Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 37 37 Tenacious Bastard

Sora and 18 spent the night together in each others embrace. 18 was really happy and hoped the date was the same and will make her as happy as she is now.

Sora fell asleep along with 18 keeping each other warm in the cold night. Even though both can't really feel the cold at this temperature.

The sun was rising and it's light began to shine on Sora who lying down on the floor of the fighting ring.

He opened his eyes and noticed he was all alone. "Seems like 18 left after we fell asleep together."

"Hmm?" Sora sensed someone walking to him and turned his head to see who it was.

Cell. He came back earlier than Sora had expected and it looked like he really wanted to fight.

Walking closer and closer to Sora who was still sitting on the ground. Cell began to talk in a very annoyed tone, "Come! Lets get this done. I want to go back to killing people."


"You really know how to tick off a person." What Sora hated the most were people who killed the innocent. Those who had done no great evil end up dying because one person thought it would be fine to kill them.

He stood up and looked at Cell before getting down into his fighting stance waiting for Cell to attack.

"Hmph." Cell stayed still and instead waited for Sora to make a move.

"You're too arrogant Cell." Sora used the after-image technique and appeared behind Cell sending a punch to his spine. "It will get you killed."


Sora's punch was stopped by Cell's hand however it soon proved futile as his hand got blown off. "Even if you regenerate, what happens when there is nothing left to regenerate?"

Cell's eyes widened in surprise and a bit of fear. He grew back his hand and sent a punch himself to Sora's abdomen. However it got stopped by Sora's iron grip and ripped off his arm with brute force.

"HAHAHAHA! Come on Cell! Pose a threat to me!" Cell felt that Sora's golden eyes stared deep down into the depths of his soul.

'Monster!' Cell got genuinely frightened fighting Sora.

If Cell could have nightmares, without a doubt Sora would fit that description for him.

Soon Cell's fear reached a boiling point that it just became anger. "Bastard! You won't be defeating me that easily!"

Cell's Ki began to rise as he basically lost his mind and kept attacking relentlessly as he regenerated every body part he lost in the exchange between him and Sora, he grew weaker the more he regenerated.

Sora took notice of Cell's rising Ki level and his angry expression. 'Does he have the Saiya-Jin bloodline too beside the Namekian, Iike that other bastard? I have to end this quickly..'

The difficulty of fighting a being that had both Namekian and Saiya-Jin bloodline could not be explained. Every hit or attack that lands on its body would regenerate quickly and give them a Zenkai, however the energy that is used to regenerate is greater than the energy gained. Even more so if that being is getting mad and goes into the [Super Saiya-Jin State].

Sora got a hold of Cell's head and squished it making blood and brain matter fly all over the place.

Cell's body didn't stop moving and kept attacking, not long after his head fixed itself.

"Damn. You have the tenacity of a Frost Demon too.." Sora decided to just dodge every attack whilst he thought of what he can possibly do.

Damn. Sora thought of a good poison that can stop the regeneration of any being forever. And unless they took the antidote for it which was not made yet because if Sora ever dies, that being that took the poison won't know how to make it. Eventually dying from acc.u.mulated damage that never healed.

Pressure points? No, they will in due time be useless once Cell realizes he can remove the body part that was affected by the pressure point.

Disintegrating? Could possibly work, but can I disintegrate his body faster than he can regenerate?

"Damn bastard you're starting to get on my nerves!" Sora said as he completely removes Cell's head and destroyed it with a Ki Blast. Leaving not a single race of it left on the world.

He kept going and shot a concentrated beam at Cell's body completely removing it from the face of the earth and only leaving charred land and a lone foot.


Before Sora can destroy the foot Cell appeared once more. "It won't be that easy to kill me you bastard!"

Sora got angered upon being called bastard by some weakling that can barely take a hit from him. So he fired another concentrated attack which Cell took by surprise.


Cell once again was destroyed being effectively removed from the face of the earth. "*sigh* finally... this tenacious bastard finally died."


Sora hearing his name be called out turned to look to see who it was. He turned and saw many people were gathered. Mainly just his friends and family that were there. Some funny looking man with an Afro-like hair and his weird entourage were there looking with amazement at what had just occurred.

Five women cane running at Sora who was still standing in his place. He turned and smiled to the five women, Mai, Launch, Chi-Chi, Bulma and Panchy. "Hey-"

Sora froze on the spot, something he didn't expect to happen was about occur right before him. Behind the five women who were running at Sora was a green blob appearing out of nowhere.

The blob finished forming and moved at quick speeds towards the five women. It was Cell and he had a nasty grin on his face as his eyes shown with hatred, right now he was half as weak when they first began to fight. He stretched out his hand in the direction of the five women and Ki began to gather.

Seeing this action made fear and anger well up to extreme points causing Sora's hair to slowly raise. His Ki rose to higher levels than in his [Super Saiya-Jin State].

Sora's pupils dilated as his hair turned golden with white strands and minor lightning arcs appearing over his body. He disappeared from his location and reappeared next to Cell who looked even more desperate to kill his women.

