Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 42 Endeavors

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Three months have passed since Sora has started on the Minute Subtlety technique and has still not made a progress since things were too easy too for him to dodge and there was no challenge in it.

He has managed to tweak a bit the Bone Tempering Art but has not completed it to a point where the Bone Tempering Art is better.


A sweet voice rang throughout the house that had a calm and have a sense of tranquility. "Sora, babe! It's already evening. Come up and give me my daily massage!"

Ever since Casion got a body, Sora would give her a full body massage to make her get a better feel of her own body. And since Sora had received the needle technique, it had made it more calming and pleasurable for her. Prompting her to want Sora to do a daily massage for her.

The others also wanted this but refrained to only getting a massage every other day. They didn't want to get addicted to the pleasurable feeling of Sora's massages.

Sora's silver eyes turned back into his usual golden slit eyes as the aura around his body also dissipated. "Yeah yeah, I am coming," answered Sora.

"Great, I will be completely n.a.k.e.d this time since no one will be home today," giggled Casion as she ran to her room.

"*Sigh* this girl..." Sora sighed as he got out of the bas.e.m.e.nt and went to take a shower.

After coming out of the shower Sora put on loose clothes and slicked his hair back as he made his way to Casion's room.

He knocked before opening the door and saw Casion all her n.a.k.e.d glory standing before him. She had her hands on her h.i.p.s as she puffed her chest out in a proudly manner. 'Will it work this time...' Casion wondered inwardly.

"Alright lay on the bed, I will try my best not to pounce on you," Sora winked as he brought out some lotion.

Casion turned away from Sora with an unnatural flush on her face as she laid down on the bed with her chest facing the ceiling. She got comfortable before telling Sora, "Just hurry it up already.."

Spreading some lotion on Casion's left arm Sora continued rubbing the lotion all over her body. Filling in every nook and cranny giving Casion a beautiful glossy look to her curvy body.

*NSFW Scene*

He began by massaging her forearm and continued making his way up her arm. Casion's breathing was calm and slow as she enjoyed the massage Sora gave her. Sora's hands slid over her to her shoulders calmly pressing and gripping her muscles releasing the tension.

Moving over to her other arm, Sora did the same thing before finally making it over to her chest. He sensually moved his hands over her chest and slowly groped her chest eliciting m.o.a.ns from the currently defenseless Casion.

"Hngh.." Casion lightly m.o.a.ned as a blush encroached upon her face. "I feel hot Sora.." whispered Casion.

"Do you want me to stop?" Sora asked with a light smile and his golden eyes matching her hazy gaze.

"No.. keep going.." she said as her body grew hot.

Sora's hands slid down to her stomach and slowly rubbed it. They went further down onto her legs as he massaged it slowly. Moving his hands closer to her inner thighs with each passing second.


He eyed her beautifully made slit that had her liquids oozing out. Sora moved his right hand over her slit and lightly rubbed it making more m.o.a.ns come from her.

"Ah~ ah.. mm ah~"

His middle and ring finger invaded her lower region making more of her liquids come out. Her m.o.a.ns became more loud and sensual while Sora's hand movements got faster.

Squelching sounds came out from Casion as Sora's fingers made its way in and out. His left hand slid to behind her neck and pulled her close to him.

"Mmh!" Casion's m.o.a.ns were cut short from the kiss he gave her. His tongue invaded her mouth making her eyes open wide in shock. She began to enjoy it as their tongues fought each other. She wanted more, this was her first experience of having this type of relationship and she wanted more of it.

Casion's hands moved into Sora's pants and pulled out his bulging rod waiting to burst. She gasped as she saw the pulsing veins and sheer size of it, she knew from her network that this thing will invade her soon and she shivered in pleasure at the thought of it.

"Ah~ Sora.. I can't wait no more.." m.o.a.ned Casion after she pulled away from the kiss.

"Hn." Sora pulled out his hand from her slit and placed the head of his rod at her entrance. "This will hurt a bit," Sora warned as he slowly pushed his rod into her.

"Mmmah!" Her walls clenched onto Sora's rod from him invading her, causing her tightness to increase. He was completely engulfed by her and to such an extent where he was even closer to experiencing bliss.

Casion's legs wrapped around Sora's waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Sora moved forward and placed his lips on her neck giving it slight kisses going from her neck to her cheek and finally to her lips which elicited more m.o.a.ns from the already c.u.m.m.i.n.g Casion.

He moved his h.i.p.s in quickly and pulled out slowly making Casion feel great pleasure.

The soft sounds of Sora's body making contact with Casion's body and the squelching sounds aroused Sora even more than he currently was. Casion had already lost herself to the pleasure that Sora had given to her, leaving everything up to Sora to do.

