Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 32

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 32 32 The Forgotten Date

When Sora appeared between both Vegeta and the android, she was halfway through throwing a punch at Vegeta. It kept going and it hit Sora in the chest and Sora did not budge as he kept looking at the android with a smile. "Hey there beautiful!"

"Hmph." The beautiful android just kept throwing punch after punch at Sora with a serious face.

Sora evaded all the punches and continued smiling at the android as she began to grow confused at how he was able to dodge everything with ease and as smooth as a gently falling flower. "How about we ditch our friends and go on a date?"

"How about you just die already!" The android got 'tired' of throwing punches so she threw one last punch and jumped back. Her feet landed on the ground and she outstretched her hands as multiple [Ki Blasts] came out of her palms and blasted off to Sora.

Bam! Bam!

Smiling in victory, Android 18 turned to Vegeta and was ready to confront him. However a voice interrupted her and and she got surprised by who it belonged to.

*cough cough

"That was very rude.. but I will forgive you since I will be taking you on a date." The voice came out from the cloud of smoke as the sound of footsteps began to grow loud and steady.

Android 18 turned to look at the figure coming out of the cloud of smoke in surprise. The look of surprise only lasted for a couple of seconds before it was replaced by a cold smile.

After slowly walking out of the dissipating cloud of smoke Sora ran at Android 18 at a speed indiscernible to the eyes of everyone there. Once Sora made it in front of her, he placed his hand on her shoulder and [Instant Transmissioned] out of there with her.

"What just happened?"

"Did they just leave?"

"Is it a date?"

"I didn't know uncle Sora was like this.."

The two androids that were left turned to look at each other in confusion of what had just happened.


A man and a woman appeared in the middle of no where as the man looked at the woman with a gentle smile. The woman looked back with a questioning gaze and remained on guard.

"So will I be receiving that date?"


"Why do you want a date with me?" Android 18 asked Sora with a serious tone and a bit of expectancy in her eyes.

"Why not? You're a beautiful woman, you're strong, seem feisty and have a very attractive figure. I won't lie, that's why I want a date to know you better."

The expectancy in her eyes died slowly and a small red tint encroached in her cheeks. "Hmph. I will accept going on a date with you if you promise to not get in my, or my teammates, way of destroying this planet if I don't feel satisfied from the date."

Sora smirked and brought his hand forward to shake on it and accept the deal. Android 18 placed her small and tender hand on Sora's hand and grasped it.

Smiling widely at seeing her take his hand, Sora pulled her in and kissed her and [Instant Transmissioned] back to where everyone else was. He quickly jumped away from the furiously blushing Android 18 and ran back to the beat up Z-fighters.

"C'mon guys lets leave quickly. They won't be attacking any time soon." Sora took everyone away from there and left to the Kame House with a confused and frustrated Trunks.


"What was that about? Why did you disappear with him?" Android 17 asked his twin with a calm voice and straight face. He kept his eyes closed as he awaited his sisters response to his question.

Android 16 was off to the side paying attention to the birds chirping and the butterfly on his finger with a gentle smile.

*Chirp Chirp

18 brought up here hand and twirled her short blonde hair as she had a small blush on her face. "N-nothing much.. I only got offered a deal and I accepted on yours and 16's behalf. We won't be destroying or fighting for a while until I complete my side of the deal." She let go of her hair as a calm and gentle smile appeared on her face. She crossed her arms as she thought of what the date might be like when she goes to experience it.

"Hmm.." Android 16 turned to look at Android 18 as his eyes glowed with an ominous red light for a split second and turned back to look at nature with a calm smile.


"Sora you can't do this! That is the enemy!" Trunks yelled at Sora as they flew back to the Kame House.

"I hate to admit but the kid is right Sora. I need someone to pummel." Vegeta's said with his natural dissatisfied face but only with his eyebrows furrowed a cm more.

"The more I listen to you, the more I think you are a yakuza Vegeta. When are you going to start yelling 'KORA!', huh?"

Shaking his head at the thought and what they said Sora looked straight as he answered them, "You know that there comes a time when you have to do something that might go against someone's views and or ideas. And I will go against anything to obtain a beautiful females love." Sora smiled and looked at the Z-fighters depressed, stressed and confused faces at what he said.

"Do what you have to do for love. It's as simple as that." Sora laughed as he explained and flew faster to the Kame House.

"You owe me a fight."

"I don't like the fact that you are trying to date an Android. Especially when you have aun... miss Bulma, Mai, Launch, Chichi and Casion. However since it is you Sora I will let it go." 'Especially since you are my uncle.'

"Roar! I need to fight foes! I've been in a roadblock for three years Master!"

"I don't really care what happens. As long as I get to live peacefully."

