Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 31 31 The Beauty More Skips?

A year has almost passed since the fight in Namek and the destruction of its entire solar system.

Sora quickly skipped over grades by taking the graduate tests which helped him graduate quicker. He memorized everything in the books and what the teachers taught. There was a lot of hands on experience which he was provided and presentations.

He saved a couple of lives with his medical knowledge and when he could not make it in time he would heal them with Magic.

He made advances in his Body Grade and made it rise to a D+ Grade and his Dongxuan Sutra was up to the 6th tier. He can mask his aura, obscure everyone else's senses, and his Dongxuan abilities were amplified.

The abilities reach were amplified as well. An eighth sense was unlocked and he could vaguely sense peoples thoughts. The stronger the feelings the better he can hear their thoughts. Lastly, he can see and understand better actions, see through the uses of most techniques.


The year was close to ending and he began to feel fluctuations in the air and left his study room that was filled with notes and ideas for Casion's body for a moment. He went to the location where he felt the fluctuations and saw a type of four legged pod with capsule corporation logo appear out of no where.

Once it appeared he saw a green skinned alien-like creature with a long tail come out and try to burrow itself into the ground. Sora saw this and decided to call out, "Hey you! What are you doing here?"

The green creature turned and looked at Sora, "You scared me for a moment but it's just a puny human. Get out of here! You know what never mind, I will just eat you for nutrients."

The creature walked to Sora and brought his tail up as it opened up ready to suck him up.

"Hooh, that is impressive. I will have to dissect you and and see how you work." Sora disappeared from his location and the creature fell to the ground unconsciously. Sora picked up the body of the creature and walked away with it. "This will be interesting. Ahaha!!"


Recently in the pass of the year, Dr. Brief had been spending less and less time outside of his building. And Bulma being his daughter, worried for his well being and sent Sora to check up on him.

Sora got to where Dr. Brief was and saw him cuddling a robot and he was laying on the bed with it... n.a.k.e.d... Sora left in a hurry and never came back.


And lets just say Sora will never want to remember what happened there.


Today Goku was coming back and everyone prepared for his arrival. Sora would occasionally check up on Goku's [Ki Signature] and noticed it was coming their way. He informed everyone that Goku was coming back to Earth in a couple of hours.

Sora had completed his studies and graduated a week ago with a Doctorate. He now wore a white lab coat and underneath he wore a black silk like plain shirt and black pants with a white belt. Black skate shoes with white mid-soles to combine with his whole outfit.

Everyone got together and waited for Goku to get back until they felt an immense and malicious Ki. It began to approach at quick speeds. However before it can approach more it just disappeared all of a sudden and a new Ki source appeared.

Sora felt the Ki and thought it was a similar Ki to Vegeta's and Panchy's Ki. He looked at Vegeta's direction and smirked. Vegeta saw this and couldn't help but feel angered and looked away in irritation for no reason.

A young man with dirty blonde hair arrived. Sora noticed him looking at Vegeta with affection and regret in his eyes as he turned to look at Sora as confusion appeared in his eyes and continued looking at everyone else. Squinting his eyes at the confusion that was shown Sora decided to just throw it to the back of his mind and look away and wait for it to come up when he is with Goku.

"Who are you?" Piccolo decided to ask the young man first before anyone else could.

"Me.. uh my name is.. uhh.. can we wait until Goku is here?" The teen was caught unprepared and seemed to think hard for something to say but decided to wait for Goku's arrival.

Piccolo being the man of little words just harrumphed and looked away and waited.

Not long after a pod crash landed in front of them and a figure walked out as Sora smiled as he said, "So you learnt instant transmission? Good for you, now I don't have to pull you around anymore."

Nervously scratching his head and laughing Goku said, "Well it was always.. interesting.. haha"

"GOKU! Uhm sir Goku .." the young man called out and walked towards them. Everyone turned to look at him as he pulled Goku away from them and Sora followed. "I... uh.. I want it to be just me and sir Goku."

