Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 43 The Rejection

After traveling for over two months at full speed in space, Sora eventually grew closer to the edge of the universe as he continued traveling in a straight line. Not encountering a single Ki signature or planet on the way really made him hopeless and sad. However Sora took these two months as an advantage while he was traveling.

He put his body into autopilot mode and went into his memory palace. He scoured through his memories reviewing everything and coming up with new ideas. Sora even remembered to change the cultivation technique that doesn't fit his continuous changing body.

So changing the Bone Tempering Art was not his only problem.

He moved himself back into his body and controlled it.

Endless darkness... only tiny lights lit up the darkness that encompassed Sora's vision. "From what I feel, the edge of the universe is only a couple of miles away," mentioned Sora.

Sora was astonished that this universe actually had an edge, this completely debunked his theory on how the universe is ever so expanding at unimaginable speeds. Either that or, someone or something is keeping this universe from expanding on further, another theory he had prepared unless the first was wrong.

Arriving at the edge of the universe, Sora only saw even more endless darkness and its respective tiny lights. With curiosity blooming in his mind, Sora took a step forward and felt something strange.

'The edge of the universe, what secrets does it hold,' thought Sora when he arrived back at his previous location.

"Dongxuan Sutra" Sora activated Dongxuan Sutra and once again walked through to the edge and noticed an insurmountable amount of riples around himself repelling him and sending him back a step. "So it is an actual wall..."

He took a step back and used a Void Art, which could shatter space for a split second, Void's suction.

He placed his left hand next to his left hip and absorbed Ki through that hand. And to be able to absorb Ki in space Sora had to leak Ki to be able to absorb in Ki. This caused a sort of suction to occur on his left palm and the space began to shake slightly. Which was only visible with Dongxuan Sutra still running.

He bent his knees, pulled and worked the necessary muscles to bring out the full potential of this palm strike he will use.

He pushed his hand as fast as he could and clenched his finger. The rebound of trying to break space was a very dangerous thing. The shards of broken space distorted Sora's body and made many cuts on his body. Before the space can fix itself, Sora jumped through the broken space and emerged through the other side all bloodied.

He was the very image of a man of war, bloodied, cuts on the body and the determination eminent in his eyes. His will to keep going was strong.

Astonishing filled Sora's eyes as he saw multiple planets already fill his vision. "This is pretty amazing... hoh? That's amazing, saiyans?"

That's right, Sora was seeing Saiyans, all populating a planet. A ton were flying around the planet doing what they had to do. They were all laughing and enjoying a good time.

"Saiyans can have a good time besides fighting?" Sora muttered as he continued looking at what was occurring down in the planet.

Flying down to witness more of what was going on in this planet, Sora forgot about his current appearance and landed down.

"Wow, pretty lively place. A ton of smiling faces.." Sora mentioned as he saw everyone havinga great time and purposely ignoring those that look at him strangely from his dishelved appearance.

One of whom openly pointed out and ridiculed Sora's appearance, "What is wrong with that man? Is he homeless? Or did he come back from helping the patrol?"

Another man noticing his friend's remarks added in, "Shh! The man seems to have a negligible Power. There is no way he was part of the patrol. Plus the patrol always has spare clothes ready for their members."

"He looks terrible, as if he came back from a fight or something.."

"He was probably beaten up not that long ago then.. heh serves him right, with so little strength he has."

Hearing the remarks of the two people, Sora turned his head and eyed the two as he mocked, "Your both so weak, go indulge in your fantasies gathered else. Trying to gauge my strength when yours is so pitiful makes my pride hurt."

"What was that?" barked the man as he let his Ki out to intimidate Sora.

"Hey, calm down, the authorities might come over here if you raise your Ki," warned his friend.

The man didn't bother to listen to his friend and just powered up even more. People got attracted to the commotion of a clamoring man and the beat up homeless looking Sora.

They wanted to help out Sora who was already badly damaged, but they couldn't move a single step forward since the man threatening Sora was one of the powerful warriors of the planet.

Sora didn't know what to do, he just got here and slightly mocked the man and he got mad. He was only fighting fire with fire. What is this? A drama? Sora continued looking at the man that rushed at him and tried punching him.

Before the punch could even connect, Sora's body was covered in a silver glow, appeared behind the man and chopped down his neck completely knocking him out.

The glow around Sora's body disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and looked at the unconscious man on the ground.

"He can't even at least follow me with his eyes? Pathetic," Sora snickered.

He kicked the body of the unconscious man to his friend, Sora eyed the frightened man carefully before turning and walking away.


Two girls in the crowd who saw the display were very astounded by what had just happened. Expecially one of the girls who had wild hair in a porcupine manner.

