Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 45

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 45 Headless Chicken

After waking up and having the girls train, Sora made his way back inside to the small house and began working on the Dongxuan Sutra which showed signs of breaking through.

Having stayed in the eighth tier for so long, Sora has finally decided to attempt and go for the ninth tier of the Dongxuan Sutra. He found out something interesting along his growth of Ki within his body, the more Ki that fills his body, the easier that it is to go up a level for Dongxuan Sutra.

Ki was a another variant and diluted version of life energy, showing why most that have a natural abundance or have gained more Ki throughout their lives can live longer than those with less Ki. The Dongxuan Sutra itself grows more according to the amount of life energy/Ki there is residing inside the body.

Thanks to the green energy that has dubbed itself the name of Legendary, and changing the Saiyan bloodline into the Legendary Saiyan, the Ki in him has grown and loosened up the block.


The sound of breaking through to the ninth tier resounded within the litte makeshift house of Sora's. The house was flooded with a potent smell of life and nature as everything was blown away. Sora's senses expanded and became even better allowing his natural senses to go up a level.

Besides the technique of Minute Subtlety, the realm of minute subtlety for the senses was also hit. Sora can see an ant clearly and all the details of it from miles away as if he was looking at it from under a magnifying glass.

"Great! Seems that I have made a new- who's there!?" yelled out Sora.

With his new heightened senses, Sora was more aware of gazes sent his way and intents. Right now was one of those moments.

Looking around for a moment, Sora couldn't find the presence of the person who was looking at him. As soon as he yelled out the feeling of being looked upon disappeared as quick as it had appeared.

"Who was it?" asked Sora in wonder with his careful gaze examining his surroundings, "or WHAT was it.."

Walking out of his small house after careful observation that lasted for a minute, Sora saw that no one was outside of his house. Neither were the girls who were supposed to be training.

"Ohya? Where have they gone to now?" Sora scratched the back of his head and went to town to look for them.


"Impressive," Vados said as she stopped looking at Sora, "he can sense my gaze on him. Just how strong is he? Should I talk to him and make him a candidate?"

Vados' evident smile broadened a bit more as she happily thought about training the next candidate for the position of God of Destruction.

"Should I get 'THAT' guy to test him?"


(1 hour ago)

"Okay, you girls can begin the training I set up for you. I will go back to my little house and 'rest' so don't bother me," Sora walked into his house leaving the two to train alone.

After Sora was out of sight, Kale asked Caulifla in worry, "Do you think Sora is alright?"

Continuing her violent and solid moves, Caulifla answered, "He looked fine to me."

"What if he's not," asked Kale, "what if he is hurt? Remember when he was covered in blood in town?"

Caulifla nodded as Sora's bloodied figure appeared in her mind and made her shudder.

"We should find a way to make him better, lets go to town and get food or medicine from the outside travelers." Kale was ready to leave and get medicine for Sora and help him get better, "and if you think it's no big deal, you know that if he can't teach you to his fullest, your strength won't improve."

Caulifla's eyes open widely, stopped training as she ran to Kale and then took her by the arm leaving the little training space. On the way Caulifla yelled out, "Oh! I also have something to do in the village, I'll accompany you!"

Arriving at the village in a couple of minutes, the two girls walked around looking for the traders that held medicine.

"Do you have the money for it Kale?" inquired Caulifla as she looked at the goods of every vendor.

"Yeah, I saved a lot of money you know. For whenever you or I got hurt, we can go to the medical shop," explained Kale.

Both kept walking and finally found the vendor they were looking for, but before they could continue. A big shadow enveloped both of them as an arrogant voice made its way to their ears, "Who would've thought that the girl that was going to be our boss quit."

Both Caulifla and Kale scooched closer to each other as they glared at the people surrounding them. A total of seven, which included the person that spoke arrogantly, Starch.

Starch had come back for revenge after being knocked out without knowing what had happened. His pride was hurt and he could hardly show his face in front of his friends who kept making fun of his encounter with the mysterious man. Finding out from his connections that the two girls standing in front of him, were being trained by the man he hates.

"Caulifla, me and the gang really thought you were going to lead us. Now you are under the man that thrashed me around and you as my boss did nothing about it?" yelled Starch.

Gnashing her teeth at what Starch said, Caulifla retaliated, "Who told you to be so weak, huh? I followed and trained under the man who defeated you because he is strong."


"Shut up! Now get rid of these people so I can be on my way now," ordered Caulifla as she walked up to Starch and glared at him.