Sora continued pumping in and out of Casion for 2 hours straight before finally getting ready to let his load out. They were both covered in sweat and Casion had even orgasmed 13 times from pure pleasure.

Sora thought ahead as he before he let his juices into Casion, he decided to not risk it and removed the Ki from his genitals and released his hot c.u.m inside Casion.

"AHHH!~" Casion grabbed a fistful of Sora's hair and bit down onto his shoulder, as she also orgasmed with Sora. Casion's h.i.p.s buckled and her whole body shook in pleasure as she almost lost consciousness for the first time. Her legs that had latched onto Sora got tighter before finally going limp and falling off to the side on the bed.

Sora laid her back down on the bed as he looked at her beautiful smile. Her chest moved up and down, sweat ran down her body and her bottom lips were covered in each other's juices. A slight enticing and enthralling scent similar to roses infiltrated Sora's nose as he inhaled a bit more before sighing. "Maybe this was too much for her first time.."

Without saying another word, Sora picked her up and took her to the bathroom with him to take a shower and remove the odor and liquids from there bodies.

"That was pretty great wouldn't you say?"

"Hmm.. I don't know. I might need to do it again just to be sure. Heh heh."

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(3 more months later)

Sora's wild night with Casion had already reached the ears of the others the day after they did the deed, and they too wanted that to happen to them. Of course they even involved their own fetishes to the menu but Sora didn't shy down of course. One of them was even an M and Sora didn't mind taking the S part for the adventure. (A/N: *Cough* *Cough* Blonde Launch *cough*)

Today was the last day Sora will spend on earth before finally going on his trip. Sora's stress did eventually go down a bit but he couldn't shake off the feeling that something was shackling him.

Everyone living in the house with Sora were the only ones that had gathered today to send Sora off. Which consisted of only Bulma, Launch, Chi-Chi, Mai, Casion and even the recently new addition to the house, 18!

"So I have everything ready in these capsules, right Bulma?" Sora asked as he waved the little package that contained five capsules carrying food. Even if not needed due to Food Pills, it is always refreshing to taste good food every once in a while.

"Yes! Now be quick about this trip. I still have more ideas I want to discuss with you," mentioned Bulma.

"Yeah yeah," Sora asnwered waving his hand. He looked away from Bulma who was trying hard to put up a strong front and not cry. "So anyone else want to say anything?" Sora added.

"No, just leave already," snickered 18. She didn't even dare meet Sora's eyes since she had an inexplicable feeling in her, she didn't know how to describe. She was one of the most advance creations of Dr. Gero, and even then she didn't how to explain her own feelings.

Launch and Mai bit their lips holding in what they wanted to say with tears forming in the corner of their eyes. Fearing that they might start crying loudly once they opened their mouths to say a single word.

"You have to make sure to eat a lot, alright? Make sure to come back soon so you can continue your medical career!" Chi-Chi yelled with tears in her eyes.

Nodding toward Chi-Chi with a calm smile, Sora looked at everyone gathered and, like every time before he leaves, he kissed each girl before waving goodbye.

"Alright, I will see you beauties another day." Sora flew into the sky before finally making it out of earth and out of sight from everyone.


"Tch. He still owes me that date.. so he better come back safe."


"Seems like brother-in-law has finally left, right Vegeta?" asked Tights rubbing sweetly her stomach.

"Yeah, it seems like it," Vegeta looked at the smiling Tights who had a bulging stomach before turning to look in Sora's direction and thinking, 'Is he the Legendary Super Saiyan? I will train my son to be stronger than him, and if not, then Kakarot should do.'


"Mom, uncle just left! Why didn't you let me see him off?" asked Gohan who was sparring with his mom.

"He will come back in a couple of weeks. No need to be worried or in a rush. Now focus on training so that we can create that Dojo I've always wanted, and do you have the papers for the enrollment of that one school? You know I need someone who knows how to do the calculations." Ram retorted as she threw multiple pebbles at Gohan at rapid speeds.

"Yes mom.."


"Master has just left Frisk," informed Piccolo.

"Roar! I have a feeling master will come back stronger than before," Frisk stated as he continued staring at the afro-man who was running around pulling a truck that was strapped onto him with relative ease.

"That's just how he is.."


After leaving earth, Sora landed on the moon and thought about where he should go now, 'Okay, so first, I have to leave the proximity of everyones Ki Range up until the point where I also can't feel them.After that, I will continue traveling to one direction until I see a planet or something.' Sora flew at fast speeds for 3 days until he can finally no longer feel anyones Ki.

"Okay, where to now?"



Name: Sora

Age: 32 (504,326)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Type: Normal