Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 41 Put A Title

Sora began to collect all the Dragon Balls together using only the Dongxuan Sutra. It took him almost 4 hours to locate and get every single Dragon Ball that was scattered.

After getting the Dragon Balls, Sora said the Magic words and the Mighty Shenron was summoned into the world. The clouds darkened, the lightning shone and a bright light burst from the Dragon Balls through the clouds and into the sky.

"Speak. Thou may only receive, three wishes."

"I wish for the people that Cell killed to be revived.

Second wish is to remove all these traumatic experiences for the kids that were affected directly or indirectly by Cell.

You may leave after those wishes have been granted, I do not require the last wish."

"Thy wishes have been granted." Shenron disappeared into a ray of light and the Dragon Balls were collected by Sora before they were scattered once more.

Sora Instant Transmissioned back home and left the Dragon Balls there at home. Checking the time on his watch Sora calmly assessed, "Seems like there is enough time left in the day to make one more trip."


Sora began to make his way over to the hospital, where he works at with a calm demeanor as he hummed happy tune.

Sora stepped into the building which was crowded with people yelling incoherent things. After reading each persons expression there, he forces himself through the people to make in to his office. He wore his white coat that was recently washed and made especially for him as a doctor.

"Doctor you came back! Quick we need your help!" Frantically yelled Sora's assistant, Jack, who burst through the door.

Meeting Jack's eyes, Sora asked, "What's the situation?"

"Patient has a tumor in his back dangerously near the spine. Is 56 years old, never had any previous operation or any type of illness.

We can't remove the tumor without harming a part of the spine which could in the end give the patient lower body paralysis," Jack explained. (A/N: I don't know what I'm talking about, so don't think this is true! I don't study anything medical... yet.)

Nodding as they walked over to the operating room, Sora thought of the best method to take. They arrived in a few footsteps and Sora walked in and washed his hands and wore his gloves.


"Okay the surgery is completed. The removal of the tumor was a big success.

He won't be able to walk for 3 weeks so make sure he doesn't stand up. Don't let him sit up too long when he is given food to eat." Sora gave the clipboard to Jack after he explained to the patient's family the do's and don'ts.

Sora went on to treat three more patients before going to his office once more and sighing.

*Knock knock*

"Come in ~"

"Yo boss! You did great today. You coming back tomorrow?" Jack asked with enthusiasm.

"Yes. So make sure to keep everyone informed. Oh, and I will be leaving on a trip in 6 months.

When that time comes I will put you in charge until I come back." Sora explained as he stood up and looked at the neighborhood through the glass window.

Shaking with glee, Jack exclaimed, "Yes! Oh.. *cough* I mean okay Doctor, may I ask why you won't be here?"

"I.. have some important business I need to take care of. I'll be gone for a while so don't worry about me." Sora explained as his eyes were fixed on the neighborhood before landing his gaze on Jack.

"Okay. I will take my leave then." Jack turned his back and left.

Travel. Travel? Where should I travel? I'll see what I come up with in a couple of months.

If the travel is for him to rest, shouldn't he choose a very quiet and peaceful place to travel to? Traveling the universe might help him find the ideal spot before finally resting. Anyways, all he has to do is lose the stress and he can finally come back, right?

"This will be interesting.."


"Hmm?" Sora woke up and realized he had forgotten something the day before. A technique he forgotten to practice on.

"Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique." Sora murmured as he dressed up and walked down to the bas.e.m.e.nt.

The gurgles that came from the green creature vibrated along the open space of the bas.e.m.e.nt. Almost seeming exaggerated.

Sora approached vile creature and inspected him from head to toe down to the smallest details. "This asshole has acupoints on the same locations as humans do, so it should work what I'm about to do to him."

Rubbing his chin in a thoughtful manner, Sora lifted his left arm and created 6 thin needles made from his Ki. He carefully placed one in between the eyes of the creature. Two in its shoulders, another two in his thighs and the last one over his heart.

He channeled more Ki through the needles and the creatures body began going through a transformation.

The body began spasming as the creature's eyes revealed glee and pain. The skin and muscles ripped each other apart and connected again over and over.

Once his body stopped destroying itself Sora saw Cell's face. Nodding at the change Sora put in an extra needle in his stomach and noticed the smile on Cell's face disappear as his expression turned even more pained and scared.

"What have you done to me?!" Cell yelled out.

"What do you mean?" Sora asks with an innocent face.

"How?! How is it possible? WHY CAN'T I REGENERATE IT?!"

"You don't deserve to hold power with that dark heart of yours," coldly spat out Sora as he narrowed his eyes at Cells direction.

With that extra needle that Sora placed in Cell's stomach, he crippled Cell's Ki network, also preventing it from being regenerated ever again. Cell now holds only a common power level of 15 which is nothing in the eyes of Sora. He was rendered down to the status of ant next to Sora.

"You.. you.."

"Me what? Speak up you asshole," Sora cursed.


Walking back into the hospital, Sora took this chance to save all those he could with the Needle Technique.

All patients were saved, even those that were on the verge of death. 'King Yenma will thank me for this.'

"Doctor you're on a role today!" Jack excitedly yelled as he walked beside Sora.

