Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 35 35 Death

Its only been an hour or so after Sora and the gang left the androids alone in the mountains.

The day was pretty hectic, they were so close to almost dying at the hands of their own creator. However the androids played it cool as they were stronger than android 20, who had activated them. Then they made their way out only to find people who want to destroy them.

So how did they respond??

Well by attacking back. They can't sit back and be destroyed after almost being deactivated by android 20. So they hardened their 'consciousness' and decided to destroy the whole world after they leave alive from the encounter with the newly acquired android 16.

However their plans were interrupted by a man in a lab coat that reached below his knees. He mentioned to 18 that his name is Sora.

They both ended up disappearing to an unknown place together and Sora talked about going on a date with 18. Which 18 was caught unprepared to and her 'consciousness' began to want to go on that date.

On the other side, 17 was fighting everyone and holding on until 18 or Sora returned. Surprisingly, both came back which astounded 17 and made him very cautious towards his own sister at that very moment.

The other android in the background, 16, stayed still and silent as it watched Sora with red eyes. Following his every movement and fluctuation of Ki. His systems kept raring him to go fight Sora but a little voice said to wait for his turn.

17 left to think at what could have possibly happened between Sora and 18 while he was fighting for his life.

All types of animals began to surround 16 as a light smile befell his face and gently looked at them.

"Why are you so quiet 16?" Asked 18, who was watching 16 being surrounded by birds.

*Chirp Chirp*

16 remained quiet and continued smiling as he looked at the birds.

Seeing as she didn't get an answer or anything, 18 decided to just leave and go look for her brother who left a while ago with his head up and hands in his pockets.

16 turned to look at her leave, and when she walked 3 meters away, his eyes turned red and the smile disappeared. He turned away and looked towards the destroyed lab of Dr. Gero.

There was not a single sound in the vicinity near 16 besides the chirping of the birds. However a tiny small voice crept up to his ear and responded monotonously, "Affirmative, setting destination to those coordinates C-3-11. Arrival will be made in 128 minutes."

He began to move scaring away the birds and the rest of the animals in his surroundings. He walked towards the destroyed lab in big strides and heavy footsteps.

The lab was completely destroyed, the machines were wrecked and short circuited every now and then. Sparks flew out from every machine in the lab and all ton of liquids on the floor. Scorch marks were on the walls and some on the ground. Some metal was melted, probably from the explosions from the machines and possibly a fire that broke out.

In a monotonous voice 16 called out loudly, "C-3-11, Where are you located?"

A tiny and squeaky voice transmitted itself to 16's ears and said, "I am located at; XX* XX'XX.X" N, XX* XX'XX.X" W. Then dig down 7 feet."


16 moved over to the location C-3-11 mentioned and began to excavate 7 feet down. He quickly hit the area he was supposed to make it to and found some crumpled metal plating. 16 removed the plating and found a small container that had a tiny blob in it that slowly moved around behind the plating. "C-3-11, is that you?"

"Yes, I don't want to continue living, so I need you to destroy this container I am in," said the tiny voice to 16.

When 16 squished the container to destroy it, the blob inside fell onto his hand and disappeared in to his system. 16 saw this and only thought he disappeared from not being sustained by the liquid.

He placed back the dirt into the hole and walked away only to tumble over and lose control over his limbs. "Running Program: C0M3790. Regaining limbs... process failed.. 26%^ Los&^@% ontrol o^^! sy1264."

"Grahhh!! This androids chip was so deep inside his body." 16 said as he stood up and gave a maniacal grin to the destroyed lab and looked back at his own hands. "This body will have to do just fine... hehehe.. kehe. kAAHAHAHAHAHa."

He walked out the lab and walked around as he continued to talk to himself, "Luckily I survived the blast from that damned unknown being. His vitality is very similar to that person in my database named Vegeta.

Now I need to change this body to one that fits me. It will come out imperfect from this body... however, this bomb here might help me make it to my perfect form.

Changing the stuff on this body to match my gene sequence will be difficult. Unless..."

16 moved off to the side and removed one of his arms making sparks come out from his removed arm. Soon the sparks stopped and a new arm grew out.

"Great!! The Namekian blood is still intact.. hehe.. Now I can keep going." 16 went on to completely removing every other single body part aside from the bomb in him. When 16 destroyed his legs, a tail came out which had a stinger at the end. He let out a relaxed and content sigh as he moved his tail around and said, "This is much better now. 16 was really too stupid for listening to I! C-3-11. Or what I like to call myself, Cell."

The bomb was the last thing he needed to use to make himself stronger. However he needs to convert it to energy, and a strong one at that.