Time seemed to slow down as every person seemed to not move at all. Cell was wiggling trying to move faster sensing the danger approaching him.

A red aura appeared around Sora and his greenish eyes turned back golden and his slit eyes began to exert pressure on the Cell. "You bastard!"


Sora's palm struck at Cell very brutally, his chest carved inwards from the strength behind the palmstrike. Cell's muscles were frozen and effectively paralyzed him.

The bastard attempted to make a move on his women and now he will pay with his death. Sora grabbed the unmoving Cell who kept gurgling as he attempted to say something however Sora completely ignored him.

His gurgling grew more desperate as Sora Instant Transmissioned close to the sun. He tossed Cell to the sun and watched him slowly approaching the sun.

"ARRRGGHHH!!! You will pay for thi-!!!" Cell's last words were cut short with him burning and completely being disintegrated as he approached closer to the sun's surface.

"That bastard is finally dead right?" Sora checked with his Ki Sense to see if Cell was still alive somehow. He sensed the surface of the sun and did not feel a shred of Ki.

[Successfully killed C311.

>>>S+ Grade Completion<<<

Awards pending to be received..]



Cell has finally died! That tenacious bastard just didn't want to die! Getting rid of Cell really made Sora feel mentally tired. Enough to want to just take a travel around the universe to relax and just not fight anyone for a while... Every time he thought that Cell died he would just come back from the smallest of Cell.

After calming down Sora came out of the new and improved [Super Saiya-Jin 2 State] and looked back at earth. Sora smiled as he continued looking back at earth, "*sigh* what I do for love.."

Using Instant Transmission to appear back on earth on top of the fighting ring he appeared right behind the five women. He chuckled a bit as he watched their pretty confused faces.

"Why hello there you beautiful women!" Sora smiled as he saw them turn to him. Their previous smiles were gone and were now giving a smile while they had a dark aura around them. "What's going on?"

"You left when we were going to hug you," said Bulma as her eyes narrowed and she approached him slowly from the left.

Chi-chi stepped forward too and approached him from the right with Launch as she mentioned, "I fell on the ground because of you..."

"You jumped by yourself though...?"

"It isn't a nice feeling to be left hanging... especially by the one you like..." Mai approached Sora from the front in a very serious manner.

Two slender hands appeared from the sides of Sora and hugged him tight. A very calm voice spoke from behind Sora, "Come on girls lets do this.."

Panchy held tight on to Sora who didn't even dare to move and just waited for them to come closer.

"Don't touch there!"

"hey, hey. hey!"

"Ahahaha stop don't tickle me."

"These kisses aren't too bad."

"I should do this again..."


"okay okay!"


Spongebob guy: "(2 hours Later)"

Sora was sitting in his living room with the girls, "After 6 months of staying here, I will travel around the Universe for around a couple of weeks."

After successfully dealing with Cell, Sora felt very tired mentally. The guy just didn't want to die no matter what course of action Sora took to get rid of him. Just thinking about Cell made his head hurt. This even caused Sora to just leave Earth alone so that he can relax his mind on his travel.

"What, why?" Launch was very worried for Sora. Even if she knew how powerful he was, she didn't want him to get into trouble or get hurt.

Sora sighed as he relaxed his whole body on the couch and explained, "Business trip..."


Bulma and Chi-chi both pinched his sides, ""We all know that's a lie.""

"I need to go relax. All these bad guys keep appearing out of nowhere and they are really giving me a headache." Dealing with all the villains in the last couple of years really made Sora feel like he was the caretaker of Earth.

If he was the caretaker, then the Z-fighters and the Earth were the little kids and the ones taking away their candy are the villains. Of course if this was all actually true, he would've had an even bigger headache.

"Can't you stay??" Mai asked in a very downcast mode.

"No I can't. The others need to get strong by themselves. If I keep fighting the villains in their stead, then they will never get strong." Sora one that if he kept fighting in place of the z-fighters then they will get complacent with the peace and never make advances in their martial arts. Which is another reason why he needs to leave for some time.

And traveling the universe is a good way to pass the time and let them grow.

Sora stood and kissed them all on their cheeks, "Anyways ladies, I need to go. I have an important appointment as a doctor today. I can't put it on hold anymore."

Smiling warmly at them he waved and made his way to the door as they watched him leave.



Name: Sora

Age: 31 (504,295)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Power Level

OVERALL POWER: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Type: Normal


Dongxuan Sutra 8th (Gene) Tier

Heavenly Vision Technique (Great Perfection)

Blood Art: Heaven's Blood Refiner


Cultivation Manual: None

Cultivation Level: None

Cultivation Strength: None


Tyranic War Emperor Body Art

Body Grade/Level: Body Refining Realm (Lower)


Soul Grade: Adolescent Soul (Unrefined) [WORLD DEFYING DAN GOD]

Soul Cultivation Level: None

Soul Strength: Bronze(5 Star) [TODAG] / Seated Officer(7th Seat) [Bleach]


Spirit Grade: ???

Spirit Cultivation Level: ???


C311's Death

Rewards pending to be received.

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