Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 47 Heaven Wha

"-SACRED SCRIPTURE!" Sora yelled out as he brought out the system interface and looked through the functions as he search for his desired one, Trading. He clicked on it and chose which technique he wanted to receive in return for switching out the other technique.

[Sacred Scripture (Martial World)]

(A/N: Since I can't find more info, I will shape this technique to the way I see fit. I will let it maintain its main functions, but I will make it more simpler and easier for ME to understand. HEH HEH, that's right! I said me, not you. lol Especially not DIO!)

[Half-Step God Rank (Mid Grade)]

"This is the best choice to go with since every time my eyes go over this technique, the Origin Dimensional Stone sitting in my inventory vibrates.

It makes sense since just reading this technique's details, it tells me that by cultivating this, it will make my inner world stronger and better. And if I am not wrong, If I cultivate this while holding the Origin Dimensional Stone in my hand, it could be absorbed into my body and I can get a 'Heavenly World', or what is also called, an inner world."

Sora made the decision to switch out the [Stellar Transformation Technique] as he clicked onto the [Sacred Scripture] icon and selected trade. He clicked on the [Sacred Scripture] icon once more and learnt how to cultivate it and what it does. Scrolling back into the inventory, Sora also noticed a new addition into it as he saw a holy black covered, yet ominous, book laying there.

[Sacred Scripture (Technique)]

[The Sacred Scripture, or Holy Scripture, is a supreme cultivation method that cultivates the inner world, which was to cultivate one's existence, cultivating one's life, and would lead to true reincarnation.

The Sacred Scripture uses 2 supreme concepts to cultivate the Grand Reincarnation Technique;

- The Concept of Life forms a pair with the concept of Death; it affects all aspects related to vitality such as stamina (during battles) and time needed to recover from injuries, feeling life and death in the process.

- The Concept of Death deals with all aspects of death such as aging, rotting, decay, and the final death of all living things.] (A/N: Yes, this is all from Fandom, I'm sorry for being too lazy to give my own description.. or am I?)

[Sacred Scripture (Book)]

[The Holy Scripture was a thick ancient book that had a black cover. And on its cover there were two incomparably old words - Holy Scripture.

This was created by Immortal Sovereign; the so-called ancestor of the Spiritas, and his unnamed wife.]

All the information related to the technique flashed into Sora's mind. His inner world, his essence, his body, mind, spirit, and/or soul, could not bare the consequences of cultivating a Concept/Law or Dao at his current level of strength, "This is a great boon! It also cultivates the Concepts/Laws of life and death. However, it seems I can't touch upon them until my Heavenly World reaches Six Ancient Suns,"

Pulling out the Origin Dimensional Stone from his system, Sora held it in his hand and sat down as he chanted the hymns that were in implanted into his mind. Great power emanated from the very words that were recited, the Dimensional Stone began shaking and turning into smoke as it entered Sora's nostrils and spread throughout his entire being.


Sora's body exploded with an unnatural power as he felt something in himself 'open' and reveal itself to him.

[Heavenly World gained!]

[World Energy gained!]

[Ancient Sun Forming!]

"Great. I have now integrated with the Origin Dimensional Stone and have gained a Heavenly World. It seems I have also gained something called 'World Energy' but I can't use it at all," mentioned Sora as he sent a look to the notifications and swatted them away.

Standing up, Sora focused his consciousness onto the 'open space' inside of himself and lightly tapped onto it with his conscious way as he disappeared from his location.

Appearing within his Heavenly World, Sora saw the tiny patch of land and the bright burning miniature Ancient Sun up in the empty void that held no stars. Sora peeked over the edge of his Heavenly World and peered down into the pitch black space that 'held' only his Heavenly World.

"This is just splendid," Sora said in wonder as he focused his attention back to the patch of land and the miniature Ancient Sun, "now I will be growing stronger now the more I cultivate this Sacred Scripture."

Sora sat down and looked through his [Inventory] once more and looked over everything he had left as his eyes crossed over something that caught his attention.

"Hmm? I still have those Black Flux Crystals, I should use them and not let them go to waste.." Sora pulled out all the thousand crystals from his inventory and dropped them onto the patch of land in an instant causing some of the crystals to almost fall off the ledge.

He sat down once more and began chanting, his knowledge seemed to deepening the more he chanted, focusing himself on every single word he uttered. The crystals were absorbed into the ground more rapidly than the Heavenly World itself would normally done.

The small patch of land began expanding at a fast rate and the Ancient Sun grew to immense proportions covering almost all of Sora's view almost not letting him be able to witness the second tiny Ancient Sun being formed, signifying the completion of his first Ancient Sun.

Even more potent and strong World Energy seemed to come out of Sora's body as it began to be emanated from him as if it were normal and revolve around him.

[First Ancient Sun Complete!]

[Basic Spear Techniques (Book) Rewarded!]

"One Ancient Sun complete.." exhaled Sora focusing his gaze onto his sun. He had no fear of going blind as his Ancient Sun was completely harmless to him.

