Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 4 Amazing

(3rd person from now on, most of the time)

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The Erros quickly realized that it missed hitting the small person that it deemed as a threat to it. Sora on the other hand was sweating when he realized he could have died if it wasn't for the leopards memories and its instincts. Sora then stood up and dusted himself off, he then clasped his hands together and prayed to the leopard, "Thank you sir leopard for 'lending' me your instincts, may you have a family next life."

The way Sora acted without a care in front of the Erros infuriated it and it pulled its axe from the ground causing dirt to fly up. It quickly rushed to Sora, surprising him due to the Erros' quick speed. Sora got into his fighting stance of a professional boxer and lightly jumping to get his blood pumping to his arms and legs.

Once the Erros got close to Sora it swung down its axe diagonally. Sora dodged backwards to prevent getting hit by the axe and sent a jab to the face of the Erros when it leaned forward. The Erros was sent flying back crashing into trees 20 meters back hitting another Erros. The Erros that got jabbed died when it hit into the first tree causing it to break its back and some internal organs.

The other Erros pushed the dead body of itself, it roared some incomprehensible words to Sora with some tears on its angry face. It had blood all over its tear stained face from getting hit by its friends bloody dead body.

He picked up a nearby stick and threw it at Sora when he saw that his Great Sword was a couple of meters away from him. As soon as he threw the stick he rushed to his Great Sword, when he got and was reaching for it, a foot appeared from seemingly no where and stepped on the sword.

He looked up and saw Sora lightly smirking at him. 'Did he really think I would be fooled that easily when he eyed his sword when I was looking directly at him?' Sora thought.

Sora chuckled a bit remembering the Erros' actions earlier, he extended his right hand a made a [Ki Sword] which cut the head off the Erros. Sora quickly grabbed it and did the same [Memory Withdrawing] technique that was quickly mastered when he first did it. Quickly grasping the memories, Sora threw the head up and shot a [Ki Laser] through his fingers which destroyed the head.

Sora looked away and approached the other head and withdrew the memories from that head as well. He learned their language and he looked to the approaching members of the rest of the hunting group. A dark smile crept up to Sora's face, "This will be fun."


-5 minutes later-

"Pheww~ that took a bit longer than I thought, and these Erros are very barbaric but from what I saw in their memories, each leader of a hunting group knows that there is a spaceship that can take me to Earth. I can't believe they were planning to take it over in a couple of years. However from the random facts my grandson always told me, they probably never made it and died in space or there is a creature here which can kill them easily." Sora looked over the information in his head that he had taken from the 5 hunters. Sora noticed that he had too much information which he had taken from the hunters. He thought over all the stuff his grandchildren and sons ever told him, he found a suitable technique, the [Memory Palace]. It could help him with maintaining information and easy to get rid of the useless memory like the lives that the Erros have lived. He quickly made it and sorted out all the information he had gotten.

Sora then walked to the village chief's house to get to the spaceship and leave the planet he is currently on. He saw a pond on the way there and jumped in to get the blood and dirt off his body and his leopard skin. Once he was done with that he made his way back to the village to get the spaceship. He began running as fast as he could and soon began running at 650 mph.


When he arrived at the entrance of the village door and deemed it good to stop primitive enemies, though useless against him. He walked back to the forest about 50 meters away and shot a small [Ki Blast] about a fist size to the village and soon nothing was left of the village.

He walked to the village and saw nothing remaining and only black shriveled up corpses and small fires around the area. Sora looked to the area the Chief House was located and saw nothing left except an underground wooden door. He made his way there, shot the door open and saw a small spaceship in there. It was around 5 meters in height and 10 meters in length, he approached the door to the spaceship and pressed a little button next to the door to open it.

Once opened, Sora made his way in and walked to the control station to get it to take him to Earth. When the option was set it set a warning that the blast off was in 4 months. "Oh, come oonn! It will be so boring with no people who to talk with. Dang, I guess its time to check my Battle Power and then train and see if I can get it higher. I am slightly mad at why King Vegeta decided to send me on a mission here. If I knew any better, he was trying to get rid of me for good. I will check with the system once I receive it, and see if I can do anything about it."

Sora made his way back to the scouter that was back at the lake he was at earlier. He picked it up and turned it on. Sora stood there for a couple of seconds and saw the scouter blow up."Hey whats the big deal?" said Sora as he made his way over to the blown up scouter and picked up his broken pieces.