Starch lost his composure as he stumbled back and almost fell before looking back up and regaining his bearings. He began arrogantly once again, "I can't do that at all... Caulifla. You see.. I am no longer your underling and have to listen to you. Besides, I went to all this trouble to gather these scary and strong men from my brother, I can't just send them back."

Caulifla and Kale both glared at Starch angrily before turning to look at each other and nodding."Starch if you don't get out of our way, we will beat you until you leave us."

Smiling at what they were trying to do, Starch look at the six men standing to the sides and nodded. They all approached Caulifla and Kale with menacing glares along with lecherous grins. Starch knew that if he took the girls as hostages, that the man that had beaten him would appear to take them back. All it would take was time, he would appear to retrieve them and he would do it by begging him.

"You know.. I can't stop what these guys do to you girls. They are stronger than me, stronger than both of you, and obviously stronger than your master. Kehe. I can persuade them if you beg to me," elaborated Starch as he tried acting benevolent only to earn spit on the face from both the girls. "You pair of s.l.u.ts! Take 'em boys!"

The six men grunted as they approached the two girls. Kale was trembling but had her eyes set on getting out of this situation through fighting, whilst Caulifla was giving a broad grin as she got into stance ready to send out a punch at a moments notice.

Once the two men got three feet close to the girls, they found themselves embedded into the ground. Kale and Caulifla ran to the other four, Kale fought the right two and Caulifla fought the left two. Two of them once again found themselves kicked up into the air before receiving a punch to the solar plexus knocking the air out of them and sent flying away.

"How are they so strong?!" Starch was afraid of their strength, just a few days ago he was above their strength levels and now they can even compete against someone who is stronger than him. Unbelievable! "Quick! What are you six fools doing!"

The last two looked at each other and nodded before turning back to both Kale and Caulifla simultaneously yelling out, ""Ape's Thunder!!""

Both men hit put their arms above their chests and pointed their palms at each other before the Ki came of their hands. The two beams of Ki met each other mid air and collided, the friction of their collision turn the concentrated Ki into lightning and shooting it off to the side in the direction of the girls.

The girls looked to the sides to jump out of the way, but the four men that they had knocked out earlier were up already. The men blocked Caulifla's and Kale's only way out of the attack, "Damn! Time to fight blasts with blasts Kale! HA!"


The collision of the three blasts were at a standstill, neither of the attacks were advancing at all. That is, until one of the men knocked out earlier joined the two who had used the 'Ape's Thunder' attack. He sent his own Ki attack into it and made it stronger pushing back both the girls.

"Sora values his.. pride.. grr... we can't lose here Kale. If we do, we might... gah.. make him hate us for tarnishing his pride. AHH!" Caulifla tried her best to keep and try to beat the attack but to not avail as the attack only got closer.

""AHHH!!"" Two loud yells came from the girls as they were overrun by the attack. After being hit by the attack, both were laying on the ground unconscious, burnt, occasional electricity running over their body as they twitched every now and them.

'Sor.. ra.... save..' thought Kale before everything went dark.

Starch was on edge this whole time, if they had managed to get out of that pincer attack, who knows what could have happened to him! Luckily he managed to wake up the other four earlier and getting them to block the girls exit sending them to their doom.

"Now all that is left to do is to tie up these girls and take them back to the hideout," mentioned Starch before pointing at two of the men and continuing, "you two can do it. Bring them quick to the hideout before some of the patrol make their way here to the commotion we created. Luckily they are a terrible patrol and are slow. Hurry it up!"

Both men nodded and took some rope from an empty stand nearby and wrapped it around the bodies of both girls. If this plan goes according to as how they thought, they would be able to have their way with the two girls while the man who humiliated their boss' little brother cried and repented off to the side.

"Hurry it up you two! My brother wants to treat me to dinner. I'll put in a good word-"

Starch's words were cut short as his head flew up in the air spewing blood everywhere. Everyone within the vicinity looked on in fear into the eyes of the flying head as they weak willed vomited and pissed themselves. 'What's happening? Why am I up in the air? Why are you to looking at me scared? Did I finally establish myself into someone dignifying in their heads? Serves them right.. why does that body look so familiar and... why is it... head..'

A cold and emotionless voice made its way into the ears of everyone in the surrounding as the head made contact with the ground with a loud 'THUD!' enciting everyone to regain control and focus on the voice. "Filthy bastard. I am disappointed that saiyans on this planet are like this as well. Well, that's my fault for getting my hopes up, I guess human physiology isn't the only similarities we have... human nature as well."




Race: Mixed Golden Saiya-jin Snake


Saiya-jin (%15), Legendary Saiya-jin (%85)

Golden Snake

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,425,000

Ki Type: Normal (%15), Legendary (%85)

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)