So modeling it after Sora's Ki source, which Cell found to be the most potent and intriguing, he begun to deconstruct the energy of the bomb which it began to create from the brink of blowing up. His body used that deconstructed energy and converted it to Ki, it had a dark blue color to it which demonstrated its strength and destructiveness.

The next few hours were spent there making all the energy from the bomb to into Ki with passing second. His body pulsed energy as he stood there with his eyes closed and his Ki flared up. Waves of energy kept leaving his body, going out once and then twice, each one farther than the other.

It proved to be useful as Cell's power just kept on rising to incredible heights.

"AMAZING! My power has no LIMITS!!" Cell shouted out as his Ki flared up once more. He raised his head and looked to his left as he smiled and said joyfully, "There's a nearby town that I can test my power up on. Hehehe."

Cell made his way to the town flying and arrived there in a couple of seconds.

He surveyed the town and saw children playing on the outskirts of the town playing tag and cops n' robbers. The people in the town worked and did their daily interactions with everyone in the area. The town was very carefree and they went along their day with bright smiles.

"It's a shame they won't know what hit them," Cell said standing over the town and looking down upon it as he stretched out his hand in its direction. Ki began to make its way to his palm and a ball was created. His tossed it over to the center of the town and watched it explode and cover the whole town.

The town was filled with screams and cries for help. People began dying left and right, no one was safe from the destruction which Cell had created.

Wails from outside of town began to grow louder as each child saw their town be engulfed by an explosion. Their loved ones were dying quickly, burning to death or even disintegrating depending on how close they were to the explosion. Their homes were destroyed, no place where to return to and no one to rely on to get help. The children wallowed in despair as some lost themselves to the madness and walked into the fires in the town.

Other children had lost eyes which held no emotion as they stood there looking at their town with a frown and tears running down their cheeks. The rest of the kids cried out in sadness and fell to the ground wishing for their families and friends to come back.

"Bahaha!! Amazing firepower! I need to try this out once more. Killing is exciting me SO MUCH!" Cell flew away to the next town that was near and performed the same move only adding more Ki to make a bigger explosion.


"*Content Sigh* This is so relaxing. Who knew that killing was so fun! I should do this more often!" Cell yelled out in glee as he landed on the ground where the town used to be.

"My god.. what have you done?"

Hearing a voice behind him, Cell turned around and saw a namekian standing there looking at him in disgust. "Oh? Someone has found me? Well not like I am hiding or anything."

Piccolo stood there looking at the destroyed land which used to have a town on it. He sighed and said sadly, "This is despicable." He squinted his eyes and looked at Cell who had a serious face the whole time.

"Your right Piccolo, this is very despicable. Even your father didn't do this," Tien said appearing next to Piccolo with Chiaotzu on his shoulder. Tien's words made Piccolo flinch and glare at him as he said,

"More are coming, we have to prepare not to let this bastard go and run away."

Hearing their words, Cell scoffed out loudly and said, "You guys think you could hold me down, especially in my perfect form?! Hilarious! You guys are too week for that, but I'll stay to see what you guys are capable of."

Another figure appeared next to Piccolo who was carrying another figure. This was Raditz carrying a Vegeta who was still unconscious. Raditz yelled out, "And it better be that way because I need someone to fight!"

"Ughh.." Vegeta groaned as he slowly regained consciousness. Raditz got scared from Vegeta groaning and dropped him by accident making Vegeta fall unconscious once more. "Gah!"


"AHAHAHA," a deep and heavy laughter filled the area and everyone turned to look at the source. "What are you morons looking at? I, Frisk, can't be here? Look at this charred land! You bastards! This is why my species is dying.. *Sigh* well I don't really care."

"Shut up you bear and surround this weird green guy," said Raditz.

Frisk turned to look at Raditz and rawred in his face as he began yelling, "RAWRRR!! Shut up Raditz! I could end you right now and no one will notice our group power diminish!"

Both began yelling back and forth like kindergarteners and slapping each other silly.


"This is ridiculous. I'd take Krillin and Yamcha any day of the week to get rid of these two for a year," mentioned Piccolo as he grew more and more angry at the squabbling between Frisk and Raditz.

"Luckily we just ignore them most of the time..." A voice said behind Piccolo.

Piccolo turned around quickly with his guard up ready to strike at any moment however he exhaled in relief as he saw who it was. Sora.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Sora, and Gohan who was right next to him.

Cell looked at Sora and glared at his direction, "I've been waiting for you Sora. You are the being I must destroy in order to continue growing unhindered."

"You look very familiar to someone I dissected not long ago... I will be fun dissecting you as well." Sora gave a deadly smile as he activated the [Heavenly Vision Technique] to inspect his body and composition. "This will be interesting, Ehehehe."