Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 46 Bone :

Sora had killed Starch, Starch's brother, and all their underlings to stop them from ever coming back in the future for revenge. Something which he was not looking forward to since he will always be above their strength levels.

He walked back home carrying the conscious girls that kept pretending to be out like a light. Materializing bandages and taking out some alcohol from his supplies, Sora disinfected their wounds and sprayed the alcohol on them causing the girls to yelling out loudly in pain.


After spraying alcohol onto their wounds, Sora wrapped them in bandages to prevent further superficial damages. Both girls moved once they were covered in bandages and kneeled in front of Sora in shame.

"What were you both thinking?" questioned Sora as he looked at the bandaged girls kneeling in front of him. Both held guilty expressions on their face as they kept their head down, not daring to meet Sora's scrutinizing gaze.


Seeing as they didn't want to answer the question Sora changed his method of approach, "Why did you both leave instead of continuing your training?"

Kale was the first to speak up as she raised her head and looked into Sora's Golden eyes. She faltered for a second but not before speaking out what she thought in a barely audible voice that Sora could still here.

"We.. we thought that you were sick or injured, that's why we left.. so we can get medicine for you," she muttered.

"What made you girls think I was sick?" Sora asked in confusion as he thought back to any moment when he had ever coughed or felt ill in front of both girls.

"You seemed tired this morning and the first time when we saw you, you were covered in blood from head to toe," mentioned Caulifla with her usual spunk gone from her sad tone. "We believed you might have been still recovering.."

Surprise flashed through Sora's eyes as he witnessed the usually haughty Caulifla being quiet. The earlier event must have affected her a lot if her personality had changed this much in just a few hours after receiving a beat down.

"*sigh* Well it doesn't matter now, but seeing as how you still got defeated by someone of that caliber, I will have to make your training more difficult," revealed Sora as he grinned evilly at the girls' direction as he walked away.

Both girls shivered in excitement and awaited the training regiment that will make them stronger. Of course that shiver of delight cause them to wince in pain from moving.


Kale was shocked and happy as realization hit her that she had SHIVERED in anticipation to get stronger when Sora had mentioned it, 'I am finally changing like I wanted...'


In a planet that seemed to sit in outer edges of the universe, a pale blue woman spoke, "If I want to send him 'THAT' guy, then I need to consult this mystery man first as to not incur his wrath."

Vados was ready to send in, THE guy that she had found a year ago, to Sora's direction to test his limits and evaluate whether he is God of Destruction material. And as to not incur the spite of the man, she decided to go consult him to warn him what she was about to do and as to why she will be doing it. Although she had other thoughts as well...

The purple plump cat, known as Champa, walked up to Vados after finishing his meal and began asking, "Vados, is everything going well with that intruder? Has he eaten any of my food?"

"Everything is going well Lord Champa," answered Vados ignoring his last question that was irrelevant.

Satisfied with the answer he had received from the Angel attendant, Champa nodded and informed, "Good, I will take a short nap, wake me up in a couple of days to destroy some planets."

The plump cat had always liked his naps which he occasionally took only to wake up, destroy planets, and eat all the food he finds from those planets. He took joy from destroying the planets and pleasure from eating foods, something he had always cherished.

"Very well Lord Champa."


Sora walked away from the girls and entered his little house which was still in disorder from his recent breakthrough. He sat down in the middle of his house to enter his mind palace and before he continue so he could keep refining the Bone Tempering Technique. Which had major improvements done to it, Sora felt the same gaze, as last time, wander throughout his body.

Realizing that it is not going to be going away any time soon, Sora confronted the one looking at him, "If you are going to keep staring, then at least introduce yourself.."

A ray of light appeared in front of Sora as a tantalizing figure stepped out form the light and spoke, "My name is Vados, I am an angel that that guides and teaches Gods of Destruction their capabilities, as well as their attendant."

"Hmm.. an angel you say? I guess you aren't the type of angels I have grown to know," muttered Sora as he examined the figure in front of him with a calm smile. Running Dongxuan Sutra and noticing a mysterious energy within the woman, only to find out that he couldn't copy the energy currently, he continued, "with wings and a halo above their head. By the way, I am Sora."

"A common misconception given to us since we have never shown ourselves to the universe besides our God of Destruction candidates, and nice to meet you Sora," answered Vados.

Nodding at what she said, Sora stopped running Dongxuan Sutra as every attempt to copy her energy resulted in failure, he decided to get straight to the point, "Understandable. So why are you here... angel Vados?"

"To propose a fight between you and an assassin of this universe." Vados was ready to get the assassin to fight Sora at any given moment as soon as he says he is ready to fight.

