Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 48 Toast

A year has passed since Vados had told Sora that she will be sending an assassin his way at a random time to test him. He had been on edge each passing day and he had eventually managed to maintain a passive state of full alertness, he would be able to wake up instantly if he ever felt anything slightly wrong.

So far, he had woken up 5 times to false alarms over the year, 2 by the girls when they attempted to jump him and fight him unprepared, which failed miserably. The other three were when stray Saiyans tried to rob his house or just outright tried to kill him because he lived with two Saiyan girls.

A fourth through the year, he had finally got around to testing the Legendary Ki and after trying many things with his now green colored Ki in his Heavenly World, Sora found out that he had lost his Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 forms. Now he had a whole new form which was named [Legendary Super Saiyan] and it contained three states.

The [LSSJ: First State] made him 75x stronger than his base form and he got the Golden Hair which is prevalent in the [Super Saiyan] forms even along with the Golden aura.

The [LSSJ: Second State] made him 150x stronger and it made his hair a golden hair have tint of green. His muscles slightly bulked up and he grew one to five inches taller taller. The body was outlined with a green color and his Golden aura turned green.

The strongest and final state, the [LSSJ: Third State], it made him stronger over time. The more time passes, the stronger he will be getting until leading to his demise for containing so much energy. This state made his hair a dark green color and his green aura gets even darker. His body grew very muscular, bulky, and over 1 foot taller. He learnt that in this form, he could go berserk and destroy anything that his gaze lands on. Sora had barely managed to maintain control over his body thanks to the Dongxuan Sutra and training in Tai Chi.

He had found out through extensive research on his Legendary Ki and the form, that if he manages to master all of the Legendary Super Saiyan states, his body won't get as bulky and he would maintain his physique. If he actually manages to master it then it is possibly that the first state can achieve a multiplier of 100, second state a multiplier of 200, and the last state will be a multiplier of whatever he wants, AND HIS BODY WON'T GET BULKY UNLESS HE WANTS IT TO.

One last thing he had found out about this Legendary Ki was that it passively made his Ki grow each year, something he found out a couple days ago. His Ki had even risen by about 500,000 in just one year.

Caulifla and Kale had a good mastery over the techniques he had handed over to them. If it were put into terms of Karate belts, they would at most be a Red Belt, the second highest level of attainment. They had reached a Power Level of around 70 million in just over one year compared to their initial Power Level which was a meager 800,000.


Two figures were flickering across the sky battling it out for getting the last piece of toast. As dumb as it sounds, this was a ritual for both Caulifla and Kale to determine who will be the one to get the last piece of tasty food. This battle was even used by the both of them to train and get even stronger.

"Fighting for a piece of toast? Silly but understandable," murmured Sora as he remained sitting down on a picnic table right outside his house. His golden eyes remained passive as he looked on to the fight Caulifla and Kale were having.


A red shirted girl fell down from the sky at rapid speeds and was implanted into the ground. "Caulifla! Stop using those underhanded tricks!" (A/N: honestly I re-read this and I thought shirted said shirtless. Lol)

"No can do Kale," denied Caulifla as she flew down to get the last piece of toast she had won. She bit into the toast and sighed in pleasure with her hand on her cheek while her face sported a mild blush. "Your attacks are slow, but they really pack a punch, I can't let a single one hit my growing body."

Growling at the woman who ate the toast she had fought so hard to get, Kale got out from the hole she was thrown into and walked up to Sora. "Growing body? You're already 18... soon you will stop growing.... hmph. What's today's training?" asked Kale.

Drinking his orange juice, Sora's eyes flickered between Caulifla and Kale. After finishing his drink, he nodded internally after checking their power levels once more, 'They're ready for it...'

"Today i will teach you both a form all Saiyans can achieve, that will make us even stronger," Sora explained after finishing his drink and setting his empty cup to the side before standing up.

Caulifla's eyes widened from hearing that she could grow even stronger than before, she shivered in anticipation as she yelled out, "A form? Does it make me stronger?!"

"Yes, I just mentioned that and it's a pretty special one, it's called Super Saiyan," conformed Sora. "Let me demonstrate"

To pull in a dramatic effect, Sora spread apart his feet and bent his knees. He gathered all his energy and then expelled it pushing Caulifla and Kale away slightly. He yelled for six seconds before finally just going into his [LSSJ: First State].

Being pushed back really awed them before being put under strong pressure that had really surprised the girls. Their eyes widened seeing Sora's white aura turn golden and his black and green hair turned golden and white.

"Wow! Such a pretty golden color," exclaimed Kale as she ran up to Sora and inspected every inch of his body and the changes.

Sora powered down from his form as both girls became depressed before remembering that they will get to learn this form.