"Well I can make a small guess as to what my Battle Power may be.. hmmm.. it should be around 350-400 thousand. Oh right, I will be needing food for the next couple of months, but these damn animals get scared of me. Is it my Battle Power? Is it possible to lower it" Sora pulled in his energy and tried to contain it and let a minuscule amount out to still be able to move with that energy. He then moved on to trying to shoot a [Ki Blast] without letting his Ki fluctuate.


"Oh, it worked, I guess [Instant Mastery] is working perfectly." Sora then walked into the forest while focusing his Ki into his fingertips to make a [Small Ki Blade] and take out the animals quickly.

Sora later returned with the giant alien T-rex and removed its horns and one of its bones from the hands. He approached a tree and pulled off a vine that was there and tied the straight sharp tooth to the end of the bone and made a [Bone Spear]. He wondered how strong the [Bone Spear] is as he had never had any real experience with making weapons. He held the spear which is just right for his size, the spear was 92 cm long. A sinister smile crept up to his face and he looked to the forest with his grumbling stomach that was in hunger.

After this day there was a massacre of animals in the surrounding area of a tiny smirking demon with a small spear painted in red.


- 4 months later-

A small child with a tail holding a [Bloodied Red Bone Spear] walking down to the spaceship that is roaring its engine ready to take off at any minute. The child had a Red Leopard Skin wrapped around his waist, multiple scars on his body, and a scar that goes over his eyebrow, this was Sora. "Nothing like a nice battle to feel young and new again."

"Wow the ship can speak now. Maybe it due to the ship powering on." Sora got it an and made the order to take off and go.

Sora hearing this made a pondering face and looked at the screen which had a hologram of a beautiful female that had a slender body and green skin. She was wearing a white Greek-like dress and had a gold flower on her ear that matched with the Greek dress. She had long curly hair tied in a pony tail and bangs hanging down on the side of her face. Her lips were light green and had a nice glossy shine on them, her eyes were black and they looked at Sora with admiration and curiosity. "Sure why not. Hey Casion, I am not sure if it is me but why are looking at me with admiration?"

Casion looked astonished and quickly composed herself to hide her astonishment, this didn't escape Sora's eyes and it made him chuckle a bit.

"Please stop with the Sir bullsh*t, just call me Sora, I am not ready to be addressed as an older person yet." When Sora said this he looked slightly away remembering he was old in his last life and even older when he was in the void.

Casion looked at Sora and gave him a small smile which made him blush a bit as he hasn't been with a women in years.

Sora looked away from her to hide his blush and thought over what she said and what actions he should take to get rid of the Erros. The idea soon came to him and he made Casion stop the ship in the sky. "Hey Casion, stop the spaceship here, I need to do something real quick."

Casion asked as she stopped the spaceship in the sky and opened the door to the outside as Sora approached it.

Sora looked over at the planet and saw the Erros were attacking another village of Erros as there was an internal strife. He was somewhat glad at what he was going to do as they were to barbaric and they are supposed to stick together when there are still bigger enemies in the planet. Sora extends his hand and lets a small [Ball of Ki] the size of a golf ball and packed with power drop to the planet. Once it did he told Casion to close the door. "Casion close the door and take us out of here. The ride will be getting bumpy real soon."

Casion said as she closed the spaceship doors and flew off quickly of the planet and after stopping Sora looked out the window with Casion trying to see what is happening. Her hologram-self turned into a chibi form of her and jumped on Soras shoulder to look at the destruction.

"Well that is new, I thought you were the ship itself." Sora said admiring the small version of Casion making her very embarrassed.

Casion mentioned with a bit of anger and annoyance.

Sora saw her cheeks puff up and get red from her anger, she had some tears on the side of her eyes. "Wow, you look cute."

She stopped pouting and opened her eyes wide and blushed from the compliment and responded,

"No problem you cute thing," Sora said looking at the planet that slowly shook and ominous dark clouds appeared in the skies.


A huge mushroom cloud appeared where the ball dropped and its gas had spread all over he planet. When the planet was covered in gas, little red rays shot from the gas that covered the surface of the planet. Soon the gas disappeared and was replaced by a horrendous amount of lava all over the planet with red cracks as it shook violently. Soon pieces of rocks were being shot from the planet as it split apart into tinier pieces.

Casion took a picture of her and Sora looking at the planet that is crumbling to pieces slowly.

"Let's get out of here before the debris starts hitting us." And with that Sora and Casion left and went on their journey to Earth.