"Kale! Did you see that? That man is so powerful and really fast! I couldn't even see when he hit him or moved."

"Y-yeah," answered Kale as she stared at Sora's back who was leaving.

"Come on! Maybe he can help us get stronger!"

Caulifla ran after Sora pulling Kale by the hand. However it proved useless since they lost sight of Sora and can no longer find him.

"Where did he go Kale?" Caulifla didn't know where the mysterious man could have just disappeared in such short amount of time.

"H-he.. he's.." stuttered Kale. She had lost sight of Sora once Caulifla had pulled her to look for him.

She couldn't wrap her mind around how Sora had just disappeared without a trace. Caulifla got a bit disheartened at the thought that she couldn't ask him to train her now but will keep looking for him.

In fact she had an idea where could be right now, 'Maybe...'


"Why don't these Saiyans have tails? They are obviously Saiyans. They have similar structures to Vegeta and Goku," Sora was curious about how they didn't have any tails. What kind of weird world is this where Saiyans don't have their pride with them. 'Am I the only actual Saiyan? Ignoring the fact that I have a different bloodline as well. Damn Vegeta, the 'prince of all Saiyans' also removed his tail. What prince?

If he was the prince of all saiyans, at least keep the pride of the saiyans goddamnit.'

*Sniff Sniff*

Sora's nose was assaulted by a terrible smell that came off his body. He couldn't believe he smelled so bad, not being able to take a bath for two months is really something, and then having his own body covered in blood. Especially in space where smell doesn't really work. "Ughh, I have to shower, pretty sure the inhabitants of this world won't let me use their baths."

Sora walked out of the town he was in and walked into the forest where he knew there will be a lake he could clean himself in.

The forest was very empty since all wildlife was eaten by the saiyans and their voracious appetites. Now they even had to rely on their patrols to get more food for them.

Sora found a lake deep into the forest and removed his clothes as he looked into the pristine and clear water. "Welp, there goes the clean water... sorry tail-less saiyans, but I already don't like you."

"Haaah," Sora exhaled as he relaxed his body in the water and his wounds from the broken space healed after being cleaned out.

Sora's muscular body was reconstructed itself as he slowly pulled in the life energy of the surrounding trees into his body.

He got out of the lake and put back on his pants and began to do his usual Tai Chi training while thinking about what he should train in next.

"Wow! Look Kale! He's training!"

The voice broke Sora out of his thoughts, which he then focused on. "Your too loud, if you're going to be spying on me at least be quiet. If not, pull a chair and watch me on the sidelines."

Caulifla instantly jumped out of the bushes without a shred of shame. Kale followed behind timidly and sat on the ground admiring Sora's training.

Sora not stopping his movements continued, "By the way, who are you both?"

"Me? I am Caulifla! And I aim to be the strongest," announced the spiky haired Caulifla. "And this person next to me is Kale."

"How come she doesn't tell me herself?" pointed out Sora.

Caulifla didn't know what to say, on one hand she could just tell the man that Kale is a very shy person, on the other hand she wanted Kale to tell him herself. She looked at Sora and then to Kale who was looking at the man with an amazed expression as he trained.

Kale, who was watching Sora train with amazement, was subtly nudged by Caulifla. She turned to look at her with a curious expression and saw her moving her head in Sora's direction.

"Tell him yourself Kale, about why you didn't tell him your name," whispered Caulifla.

Kale nervously looked at Caulifla and moved her gaze back to Sora and nodded to Caulifla's words.

Mustering up all her courage, Kale spoke up, "I-I.. I'm a shy person.."

Still continuing his movements Sora looked at her through the corner of his eyes and thought, 'A saiyan... who is timid... what? That's new.'

"Hmm.. well it doesn't matter if you are shy, as a saiyan, you will eventually get over it. So don't worry about it Kale," consoled Sora as he finished up the last few moves.

Kale was moved by Sora's words and she was glad she spoke up, even if for a couple of seconds.

"So why are you both here?" Sora added.

Finally seeing the time to say what they had come to ask, Caulifla took a step forward and proclaimed, "We came to look for you."

"And why is that?" Sora was curious about this. He arrived on this planet just today and someone was already looking for him. Did he have a counterpart here?

"We saw you fight earlier in town against Starch and you defeated him so easily," joyfully mentioned Caulifla.

"And that's why you are looking for me? You want me to train you or something?"

"Yes! I want you to train me and Kale."

Sora thought about it for a moment and decided to reject them because he came here to relax. After all, it took 2 months to travel, what he wanted to do currently was just relax. "No. I'll have to reject."



Name: Sora

Age: 32 (504,326)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake



Golden Snake

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,000,000

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)

Ki Type: Normal