Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 36 36 Under The Moonlight

(A/N: I decided to change the grading system of the strength, soul, spirit, weapon system, artifacts, body, cultivation, etc. So changing it will make it easier for me to understand what I am doing. As well as the fact that I can now easily compare the strengths of each character using actual cultivation. I will keep using power levels for Dragon Ball Verse but once he leaves there, I will compare cultivation levels or levels alike. For instance hulks strength won't be measured in power level but in a level determined by cultivation rank. I will still mark the strength of Sora with power level but once he passes 10 B. I will remove it.)

"What makes you think you can just kill all these people?!" Gohan yelled at the green man standing there. He just didn't understand how the mind of villains work. They always have something that makes them turn to the whole world for revenge or they end up doing it for their own pleasure.

"ME?! Haha haha! I needed to test my power on live people. How would I measure my power without testing it out first?" Cell answered laughing and continued talking as if it were a trivial thing which just angered everyone in the surrounding area.

Sora looked at Cell with the [Heavenly Vision Technique] activated looking at his internal structure. 'He's of no use. His body is the same as the other subject who still does not die. However it will prove difficult to destroy him.'

The act of killing is usually supposed to be simple, but when your enemy can keep regenerating even at a cellular level, that's where thing get very irritating. Sora could kill Cell with the same method he used to kill Frieza to get rid of him but that would destroy the entire Solar System. And that's not a good idea, even if the Dragon Balls can still be used.

"Hey, who sent you? You think you can hurt the people under me so willy nilly?" Frisk growled at Cell and asked questions as if he were some gang's boss.

Sending a ridiculing gaze to Frisk, Cell ignored him and focused on Sora, who was the strongest right now in the group.

Seeing that there was no way out of this right now, Sora looked at Cell and said, "We will fight here tomorrow."

"You think you are enough to defeat me?" Cell exploded out with arrogance as the energy of death coursed through him and gave him a small boost of strength. The energy which was created from the death of the people from the two towns strengthening the death energy very minimally. Only making it's strength 0.05001 percent of the original death energy.

Smirking at what Cell was doing, Sora's Ki exploded out sending a Ki wave to Cell forcefully blasting away his Aura and Death Energy.

Wincing at his energy being dissipated forcefully, Cell got mad and growled before turning and walking away.

His eyes kept following Cell as he walked away and eventually disappeared. Sora inspected the surrounding area and turned to look at each of the Z-Fighters as he spoke, "Alright he left for now, guys go back and train as much as you can for the rest of the day. I'll stay here and do what I can."

Everyone left after taking a look to where Cell left and then back to Sora. Frisk left grumbling and growling all the way. Vegeta... was still unconscious.

Sora looked at the land and the surroundings once more as he moved around and felt the ground. He stopped moving and spread his Ki Sense into the surroundings to make sure that no one was near.

After using his Ki Sense and not sensing anyone around he made a stadium for the fight the next day. He made it 30 meters squared and moved up close to it. Using what he knew of runes and glyphs, he placed as much as he can for the durability and regeneration.

Now if the stadium was hit by a powerful blast there is a chance it won't even be damaged. However, even if the stadium got damaged it would fix itself from having the regenerative glyphs.

The stadium, even if not made from naturally made resources, it will still last with all the glyphs placed on it.

Nodding at what he had accomplished, Sora went towards the middle of the stadium and sat down to wait for the next day.

5 minutes in he got tired of waiting for the time to pass. It was boring, so he took a different approach to waiting. Doing something.

Dongxuan Sutra!

It's been a while since he has made any progress in it. He began to go through the Minor Cycles and the completed some Major Cycles.


Once Sora made it to the last Major Cycle, the energy he gathered for the completion hit a wall and completely dissipated. He was at a loss, 'Why was the energy dispersed last cycle?'

'Was it something I did wrong? Or a requirement I still need to do?'

Moving the Dongxuan Sutra once again Sora focused on gathering as much momentum as he can to breakthrough the last wall.



Blocked again! What is the thing that is preventing me from going on further? "Ahhhh.."

Sighing, Sora stopped circulating the Dongxuan Sutra and just relaxed his body.

What is next? Tyranic War Emperor Body Art?


Sora was tapped on the shoulder and turned to look at who it was.


"Hey, what brings you out here late at night?" Sora asked. Seeing a beautiful woman under the moon light really made Sora glad he was alive.

"I was looking for Android 16 and then I saw you here so I decided to come over here and talk." 18 sat down in front of Sora with her eyes never leaving him.

Surprised upon hearing what 18 had said, Sora mentioned, "That fellow 16 is not himself anymore. He was taken over by another being named Cell. The process of how it happened is unclear, but he had a fascinating way of doing it and making his mechanic body turn bio-like."

18's eyes widened up a bit in surprise however it soon turned back to normal as she just shook her head lightly. "That's unexpected. I guess now I don't have to keep looking for him.." Looking at Sora closely she blushed a little and got up. She walked over to Sora and say right next to him.

"Surprising how calm you can be about this.."

"Well I've really only known him for about a day.."

