Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 40 I Dont

Walking home was very tiring for Sora, even if he was so powerful, he had a very lazy nature when walking is involved. So he decided to keep his mind off of walking by talking to the system, 'Okay System, I need you to tell me what this Core Formation Realm thing is.'

[Core Formation Realm. It is the realm where a person can concentrate all of his true energy down to a point where it begins to take form of a Core/Ball and resides inside of oneself. Once the Core is completed, the body will go through a breakthrough and attain the next level. The next level being Golden Core Realm.]

The intake of this information was very interesting to Sora. If this was true, then that means the Dongxuan Sutra may have taken a completely different route. They both had a similar concept in the fact that they cultivate energy. Dongxuan Sutra use Qigong, or Qi, to advance in levels. Sora's [Tyranic War Emperor's Body Art] took a similay concept to it as well but instead of Qigong, it took in the Ki.

Not only did [Tyranic War Emperor's Body Art] take in Ki but it also made use of Sora's body. Which means, that when ever Sora took damage that was higher than what it could take would not only double the efficacy of the Zenkai but it also improve the [Tyranic War Emperor's Body Art] as well.

'Okay then. What are the stages to this?'

[Sora currently only has access to the Earthly Realm.]

[The levels go from Body Refining, Qi Gathering Realm, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Golden Core, Dissolving Core, Nascent Body, Nirvana, and Profound Ascension.]

[Each Realm is divided into four stages. Lower Grade, Mid Grade, Upper Grade, and Peak Grade.]

'Hmm, pretty interesting. Oh? Finally made it home? That was quick..' Sora walked in to his house and locked the door.

He continued walking and made his way to his room. Making his way to his queen size bed, he removed his clothing leaving only his undergarment (underwear) on and put on a pair of running shorts on. He turned off the lights as he laid down on the bed and fell asleep shortly after.


"Shhh! You are being too loud..."

"Quick! Lets get on his bed."

"Bulma why are you n.a.k.e.d?!"

"I-I was feeling hot... why are you not wearing your top B. Launch!"

"Hmph. Why should I have to tell you."


The sun rose and the sun light broke into the house as it illuminated the whole inside. Light fell on Sora's face as it irritated him awake.

Sora turned and faced away from the sunlight as his face met two soft mounds on his face. His eyes slowly opened as they adjusted to the light only to end up seeing creamy white skin in front of him and two pink circles. Sora's eyes snapped open as he saw the pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts right in front of him.

He looked up to see who the pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts they belonged to. His eyes caught on to blonde hair and sighed as his sight landed on B. Launch's beautiful face. Looking back down and staring at her pink for a couple of seconds before attempting to move only to end up hearing a m.o.a.n.

He tried moving his arm once more and was only met with more m.o.a.ns. He felt his arm get a bit wet and sighed as he looked at the source of the m.o.a.ns, Bulma. Using his other arm, Sora lifted up her leg and pulled his arm out.

Smiling as he looked at both girls on the bed, Sora gave an evil grin as his 'dragon roared'! He jumped on them and-!

M.o.a.ns rang through the morning!


Smiling at what they had done, Sora smiled as kissed both of them on the lips and got off the bed as he got dressed up. He went over to Casion's room and woke her up.

After getting her ready he led her to an area he had recently built for her to get used to walking.

"You can do it Casion! Remember use the bars as support!" Sora encouraged Casion.

Casion trembled as her hand grasped onto the bar and placed one foot in front of the other. Her legs shook as she stood still and tried to stay standing. "Walking is more difficult than I thought. Everyone makes it look so easy."


"Don't laugh!"

Casion finished the walk but she was mentally tired and couldn't go anymore. So Sora placed her on the couch and kissed her goodbye.

He walked outside and reviewed all the techniques he recently learnt.

Minute Subtlety.

He wanted to learn the technique right now however he couldn't use because he needed an opponent to make it more useful.

So he moved on to the Bone Tempering Art and make his bones stronger and better.

He followed the instructions and did the motions to get into the first layer of the Bone Tempering Art. However each successive motion proved to be futile as his bones rejected the energy that flowed into his skeleton. Causing him to feel excruciating pain which can put a soldier to tears and give up secret information. Sora clenched his jaw and tried the motions once more.


"Damn, I almost completely shattered my bones." Sora stopped the motions and inspected his bones with Dongxuan Sutra checking his left arm's bone structure. Cracks appeared all over the bones and some minor ones on the small bones which makes up the wrist.

Sora slightly moved his arm and stopped moving it noticing the pain it brought. He scanned the surroundings and found a noticeably healthy tree and used [Energy Absorption], a magic that he had received. It absorbs the energy and/or Life-Force of a person or a living organism and makes it his own.

Using that exact same spell, Sora took in the Life-Force of the tree and used Dongxuan Sutra once more to check his bone structure. Every crack was healing at a rapid pace as the tree was withering slowly. Once he was fully healed the tree stopped with and had half of its branches fall off it.

