Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 5 You're Retrded

-5 months later-

Sora and Casion were on there way to Earth when Sora remembered that Casion had mentioned something related to 'sensing enormous energy' and it would help him realize what Battle Power he had. He looked towards Casion who was looking at the passing planets and galaxies with a smiled filled with happiness. "Hey there Lil' Cutey, what are you so happy about?"

Casion said remembering how Erros were greatly offended when they were called aliens by the species that made her.

Sora hearing this just nodded and continued on with what he was going to say, "I remember you mentioning that you can sense the energy. Can you place a numerical value on it? Can you tell how much Battle Power I have?"

Casion was pondering for a bit before she smiled brightly and nodded her head. Casion seeing his [Battle Power] was astonished and had her mouth wide open.

[Battle Power: 412,391]

"Hmm... I think its all that training I have been doing lately. Though it has slowed down compared to the first time I meditated and trained my body." Sora mentioned while looking at his body and remembered another point, "That and the zenkais I received when I was fighting with those dangerous animals."

Casion looked at him and said,

Sora pondered over it and thought it was a good idea but put it off for later as he does not want to stunt his growth, even if he can wish it back with the [Dragon Balls]. "No, I think I will wait till later, lets just get to Earth quickly-" Before Sora could finish his sentence, something seemed to hit the spaceship and made it move from side to side. "Damn!"

Casion mentioned in a calm but worried tone.

"Do we have any type of spacesuit? So that I can breathe out there and fight them?" Sora said as he stared at the outside and was trying to make out how many people there were.

Casion was in a tight spot as she didn't want to see him go so quickly and possibly die but she answered truthfully and hoped for the best.

"Obviously, I don't plan on throwing away my life, especially when I am young. They will be easy, from what I can tell there are 250 people, and only two people that actually pose a threat to me, the rest are cannon fodder. Though they come in great quantities so it will take time to eliminate them." Sora didn't think much of it as he had fought worst in his past life when he accidentally killed the heir to a yakuza family while on a mission. "Plus there is you I need to take care of now," he said in a low voice.

Casion didn't hear what he said but she had a feeling it was something that would make her cables feel electrified, in a good way, She asked just in case Sora would tell her.

Sora just smiled at this and walked to the sh.i.p.s door with a mask on his face. "Nothing. I'll see you when I come back from getting rid of these people." He the lifted up his right hand and slightly waved it before jumping out into space.

Once outside there was a purple alien with a big head and big eyes standing right in front of one of the sh.i.p.s outside, "Huh? A kid? Well doesn't matter. Hand over any valuables you may have and we might let you live," said the weird offworlder.

Sora just looked at the man with scorn on his face, but went unnoticed because of his mask. "Hey, how about you give me what you have and we won't have any problems," Sora smiled widely while saying this and unfurled his tail from his waist to let him master his tail in fighting to make it stronger.

This however surprised and soon turned to anger and seething wrath the offworlder. "YU.. YOU! Your people killed my family! You damn monkey! I was happy back then, my life was peaceful, but now my people are suffering all because you wanted my planet! I, Marvin Scye, will be your destruction, I have trained for years to defeat your people and now I can do just that. Starting with you!" When Marvin finished saying that he ran to Sora and was about to send a punch to his face until he was punch back into the ship.

Sora changed when Marvin called him a monkey, he was a saiyan, and he was proud to be it, even if he was a human before. He can grow stronger faster and he can continuously break his limits. Hearing Marvin call him monkey made him mad and now he wants to smash him and the rest of his crew. His face looked really calm, not noticed again because of the mask but was very eerie do to the unsettling calm and growing aura off his body that has a red color. "So, you want to get rid of me? You're too naive to think you can kill me that easily. I will break all your bones slowly and as painful as I can make it. You could have evaded this if you never made me angry."

Marvin felt a bad omen come on him when he heard Sora's words and new right then and there that he had to run away and hope to never come across him ever again. "Hii~! stay away! Don't come closer!" Marvin began running back to the spacesh.i.p.s. "Open the hatches! Let me in! Don't let me stay with this monster!"

"Ouch, that hurt I have feelings too, no? I thought we discussed the whole don't make me mad ordeal?" Sora said staring right into the eyes of Marvin, he then disappeared and appeared right on top of Marvin and kicked him on his left side of his ribs and heard a CRACK! He smiled devilishly when he heard that sound, it sounded like music to his ears.

"AArrgghhhh-" Marvin began, rolling?, in space and screamed at the top of his lungs and just hope to be put out of his misery.

"Have you never heard of the whole thing of, never blame a single person for another groups atrocities?" He then looked to the right slightly and looked like he dodged something internally. 'Kind of ironic when I just killed ALL the Erros in cold blood, but I will just counteract it with them killing of Casion's creator's species. Now that's a mouthful, try saying that 5 times fast in a row. casionscreatorsspeciescasionscreatorsspeciescaisonscatorspeeshis dang, messed up already.'


Marvin called his captain as quick as possible to get help and leave and get medical help. "Captain! Send help quick, I can't stand this, I will die soon!"

"What are you doing that it is taking so long and you are only dealing with a child, hurry up and get it over with," the Captain said with fury.

"But captain he's not normal, he's a Saiyan and he is stronger than the usual ones. The only ones stronger than this damn Saiyan is you Captain and the guy that we hired earlier." Marvin was freaking out, he saw Sora moving again and just hoped his Captain paid attention to what was going on outside and get him help.


Sora noticed Marvin was talking to someone and decided to approach him and knock some sense into him and making him stop talking behind his back. "Hey, you really shouldn't be talking behind my back. Or I will make you unable to father children." Sora smiled widely with and innocently as if he never threatened anyone in his life.

"Ma.. m.. my Captain will be here any moment and he will be the end of you." Marvin was scared out of his wits. He was shaking furiously and sweating buckets.

"Oh, so he is the one that is making his way over here in a quick speed? Interesting, I thought I wouldn't be meeting anyone powerful for quite a while really. He's actually stronger than, this will be a good thing so that I can get stronger now," said Sora looking into the direction that the high battle power came from.

"Ye.. yes, he will be here soon and destroy you and take your head and monkey tail from-" before he could finish what he was going to say, his head was destroyed by a blast of energy. Smoke came from the burn marks on his neck where his head is supposed to rest that was no longer there.

"You're retarded." Sora frowned and was glad that he ended his life so that he doesn't need to deal with him and his idiocy. "So are you going to come out now or what?"

"Wow you really don't like being called that. Well that is a trait of the Saiyans." The Captain looked at Sora for a moment before flaring out his energy and getting ready to fight.

"What? We are starting already, no peaceful conversation first?" Sora asks but is also readying up for the fight and very eager to begin fighting. "Well not that I care."

"Good. Then let me start first since you killed my subordinate." The Captain soon disappeared from where he was standing and punched Sora which sent him flying through space before crashing into one of the Captain's sh.i.p.s. "Darn should have punched the other way. Can't be traveling with trashed sh.i.p.s, it wouldn't look nice but I will just take your ship and let my subordinates use it to their pleasure."

"Oh no you don't." And with that just said Sora let out all his Ki out giving him a white aura around his body flowing in a chaotic manner. "You will NOT take anything that I deem mine."


(Casion's POV)

Casions happily looked at Sora with a kind heart laced with love due to his statement.