Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 51 Growth Galore

Sora moved the girls into the ship and provided them a massage to lessen the pain. After giving them the massage, Sora moved back into his little room and stood in the middle of his room.

"I need to stop playing around now and get stronger.." Sora said as he clenched his right hand.

"That is correct Sora," Vados says as she appears into the room.

Turning around and meeting the angel's eyes, Sora cheekily said, "look.. a beauty sent herself to my claws."

"Oh my.." said Vados covering her smile with a hand, "you should hurry and get stronger, Lord Champa wants to fight you already."

Nodding, Sora turned away and replied, "Sure thing, I believe I have something perfect for that. Give me a two weeks and I'll be ready."

Looking at Sora's back, Vados felt all fluffy inside and quickly left.

After feeling Vados leave, Sora went into his Heavenly World and thought of creating a good technique. A technique which takes advantage of a Saiyans' unique body and makes the power level rise. Not only will it make one more powerful, but it make his martial arts more terrifying and powerful.

Moving towards the center of the grassy plain of his Heavenly World, Sora stretched out his arms and violently slashed down with his right arm downwards. Continuing his movements he slashed horizontally to the right with his left arm.

"HA!" yelled out Sora, "that... was a very good downward slash.."

Sora continued trying out various moves that pulled on every single muscle and stretched his body in all the right places. There was no pain involved in the whole Training Technique and it worked spectacularly.

Spending only an hour making the technique and trying every single move made Sora's power level shoot up 125 mil. in power level for just practicing for an hour.

"This thing might kill me if I end up training too much on it," mentioned Sora as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Though very powerful, found out that he could only use this technique for four hours a day or the body would break down and destroy itself. Luckily he found this out 30 minutes in to training it and felt the effects.

Sora trained for the last two hours and felt stronger than before already. "Fuu~ this is pretty great. Won't be long until I fight that God of Destruction."

Moving his gaze around his Heavenly World and moving it to the Ancient Sun up in the Sky, he saw his Legendary Ki slowly moving there.

"It wouldn't be bad to train in the second state," said Sora sitting down on the ground crossing his legs.

Transforming into [LSSJ: State Two] with a single thought, Sora began meditating and his rampant energy already began to calm down.

To add on to the stress of maintaining his form and meditating, Sora began chanting the [Sacred Scripture] and the Heavenly World began slowly growing ever so slightly.


At the rate of Sora meditating an hour a day, if he continued at the rate he was going at, he would master [LSSJ: State Two] in four days. Making the second [Ancient Sun] complete itself will take 10 years since he could only practice the [Sacred Scripture] two hours a day before it gives no more.

'Training in the new technique I made will help me grow stronger each day, however having to do the [Sacred Scripture] chants after training will take up my time,' thought Sora as he stood up and left his Heavenly World and returning to his room in the spaceship. 'I will have to chant while I do my training to not be wasteful of my time.'


Walking up into the next day, Sora made his way to the dining room in the ship and found both Kale and Caulifla eating everything in the fridge.

"Eating everything we have already?" snickered Sora.

As he sat down on the chair, with a face stuffed with rice, Kale responded, "Don't worry, we left enough for you."

"Don't worry? You're both eating food that was supposed to last us two days not one meal," Sora groaned while getting his share of food and eating it. "Well in the end it doesn't matter we will continue going to areas like these and fight the people we find there."


After telling the girls where they will be going to next, Sora returned to his room and entered his Heavenly World once more.

Completing the four hour training and chanting, Sora moved on to practicing the untouched [True Dragon Ape God Bone Art]. The technique which will let his body's strength and defense skip stages in cultivation.

[+500,000,000 Power Level]

In just a couple of minutes he began feeling something forming on his bones slowly. No pain, no pleasure, nothing, only a subtle feeling of change on the surface of his bones. Incomplete however where the changes as he felt them only form partially on his bones.

[Introductory Realm Achieved!]

Rolling his shoulders and stretching out his legs in a low position, Sora left his Heavenly World and made his way back to the kitchen finding the girls just lazing around.

"With that type of attitude, how do you expect to get stronger?" questioned Sora as he grabbed them by the waist and took them to a small training room.

"We were resting!" yelled out Kale.

Sora questioned, "Oh really? From what, eating?"

He stretched his arm, after putting the girls down, and flicked her forehead.

Kale looked up at Sora with tears forming at the corner of her eyes and her hands holding her forehead, "Hmph, meany..."

Ignoring what she said, Sora told them to spar with each other while he 'meditates' for a while.

Refining his blood is all he could do now, and practice his unnamed technique, until he has to fight this [God of Destruction]. Once he fights the [God of Destruction] in his base form, he will easily beat any other [God of Destruction].

Moving on to another realm or universe will be easy by then, having the means to move through them will be difficult. To do that, he needs his [Golden Snake] bloodline to move to the next level, that or he gets another bloodline that makes it easier.

Moving his blood cells in certain directions and having them eat each other and splitting as they grow stronger and better. As they grow in strength so does their Old, Ancient, Strong, and Powerful forgotten parts become more prominent.

Sora's blood boiled and grew hotter by the second! It was at this crucial moment that he added the new bloodline to stabilize the currently boiling blood.

[Giant's Bloodline Detected!]

[Adding Bloodline!]


[Bloodline Completely Integrated!]

Slightly growing taller, Sora's blood cooled down and that's when he felt the change in his body...

[Golden Snake Bloodline has been purified! Golden Drake Bloodline achieved!]

A mental image of the Giant Golden Snake he had fought appeared within his mind, it grew four limbs. Two in the front and another two in the back, it's scales became hard and more jagged and they had a white outline.