"THAT WAS AMAZING!/TEACH ME IT!" Caulifla and Kale yelled out at the same time.

"Calm down girls, I already mentioned we were going to learn it," chuckled Sora as he patted Kale's head and sat back down on the bench as he elaborated even more, "it will take some time to achieve so sit down."

A couple years back when Sora had achieved Super Saiyan after technically copying it from Goku, he decided the use himself and the blood from Goku to research the Saiyans and the Super Saiyan Forms.

Many trials and errors were of course encountered during the research of the Super Saiyan form and the Saiyan itself. What fascinated Sora was the fact that yellow colored cells grew the more a saiyan rised in power and that their personality is more... good natured. The Super Cells, or S-Cells, sometimes determined how good natured is a saiyan, or how much was their power level.

The good nature part of his research was found after doing analysis on all saiyans, even the half Saiyan Gohan. Sora had the most S-Cells even if not that kind and only valued his pride and his women, then followed by Goku who is naive, Raditz who only cares about family and strength, Gohan who is still ignorant of the true world and its hardsh.i.p.s. Then finally Vegeta, who's only worry was his pride until he met Tights, now his S-cells were rising steadily.

Sora ceased his unnecessary thoughts that seemed to be explaining to someone and instead instructed the anticipating girls, "Okay, you both need to keep a calm mind and push your energy into the nape of your neck. You will feel something there, like slightly opened tiny gate, try ramming your energy into that gate and it will open. Eventually your whole body will shiver and spread your energy through your body strengthening it with massive amounts of energy putting strain onto you. You can even say you will feel a tingle there on the bottom of the back of your neck."

Caulifla and Kale nodded to Sora's words and copied his earlier stance as they calmed their minds and focused their energy to their backs.

Couple of minutes passed and the first to make a breakthrough to Super Saiyan was Caulifla. Energy errupted from her location as her hair and aura sported a beautiful golden color. She opened her eyes and revealed her pupilless green eyes with a wide smile.

Kale stopped trying to lock onto that tingly sensation while watching a happy Caulifla swing her arms in the air getting a feel for her new power. Kale tried once more but was met with more roadblocks as she couldn't sense that tingly sensation and her energy seemed to not follow her instructions.

Noticing what was happening to Kale, Sora added on, "If you can't open it, use your anger to 'strengthen' your energy to break through that gate."

Nodding, Kale once again relaxed as she remembered back to many times she had ever been close to being mad.

Many scenes played in her head as she witnessed herself being weak, being bullied, below everyone else, shy... Her anger boiled more and more as she thought of Sora leaving and making her lonely. One last memory scene passed through her head and then-


A torrent of energy shook the planet as Kale blacked out and her energy continued rising. Her body remained standing as it took in that massive amount of energy and screamed out. Her body continued expanding as her muscles grew to be like that of a body builders, the band holding her hair tore making her hair rest to the sides of her head. Her hair turned completely green and her aura began shifting between white and green before settling at green.


Sora remained standing there as he looked at Kale who's power only continued to grow with no worry until he heard her words, "My... my toast?"

The ground began to crack and the Saiyans resting on the planet began to go into panic. Sora decided to take action because his house might be destroyed if he let this go on.

Appearing behind Kale, Sora sent a powerful chop to her neck and knocked her out.

Caulifla was surprised by Kale's transformation as she stuttered, "She... she..."

"You know something about this transformation?" Sora asked after seeing her knowing eyes.

"Yes.. I think," said Caulifla in worry. "I think it's related to a legend spread throughout everyone. This form is known as a demon Saiyan who rampages and whose power grows constantly... eventually to the point that it could kill them."

Sora took in the newfound knowledge as he looked back at the shrinking Kale who had a happy smile as she smelled Sora's life scent.

"Bu-but I'm sure that Kale isn't a demon Saiyan," mentioned Caulifla in a hurry, "she's been with me since we had been together and she had always been kind.."

"Yeah yeah, I get it. Just. Get stronger so that you stop her if this ever happens again." Sora wasn't really worried about Kale, but he needed a contagency plan just in case.

"Mm." Caulifla nodded as she looked at Kale.

Sora looked back at Kale, made another band for her hair and tied it for her. He lightly smiled as he passed Kale over to Caulifla and walked away while saying, "Anyways take care of her, I will go to the town to get some food. I want something good today, so I will do the cooking."

"Your cooking? Al~right!" Caulifla pumped a fist up in the air while the other hand held Kale.

After Sora left her view, Caulifla turned back to Kale with her expression laced with sadness and determination.

"Kale.. I will stay by your side don't worry. Besides we both still have to conquer Sora together, so don't leave me behind."



Race: Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Snake


Legendary Saiya-jin

Golden Snake


Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 88,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Core Formation Realm (Upper Grade)