"Oh that's wonderful then. I might fight him to death tomorrow with him. He killed a ton of innocent people earlier in the day." Sora grimaced a bit as he remembered all those poor children a while ago who were crying. He had put them to sleep earlier with Ki Magic and wake them up only when he Wishes back their parents.

A bit astonished about the fact that Sora will fight to the death next day she lightly smiled and said, "You better not die on me. You still owe me a date you bastard. If you die I'll kill you myself after reviving you."

Chuckling at the fact that he was threatened to die after he dies and is revived, he just said, "I won't die. Especially by someone as insignificant as him. It's just troublesome the fact that he will just keep regenerating no matter how I attack him."

"And you don't have something to deal with him?" 18 was pretty curious about this being who sounds easy to kill but yet tenacious was a problematic person. If she knew that the being that she thought was weak was someone who could currently kill her 20 times over, she would've blown a fuse.

"Of course I have a way to deal with him. It's just that if I use the attack, I could probably end up destroying the whole solar system." Sora turned to look at her and saw her shake in fear before returning to her indifferent attitude she always had.

'This man is like a God! He can easily destroy a whole solar system! If I tried to pull off the same stunt, it would take many moves before finally doing it..' 18 was very terrified about what Sora can do. If he can easily destroy a whole solar system, than what's stopping him from just destroying this one being??

Noticing her look of dubiousness, he knew what she was probably talking about. "I don't use this attack before there is people I care about that I want to take care of. And without this world or you, then how will I take you in a date?"

She had a look of surprise and amazement as she looked at Sora and what he had said before scoffing. She began to laugh as she settled down a bit and grew quiet.

"Thank you. And although this is my 'first' day 'alive', you're the first person to seem to care about me." She said in a quiet voice.

Smiling a bit at what 18 said, he placed his arm around her slender waist and pulled her in close to him. "What I really care about is that date and what may come out of it. Hehe.." Sora mischievously smiled as he glanced at 18 who sent a punch his way.

He blocked it and brought her face close to him as he leaned in for a kiss.


He stopped kissing her and looked at her with a wide innocent grin. "It's safe to say that I was just joking about that date and outcome thing. Haha."

He smiled as he looked at her blushing face which had an angry expression that was wronged.

"Damn pervert.." she looked away as she kept her arms on him and she laid her head on his shoulder.

"You got that right!" Sora confirmed what she just said however she just lightly smiled at what he said.

They spent the rest of the night in each others embrace, the night was quiet, however everything was but quiet in Sora's mind.

'System, how do I dispose of things I don't need anymore?' Obviously something every person needs, a place to throw away the useless.

[Sora can dispose of any item any way he chooses. You can also use the [Trash] function which serves for throwing away useless items.]

Thinking over a bit for the possible items he could throw away, he thought, 'Hmmm.. alright, use the [Trash] and throw away my [Fighter Hand-wraps], they have a durability of 6/1000 and although I can fix it with my skills. The materials here in this universe aren't adequate for my strength level and they don't have much flexibility. Meaning they aren't made with the same materials found in this universe and are too weak.'

[Processing... 100%. Complete.]

'Alright, since that part is now completed, I need to ask a crucial question. Is trade available in this system?'

Any person with experience in haggling items would need a way to trade their items to get even more in some shape, way or form. Others may even do it because they might get a very good item that they would want to trade.

Sora had a tad bit of experience of trading from back in his past life, he would spend most of his middle aged years selling and trading stuff in the corner of a street. And many idiotic people would try stealing his items and he would beat them and force them to buy something after he took something of value from them. Obviously his business didn't last and he had to go back into killing people.

[Although completely useless in the beginning since the items in the system is free. Those of higher rank than you can get will be allowed for trading. That is if you have something of equal rank to trade it for.]

He memorized everything in the Manual, so even if he traded it for another manual, he wont forget a single part of it. He memorized all the moves he has to do and the method to cycle the energy in his body. As well as the process it goes through as the body gets stronger. 'Sounds interesting. Although this [Stellar Tranformation Manual] seems very powerful and I have seen all of its applications. It's just doesn't seem suitable for me, can you show me-.'

"Hey! Watch where you're grabbing! You bastard."


Sora was hit in the head and fell on the ground as he retracted his hand from 18's assets. He placed it in front of himself as she heaved up and down with embarrassment and a heavily blushing face. Smirking and repeating a queezing motion he chuckled only to get hit in the stomach by 18's elbow.


*NEW* [Status]

Name: Sora

Age: 31 (504,295)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Power Level

OVERALL POWER: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Type: Normal


Dongxuan Sutra 8th (Gene) Tier

Heavenly Vision Technique (Great Perfection)

Blood Art: Heaven's Blood Refiner


Cultivation Manual: None

Cultivation Level: None

Cultivation Strength: None


Tyranic War Emperor Body Art

Body Grade/Level: Body Refining Realm (Lower)


Soul Grade: Adolescent Soul (Unrefined) [WORLD DEFYING DAN GOD]

Soul Cultivation Level: None

Soul Strength: Bronze(5 Star) [TODAG] / Seated Officer(7th Seat) [Bleach]


Spirit Grade: ???

Spirit Cultivation Level: ???