Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 44 Woah We Dont Do That Here.

"No, I can't, and I won't, train you."

It has been six days since Sora has been on this planet named Sadala, similar to the planet he was on when he was literally just brought into the world but then shipped off.

Sora has been denying to train Caulifla and Kale all these six days. In fact when he tried to sleep, the girls left for a few minutes before returning with sleeping bags and continued asking while he tried to sleep. Eventually they started sleep talking as well.

The next day Sora decided to make a simple house when the girls were gone. He began to regret it now since the girls noticed the obvious change in the forest and were amazed. Now they began asking about that as well.

"How old are you both? You keep nagging me as if you are ten year olds," remarked Sora.

"Seventeen years old!" Caulifla like always yelled out with a ton of energy.

"Si-sixteen.." stuttered Kale.

"Don't you have something better to do?"

"No! I was planning to join a gang and then beat the boss to be the boss, but then you showed up," said Caulifla whilst shaking her head at Sora's question.

To cut a girl's dream short, what a weird sensation, especially when they're happy about it. "What about you Kale? Got anything different from her?"

Kale bobbed her head up and down as she responded, "Y-yes.. to follow her."

Sora was at a loss, one girl had her own ambitions and the other just wants to follow. Nothing wrong with that, the problem was that they were joining a gang. What are they thinking? As a previous, lecherous old man, and grandfather, how can he let these two.. cute... strong... young.. *cough.. girls just be part of a gang?

"Anyways no, I won't train you both... my sanity is in danger.." said Sora with the last part being inaudible.

"Pretty please! Just train us and we will stop bothering you. You will just have to worry about us being trained." Caulifla wants Sora to train her so that she can be stronger. Strength, and what comes with it, is what she admires the most.

Kale herself wanted to be trained because the beauty of the technique that Sora had used was beautiful and soft. It was gentle like her personality and it attracted her to it.

"Please train us!" Kale spoke up.

Sora and Caulifla were both astounded by her speaking up. Caulifla was the most astonished because she had been with her for most of her life. They were basically childhood friends.

"Kale..." Caulifla was moved so she continued, "please train us!"

Having both ask him to train them really made Sora sad, now he couldn't rest and will have to accept them. "Fine! I will train you. It won't be for long though, I will eventually leave. Both of you won't be able to follow either."

'Why didn't I just leave? *mental sigh* I don't know anymore..'



Shaking his head at Caulifla's and Kale's responses to him accepting, Sora smiled and just decided to bring hell to them through training.

"We will start tomorrow. Today, I just want to rest."

Both girls nodded and left very happily.


In a closed off world where no person could ever reach, unless they have the help of a special being or technique. There, on the surface of the vibrant and lone world, stood two beings all alone.

One being a female humanoid with pale blue skin, violet eyes, and long white hair in a high ponytail. She carries a long scepter, with a gem that floats above it, on her right hand. Around her slender pale blue neck levitates a large light blue ring.

The other being was a purple cat-like humanoid that was plump and had a short tail. He wears clothing which resembles that of the ancient Egyptian royalty, complete with a red and pink collar with white linings on both edges, corresponding with the female being, his attendant. He also wears golden bangles and arm rings, as well as an earring, which was pierced in his right ear.

The pale blue female begins, "Lord Champa. There seems to have been a breach to our universe."

The purple cat, known as Lord Champa, was baffled by what his attendant had said. Someone breaching through universe isn't against the rules, however usually the being has to go through the Kais in order to do this. When a being doesn't go through this process the only possible punishment that can be given is returning them to their home universe. Repeating the offense will make the wrongdoer be killed by a God of Destruction.

"Wh-what is that?!" asked Champa in mild anger.

"The barrier that separates both universe 6 and universe 7, had a hole made on it for 0.46 seconds. It seems he crossed that hole in that time and miraculously survived," explained the attendant calmly.

"What? Vados, do you think my brother did it?" Champa asks in curiosity and fear, for his food can be taken at any moment.

"I doubt it was Lord Beerus, Lord Champa. He has his Angel attendant with him. This breach is caused by a mortal being residing in universe 7," fascination flashed through her eyes as she explained to the chubby cat.

"How dare he trespass on to my, Lord Champa's, universe! Tell me more about this.. mortal," Champa was angry and intrigued by this being that had trespassed into his universe.

Lightly tapping her scepter on the ground caused a screen to appear on the gem of her scepter which showed a picture of the transgressor- Sora.

Vados, the pale blue woman, explained what the trespasser looks like with interest growing in her eyes, "He resembles a saiyan from our universe, apart from having golden eyes and a tail of course. What will you do in respects to this Lord Champa?"

Champa was really intrigued by this being that had crossed universes without the help of any angel by his side. Looking different from the average saiyan of his universe, what makes him look and be different that way? Are all saiyans in the other universe like this?