"What is this fight for?" Sora knew nothing of what this woman claiming to be an angel was after, so asking in the most direct approach was best for him, "and what do you mean by THIS universe?"

"The fight is to determine if you are worthy to train under me as a God of Destruction," calmly responded Vados. "And by THIS universe, I mean universe 6. There are currently only 12 universe in existence right now, and you came from universe 7 Sora."

"Oh? That's pretty interesting, universe 7 huh? So what do I gain from this fight you are asking me to do?" asked Sora as he looked at Vados' never changing facial expression which only contained a faint smile.

"You get to receive the title of God of Destruction, granting you a very powerful energy which is based around destruction."

"Very appealing but no thanks, I will take on the fight of the assassin though. As long as I get to have you as the reward," lecherously proclaimed Sora as he looked her eyes which slightly shook.

"Oh? I can't be yours since I am someone else's attendant. If you refer to being yours as in a lovers' relationship, then I can't comply," her last few words seemed to carry some form of regret laced with sadness as she rejected his idea.

Vados was an angel, she knew that if she gets in a relationship with a being that ages and is not strong, then she will eventually grow sad once he dies of natural causes. That or her father, the grand priest, finds out and attempts to end his life, as well as her many brothers that will attempt to take his life to keep him away from her or her other sisters.

Knowing a bit of what she was currently thinking about from her minimal expression that she conveyed through her eyes, Sora knew that he will have to make a claim. Which will inevitably come true with him as the driving force behind it. "Hmm... how about this. When I manage to beat a God of Destruction without the use of any multiplier techniques or underhanded tricks and only strength, you will be mine."

"I will await the day that occurs," Vados' eyes shined for a brief moment as she nodded and continued, "the assassin will be sent at a random day, which could be tomorrow, could be next week, could be next year, so until then. Goodbye!"

"She's a head turner for sure," murmured Sora still attracted her figure even after seeing that she had left.

Breaking out of his stupor, Sora finally thought back to her last words, "an assassin huh? I guess I should hurry and integrate with this Legendary Ki then."

Sora, still sitting down on the ground, focused on turning his regular Ki in to green Legendary Ki, boosting his power. Time seemed to slowly pass by as his energy slowly turned into a green color that exuded strength and berserk like energy.


A green cloud of energy came out of Sora's body as it dissipated into the surroundings. Sora's remaining Golden strands of hair turned into Golden Green Hair strands. His golden eyes had a green ripple representing his newfound source of Ki energy.

"Fuwaah~ Now that the energy problem is out of the way, time to finish doing the Bone Tempering Art. First of all, it needs to have the strength of a Dragon, to show one of my bloodlines, giving it a huge boost. As well as the strength of the Great Ape, demonstrating my Saiya-jin heritage."

Sora went on ahead and went into his mind palace as he pulled out his work and reviewed once more the information he had gathered on his constitution and how it was made up. Using the correct moves and the appropriate exercise to pull out all of its possible strength. Excavating all the potential of the bones and making them tougher in the process to strengthen the blood.

After strengthening the blood, that blood will inadvertently let out strength that will make the strength of the user grow. So besides using a body strengthening technique to be stronger, one uses a bone strengthening technique to further on that natural abundance of strength.

Thus creating the ultimate Bone Tempering Technique, the;

[True Dragon Ape God Bone Art (Auxiliary)]

[-Once user begins to train in this art, attacks will be quick. Will take great effort to place damage onto the bones.

-Bodies skeleton can move up the strength and the defense of the body up realms. Ex: Body Cultivation: Qi Gathering Realm (Lower Grade)

(+0.5 Realm) -> Qi Gathering Realm (Upper Grade)

- Bones turn golden with Ancient Runic markings in red and black all throughout the skeleton. Blood turns golden to signify its successive tempering of the bones.

-Once trained to the peak, the bones themselves become godly treasures.]

Sora nodded as he looked at how his technique with the [Heavenly Vision Technique] and saw how it came out exactly how he had imagined. Now what he was missing is a Body Strengthening Technique, which won't be long until he manages to get one from killing or defeating a future enemy. Unless he manages to level up the system and unlock more of the shop function to be able to get better techniques.

"I will have to train in this tomorrow, right now I have made a great on what to do from now on. Creating a Cultivation Manual will be easy from all the knowledge I have acc.u.mulated through all these techniques, however just to be safe I need one more manual. To do that, I can switch out the [Stellar Transformations] with just the perfect one. The.. "




Race: Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Snake


Legendary Saiya-jin

Golden Snake

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,500,000

Ki Type: Legendary

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)