Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 50 Slow?

Easily playing around with Hit, Sora went into LSSJ: State One and mastered it within an hour. Growing bored the more time went on, he went back to his base form and focused on dodging.

"Say Hit," Sora began, "what was that at the start of the fight? The part where you moved really fast?"

'Where I moved really fast? Does he mean my [Time-Skip]?' Hit looked at Sora as he continued sending punches to him. "It's an ability I have, it allows me to skip time, although for now it only lets me do it only for a tenth of a second.."

Skipping time? Is such a thing possible? To ignore the rules of the universe? Or bend a principle to your wishes even if limited?

Simply fascinating..

"That's pretty interesting.." Sora smiled as he thought of that, 'explains why I received a ton of punches at once and he disappeared.'

Finally growing tired of dodging, he grabbed both of Hit's fists and said, "Lets end this now, you can come back some other time to claim my life."

Thinking over what Sora said, Hit nodded and decided to grow stronger and improve his skills. He smiled at the prospect at finally finding someone worthy of fighting.

"I'll grow stronger and defeat you."

"Good luck to you then," smirked Sora knowing well that he will be even stronger by the time he gets back to claiming his life.

Hit disappeared from Sora's sight and went to rest. After resting he will train hard and to his fullest to beat Sora and get another fulfilling fight.

[Hidden Quest(COMPLETED): Fend off the assassin.

x1 Low-Level Bloodline

x1 Spear (Mortal Rank)]

"Why bloodline? Not that I will complain though," muttered Sora.

Walking a few feet away from where he stood, Sora felt dizzy for a moment before he regained his bearings, "I need to drink blood, my vampire bloodline is very needy.

I need to... never mind, I have the perfect idea for that..."


"This candidate is really amazing," whispered Vados.

"To show signs of Ultra Instinct. Most beings need the training of an angel to tap into this power... over the course of the birth of the universes, only over 1,000+ have gained Ultra Instinct."

Vados stopped looking at the spinning orb on her scepter and looked at the God of Destruction.

"Lord Champa, I have to report this to Universe 7, since this being is originally from there. I will need to inform the angel and God of Destruction from that universe," explained Vados as she approached the chubby cat.

"Hmph, I will need my brother to hand him over," muttered Champa with glaring eyes. "I still need to teach this trespasser a lesson too..."


Sora made his way back to the house and found Kale already awake training along with Caulifla.

"You girls are doing wonderful. We will cease training tomorrow, you both will get hands on fighting experience," Sora said as he settled down the food inside his house. "Obviously I will go with you two, since I still don't trust you two enough to handle stuff by yourselves."

Caulifla stopped training and turned on the spot as she turned her body to face Sora as she yelled out, "Really?! We get hands-"

Her words were cut short by a punch to the back of the head and a following yell, "Sorry Caulifla! You stopped so suddenly and I couldn't stop my punch!"



"Stop it Kale, she got knocked out," muttered Sora.

"Oh.. okay.. sorry Caulifla.."

Sora shook his head and looked far off into the distance and smiled.


(Next Day)

"C'mon! Lets go!"

Sora stood next to a ship he had materialized with his magic and waited for the girls to come outside the house.

"It's not our fault. You told us last minute!" yelled Caulifla.

"That's why I told you last minute, so you don't prepare anything," Sora went inside the house, grabbed both of them and put them inside the ship.


Walking towards the console where one puts in the coordinates, Sora put in coordinates that led to a group of ruffians that no one would miss.

Or care about.

"So where will we go?"

"We will go to a gang's hideout and I will have you girls fight against them while I do something else," said Sora.

"Which gang is it?" asked Kale.

"I am not sure, I heard they were a group of pirates though," mentioned Sora as he scratched his cheek.

Sora didn't know the name of the pirates, but he knew that they could help Kale and Caulifla to master their forms.

After explaining to them what they will face and telling them that they will arrive in two days, he goes into his room and sits down crossing his legs. He went into LSSJ: State Two and meditated, being careful as to not let his Ki escaped the room and alert the girls, he made rapid progress.

Obviously training in Dongxuan Sutra really helped him understand and master everything really quickly. Especially with his own talent to master almost anything in only a months time.


Two days passed quickly and they landed on a barren planet full of dead trees and occasional explosions in the distance.

Sora nodded to both Kale and Caulifla and flew away from them and went towards the person with the highest Power Level.

His fangs grew and his golden eyes gained a slight red tint to them as he muttered, "Reeling in my thirst for blood is very difficult, luckily I managed to withstand long enough to not suck the blood of the girls."


"Hey Caulifla? Has Sora been acting weird these past few days?" asked Kale as she looked off into the directions Sora had left to.

Looking back to Kale, Caulifla nodded, "Yeah! He would come out of his room at night and would gulp whenever he saw us."

The thought of having Sora gulp at the sight of them really made them both hot as they thought of the possibilities that could possibly 'fill' them up. The man that has made them stronger really made them feel some type of way as the idea that he could possibly be the strongest made them wet. Of course, this was their instincts at play!

Typical Saiyans. They only like the strong!


"Lord Frost! We have detected a ship on our planet!" Cannon-fodder 1 yelled.

