Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 39

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 39 What If

-Next Day-

After slowly walking towards Casion's room, Sora opened the door and saw Casion moving both her arms. "Hey Casion, I see you can finally move your arms freely. Come on, let me help you up, you need to eat now.

Now you can taste the food you intake."

Laying down her arms, Casion turned her head in Sora's direction and smiled a bit as she nodded. "Okay, come pick me up."

"Oh, your speech is more clear now as well," Sora says in surprise as he walks up to her and picks her up in a princess carry. "That's pretty impressive"

He walked with her in his arms down to the kitchen and sat her on the chair. After sitting her down he walks to the cabinets and grabs a plate which he takes to Casion and places in front of her.

"I made some eggs and bacon today. You're going to like it," mentioned Sora after he slid scrambled eggs on her plate and put a plate of crispy bacon in front of her.

The good smell permeated around the house as it made its way into the nose of every resident inside the house.

Bulma woke up and made her way to the Kitchen after smelling the bacon. The rest also woke up and made their way to the Kitchen. Launch ran to the Kitchen and once she saw Sora she jumped on his back and hugged him tight.

Sora stood there with her on his back as he turned his head to the side and said, "Hey Launch, want to help?"


Every girl, besides Launch, began their way to sit down and see a new person already there. They look at her carefully and Bulma asks, "Is that you Casion? How is this possible.. Did Sora make you into an android?"

Smiling at them Casion shook her head calmly and looked at each of them into the eyes. "Good morning everyone, yes I am Casion and no. He didn't make me into an android, this is an actual body."

"But how? How did he put your consciousness inside this body then?" Bulma asks in wonder as she gets closer to Casion and checks out her body.

Soon Sora and Launch walk into the room with more food with them and placed it down on the table. Sora heard her question earlier and said, "I did ma~gic."

The girls giggle a bit and begin talking among themselves as Sora smiling looks at them and gets up after he finished eating. He left the house and went outside to train for a bit to keep his muscles in check and his martial arts in top notch.

He completed move after move, slowly and then quickly. Afterwards he went on to do some Tai Chi to completely relax himself and release some pent up stress.


-2 Hours Later-

After doing Tai Chi for 2 hours, Sora stopped and already noticed the effects of practicing Tai Chi for countless years, his facial expression was relaxed and there was a sort of gentle aura around him. Due to Tai Chi causing the mind to be relax and help the user be more healthy, Sora began to feel that the Dongxuan Sutra was on the brink of breakthrough. However it still needed more of a push to be able to completely breakthrough.

Sora began to walk back to the house and when he arrived back home, he saw Bulma standing outside with a phone in hand. He approached her and she walked up to him as she told him, "There is a man named Satan trying to contact you. Here. I'll be back at night, I have to finish a machine I just started making."

After kissing Bulma goodbye, Sora took the phone up to his ear and said, "Hello?"

"Oh uh yeah! Hi! Uhm my name is Hercule Satan. But you can call me Junior Satan or Hercule, whatever you think suits me," the voice on the other side of the phone says.

"So why are you calling me Mr. Satan?" Sora asked as he thought of possible reasons why this man might be calling him for. And as he thought of this, the man with the crazy hair from the Cell problem appeared in his mind.

'Is it possible?'

"I wanted to be your disciple. I saw your strength the other day and I really want to get stronger. I also found out that Master Sora is also a Doctor," says Hercule.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, being a doctor is just a side profession. Anyways, if you want to become my disciple I'll accept but you will have to train under one of my other disciples.

His name is Frisk. You can meet him outside of the Capsule Corp. building at 7 in the morning tomorrow. If you can train with him for a whole week with little problem than I may show you a better way to train," said Sora throwing the problem right at Frisk.

Since Sora didn't want to really deal with this Satan guy, then just let him experience hell for a week. If he can survive it, then the man has guts or he's just an idiot.

"GREAT! By the way, who is Frisk?"

"Pfft... Kahaha," Sora tried to hold in his laughter but ended up falling. Once he started laughing he hung up the phone leaving a confused Satan on the other side.

After Sora stopped laughing, he pulled back up the home phone and dialed Frisk's phone. It wasn't long until the call connected and a growl greeted him from the other side. "ROAAR, Hello Master. What can I do for you?"

"Heh, well there is this man that wants to be my disciple.. and I accepted. However I am putting him under your tutelage."

"Very well. I will see to it Master. Grr."

Sora hung up the call and walked into the house and made himself a 'light' meal.

After finishing his meal Sora decided to visit King Kai.

Instant Transmissioning from the house, Sora went to King Kai's World and walked around looking for him. "Yo! King Kai where are you!?"

"Oh Sora! Back for some jokes!? I've been wanting to tell you this new one I've thought of," King Kai said as he walked out of his house and walked over to Sora.

Sora wasn't particularly insterested in King Kai's joke but decided to hear it out to not hurt the poor Kai's feelings... if he had any. He responded, "I didn't come for that, but go ahead and tell me you're joke."