The snake's length got shorter as it's body shrank to an appropriate size. Its length turning to 100 meters and its body growing muscular. It's body resembled that to a Western Dragon without the wings. Spikes made of bone appeared shooting out of its spine. The eyes grew more fierce and its teeth grew sharp, giving out a low growl, it turned it's attention to Sora and roared kicking Sora out of his mental image.

[Skills Attained!

True Form:

- Transforms you into your 'True' appearance as the holder of the [Golden Drake] Bloodline.

Dragon Claws:

- Three claw slices are sent to the enemy. (Can be infused with anything!)]

[+100,000,000 Power Level]

[Due to the increase of purity in one bloodline, [Vampire]'s bloodline skills have been unlocked. No skills out currently for the [Giant] bloodline.]

[Vampire Skills Unlocked!

Minor Mind Control:

- Control the minds of anyone with little effect. Once a conflicting thought occurs, Mind Control cancels.

Minor Hypnosis:

- Put suggestions into the mind of the target. Remain in effect until uncasted.


- Summon rats, bats, crows and wolves to help the user in any way. (Spying, attacking, transporting, messaging, etc.)]

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Along with the growth of his Snake Bloodline, his blood began to boil once more and his Saiyan Bloodline was on the brink of breaking through!


Sora focused his full attention onto it and felt his whole body shake! Another mental image appeared within his mind. However instead of meeting the menacing Golden Drake, what met his eyes was a dark brown furred Oozaru!

It was crouched and clutching its head with great pain. It pulled its arms to the side and looked up to sky and roared as hard as it could!


The mental scape shook violently and the Oozaru's fur began glimmering. Flickering into a golden color as it kept roaring at the heavens in anger.


It broke from its chains as its fur turned completely golden! A black tattoo of the Golden Drake appeared on its fur covering its back. It seemed alive as the nonexistent wind in the mental scape shook its fur.

An amazing change occurred with Sora's real body causing his muscles to slightly grow. His hair grew wildly resembling that to what the readers may know as a Super Saiya-Jin 4! Of course his eyes didn't have the outline around his eyes and his expression was at ease and calm and he didn't grow fur.

[Ancient Saiyan Skills Unlocked!

True Form:

-Transforms you into your 'True' form as the holder of [Ancient Saiyan] bloodline.

Ape see, Ape do:

- Whatever is seen through the eyes of the user, is remembered and can be used by the user right away.]

[+100,000,000 Power Level]

[Due to two conflicting skills, [True Form] and [True Form], the system will fuse both [True Form]s together.]

Growing more handsome and manly was a natural occurrence when his Golden Snake bloodline and his Saiyan Bloodline evolved!

After leaving his mental scape and bringing up the Giant Bloodline up to half-way through of going to its next level. Sora stopped refining his bloodlines and stood up, no one was in the training room and it was all dark.

Looking at all the notifications and screens in front of his face, Sora smiled and swiped them away. He returned his gaze to the small training room and saw the walls and grounds were filled with scratches, dents and burn marks showing that the girls had an intense fight before leaving.

Standing up, oblivious to his bodily changes, Sora made his way to his room and entered the bathroom to shower. He walked in front of the mirror and saw a man with a drawn mustache on his face and a wild hair style, "Eh?"

Sora was stumped! When did this damn change happen? Was it the Saiya-Jin Bloodline level up?


"Hais~ How will I explain this to the girls? I have to punish them first though.." Sora removed his clothes and jumped into the bath tub and relaxed his muscles. "What time is it?"

10:34 PM

'So I've been 'meditating' for almost ten hours..' thought Sora as he removed the fake mustache.


"Tadaan!" Caulifla jumped into Sora's bath with a fierce look on her face and a mad blush resting on it. She entered n.a.k.e.d with nothing covering her seductive body, showing off her perky b.r.e.a.s.ts to Sora. Her ass, unlike how flat her baggy pants made them look like, are at a moderate size and very well rounded.

Whilst inspecting every inch of the girl's body, Sora stood up n.a.k.e.d and walked to the other side of the bathroom to get his towel.

"Wa- waah?!" Caulifla was shocked by Sora's actions of him standing up so suddenly. She watched him walk over to the towel hanging on the wall, her eyes drifted over his body.. sculpted for Kings and well defined muscles that showed his strength. Her eyes kept drifting on further down and... 'Wow! He's so big!'

Not surprised about her entrance, Sora questioned the tomato red Caulifla, "So... why are you bursting in here?"

"I.. I..." Not bothering with her words anymore, she walked to Sora and stopped him from grabbing the towel by hugging him from the back and grabbing his trusty partner.

Feeling her small dainty hands on his rod, Sora turned his head to the right, and due to his towering size compared to her, he turned his gaze downward and said, "You do know what is about to happen if I take up your advances right, Caulifla?"

Caulifla jumped the gun and moved to the front of Sora and kissed his chest and then his lips. "I don't mind what will happen! As long as we grow stronger together. I don't mind if you have more women by your side since I expect that from someone as strong as you.."

Looking into her glossy eyes, Sora smirked and bent down to give her peck on her lips. He lifted his big hands and caressed her head and said, "Well then, can't deny a flowers chance to bloom then, now can I."

Backing away with a drunken expression on her face, Caulifla knelt right in front of him before taking him in whole...


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Race: Legendary Golden Ancient Saiya-jin Drake


Legendary Ancient Saiya-jin

Golden Drake




Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 1,350,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Nascent Soul Realm (Lower Grade)