"How many times have I told you.. NOT TO CALL ME LORD FROST!!" A small man, with similar features to Frieza, continued, "If the insignificant beings of this universe find out that I am not what they think I am, they will surely go against me."

"I... I am sorry... s-sir!"

Huffing and turning away from the dumb cannon-fodder, Frost looked out the window and saw a rapidly approaching being, "Someone go and intercept that lowly creature.. how dare he trespass my land."

Everyone in the room turned to look outside and looked at the rapidly approaching person and yelled in tandem, "Yes Sir!"

Nodding, Frost walked up towards a chair in the middle of the room facing outside. He has been trying to get the whole universe under his control all these years. Finally his plans are finally coming into fruition, he has been tricking the whole universe that he is a good natured person.

Every time a reporter got too close to the truth he would eliminate them as soon as possible to prevent future problems.


*Sniff Sniff*

"Strong scent of blood..." Sora moved faster and faster to the main base of the enemies. With each encroaching step closer to the base, the more difficult it was to control his mind and reign in his instincts.

Resorting to using Dongxuan Sutra, his mind grew calmer at an equal pace to the rising bloodthirst.

"Stop right the-" a couple of minions appeared in front of Sora.


Sora ran at them and instantly killed them all and drinking up their blood. "Blah.. bad quality.."

Many more cannon-fodder appeared and all were mercilessly killed and caught under Sora's fangs. Any and all who trespassed him didn't know how they were killed and sent to eternal darkness.

Finally finding his way to where the person with an absurd amount of power resides in. He looked up to the window of the nearby base and smirked. Running at full speed into the window, Sora broke through and massacred everyone in there and only leaving the strongest for last.


Moving his gaze onto the yelling person, Sora's eyes slightly widened in surprise, 'To think there are people of Frieza's race here..'

Quickly appearing behind Frost, Sora's hand clawed at the back of Frost and ripped off a chunk of meat off him.

Terrible pain assaulted Frost's mind and he shrieked, he didn't have time to think about anything else as his pain receptors sent signals to his brain, "AHHH-!"

Cutting off Frost's yelling by gripping his throat and biting onto him and sucking up his blood. His thirst for blood slowly dwindled the more blood he drank, and the more blood he drank the more Frost's body slowly became skinny as his skin hugged his bones tightly..

"Ahhh~ wonderful.." Sora through Frost's lifeless body off to the side and walked out of the base and went to see the girls. (A/N: AHHHH~ SUBARASHI!)

Once he got there, he saw them waiting for him already, although Kale was unonscious and Caulifla was still in her Super Saiyan Form. Both had heavy bruises all over their body.

"Am I slow?"


"Lord Champa, I will be back in an hour, I am going to meet the angel of universe 7," said Vados.

Leaving without waiting for an 'ok', Vados disappeared from her location and was on her way to Universe 7.

Once she got there, she saw he brother waiting for her, "Hello, to what do I owe the visit to the Angel of Universe 6?"

Maintaining her smile, she walked right in front of Whis and placed her scepter in front of herself. "An interesting being from your universe appeared in my universe, and he has the makings of a God of Destruction."

Showing him the scene of Sora breaking in through the boundary between Universe 6 and 7.

"Oh?" Looking at the figure appear and the tail on his behind, Whis' smile widened as he mentioned, "Lord Beerus had a person destroy his planet a couple years ago.

Since they are still alive, it seems that the prophesy of the Super Saiyan God might come true..."

Whis then had Vados' words ring in his ears once more, 'the makings of a God of Destruction', "Is this true?"

He squinted his eyes while looking at bloody figure of Sora breaking through the boundary and entering Universe 6.

"Yes, in fact, he even touched upon Ultra Instinct.." she paused and lifted her face from the orb and looked at her brother with a mild blush, "... he even said that he will take me."

Whis' smile widened as he saw his sister seem... happy, something he hasn't seen in a couple of years. Looking back at Sora's figure, 'I hope that what he said wasn't a lie.'

"Hmm, good luck with that.." Whis' smile returned to normal and moved his gaze to where his God of Destruction was and continued, "how about I take him in and train him to be a God of Destruction. Lord Beerus has been slacking on his job, even having another do it."

Gripping her scepter harder, she rested her gaze on her brother's worried eyes. "You can take him. Having your world be erased is really not good. We can't have you lazing around like the other angels that have lost their universes."

'I will just get him to fight with Lord Champa... and... and... and I will be his...' she thought with a big smile and another blush kissing her cheeks.

"Seems like you are trying to plan something dear sister," chuckled Whis.

"Not really, Lord Champa has been wanting to fight this person," explained Vados. Not a single lie was in her words, Champa had been wanting to fight Sora ever since he found out that he was eating food from his universe. "Even this person, Sora, wants to fight the God of Destruction of my universe.."

"Oh?" Whis placed his hand on the side of his face and tilted it as he continued, "This will be very interesting."

"Of course, he went as far as saying that he will beat a God of Destruction to win me over. And he already won me over, but I need to see if he will go through with fighting a God of Destruction for me.."

"How fascinating! To have this insignificant being challenge my brother! I'd like to see this!"



Race: Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Snake


Legendary Saiya-jin

Golden Snake



Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 150,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Golden Core Realm (Lower Grade)