"You said it Krillin!"

Sora's eyebrow twitched at the comments these guys made as they made their way to the Kame house. "Has Goku getting any better lately? I heard his heart virus acted up today while fighting with one of the Androids." 'I can heal Goku right away but I need the bastard to understand the value of his life to those around him.'

"Yeah, I heard he's able to breathe a bit better than when he was fighting. I can't believe he didn't take the heart medicine. That fool." Piccolo answered to Sora's question.

"Kakarot is just an idiot. All he thinks about is fighting."

"Vegeta.. you also think nothing but fighting."

"What!? You want me to kill you?!"


They finally arrived at the Kame House with Krillin bruised from head to toe. They all walked into the house to discuss their next course of actions that they may need to take.

"What should we do now that the Androids won't need to be destroyed?"

"You guys need to train more intensely.." Sora folded his hands together in front of him as he leaned forward very seriously.



Sora eyed everyone in the room, "There will be a stronger enemy in the future that you guys won't be able to contend to."

Piccolo, being the calm Namekian he always is, asked Sora an important question, "How do you know this and who will this enemy be?"

Shaking his head in a downcast mode Sora said, "It's a precognitive magic skill, it is very random. Sometimes I catch glimpses into the future in the next second, hour, month or year however these glimpses are very vague and most of the time accurate if we don't do anything to prevent it. It could work next second, next hour, next month, year, decade, century or never. As for this enemy, I couldn't see anything about him. He created a major destruction and destroyed all the cities and half of the planet with a single [Ki Blast]."

Everyone sucked in a lot of air hearing what Sora said as their eyes opened in shock as well.

"How do we defend against that?!"

"By training harder and more relentless."

Vegeta stood up and left, presumably to work out and and train to get stronger. Piccolo and everyone else followed behind him as Gohan stayed behind with Sora.

After watching everyone leave, Sora turned his attention to Gohan who was looking at him with an intense look.

"Uncle! Please train me!" Gohan bowed his head towards Sora who smiled in return and placed his hand on Gohan's head.

"Lets get going kid. Training waits for no one." Sora stood up and left the Kame House with Gohan walking behind him. "Since your mom will get mad if I take you away for a year, I will have to train you in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber] to save some time. I need to make a trip around space once I stop training you, my adventurous side of me is rising up again."

"I heard that the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber] was a myth from father." Gohan commented as he followed behind his Uncle Sora.

"That is because Korin mentioned it a lot to your father but he never made use of it. You can only enter twice, however that rule can be overwritten when you have a high enough power level. The [Hyperbolic Time Chamber] is also very harsh, high temperatures, low temperatures, terrible winds, etcetera etcetera."

"Wow, have you gone in it already?"

"Yes as of a matter of fact. I went when your father was still a child. I had nothing to do and went inside to train and now I can no longer feel cold or hot." 'However I still feel bodily heat very well. Hehehe.'

"What will you make me train in?"

"I will first make you train in bettering your control of your [Ki]. After that, I will teach you the Kame Arts. As well as sending you killer attacks to you so that you can get used to the feeling of being attacked with the intent to kill. This will also let you sense who is trying to send harm upon you or those you care about."

Gohan shivered in fright when he heard that his uncle will be aiming to kill him while he trains and asked timidly, "Yo-ou won't r-really kill m-me right??"

"Of course I will kill you. What kind of uncle do you think I am?" Sora laughed as he saw Gohan go pale and shake. "I am just kidding kid, it will only give you major pain so make sure to get used to being attacked all the time."

Gohan returned to his normal color and remembered what Sora said bout teaching him the Kame Arts. "Uncle, how come you will only teach me the Kame Arts? Why not any of your other Fighting Styles?"

"That is because I want you to use the refined version of the Kame Arts I made." Sora picked up Gohan and flew towards the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber]. Gohan shook with anticipation as he heard Sora's words of 'refined version of the Kame Arts'.

"I didn't know the Style could be refined at all!"

"That is because you still haven't learnt much of martial arts yet. You will with experience but go at it with calm Gohan." Sora said as he patted the head of Gohan.

They made it to the front of the doors to the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber] and Gohan said, "But dad said he has never seen you practice martial arts before besides when you beat him up."

He turned to Gohan quickly and yelled, "What?! I have always trained, your father was always taking everything as a game when he was a child, especially when he ran to 'hunt' for food. That damn bastard... Gohan once your dad gets better, defeat him with the Re-Kame Arts that I will teach you."


Both walked into the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber] and Gohan's intense and arduous training began.


(Half a year later in the [H.T.C.])

"Damn! I forgot to tell her when the date is! I also didn't ask her where I might find her!"