"Quiet down Jack. You're disturbing the patients." Sora noticed all the stares from the patients as he told Jack to be quiet.


"Hmm?" Sora pulled out his phone and saw the caller was Frisk. He answered the phone call and asked, "Alright, what is it Frisk?"

"Rooar! This man you sent." Frisk started.


"He goes above and beyond of what I give him to train in."

"Oh?" Sora was surprised. The afro man can really sustain the training from Frisk? "This is pretty interesting..."

"What do I do?" asked Frisk.

Answering back to his question, Sora said, "Just keep giving him the same training and just add in Ki training to it."

"Alright. I'll hang up now Master. Rooar."


"Alright Jack, I will see you in a week. I have to go now." Sora waved goodbye and walked to his house.

He walked into his house and pulled out his cellphone as he sat down on his couch. Sora scrolled through the sheer amount of contacts in his phone until he found the correct number needed.


"Yeah hi. I called to put in an order for 150 pounds of steel to be delivered to my house."

"What do you mean 'what do you need it for'? Why do you care just send the steel over."

"Yeah I still live at that address."

"Alright, 2 days it is. I'll expect it by then."



(3 Days Later)

The steel Sora had ordered arrived a day ago and had more stuff shipped to his house. He was down in the bas.e.m.e.nt cutting and soldering together different pieces of metal.

He made 100 pounds of steel into 15 little drones and had the left over steel off to the side. After equipping every drone with 3 lasers capable of leaving burn marks on those in the body refining realm, he grabbed the remaining steel and he began to cut it and meld it together to create a steel manequin.

Once the steel manequin was completed, he made a Ki Blade with his index finger and cut his wrist as he sprayed his blood on the manequin. Placing his right hand over the head he infused Ki into the manequin which began absorbing his blood and Ki. After five hours of absorbing Sora's Ki and blood, the manequin began to show movement as its hand twitched.

Sora stopped infusing his Ki and stepped back as it stood up. He activated his [Heavenly Vision Technique] and used it on the drones and manequin.

[Flying Drone: Laser Edition (Mark I)]

[ A drone the size of a Tennis ball. It is equipped with three lasers that can deal serious damage to those under the [Body Refining Realm (Mid Grade)]. Has an average speed comparable to those with a power level of 1 Million.]

[Steel Manequin (Mark I)]

[ A manequin that is 180 cm tall. It was made with the sole purpose to be a training dummy. This manequin knows many forms of attack and is really difficult to dodge a single hit without at least being an Expert Martial Artist. Any attack done onto this manequin is nullified unless the attack is over Golden Core Realm.

If anyone with the intent to fight is in the proximity of 100 feet, the manequin will move by itself and fight those that are willing to fight.]

Smiling at what was created, Sora smiled and activated the drones as he turned to the manequin and got into his fighting stance.

He smirked and pointed his index finger towards the manequin and curled it towards himself. The manequin rushed at Sora and punched at Sora's face.

Sora began to run through the [Minute Subtlety Technique] and started dodging every attack sent his way by the manequin. Successfully dodging 15 attacks in row, after 6 failed attempts, Sora grinned and yelled out, "TWO LASER DRONES!"

After he yelled that out, out of the 15 laser drones, two came out and started shooting lasers at Sora making it more difficult for him to dodge.

He dodged left and right as he passed through every punch sent out by the manequin and stuck himself close to the manequin. Every laser shot by the drones missed Sora by 2 cm.

He called in 2 more drones and the distance between himself and the manequin widened again.

Weaving through every laser shot at Sora, he made more and more progress as he got closer to the manequin. When he got two feet close to the manequin he got shot by a laser on his foot causing him to wince and back down for a bit.

The manequin shot off a left kick to Sora's leg and making him jump back even more. He got hit one more time on his back as Sora ran towards the manequin to stick close to him as he felt was on the verge of unlocking something in him.

Sora kept close once more moving his body left and right. He approached closer and closer, inch by inch, difficulty rising with each passing inch. He closed his eyes once he got 3 feet close to the manequin, as he "felt" every attack sent his way.

The mystical feeling that just made him unconsciously move away from the attack as his feet danced over the floor making him mover closer to the manequin. Sora's body dodged every laser sent his way with minimal movement.

Sora himself didn't know if he himself was moving his body away from the attacks or he was being pushed away. He made it to the front of the manequin and dodged every attack the manequin sent as well. Every punch, every kick, every headbutt, every single attack was dodged by Sora flawlessly.

Sora didn't know that changes were occurring in and out of his body. A soft white glow surrounded his body as Sora felt the feeling of this mystical 'force' grow stronger as time passed. He let go of his body more and more and felt every single move be ingrained into his muscles.

Every single muscle began to feel free and excited under this 'force'.


After 2 days the four drones finally ran out of charge as the manequin finally stopped moving as well after it no longer felt any intent to fight.

Sora's body had no noticeable change but was instead covered in a white, blue and silver aura that signified his completion in the Minute Subtlety technique. He opened his eyes revealing an eerily calm silver eyes that seem to know what your next move will be.



Name: Sora

Age: 32 (504,326)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Type: Normal

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)