"You don't understand kid, I need to talk with you as well. I saw the confusion when you looked at me earlier." Sora seriously looked at the baffled teen who just gave up and nodded as he turned to look at the smiling Goku.

They moved off to the side and they began to talk.

"Can you transform for me Goku?" asked the teen. Goku agreed to the wishes of the teen and transformed into a Super Saiyan. The transformation's effect on the surroundings this time was vastly different to the last time Goku transformed. No earthquakes, the surrounding terrain wasn't being destroyed and there were no dark clouds being summoned.

Goku's hair turned gold and his pupils turned into a greenish-blue color. The young man took out his sword and struck out towards Goku and stopped before it could reach him. "Why didn't you move?"

"I sensed no I'll intent." Goku said all seriously.

However Sora just laughed and thought, "wow that transformation really does change your personality. Trying to be cool and all. The real Goku wouldn't have reacted that way at all. Kekeke."

"Ok now I will go all out." The young man began to move quickly and sent multiple strikes to Goku who blocked them all with just his fingers.

After a while, he had stopped and sighed as he admired Goku's strength. "Wow, you're as strong as the rumors said you were. Now I can tell you everything without being worried."

"What are you talking about?" Both Goku and Sora asked.

"My name is Trunks and I come from the future. My father is Vegeta. I came from the future because everyone ended up dying under the hands of androids that appear in three years from now. You weren't there Goku because you were dead from a heart disease you got." Trunks looked at Goku as Sora stood there rooted to his spot.

'Why wasn't I there? Or where was I at the time?' Sora thought over any possible event that he wasn't there. Death? Disappearance? Travel? Unwilling? But why? "What about me? Where was I in all this?"

"I'm sorry but I don't know who you are." Trunks looked at Sora a bit surprised. Goku turned to Sora after he powered down and looked at him in worry.

"There is no possible way I was not there. C'mon! Is there no me, Sora, in the future?!" Sora's expression hardened and his eyes got serious as an unspeakable pressure fell on everyone in the vicinity.

Trunk's eyes widened when he heard Sora say that he was 'Sora'. "Wait your Sora!? Gohan and my aunt always mentioned you. That you were the strongest and that if you hadn't disappeared and Goku hasn't died, the rest wouldn't have died and the future wouldn't be bleak..." Trunks looked away and down as he remembered everything that happened.

The pressure eased off everyone as Sora's head slumped down. He thought over everything that could have happened that would make him leave or what could have happened.

"Here. This was given to me by my aunt. She said that it was left in your study room before you left. That it's yours and that you could possibly know what had happened." Trunks took out a blue crystal with a yellow light in it. He handed it over to Sora who outstretched his hand and grabbed.

Once grabbed the crystal disappeared and a blue screen appeared in front of him.

[System: Message from Future Sora,

Don't go too far in the dungeon to quickly and without taking rests. I died, I got the system to save enough of my consciousness for a single message. Take care of everyone and I'm sorry for failing.]

[System: Sora had received different rewards in his timeline. It seems he had received a new function for the system and died in its use.]

Sora stood up and understood what had happened. He looked at Trunks and said, "Thanks, I know what occurred now." He turned around and left.

Trunks, Goku and Piccolo looked at the leaving Sora and wondered what was going through his head.


'So I need to slow down.' Sora went to his house and went to his bas.e.m.e.nt. Once he walked into the bas.e.m.e.nt a seemingly endless white space with grass and trees entered Sora's vision. A light source in the sky and flowing wind that made the leaves flutter about.

"Then it is time to take this seriously. I will train with all I got." Sora took out the [Basic Sword Moves Book] and the [Sword: Jian] to train everything he has. He took out the [Upgrade Crystal] and decided to use it now.

[What technique would you like to upgrade?]

[Instant Transmission?]



[Spirit Bomb?]



