Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 33 33 Inside The H.t.c.

Sora walked into the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber] with Gohan behind him and Sora began to instruct him on what he has to begin doing.

"Okay Gohan, I need you to create spheres of [Ki] around you. Once you are able to maintain one ball of [Ki], try to move it around your body.

Once your able to make it go around you three times without any trouble, try making another sphere of [Ki].

If you fail, try again. Call me once you have made 5 spheres of [Ki] and successfully moved them all around you 10 times unhindered." Sora told Gohan.

Gohan looked at him and asked, "What about you? What will you do uncle?"

"Me? I need to create something very important." Gohan nodded and he left to go off to the side.

Sora watched Gohan walk away and once he was far enough, he created a forge, anvil, hammer, chisel, and many other stuff he will need to work with.

"For now all I have to do is work on the bones, muscles, veins and eyes. After that I have to train Gohan and wait until our time here is done so I could go to my lab at home to get the artificial skin, organs, nerves and hair."

Sora used Magic materialization to create a stack of titanium bars and two of the finest diamonds he could create the size of a ping pong ball for the eyes.

He got prepared everything to smelt the titanium but remembered that he needed the molds to shape the bones for use in creating the body.

He moved off to the side and remembered back to the amount of bones in the human body and their different sizes, shapes and differences. Including the differences in the bone structures of both men and women. He got to work and created the 206 different molds for the bones.

He walked up to the huge furnace he created and began to heat it up by using his [Ki] and some of the [Chaos Energy] to make the metal stronger and more durable in the process. He placed the titanium bars inside the furnace and soon they began to glow from the heat and slowly melt.

After a two hours the titanium bars were completely melted and Sora grabbed the molds he will be putting the titanium liquid in.

Sora grabbed a crucible and grabbed some of the titanium liquid and poured it into the mold through a sprue. This process filled up around four of the molds for the bones out of 206 bones that he needs. He kept doing this process until all the molds were filled and he moved onto the next part, creating the muscle strands.

After Sora finished placing all the hot titanium liquid in the molds he swiped the sweat off his forehead and exhaled. "This heat is killing me, ever since I merged with the Golden Snake Bloodline, it have become more susceptible to the heat..."

He stretched and went back to the remaining stack of titanium that was not melted. "I hope the Heavenly Bloodline Refiner will make the Golden snake bloodline better and more resistant to the heat."

He looked at the casted titanium and then turned away from them as he thought of what was next.

Creating the muscles, that was next, and what he needs to do that will be more tiring than casting titanium. Making the titanium bars become titanium wires so he can join them together and create the 'muscle strands'.

He created a cast-steel die and placed the hot titanium bar into the entry angle to thin them out into wires. After completing the process for more titanium bars, he began to cut them into their respective sizes and polished their ends a bit before 'joining' them together. However because he doesn't have the bones completed yet, he can't complete the muscle creation process.

"*Sigh* damn.. luckily everything will be coming together in the end," Sora mentioned.

So he moved on to creating the veins, which had now become the most tedious job because he has to make them into smaller and finer titanium wires. He created a diamond die to help in this process and began to make the thinnest but durable wires he could make.

Once that job was done the very tedious job of threading the wires together to create a type of hose but on a tiny scale for the veins. He needed to be able to thread it correctly to the finest detail and make sure it works well.

And so began Sora's tiring work of threading around 60,000 mi. (100,000 km) of titanium wires to create the veins for Casion's body.


A week later and Sora has finally completed doing the veins for the body he was creating. He went back to the castes titanium he left off to the side and opened them up.

Inside was the bones that were made out of titanium, a nice and rigid bone. He pulled it out to refine it and give it a better look to it.

He went back to the bench and took out a filing tool to remove the small parts that stuck to the bone.

He kept doing this until all the bones have been filed.

"These bones are coming out better than I expected.." Sora looked at the bones he finished filing and nodded in satisfaction as he placed them off to the side.

Once he was done he stood up and stretched his arms and legs. He walked to where Gohan was and saw him moving three Ki spheres around his body.

"You're doing a great job kiddo!" Sora yelled in hopes of making him mess up but at the same time encouraging him.

And it worked.

One of the [Ki Spheres] hit Gohan on the face and the other two fell to the side of him and blew up.

*cough cough

Gohan began to cough from the smoke of the [Ki Sphere] that blew up in his face.

Sora laughed and said, "HAHAhaha, keep up the good work!"

He walked away and decided to do some light stretches and some small amount of training.

Once he finished that he went back to the bones that were filed and began to polish them.

He polished every single long, short, flat and irregular bone. The bones began to look very nice and they grew a nice polished shine to them.

"Okay, now what I need to do is put runes in every single bone, muscle tissue and vein there is." Sora stood up and gathered every single item and placed it in front of himself. He put [Rune of Lightness], [Rune of Durability], [Rune of Regeneration] and gave the muscle and veins a [Rune of Life]. The [Rune of Life] would give the muscles and veins a life-like texture to them and would act according to how they would work on a normal living being.

