized to alright.

Heaviness in Lightness: Turn the tiny threads into a big rope. Intertwining the threads to make them more powerful as a rope. From fixed to organized and unbreakable.

Creating the Cauldron: Can now move on to the stage of creating a cauldron. User of this technique can technique make anything with the teachings of this with enough mastery.]

[Skill has now been learnt.]

[Artificer's Knowledge (SS- Grade Knowledge)

Knowledge of every profession that has to do with the act of creating something, refining or remaking.

Master Blacksmith

Master Tailor

Master Cook (SS Class Cheff)

Master Enchanting

Master Carpenter

Master Builder

Master Artisan

Master Technician

Master Glassworker

Master Machinist

Master Alchemist

Master Jeweler

Master Rune Maker





[Knowledge has now been placed into mind.]

A ton of knowledge went into Sora's head as it went through the process of every job. Blacksmithing. Potion making. Wood working. Enchanting. Sculpting...

He could now do it all. Especially with the help of Magic materialization.

One might say that the knowledge is not even necessary because of Magic Materialization but the use of Magic materialization is different to what one might think. Instead of being able to make a sword sharp and durable just from materializing with the thought it just creates a simple sword that simply weighs more. So making weighted clothes is very simple in that form. Creating stuff from Magic materialization only gives it to the creator in a simplified form. If someone attempts to create a potion it only creates the glass bottle. Magic materialization was of course made to create 'solid' objects.

He shook his head as to not think of it anymore and thanked the quest for giving him the best reward he can possibly get at the moment.

'I guess it's time to practice this new Control technique. It will make my attacks more powerful if I can perfectly execute it. Big Tiny Wishes won't really be needed unless I want to be huge..' Sora began to turn his [Ki Reserves] into numerous tiny strings.

2 hours soon passed and so far Sora had changed all of his Ki Reserves into numerous Ki strings. It seemed never ending for him as the more he converted into tiny strings the more Ki would appear in his reserves.

The sun began to rise and was encompassing all of the city in its light and warmth. Sora began on his trip back to his recently built house. He began to review everything that he had received especially the artificer knowledge.

'This new information about being an Artificer is really good especially this metali-... WAIT.' Sora stopped mid-air as he thought and went over everything that he saw in the information. A metallic man.. with his own consciousness. Moving with metallic pieces and jewel eyes. Another being came into his mind as he smiled lightly at her mental image.


He thought of her at this moment and decided to make her a body for her with all the knowledge he had. However he wanted her to have a fully functional body. Internal organs, capability to use Ki, be able to show her emotions vividly and most of all.. to be able to reproduce.

Sora decided to go big on the job to make Casion a body for her. So he saw it in himself to study biology and anything to do with life and anatomy. Even so far as to learn coding to get a little helper to help him get all the information correct during the process to not forget anything. He would even use his Heavenly vision to get the Ki pathways and anything beneficial from other beings for her.

Sora will need to know how to create artificial skin tissue and all the ligaments and tendons necessary for movement. He can create the muscle from metallic strands and in that way make her more strong. He will have to learn how to make the artificial tissue be able to create more hair for her head or find the best material for her hair. Use a strong material for her bone structure and soft material for her delicate parts.

First he will have to go to the nearest library and read all the books about biology and anatomy. Then any other book in the science category as well as getting Bulma to enroll him in a university that can get him the information. After that he will have to get a job in a hospital and work his way up so that he can learn what he can. He will help those he can and learn at the same time for the sake of Casion.

Of course with his memory palace, everything will be very easy to remember. Dissecting, transplants, transfusion, chemistry, bioengineering, general medicine and much more stuff which he might need in the long run.

He got home and and ate while he waited for everyone else to wake up. He decided to cook up some pancakes for everyone in the house and made some especially for him that could fill him up real quick.

Launch woke up first as she came into the kitchen and saw Sora making pancakes. "Why are you making food? And since when can you cook?"

Lightly smiling as he looked at her dishelved beautiful blue hair that covered half of her face that looked drowsy, Sora remarked, "I could have always made food. I just didn't feel like many any until today. And I am making food so we can eat. Wanna help?"

She nodded and fixed her hair as she began to look more relaxed and energetic. She put on an apron and stood next to Sora with a smile as she made the batter and looked at Sora from time to time.

Sora saw this and smirked, he got close to her and when she turned to look at him again he seized her lips with his. He cupped her cheek with his left hand that had flour on it and she brought her hands up from his neck to his head. She ran her fingers through his hair as she left flour on his head and clothes.

Everyone began to wake up from the good smell of the pancakes and made their way to the kitchen. They walked in and saw Launch kissing Sora, they all turned to each other and sighed as they made their way to their seats.


Chi-chi coughed lightly as to get the attention of the kissing duo and it worked. Sora turned to the ladies sitting on the chairs and smiled as he waved and said, "Mornin' Ladies~"

Launch saw them and her face turned red from embarrassment as she turned away and kept working on making the last batch of batter. Sora didn't have to worry about the pancakes burning as he made and flipped them with his right hand.

Soon everything was done and he took everything to the table. He sat down and looked at the women around the table until his eyes rested on Bulma. "Bulma, I need you to find a way to enroll me in a University."

Bulma was baffled by what Sora had just asked of her. What does he mean he wants to be enrolled in a University. I thought he wanted to fight and train every single day. "Sure but can you tell me why?"

"It's for Casion, I might have just found a way for her to get a body and I need more knowledge to make that might into a will." Sora said seriously as he looked at Bulma who felt butterflies in her stomach as she looked at Sora's serious face and a blush coming onto her face. She nods quickly as she feels hot and at the same time very happy for Casion who will get to have a body.

Everyone else around them smiled as they heard what Sora had said as they laid their eyes upon his serious face and those enchanting golden eyes. They began to blush and their bodies began to heat up as Bulma and them all stood up and made their way to their rooms and didn't forget to lock them.

Sora stayed there in the seat as he looked astonished by their display. He shook his head as he laid his head on the table and thought of Casion. "I will wait for you my greek goddess." He chuckled a bit as the tiredness finally caught up with him and him go night night.