Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 49 That's Wild

Panic was still evidently seen on the face of the saiyans on the planet as they all rapidly left their stalls and went to a special event held by the King. Of course, with no one paying attention to the stalls, a sneaky golden eyed Sora took all the food he could before they all returned.

"Heh heh! Today I'm having a feast!" exclaimed Sora as he piled food on top of food over his shoulders.

After wiping the street filled with food stalls clean, Sora made his way back home humming and singing to keep his mind busy.

The call of the King was to be expected as the whole world shook at Kale's rising power. Since Caulifla's energy was more 'tame', the world didn't shake at all besides some vibrations in the forest. Sora had his Heavenly World to use his Legendary Super Saiyan form, so he never had this happen to him yet.

"Fooood! Today I will make tasty and delicious food!" yelled out Sora as he walked alone through the paved pathway that led to his house. He carried enough potatoes and meat over his shoulders to last for a whole week worth of feasts for the three saiyan appetites. The saiyans didn't really have a wide variety of food besides meat and potatoes, so Sora hadn't been able to make a 'healthy' meal, not that it matters since he's a saiyan. Besides, he is still carrying all the spices from Earth, it helps add some variety and change to what he eats.

Walking down the paved road, Sora encountered a purple humanoid alien wearing a dark purple trench coat. He kept approaching to where the humanoid who was resting off at and when he arrived near the humanoid, he spoke, "Today, I am here to kill you. I was given an order to take your life, however I do not know the basis as to why you have to die and I do not want to know,"

Sora was baffled by what he had just heard from the purple humanoid. Dying? Surely a joke right? Ignoring the babbling of the purple humanoid, Sora continued walking to his house.

Uninterested in the actions of the leaving man he was ordered to kill, which most had done when he went to kill them, Hit took action saying, "I shall be taking your life now."

Hearing the words of the man and his unconscious leakage of his killing intent, Sora turned and placed his palm in front of Hit to stop him from finishing his attack. Perplexed by the man's actions, Hit stopped himself from using his skills and waited for what the man was about to say.

"Wait! So you are an assassin? or a bounty hunter? There is no way you are an assassin, I mean, look at you. You literally told me you will be killing me, no assassin does that... besides you I guess," elaborated Sora as he looked at the man with a scrutinizing gaze.

'Seems my kindness is not being taken kindly here, better end this quickly,' thought Hit as he attacks straight out with his [Phoenix Eye Fist] attack to Sora's heart.

"Kuhah!" Sora coughed out blood, his eyes lost their pupils as he stood there motionlessly for a couple of seconds before he regained consciousness.


[Body (Defense) Cultivation Increased!...]

[Body (Defense) Cultivation Increased! [Tyrannic War Emperor Body Art] went up to {Golden Core Realm: Lower Grade}!]

'Wha- what is this? What just happenned? And what was that noise?' Sora looked into his Heavenly World instead of going into it and saw many cracks over it as his Ancient Sun tried restoring it. He sent his conscious back to his body, he looked around only to see the purple humanoid walking away from him as if already saying that he was dead.

"Why- are you... walking away," scoffed Sora as he placed his food down and clutched his chest for a moment before letting go.

Stopping and turning his head with slightly opened eyes in surprise, Hit said, "I must be getting tired... You are supposed to be dead. I suppose that doesn't matter anymore right now. I'll just attack once more."

Sending out another [Phoenix Eye Fist] attack, but this time Hit put into use his [Time-Skip] ability. All his energy was focused onto one point as it got sent out five attacks to Sora's heart. He got out of the his [Time-Skip] and saw all attacks landing on Sora's heart.


"Gahh!" Receiving the attacks head on and somehow still standing, Sora remained conscious this time as he used his Ki to keep his heart safe and the rest of his body. The attacks were stronger and they packed a punch as cracked his Heavenly World even further!

[Body (Defense) Cultivation Increased!...]

[Body (Defense) Cultivation...]



[Body (Defense) Cultivation Increased! [Tyrannic War Emperor Body Art] went up to {Nirvana Realm: Peak Grade}!]

[Heavenly World is on brink of destruction!]

'My Heavenly World can't sustain any more damage! Luckily my Legendary Ki and Tyrannic War Emperor Body Art are maintaining me alive somehow..' Slightly worried about the fact that his Heavenly World might be destroyed at any moment, Sora temporarily cut his link to it.

Seeing the man not die yet, even after hitting him with a stronger attack, Hit smiled at the fact that he has finally met someone worth fighting. "Seems you still live. Since you can survive two of those hits, I will let you heal your wounds for 3 minutes so that I may fight you."

Noticing the Battle Thirsty glint in his eye, Sora smiled right back at him as he let his own battle intent out and clutched his chest once more as he smiled, "*Cough* that doesn't sound too bad."

He let his wounds heal themselves for a bit while he gathered his energy together to go into Legendary Super Saiyan at a moments notice when he needs it.

"But I don't think I will need those 3 minutes!" Sora roared as he vanished from his location and appeared right behind Hit, sending a kick to the head.

Hit didn't know where he went but before the kick reach his head and sent him flying, he felt his presence behind his and activated his [Time-Skip]. He moved out of there and sent another punch to his heart and his joints to stop him from moving further.