Sora felt two energies within his body shake violently in an attempt to break free. After violently shaking for a couple of seconds, it broke off from it's original source and left Sora's body through his chest. He witnessed the two balls of energy leaving him, one was green in color whilst the other was an arrangement of many colors, some were calm and others were chaotic, "is that my Chaos Energy?! Then that means..! The green ball must be my Legendary Ki.."

Sora witnessed them float off towards his First Ancient Sun, the ball of Legendary Ki grew to be twice the size of the Chaos Energy and enveloped it leaving only a faint outline of Chaos Energy. Both the energies seemed to be growing at rapid speeds, by the time they were next to the Ancient Sun, both energies were half the size of the Ancient Sun.

"They're mixing together! The Chaos Energy went to the center and the Legendary Ki stayed on the outer edge of the Chaos Energy," Sora said as he continued looking at the integration process, "the Ancient Sun is covering both energies, leaving me to barely see them at all."

Sighing at what had just occurred, Sora sat down on the grown after he witnessed part of his own energies leave him and join his First Ancient Sun. The energies within Sora will replenish themselves, so they didn't matter much to him that part of his energies had left him in the first place.

"Okay, I will stay in my Heavenly World for now while I merge all of the Technique and Scriptures I know related to Cultivating," stated Sora as he remembered how he still needs his cultivation to be ready for when he gets meridians, "it is finally time to get my own technique for Essence (Qi) Cultivation."

Sora dived straight into his [Mind Palace] as he gathered all the techniques he had and began merging and comparing. Each tedious process that was completed, was further refined down to make it perfect, or improve upon it even more. Once that part would be complete he would add another and further refine it before connecting it to the existing parts and refining both together even more. The concepts put into it was to revolve every essence out there and put it to use as to not let anything go to waste.


Time passed quickly as Sora had lost himself in creating his own Essence Cultivation Manual. A complete day had almost passed by as Sora backed out from his concentration onto the Manual.

He looked back at his process as he sighed dejectedly and groaned, "The process is only five percent complete... such a difficult task, I could do it faster but I need to be refining it as I go.

That, and it has been almost a day since I left Caulifla and Kale to themselves. Almost enough time for them to rest and heal up,"

Sora stood up and stretched his arms and legs as they cracked in joy in finally moving. He left the Heavenly World only to return to his little house still in the mess he had left it in. He walked out of his house and saw Kale and Caulifla pacing back 'n forth still covered in bandages.

Hearing a door creak followed by the heavy footsteps that they have grown to like, both girls turned their attention to a smiling Sora. Before their joy in seeing him grow, they remembered how he didn't appear all morning and lashed out at him.

"Sora! Where were you all morning?! You should wake up more earlier!" yelled out Caulifla.

Surprised at what she said, Sora thought up of the perfect excuse as he made his way up to the haughty girl. He lifted up his right hand up to her chin and held it between his index finger and thumb as he pushed his face close to hers and smirked, "You don't get an answer to that question, remember? You left yesterday without telling me."

Caulifla's face grew red as she slapped Sora's hand away and furthered her distanced from him as he thought in amus.e.m.e.nt, 'I didn't mean to get back at them, but this could work.'

"Tch.. I won't do it again so don't do anything without a warning," murmured Caulifla as she continued stomping away.

Kale rubbed her body in a sluggish manner with a blush marred on her face as she muttered to Sora, "U-umm, you can do a-anything to me. W-without a warning..."

Turning to look at her, Sora nodded at her direction with a smirk as he stated, "Alright we will be sparring now."

"We? It's not going to be me against Kale then?" asked Caulifla seriously making the blush go away. Caulifla soon realized that she will get the chance to fight against someone who is stronger than her and yelled out all pumped up, "I get to fight you!!"

Sora shook his head as he explained, "Yes and no, both of you will fight a 'clone' of myself."

Caulifla looked at Sora like if he was a three-headed chicken talking about getting rid of chicken wings. Kale looked on in amazement as she asked out happy manner, "Can I also learn that technique?"

"No, it doesn't match your fighting style," said Sora shooting down her idea of making multiples of herself, "anyways, you two will be fighting clones of me that are at 8 percent of my strength."

"But we want you to fight us at full power!" shouted Caulifla.

"You won't be able to handle my full strength Caulifla, it takes time to grow in strength."

Caulifla turned her head in disappointment since she couldn't get Sora to fight her at full strength. Sora thought about the technique as put him arms in front of himself and crossed them as he focused all his energy in executing this technique. 'Only thing I don't like about this technique is that I don't get to keep their experiences because they are made of Ki.'

"Re-Multi Form!"

Two Sora's at 8 percent strength of the original appeared in front of the shocked girls. The clones walked up to both of them and poked them on the forehead bringing them out of their stupor.

""Lets get to fighting!""




Race: Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Snake


Legendary Saiya-jin

Golden Snake


Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 87,500,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)