"*Clears throat* Okay... what did the single farmer call the rooster that always strutted around the chicken pen like a prince."


"A C.O.C.KY SC.U.MBAG! Hahahahah," King Kai rolled on the floor as he wheezed and laughed out loud.

With a disgusted look on his face Sora picked up King Kai and slapped him as he calmly said, "You got anything interesting to tell me, you clown?"

King Kai's head that was laying back from Sora's slap sprung to life as he eyed him with greed and giddiness. "As a matter of fact, I do!"

Lately, he has been bragging to the otherword people about the strong beings on his side of the universe. Leading to them deciding on holding a tournament to decide who is the strongest in the otherworld and King Kai's nominee. (Otherworld: the place of the great warriors who are dead but whose souls remain alive.)

Squinting his eyes at the look of greed in King Kai's eyes Sora asked, "And what may the news be?"

If King Kai told him something suspicious at this moment, Sora without a doubt would slap the living soul out of him. Possibly sending him towards King Yenma who is not that far from here.

"A tournament!" King Kai yelled out.

Sora was caught of guard by King Kai's words and his own blood began to boil in excitement at the thought of fighting. However thanks to the Golden Snake Bloodline, he was able to maintain a cool head and calmly respond to him, "I won't be able to participate in this tournament. I've been feeling stressed lately, my whole body feels chained. So I will be relaxing for a half a year or so."

Placing down the distraught King Kai who then said, "What will I do now? I already told the other Kai's that I have chosen an excellent warrior."

Smiling at what King Kai said, Sora continued, "Oh, but you have."

"I did?"



"When does not matter! All you need to know is that you have someone. And that someone is Goku! Kahaha," Sora laughed as he looked at the lost expression of King Kai that seemed to want to cry.

Sora looked away and Instant Transmissioned to where Goku was. When he got there he saw him lying on the bed looking better already.

"You seem better Goku, and I have good news for you," Sora said calmly looking at the happy Goku who sat up very energetically.

"Hey Sora!" Goku responded as he stretched his arms and looked at Sora.

"There is going to be an otherworld tournament soon. So you will be going King Kai's place. From there he will take you somewhere special to fight all these other people in the tournament." Sora made his way out after telling Goku about the tournament.

Goku himself already jumped out of bed and walked to his drawer and pulled out his gi and Instant Transmissioned to King Kai.

On his way out he saw Ram and waved to her as he walked out the house.

He walked home and on the way he retrieved the items from the Cell Death Bounty Quest.

[Sora has received:

Cell Rewards

Bone Tempering Art: Spirit Rank (Upper Grade)

Allows humans and Demon Beasts to cultivate their skeleton to the point of becoming a magic treasure. It makes bones thicker and gives them a golden hue. It also make person be able to easily lift massive rocks that weighed several tons without using any magic power.

Minute Subtlety: Nirvana Rank (Mid Grade)

By using the smallest of moves to avoid an enemy's attack, one could reduce greatly the flaws in one's movement. It could also allow one to stick closely to the enemy, and counterattack when the enemy's move was almost done. To have Minute Subtlety, not only would it be easy to dodge, but one would be able to stay close to the enemy. Hence counterattacking would be even easier. So opponents who know Minute Subtlety are extremely fearsome. Minute Subtlety was divded into several stages. It's up to you how far you can go with this technique, more than meets the eyes.

Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique: Heaven Rank (Peak Grade)

Treat illnesses of demons and gods or improve constitutions. Understand and know of every acupoint in the body of any human, humanoid, beast and monster. As well as the ability to cure, kill, cripple or anything possible related to the body with needles.

Lesser Vampire Bloodline

You are lower than your average Vampire. But everyone starts from somewhere...]

The rewards Sora had received are a great boon to him. The [Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique] itself is already a very Heaven defying skill. If he can master every single part of it, he could rule the universe with just the use of this technique.

If he can learn about acupuncture, than maybe he can boost the grade of this needle technique.

Maybe possibly even making it go to God Rank if he is lucky enough.



Name: Sora

Age: 31 (504,295)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Power Level

OVERALL POWER: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Type: Normal


Dongxuan Sutra 8th (Gene) Tier

Heavenly Vision Technique (Great Perfection)

Blood Art: Heaven's Blood Refiner

*NEW* Bone Tempering Formula (None)

Immortal Arts Strength Addon: None


Cultivation Manual: None

Cultivation Level: None

Cultivation Strength: None


Tyranic War Emperor Body Art

Body Grade/Level: Body Refining Realm (Lower)


Soul Grade: Adolescent Soul (Unrefined) [WORLD DEFYING DAN GOD]

Soul Cultivation Level: None

Soul Strength: Bronze(5 Star) [TODAG] / Seated Officer(7th Seat) [Bleach]


Spirit Grade: ???

Spirit Cultivation Level: ???


Minute Subtlety (None)

Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique (None)


Unused: Lesser Vampire Bloodline