Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 38 38 The Bod

Finally making it to his study room, Sora walked in and approached a corner that contained piles of paper. He moved the paper around and looked at the flooring as he moved closer and all of a sudden falls downward.


Sora had made a hidden trapdoor, whenever he steps on it, it would open up and let him pass. However it only works for Sora, if someone else were to try to enter, not only would they not be able to enter or notice it. Sora would know right away when someone appeared near a proximity of 5 feet near the hidden trapdoor.

Falling down quickly down into the huge bas.e.m.e.nt he had made long ago. Sora heard the oh so forgotten noise of a yelling green guy that looks similar to Cell. His head was removed and there was a metal plating separating the head from connecting back to his neck.

Turning away from the grotesque he had made a couple weeks before, he looked at all the vials of liquid and a piece of artificial skin that kept on expanding slowly.

This was his hard work ever since he started going to school to learn anything related to a medical profession. He partly dabbled into some robotics, programming, and the likes. So far useless information he had gathered, that is until he found the green guy behind him.

The progress which he was researching a type of regenerative liquid and a better type of skin was boosted. He was able to quickly expand what he was experimenting on. The rate at which the green guy healed was astonishing to Sora. Sure he could have used Piccolo, but the green guy's regeneration was quicker.

Using this information he made two liquids, one which helps with regenerating, including the act of regaining lost limbs. The other vial of liquid was a type of 'cure', it helped a person gain more resistance and the ability to fight back the diseases and the like. And he hasn't even used his alchemy knowledge yet to make them even better.

However even after getting stuff like this, he didn't release out to the public just yet. He tested it out on the green guy and it had worked like a charm before he added too much and it completely blew his limbs, which was where he injected the regenerative liquid into.

Meaning, that forcibly making a limb or the body regenerate when it has nothing to actually recover from will overload the body with the extra cells. Which caused the cells to pile up and eventually causing the limbs to blow up.

Now that Sora made advances in his research, he was now able to finally complete his long awaited project. He brought out the Mortal Rank Upper Grade Titainum Body Parts from his [Inventory] and placed them on a metal table.

Placing them all in their proper order and then pulling to the side a vials of liquid and the skin. He even had artificial organs off to the side inside a freezer which took him 5 months to complete.

Sora finished placing everything on the table and now began to assemble the body for Casion. He placed in the organs and heart which of course had been provided the necessary cover and protection for them.

He brought out the skin and began to encause the whole body with it. Cutting the skin and wrapped it around every limb. And instead of the skin regrowing once again it connected the near cut skin that was wrapped around the limb.

So far the body is looking good, all it had missing was the eyes, and the 'soul'.

"*sigh* How will I even manage to surprise her with this?" Sora said as he put the cut diamonds inside the eye sockets.

He walked away from the body he created to get a better view of it and marveled his work. He went to the side as he said, "Maybe I can surprise her if I use this program I created for my robots. The 'Sleep' program."

Opening up a drawer from a desk nearby, he pulled out the only thing that was in there, the USB. After pulling it out he walked out of the bas.e.m.e.nt and flew to the spaceship where Casion was.

"He~llo! Casion where are you?" Sora asked as he flew into the spaceship and walked towards the main system.

If he wanted the 'Sleeping' program to work as it should, he needed to get to the heart of the ship, the main system. He continued making his way through the ship as he looked through every room he passed to try to catch a glimpse of the holographic Casion.

Not having to wait long as the figure appeared on his shoulder with a happy smile and the inquiring eyes that looked at Sora's face. The little figure of Casion appeared on Sora's shoulder as she greeted and asked, "Hey Sora! What brings you here?"

Without a shred of nervousness or guilt, Sora answered, "What I can't come over to see my favorite person."

"Bah! Spouting nonsense already Sora?" Casion blushed and looked away as she yelled at Sora.

They talked for a few more minutes before Sora finally made his way to the main system room. He couldn't have her think he was doing anything suspicious so had continued interacting with Casion. Casion soon left as she had to take care of a couple of plants she had received from Grandpa Gohan.

The only way she managed to take care of them was by using the robotics arms of the ship, and even then it was a hassle to handle the fertilizer, hose and the rest of the gardening equipment.

Sora acted quickly and with caution as he got to the main system room, he placed the USB and the program started causing the whole ship to shut down.

Looking for around for any confirmation that could indicate that it was completed and he could still used the system saw the huge screen in front of him. Z's appeared on the screen blinking on and off occasionally in front of Sora as he nodded in satisfaction.

He left the USB connected to the system as he pressed a sequence of buttons and placed Casion inside the USB. After extracting the USB, he left as soon as possible to his bas.e.m.e.nt under his house.