'This Bone Tempering Art is not suitable to my bone structure.. I will need to tweak it and make it slightly better if that is the case.' Sora made mental note as he shoved everything to the side and remembered the date he had planned with 18.

Although he had spent one night hanging out with her, that didn't really count as a date for Sora. If he didn't get to go to a restaurant and eat food with her, than it didn't count.

Sora used his Ki Sense and the Dongxuan Sutra together to look for 18. Not long after searching for her he found her in the city walking around. He teleported to her and kept walking behind her and simply walked up next to her and said, "Hello beautiful lady. Would you mind going on a date with me?"

18 stayed silent as she ignored the man who just walked up to her not knowing it was Sora.

"Ouch. We spent a night together and I already get the cold shoulder?" Sora says as he feigns hurt as he put his right hand over his heart and dropped his head.

Popping her head up in embarrassment as she thought of what the man said. 'INDECENT! How dare he say that! I don't even know this asshole and he has the guts to say that in public! You little-'

She turned her head in anger and when her eyes fell on Sora her anger diminished a little but not before she punched him in the guts. Sora received the punch but noticed that he didn't feel much pain so he just smiled as he looked at 18's red angry face.

"Let us depart! Chop chop!" Grabbing her by the hand, Sora ran to the nearest restaurant and got a nice area near the windows.


Sora and 18 were sitting across from each other as the sunlight hit the table and made the flowers look amazing.

18 looked at Sora with an annoyed look on her face as she had a face that said 'are f.u.c.k.i.n.g serious?' Sora noticing her expression asked with an obvious smirk on his face, "What's wrong?"

Only getting more annoyed and slightly mad at Sora's actions and words she snarled, "You know I can't eat.. why would you bring me here!"

Sora continued smirking as he just simply stood up and brought out a microchip. He grabbed her hand and placed the chip on it. As soon as the chip touched 18's hand a jolt went through her and she felt a change in her interior.

"What did you do to me?" the first thing that 18 decided to ask Sora. She warily looked at him as she pulled back her hand.

"Well you see.. this chip changes a bit of your stomach's interface. It makes you able to intake food and taste it, it will then be turned into raw energy which will be expelled through your breathing. No one will notice a thing at all, as if completely normal." Sora said as he took his seat and called the waiter so he can take their order.

They both ordered something to eat and they waited for their food to arrive. Sora's eyes wandered all over the restaurant as he looked at all the fancy clothes and expensive jewelry the people were wearing.

"What? You caught a fancy to another woman while out on a date with me?" 18 coyly said as she sent a mischievous smile his direction.

Sora smirked and looked back at her, "It's always possible but I can always chase them afterward. Too bad every woman here together is not as beautiful as you."

Feeling her hand being grasped by Sora, 18 quickly pulled her hand back as a soft blush encroach her cheeks.

Cree- Clang!

"Bastard what did you say!?"

"Hmm?" Sora turned his head in the direction of the yell and saw a man looking at him with anger. "What's wrong?"

"You think my woman is ugly? Hah?!" The man only grew rash as the woman he was referring to was sitting down feeling scared.

"What are you doing? Calm down. It was just a compliment for my date." Sora stood up and glared at the man who was so irrational. Why is he so mad when the comment was for his date, 18? Did the woman cause him to get mad?

The man faltered a little under the threatening gaze of Sora. He cowered a little but not before looking back at the scared woman for a little and then facing Sora once again. "Say sorry and I'll let this matter go."

"What's going on here?" The manager of the restaurant arrived and asked the Sora and the man.

"This man here says I should apologize for a compliment I gave to my date."

"Is this true?"

"Geh.. ye-yes." The man couldn't deny, after all it was true.

"Dissatisfy me any more and I will have you swim with the fishes tonight." An open threat, Sora didn't mind giving the man a threat as it was one of many things he can do to get this man to shut up.

The man reluctantly turned and went back to sit down with his woman. She tried to reach for his hand but he slapped it away.

"*Sigh* So annoying..." Sora focused back onto his date and noticed 18 was already eating without him. He sweatdropped at her actions and began eating himself, but not before waving his hand in the air in a quick motion. Effectively erasing the memories of everyone there with anything related to what had just occurred and Sora's compliment to 18.


Walking out of the restaurant Sora searched for the next place to where to go and saw a family walking out of a nearby theatre.


"YATTA! Did you see that man dad?! He went *FEEUM*" yelled the little kid lifting the arms up.

"Ouh!" the dad yelled back in excitement.


Sora's smile faded off his face for a split second before coming back. He faced 18 and said, "Sorry, seems our date will end here today. I'll make it up some other day."

Simply nodding she received a kiss from Sora before she turned and left with a smile. "I'll be waiting.."

"Now.. where was I? Oh yes.."



Name: Sora

Age: 32 (504,326)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Type: Normal