Having his Ki covering all of his body during this exchange, Sora managed to fend off the attacks.

"What was that move?" asked Sora after he felt multiple attacks on his body even after he saw Hit only disappear from his location a couple feet away.

"I guess it doesn't matter if I tell you, it's called [Time-Skip]. I won't give any further information though, that is for you to figure out," said Hit as he put his hands in his pockets and slowly walked over to the slouching Sora.

'Damn! The damage to my heart is too much! Don't tell me I really need to merge with "THAT" now...' Sora was in a tough spot as each second that passed caused his heart to tear apart. The energy that was contained in Hit's punches remained inside his body and it damaged his heart.

Hit continued making his way over to Sora who maintained a pained calm expression on his face as sweat rolled down the side of his face. Time stopped and the world's colors turned bland. Taking his hands out of his coat, Hit sent multiple hits on Sora's body.

A tenth of a second passed and the bland colors regained their brightness as Sora fell to the ground and he coughed up blood.

'Damn it, he's too fast, I can't see him moving at all...' Sora coughed up more violently as his eyes began to dim, 'aaghhh, f.u.c.k it. What's the worst that could happen.'

[Integrating with [Lesser Vampire Bloodline]! Process will now begin...]

Black liquid seemed to seep into Sora's bone marrow as it began to change his bodily structure. It destroyed his body and it rapidly built it back up rapidly. Sora was in deep pain as his golden eyes cried tears of blood.

All Hit could see was Sora's body shivering on the ground as it moved around like slime as it began mending his body. His bones dislocated and moved around only to eventually put themselves back in their original positions.





[100%! Process is now COMPLETE!]

When the process was complete, Sora's eyes lost it's glimmer of intelligence, turning into wild and mindless beast. He stood up from the ground and faced Hit with a growling face.

[+1,000,000 PL]

"GRAHHHH!" Sora let out a feral scream as he grew two small fangs and his body bulked up. His hair took a golden appearance with a green outline. His aura manifested green and it flared up violently.

Jumping right away towards the stunned Hit as the power of his jump cracked the ground and sent debris flying everywhere.

"What the-!"

Quickly activating his [Time-Skip], Hit sent multiple hits once more to Sora. Noticing that the hits did no damage as Sora turned around and looked Hit once more before appearing behind him as he opened his mouth wide, ready to bite Hit's neck.


Dongxuan Sutra kept rapidly revolving within Sora's body to keep his mentality stable however that kept being proved futile as he continued running after Hit.

Each time Sora would try to attack Hit, the more he would receive attacks back in an overwhelming amount of punches, each time more powerful than the last. Eventually the amount of punches began to dwindle as Hit grew more tired.

Using [Time-Skip] was pretty easy, but using it over and over proved to be a hard job for even Hit. This didn't matter as much as with the passing of time, due to this, Sora's feral state began to grow weaker.

Even while facing possible doom, Hit maintained a smile as sweat rolled down his face, "This is the best fight I've had in decades! It's a shame I have to kill him."

"Grr.." The green aura around Sora began to falter as his hair lost its green glow. His expression began to grow more calm steadily while exchanging blows with Hit.

To conserve more energy, Hit decide to stop using his [Time-Skip] ability.

"This is the best fight!" yelled out Hit.

"GRAHH! I... AGREE!" Sora began to regain control and instantly began to use his [Minute Subtlety] technique and dodged all of Hit's attacks with a bit of difficulty.

Maintaining a close distance to Hit as he went back to his base form and a silver glow covered his body, Sora sent out a punch of unimaginable strength to Hit's stomach.



"What?! He's gaining entry into that state? But how?" The beautiful being known as Angel Vados overlooked the fight while gasping in amazement and curiosity.

Champa, who was laying down on a hammock nearby, looked over to Vados and asked with an inquiring gaze, "What state Vados?"

Gulping a bit as she maintained her gaze on the orb of her scepter, she moved her line of sight on to Champa. Her wonderful body trembled in excitement unable to contain the joy of possibly roping in a great God of Destruction. Of course, even a possible suitor for her to love throughout her entire life and eternal existence.

She yelled out to Champa and even causing him to fall out of his hammock in fear and disbelief.

"[Ultra Instinct]!"


"C'mon Hit! You can do even better! I know you can!" Sora was fully energetic after merging with his [Lesser Vampire Bloodline], which even went up to becoming the [Vampire Bloodline] in such a short amount of time, he even had a smile on his face as he carried the silver glow around his body.

He continued toying with Hit right now while he had no chance to use his 'super speed' as Sora presumed. The idea of possibly stopping time for even a tenth of a second never crossed his mind as that type of ability seemed completely broken to him at his current strength level and knowledge. Even with the System!

Whilst toying with Hit, he asked his 'fair' amount of questions, "Do you train Hit? Do you think that with your current strength you are the strongest in the universe? Or do you see no point in growing stronger? Does sneak attacking damage your pride?"



Race: Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Snake


Legendary Saiya-jin

Golden Snake

(NEW) Lesser Vampire -> Vampire


Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 115,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Golden Core Realm (Lower Grade)