[Bloodline Refine?]


[Revitalizing Heart?]

Sora looked at all the options and choose the most obvious one..

"[Bloodline Refine]!"






[Heaven's Blood Refiner]

[Refines the Bloodline to its full potential. Each bloodline has nine levels to Refine.]


Beginning the refining method the way it is mentioned. Sora began to work on it and felt his blood boil and churn as it tried to work its way out of his body. Moments later it ended and Sora stood up as he cursed, "Damnit! It's just like the Dongxuan Sutra and it is acc.u.mulative."


"Well time to get serious.."

Sora began to train very intensely and perfecting every martial art more and more. Training in the Sword whenever he can and trying to use the [Super Saiyan State] with everything and push it to its limits.


3 more years has passed since Sora was told that he disappeared from the other universe. Training to get rid of the androids to make sure it doesn't happen again. He couldn't make anymore advances in his body grade technique and went up 1 more tier in the Dongxuan Sutra. Going up that one tier had improved his overall abilities one more time.

Right now he had finished training inside the bas.e.m.e.nt he had created for his practice of his skills, techniques and for creating Casion's body. He had not begun the creation of Casion's body because he had wanted to solidify his skills to not have a single problem happen during her body's creation.

Sora walked out of his bas.e.m.e.nt and felt the [Ki] of the Z-fighters rise so he flew in their direction as he said, "I guess the androids have arrived."


He arrived over a canyon and saw Trunks shoot a full power [Buster Cannon] at the lab that contained the androids. Sora flew down and landed next to Trunks and everyone else as his eyes follow the androids that have flown away. "What are you guys still doing here? The androids are getting away."

"What?! Damn!" Vegeta ran out and was on his way to look for the androids before he was stopped by Trunks.

"Stop Fa- Vegeta! You won't be able to defeat them!"

"Get out of my way! I am the prince of all saiyans! I can defeat some meager scrap!" Vegeta punched Trunks in the stomach effectively punching all the air out of his lungs. Trunks fell to the ground grasping his stomach as he gasp for air while Vegeta left flying and continued to look for the androids.

"*sigh, this is going to get annoying. C'mon Trunks. We don't have much time before your father gets himself killed. The androids are in the direction he is going right now." Sora says as he nonchalantly walks past the gasping Trunks who finally got up and nodded at Sora's words and both flew to Vegeta.

Arriving to where Vegeta is, Sora sees three people aside from Vegeta. The first he had icy blue eyes, a red/orange mohawk, and gold hoop earrings. His clothing consisted of a dark undersuit, with a lime green vest, green boots, and green bracers.

The other person has straight shoulder-length black hair that parts above his forehead, thin eyebrows, and narrow blue eyes. He has a gold hoop earring on each ear and wore an orange bandanna around his neck. He wears a short sleeve black shirt with the Red Ribbon Army's logo on the left of his chest, and underneath dons a long-sleeve white shirt.

Sora moved his eyes to the last person of the group and stopped for a bit before he smiled and appeared between Vegeta and the last android. The android he appeared in front of is a slender, curvy, and beautiful woman of above-average height and fair complexion. She has shoulder-length blonde hair that parts over her left temple, which she is kept tucked behind her ear. She wore small gold hoop earrings on both ears.

When Sora appeared between both she was halfway throwing a punch at Vegeta. It kept going and it hit Sora in the chest and Sora did not budge as he kept looking at the android with a smile. "Hey there beautiful!"



Name: Sora Akagi

Age: 31 (504,295)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake

Bloodline(s): Saiya-jin, Golden Snake

Power Level: (Old) 20,878,102 ----> (New) 87,000,000

Sutra: Tyranic War Emperor Body Art, Dongxuan Sutra 8th (Gene) Tier

Mantra: Heavenly Vision Technique

Cultivation Manual: None

Bloodline Technique: Heaven's Blood Refiner



Body Grade: F

Soul Grade: B+]