Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 34 34 Inside The H.t.c. 2

"I... I don't want anyone to fight anymore!"

Sora expected what he was saying and lightly shook his hearing his nephew confirm it. He looked at Gohan's resolute eyes and asked, "Would you rather want to be pummeled or fight back?"


"I want to.." Gohan was lost, he didn't know what to do.

Seeing where the conversation will be going, Sora asked, "Look Gohan, you don't want anyone to fight, right?" Gohan nodded.

"And the reason for this, is mostly because you don't want anyone to die or because you want to protect someone?"

Gohan began to ponder over the question and he thought of the people he cares for. His mother, the person cares for him the most, then his uncle, Piccolo, his grandpa made it into his head and finally his father as well. "Protect."

Sora nodded in satisfaction and he placed a hand on top of Gohan's head and ruffled it. "Look kid, to protect those you love and care for. You need to fight, and it's okay to fight, because all those bad guys out in this massive universe won't care for your family. They will kill and destroy anything that comes in between them and their goal and most of the time they do it because they felt like it."

"Okay, I will fight. I will protect all those dear to me," Gohan declared as he stood up tall and proud.

"Okay kid, I will teach you the basics of a pugilist. Jabs, leads, cross, hook, lead guard, elbow guard and more. I won't be teaching you the stances as the Re-Kame Arts have their own stance and movements techniques." Sora threw jabs and the other moves according to what he said to show Gohan the techniques.

Gohan nodded to what Sora said and focused on remembering what he was being taught and told.

"Okay now I will teach you how to throw a jab. Right now we aren't prioritizing speed but the effectiveness.

And word of advice, try remembering everything I will be teaching you. This training will only last two months, we only have 11 months and a week left in here so we have to make this training count."

Gohan lowered himself a bit as he put up his hands in front of his face in fists with his fingers facing him.

"Now remember, when you punch out to have your fingers face downward. Although this jab is supposed to be all about speed we have to first teach you the working of how to throw." Sora said as he gave another demonstration and jabbed the air.


He turned and looked at and said, "Okay. It's your turn to try now. Show me what you got."

Nodding his head, Gohan threw a jab and turned to look at Sora. "Was that okay?"

Sora nodded and said, "Yes that was good. Now keep throwing jabs with both arms alternatively until I say to stop."

Gohan was about to speak out and all something but Sora cut him off. "Yes, even if your arms are beginning to hurt, you keep going."

"What?! But that is going too far!" Gohan cried in desperation.

"I don't care. If you don't start now, I will start throwing [Ki Blasts] your direction." Sora walked away and materialized a chair to sit on while he looks at Gohan train.


(2 months later)

Sora, still in his [Super Saiya-jin State] was using the bloodline refining technique and feels like it is 1/10th to breaking through. The Dongxuan Sutra felt like it was on the verge of breaking through but no matter how much he pushed, the barrier to the next tier wouldn't break. He stopped running the [Heaven's Blood Refiner] and stood up to look at Gohan drenched in sweat standing who had his leg muscles twitching in pain.

"You can rest now kid." Sora approached Gohan who had collapsed on the floor holding his legs in pain.

"FINALLY! It's all over. I'll take studying over this any time of the day."

Sora looked at Gohan and laughed at him. "AHAHAHA!"

Looking at his uncle laughing, Gohan asked in dejection, "What is it now?"

"The real training still doesn't begin! Rest well today. We're going at it again tomorrow," said Sora as he walked away.


(Last day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber)

Two figures ran at quick speed towards each other.


A loud thunderous sound rang out as both figures clashed and began to fight it out with their hands.

Each time an attack landed on the small figure loud sounds rang out as they were blocked with great effort.

"Remember Gohan, the Re-Kame Arts were reshaped after turtles and the Black Tortoise of The North, or Genbu if you like," Sora threw another punch towards Gohan as he explained. He slapped away a rapid hand that attacked ferociously like a viper towards his neck. "Good. The turtles are well know for their shells, meaning defense, and their mobility in the water. Snakes, quick at launching attacks and great agility."

Sora threw punches and kicks towards Gohan unrelentingly which Gohan blocked with difficulty. Gohan kept on blocking as he sadly says, "I'm probably not even making you use 5% percent of your strength uncle."

Slaps and the sound of the blocks kept resounding inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Sora responded "Of course not. Especially while I am in my [Super Saiya-Jin State]."


"When will I get to in that state?" Gohan asked as he blocked another hit and threw a hit himself.

"I will leave that job to you. Now show me how far you made it into that new move I showed you!" Sora threw a punch at Gohan solar plexus and threw him back.

Standing back up and steadying himself, Gohan planted both of his feet firmly on the ground and squatted down. He extended his hands forward and began to bring out his Ki threw his hands and have it spin so fast it appears unmoving besides the usual SWISH from the sphere of Ki. Gohan yelled as he began to try to clench his hand with great difficulty, "Re-Kame Arts: First Move! HURRICANES BANE!"