If all this works as Sora had planned he will be able to live more relaxed and happy. He will be able to travel more relaxed and won't have to worry about anything anymore. After all, Sora has been wanting to create Casion a body after he had spent 5 years together with her.

He arrived in his bas.e.m.e.nt and moved everything away from the body. He picked up the body off the metallic table and placed it on the sheet covered floor. He picked up the last vial of liquid that contained the blood of a baby. Which he collected slowly from when he was testing if any of the babies had any metabolic disorder.

It was the most pure and innocent blood essence he could find. It was very crucial for the plan to work as it helped create a good connection between the 'soul' and the 'body'.

After picking up the vial of blood, Sora placed the USB on the forehead of the created body and placed a drop of blood on the USB. Using the rest of the blood, he drew two circles, once around the body and the other around the USB.

Projecting his voice with Ki and lacing his words with Ki, Sora yelled out, "Chains of mortality, wrap around this innocent soul and bind it to this inanimate object, SOUL BIND!"

After reciting the words from the chant of soul bind, the blood began to float off the drawn circles and slowly turned into chains. They wrapped around the USB and pushed it into the head of the body.

The air began to pick up, as the body floated off the ground slowly. Once the USB was completely inside the head, the blood disconnected from the USB and went into the veins of the body to complete the process of this Ki Spell.

The body began to grow hair and the skin began to turn rosy before turning green. Her fingers grew nails and her eyelids grew eyelashes as well.

Soon the whole body had been completed and slowly floated down to the floor. Sora got close to Casion's body and caught her and covered her n.a.k.e.d body with a blanket as he looked at her shut eyes waiting for them to open.

"Come on Casion. Open your eyes.." Sora whispered as he caressed her beautiful face and stared deeply into it awaiting for her to open her eyes.

Her hand twitched as her eyes fluttered open and she looked around before her eyes fell on Sora. "What is... going on.. with.. me?"

Sora smiled as he looked at her beautiful blue eyes, beautiful even if product from the diamonds. "I got you a body, how's it feel?"

"Terrible.. I can't move at all.." Casion angrily muttered in pauses as she looked at Sora and unconsciously smiled, which betrayed her words.

Chuckling at the fact that she can hardly control even the facial muscles, he said, "You will get used to it, and that's not what that smile says though."

He leaned in and placed his lips on Casion's, her eyes widened up in surprise before finally closing in bliss. Her lips were soft, plump and full of life! Sora has never experienced nothing like this before!

Sora leaned back from the kiss and saw Casion's blushing and expectant expression on her face. He smiled and whispered softly in her ear causing shivers to run down her spine. "You still need to get dressed and get used to your body."

Picking her up and taking her upstairs to a room where he had clothes for her prepared, he placed her on the bed and dressed her up.

He grabbed some panties and slid him on her beautiful, long and slender legs before making it up to her smooth thighs and onto her waist. Next he grabbed a bra for her and sat her up and walked behind before sliding his arms to the front of her chest and sliding on the bra that were perfectly filled around her beautiful mounds.

Sora gulped as he held in his urges to pounce on the innocent lamb that laid in front of him as he went to a drawer and grabbed leggings and slid them on her legs and making it all the way up to her round and plump behind.

The body of this woman is so unnerving! How can he dress her if her body is like a temptress' who can seduce a whole country and make it grovel before her feet.

Grabbing a skirt and a shirt he quickly put them on her as he bid her farewell and quickly left the room.

"Phew, today was the most difficult day of my entire existence." Sora walked away leaving a confused Casion in the room laying down in the bed still struggling to try and move her hand.


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Edit for author note: I have to mention this now so you guys won't hate me later. I might make Sora weak later on but he will still be strong. It's so that he can 'grow' in the world he travels to. Like say he goes to demon slayer. He will be able to use the sword and infuse energy into it. He can make better use of the sword and the elemental energy. Or say he goes to avatar, he can make better use of just elemental energy and manipulate his surroundings, instead of relying on his Ki and power level. Buuuttt, there is a huge chance I won't go with this. I rethought and might just make something in later chapters to fix this.



Name: Sora

Age: 31 (504,295)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Power Level

OVERALL POWER: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Type: Normal


Dongxuan Sutra 8th (Gene) Tier

Heavenly Vision Technique (Great Perfection)

Blood Art: Heaven's Blood Refiner


Cultivation Manual: None

Cultivation Level: None

Cultivation Strength: None


Tyranic War Emperor Body Art

Body Grade/Level: Body Refining Realm (Lower)


Soul Grade: Adolescent Soul (Unrefined) [WORLD DEFYING DAN GOD]

Soul Cultivation Level: None

Soul Strength: Bronze(5 Star) [TODAG] / Seated Officer(7th Seat) [Bleach]


Spirit Grade: ???

Spirit Cultivation Level: ???


Cell Reward Pending