After giving runes to every bone, vein, and muscle, he looked at what he had completed with the [Heavenly Vision Technique].

[Titanium Bones (B+ Grade)]

[Made from [Magic Materialized: Titanium] into the shape of bones. Due to being made from [Magic Materialized: Titanium] it's durability is 1/3 of the original. Being melted and Refined by [Chaos Energy] it's 1/3 durability has been doubled. It is the strongest structure made in the Dragon Ball Universe aside from Katchin.

Made by Sora, a man who had just begun to blacksmith and has the experience of a Master Blacksmith.

Runes: [Lightness], [Durability], and [Regeneration (100-500 Durability/Sec)]

[Durability Rune]: Durability is 5 times stronger.

[Rune of Lightness]: Bones are now as light as a 20 pounds.

[Rune of Regeneration]: The bones will fix themselves overtime according to size.

Durability: 60,000/60,000]

[Titanium Muscles (B+ Grade)]

[Made from [Magic Materialized: Titanium] into the shape of muscles. Due to being made from [Magic Materialized: Titanium] it's durability is 1/3 of the original. Being melted and Refined by [Chaos Energy] it's 1/3 durability has been doubled. They are 4/6's stronger than the Titanium bones because they are strands and are packed together.

Will give a natural [Power Level: 200,000,000] from being given a [Rune of Life] and granting [Titanium Muscles] to become life-like. They could be stronger with training. Highest grade of muscles in the Universe after the Frost Demons.

Made by Sora, a Master Blacksmith.

Runes: [Life], [Lightness], [Durability], and [Regeneration (200 Durability/Sec)]

[Rune of Life]: Grants a life-like structure.

Durability: 100,000/100,000]

[Titanium Veins (B+ Grade)]

[Made from [Magic Materialized: Titanium] into the shape veins. Due to being made from [Magic Materialized: Titanium] it's durability is 1/3 of the original. Being melted and Refined by [Chaos Energy] it's 1/3 durability has been doubled. These Titanium Veins make the users body more resilient to damage with the energy and blood running through the veins. They were interlaced together making it twice as strong as the Titanium Muscles.

Made by Sora, a Master Blacksmith.

Runes: [Life], [Lightness], [Durability], and [Regeneration (500 Durability/Sec)]

Durability: 200,000/200,000]

"Okay everything is working correctly... it's a shame that the [Magic Materialized: Titanium] is weak, I will have to be using naturally made resources for future uses." Sora stored all the items in his inventory and walked over to Gohan who now has four balls of [Ki] around him and one taking shape in front of his face.

Sora nodded in satisfaction at the progress Gohan has made in controlling his [Ki].

He stood there and began to wait for Gohan to finish completing the sphere of [Ki]. Looking at the [Ki] and how calm it looks spinning, Sora remembered to the new power he had received when he fought Frieza. "I need to get used to using the [Super Saiya-jin State] or I might regret it later."

Sora tapped into his [Ki Reserves] and his power level skyrockected as he went into the [Super Saiya-jin State]. His hair changed into a golden color with white strands and his eyes more defined and sterner. His golden eyes turned into a light green color.

Gohan felt [Ki] rise in a rapid manner in front of him and he opened his eyes quickly as he lost control of the [Ki]. He didn't pay attention to the [Spheres of Ki] though, his eyes focused on the person in front of him, his uncle.

"Hmm.." Sora felt movement in Gohan's direction and turned to look at him.

Gohan had his eyes wide opened as he focused on his uncle. Sora noticed his look of surprise and sarcastically says, "Since you stopped your Ki Control Training. Lets begin your Re-Kame Arts Training now."

Nodding a bit shakily at what his uncle said Gohan stood up and waited for what Sora will have him do.

Sora thought over every possible technique that can help Gohan get better at fighting, 'Training?Fighting with Robots? Illusions? Sparring? Visualization? Dreamscape? Basics? ...'

Gohan smiled at the last part, "Gohan, I will teach you the basics first. The basics are the foundation to getting better."

Gohan's eyebrows scrunched up together as he looked at his uncle and couldn't help but comment, "But I already know the basics."

Shaking his head Sora in denial he said, "Just knowing the basics won't help, you need your body to know which attack or defensive skill to use for the appropriate defense and attack you opponent throws at you.

And the basics will teach you that."

Hearing his uncle say that the basics help a lot with properly attacking and defending against people made him wonder with a confused face, "Then why doesn't every other fighter do that?"

Sora saw his nephews face of confusion as he lightly smiled and answered, "Every other fighter doesn't do that because they get experience in real fights and they make it up with a ton of training.

Okay lets get you to train now. Before teaching you the Re-Kame Arts, I need to know what type of fighter you are." Sora looked at Gohan seriously and waited for his response.

Gohan looked down and clenched his fists as he thought of every time he had to fight. He looked up with clear eyes that looked resolute and determined and said, "I..."