He shot off the rapidly spinning Ki attack that flew to Sora. Sora shot Ki attacks at the incoming blast that grew as it absorbed more Ki. 'I won't be able to come out of this unscathed with my current strength.'

He activated the [Dongxuan Sutra] and looked for a weak point in the spinning Ki blast. He saw one right in the middle and shot his arm right through it and made it dissipate into the air.

"That was pretty good Gohan. Next time try condensing the energy a bit better. After you fix that problem you need to make the preparation take less time or stun the enemy," Sora said as he put his hands behind his back and approached Gohan with a serious face.

Gohan dropped his head in dejection and said, "This is my thousandth time using this technique! I don't think I can do it any better."

"Then do it a thousand times more! Practice makes better because it never makes perfect, only better than before," Sora said as he walked forward to the door of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. "C'mon lets go kid."

They both left with Gohan walking behind Sora as they exited the Chamber.


Somewhere in a mountain a figure is floating on top of a lake meditating. The wind blew against his face as he opened his eyes in alarm and looked over the horizon. He exclaimed, "Who's enormous Ki signature is that?! It feels familiar yet different at the same time!"

He stood up from his position and flew straight to the Ki Signature.


In a dojo deep inside a green and luscious forest, a pair were sparring in a dojo. One was of small stature and the other had a third eye on his forehead. They kept fighting until a gust of wind and unseen energy blew past against them.

The man with the third eye stopped and looked out through a window as he said, "Lets go Chiaotzu. There's an enormous amount of Ki that way. We need to check if it's a threat or not."

Chiaotzu nodded and said, "Quick lets go Tien."

They both left right away off to the huge Ki Source.


"Arrgh! Damn it Raditz!" Vegeta yelled as he fell to the floor in pain as he looked at the figure in front of him.

Raditz laughed as he looked at the figure of Vegeta lying on the floor, "Kahaha! Come on Vegeta stand up and fight me!!"

Vegeta was ticked off at Raditz's laugh and stood up with a great torrent of anger, "RAAGHH."

Immense pressure fell on Raditz while Vegeta's Ki kept rising up higher. "... oh no."

A wave of energy that traveled from afar passed by Raditz and Vegeta. The energy collided with Vegeta's rising Ki and made Vegeta fall unconscious. The impact of the energy and Vegeta's rising Ki sent a shock throughout his whole body which made his body couldn't support causing it to 'shut down'.


Raditz exhaled out in happiness as the nervousness from earlier left his system. He followed the trace from where the energy came from and decided to follow it with Vegeta over his shoulder. "This energy is familiar... I need to check this out."


A 10 foot (3 meters) tall bear was running through the forest colliding with trees. The sheer power of the bears running speed and raw strength colliding with the trees caused them to fall.


Surrounding animals ran away in fear as the bear ran past them and he roared out.

"Hey you! Stop destroying the land and the trees!" Another bear appeared in front of the running bear and they collided. The bear that had appeared though didn't budge at all from his position . The other bear that ran at a fast speed comparable to a race car died as its body couldn't handle the brunt impact.

"Tch. This worthless, sorry excuse of a bear died from this type of SPEED!" Frisk roared out in anger as he looked at the dead bear's body. "I could have ran at twice that speed and not died before I trained!"

Frisk walked away as he fixed the trees and watered them with water from a nearby lake. He did all this with ease and a disgruntled expression.

The same energy that had passed by everyone earlier had passed by Frisk as well. He stopped what he was doing and payed attention to the energy and its quality, "This energy seems very familiar... but it seems to be fake as well. I need to see where this energy is from."

He finished planting the rest of the trees and went to the location where the fake energy was felt.


"18, where the hell is 16?"

"I don't know. He wouldn't respond to anything besides to the names 'Sora' and 'Goku'. He just disappeared." 18 looked at her brother as she nonchalantly said. She blushed as she thought, 'I still need to go on that date too. I wonder what we will do. What does someone do on a date?'

17 looked around and couldn't find anything that could possibly tell him where Android 16 could possibly be.


Sora's hair stood up in alarm as he felt the energy pass by him posses qualities like his Ki and some part of the Death Strands from the Chaos Energy he had in him. "But how?"

"What's wrong uncle?" Gohan looked at Sora who stopped on his tracks. Soon enough the same energy that passed by Sora passed by Gohan as well. Gohan felt the energy and exclaimed in surprise, "Uncle! This energy is like yours! But why does it feel so different as well?"

"I'm not sure kid, but something bad is going to happen in a couple of days... or even hours. Lets hope your dad is better now, but if he is not then I will have to make some medicine for him." Sora grabbed Gohan and used [Instant Transmission] to appear in front of the bedridden Goku.



Name: Sora

Age: 31 (504,295)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake

Bloodline(s): Saiya-jin, Golden Snake

Power Level: 87,040,000

Sutra: Tyranic War Emperor Body Art, Dongxuan Sutra 8th (Gene) Tier

Mantra: Heavenly Vision Technique

Cultivation Manual: None

Bloodline Technique: Heaven's Blood Refiner



Body Grade: D+

Soul Grade: B+]