"Keep an eye on him for now, I will allow him to stay in my universe just this once. If he kills people or takes food from my universe and eats it, I will personally kill him. Heh heh," chuckled Champa.

"Yes Lord Champa," Vados nodded her head and continued looking at Sora's image, 'what a fascinating fellow..'


Training the two girls was easy, having the time to train them and balancing it out with rest was difficult.

Sora decided to just relax using Tai Chi as he overlooked their training which makes full use of their muscles.

"Caulifla keep your left leg firm and planted on the ground as you raise your right leg," instructed Sora as he continued his Tai Chi movements.

Kale really wanted to learn the set of moves that Sora demonstrated each morning and evening. There was a certain finesse that kept attracting her, the calmness that exuded from each set of move. She even asked Caulifla whether she liked or was attracted to the moves Sora did but only said that as long as it makes her stronger, she will like it. It irked her, her only friend didn't think nothing of the moves demonstrated, she hardened her resolve and decided to ask Sora to learn the move set, "Uhmm.. Mister? Can you teach me that?"

"Mister? Makes me feel old just hearing that.. I haven't told you girls my name, right? It's Sora, just call me that.

As for this move set," Sora paused and thought about it. There was no importance to the Tai Chi moves for him besides calming down his mind and giving him a sense of comfort. Passing it on to Kale was not much of a problem, in fact, it could probably even get rid of her shy personality. He continued, "yeah, you can learn Tai Chi. This will be very beneficial for you actually."

"Really? That's great," she hopped around in great enthusiasm as she looked forward to being taught the technique that has captivated her since day one.

"Yeah, just let me attune it to your energy and your body size," Sora explained casting Dongxuan Sutra and getting a 'feel' of how her body is and looking at her energy.

'That energy...' Sora noticed that Kale's energy was a different color compared to the usual color of Ki every being has, besides Frost Demons. It was actually in green color and was very violent and strong. "Kale, can you make a Ball of Ki real quick?"

Nodding to Sora's request, Kale made a Ball of Ki. It was the usual whitish blue ball of Ki as every other being had.

'That's weird, let me copy this energy for now..' Sora used Dongxuan Sutra once more and copied the green energy that traveled around Kale's body. He felt no change whatsoever, the energy just seemed to hover next to Sora's own Ki. 'Hmm.. well she's a saiyan, maybe it has something to do with being a super saiyan or something...'

He put off the thought for another time as he kept that energy next to his Ki. Unbeknownst to Sora and the two girls, a strand of his golden stands of hair, between all the black hair, turned green.

"I have most of everything I need now, just give me a few seconds Kale.." mentioned Sora as he went into his mindscape and scaled Tai Chi to her body size.

"Okay," answered Kale.

A few seconds later Sora opened his eyes and placed a finger on her forehead as he relayed the moves to her mind.

The influx of information made Kale weak in the legs as she gave in and fell on her knees. Caulifla watched everything from the side while training and looked at Kale in worry. Both have been together for a long time and worrying about each other was normal, but on the level of helping, that was different for both.

Sora took a couple of steps back after transferring everything into her mind and waited for her to stand up.

Opening her eyes in happiness and wonder as she maintained her gaze on Sora. She was so happy for the fact that she could now train in the technique that could make one so calm, she needed it for whenever she felt so nervous. Wonder touched upon her eyes as she continued looking at the man in front of her, who seemed to contain everything in his fingertips. He was shrouded in mystery which only served to attract her more and more as she witnesses his feats. "What was that just now?"

Chuckling at her change of attitude, Sora answered, "That was a technique I had made when I was around 4 or so.. pretty neat right?"

"Un. It was pretty amazing. All of that knowledge just seemed to appear in my mind as if I had learnt it myself," stressed Kale as she closed her eyes and thought of the moves.

Caulifla, who had been standing on the sidelines the entire time, approached them and wondered what they were doing, "Hey hey, what are you guys chatting about? Strong moves?"

"No, nothing of the sort Caulifla. Here. You two should wear this weighted clothes. It will help your strength grow the longer you have it worn," Sora materialiezed a set of Gi similar to Gokus and handed it over to the two girls who were mesmerized by the materialization technique. Both for different reasons entirely.

"Great! Growing stronger is a good thing!" Yelled Caulifla as she took the Gi with great effort and instantly changed in front of Sora with no shame.

Kale's face reddened to the point where her ears were red as well and she tried to stop Caulifla trying to remind her of Sora's presence. Sora smiled deviantly as he eyed her smooth and slender body slip out of the clothes she had on and put on the Gi, 'only a matter of time..'


Name: Sora

Age: 32 (504,326)

Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake


Saiya-jin (%99), Legendary Saiya-jin (%1)

Golden Snake

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,005,000

Ki Type: Normal (%99), Legendary (%1)

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)