Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 52

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Waking up in his room n.a.k.e.d, Sora was tired and in pain, to his left was Caulifla, sleeping soundly. Tired from waking up so early in the morning and in pain because Caulifla had a hold of his tail. Grabbing a man's tail forcefully really hurts, unless one is an M and he takes pleasure from that, however Sora was not like that and decided to do something about it.

He looked at her holding it in her hands close to her chest with a silly smile on her face slowly moving her hand up and down. Sora chuckled at her movements and wondered why she was having a wet dream after what they had done last night, he moved his tail slightly to tickle her nose and she let it go to rub her nose.

"Heh," Sora got off the bed and went to make something to eat and then go into his Heavenly World to do his training for the day.

"Good morning! Do you know where Caulifla is?" Kale asked squinting her eyes at Sora in suspicion.

"Yeah, she's in my room sleeping. So don't wake her up, she exhausted herself doing the positions I had her perform," said Sora. He wasn't going to bother hiding the fact that he had slept with Caulifla, that wasn't his style, Kale will find out sooner or later that he was with Caulifla all night. All she had to do was ask and Sora would tell her all about it with no hesitation.

"You!" Kale pouted with tears, her face unnaturally red, "Pervert!"


She ran away but not before grabbing the food Sora had already made.


'Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Why wasn't I first!' Kale kept on crying as she sped to her room, 'if I can't be first, then.. then...'

She stopped in her tracks and sat down, back against the wall, 'then... your going to have to love me a lot! You idiot!'

(A/N: heh heh, did you think I was gonna make her a yandere?)


"Well there goes my breakfast," Sora chuckled as he made more breakfast, some for himself and for the sleeping Caulifla.


After eating his food and leaving Caulifla's share wrapped up to contain the heat, he jumped straight into his Heavenly World.

Beginning his training, he pulled up the notifications from yesterday and read them once more. He smiled for a while before frowning, "Damn, so am I a beast now? Since my [True Form] is a beast?"

However besides remaining depressed at the thought, he gave a wide grin and laughed.

"Fascinating! This only means I will just be growing stronger! From what I know, beasts are the ones with the greatest potential out of millions of races.."

His eyes focused on his [True Form] and he thought of something crucial, his transformations!

If his [True Form] has changed, and his bloodlines have gotten stronger, than who's to say that his transformations haven't!

Pulling up the information, he looked carefully before being baffled and shocked!

[True Form:

1,000x Multiplier, can not be stacked with any other transformation since this reverts the user to their True Form.

Bonus Effecf: Each day passed in True Form, will be a +100x/DAY.

Ex: Day 1: 1,000

Day 2: 1,100

Day 3:...


[LSSJ Transformations:

LSSJ: State One: 125x Multiplier

LSSJ: State Two: 250x Multiplier

LSSJ: State Three: 500x Multiplier

LSSJ: State Four: +500x Multiplier

(State Four can only last for a whole day before making user go back to State One.)]

Sora was at a loss for words, how could this happen..

He didn't lose anything but instead won more stuff, even if with limitations. For instance, he gained a State Four and gave a limit to State Three.

Since State Three gives him a multiplier of 500, State Four only keeps adding a +10/sec to the multiplier. The appearance didn't change at all from the orginal appearances of his Legendary transformations.

Well, besides red fur growing out of his body and gaining a green glow to it. Everything else didn't change, his fangs grew longer from his Vampire bloodline and he grew slightly bigger because of his Giant Bloodline.

[+500,000,000 Power Level]

Once Sora finished his training and chanting, he stretched a bit before finally leaving his Heavenly World.



A portal opened and out came someone running towards a group of three. "Did you guys hear?! A mortal is challenging someone to a fight! This is very interesting! Even for a person like me, who doesn't even like fighting!" yelled the intruder, now identified as a woman with auburn hair, glasses, blue and red dress with black sleeves and a lab coat.

"21! How many times do I have to tell you not to just barge in!" yelled a man with clown make up and the God of Destruction outfit.

"Yes 21, no use in barging in like that, what if you walked into a Ball of Destruction? Or even worse, Hakai.. desumasu," ch.i.p.s in an angel with twin ponytails.

"Hee~ I don't think so! I would jump in and save her!" With high cheerfulness joins in another person! A short man with lavender skin and black eyes. His white hair is styled in a slicked back mohawk and he is wearing gold and green Potara earrings. A typical jewelry to those adorned with the name and title of Supreme Kai.

Ignoring all their blabberings, the intruder, known as 21, repeated, "A mortal from Universe 7 challenged the God of Destruction from Universe 6, Belmod! Though I dislike fighting, I heard the mortal is candy to the eyes from angel Vados!"

"What!" yelled Belmod and the angel, both for two completely different reasons.

"Not just that! The God of Destruction from Universe 7 was invited to go watch it!" added in 21.

The clown, Belmod, put his hand on his chin as he thought of what will be happening, he scoffed and looked right at the angel and 21, "Hah, it won't be as interesting as the fight between Jiren and 21, but we will crash in and see what this mortal is capable of.."

"And it doesn't matter how good he is, our universe will remain stronger than their's, desumasu, even if he's candy to the eyes" says the angel with the last part only heard by 21.

"Hmhm, typical Marcarita, always bragging about the universe she's in," strikes the Supreme Kai.

21 laughed and looked at everyone before turning to leave. Belmod and the angel, Marcarita, caught on to this and squinted their eyes as they began to question her.

The first to ask a question was the angel Marcarita, "How'd you teleport here? You didn't use another black hole, did you, desumasu?"

C.o.c.king her head back to face their stares with a smile, 21 answered, "I made a machine to allow me to transport between universes using the same concept of the black hole that had sent me to this universe. I'm sorry if this is of an inconvenience."

Belmod nodded at her words maintaining his cold look and asked, "I never did ask, but how did you fall into the black hole?"

"Well... lets just say, 'the scientist' put me into a spacepod before the lab I worked at was destroyed by a couple of ruffians. The spaceship fell into the trajectory of a black hole and I couldn't do anything about," she paused and looked at the faces of everyone present, "and my 'son', who I lost when he was alive, had an Android modeled after him, he was supposed to follow me but it never happened."

"That's pretty *sniff* sad, 21..." bawled the Supreme Kai.

"Oh shut it, Khai," retorted Belmod.

With a warm smile, 21 waved her hands and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you sad, I am still not taking my son's death that well. He was taken over by some entity, which I found out before being sent through the black hole."

"Hmm.. okay, where are you off to now?" questioned Belmod.

"To my other bestie, besides Marcarita, to tell her about this peace of news!" exclaimed 21 whilst pulling out a black box and throwing it on the ground before opening up a customized black hole.

"Wait who is this person!?"

"Kusu, of course!"



"Kusu, what is the next location of the civilization I must eradicate?" asked a big pink elephant.

A petite, small looking angel, Kusu, answers,"In the North Sector, Lord Rumsshi. But remember, before you go ahead to destroy them, distinguish whether they are good or not."

"Yeah yea-"

Having the elephants words cut off by a woman's yell come from a black hole forming over their heads. Out came the female known as 21 with her landing on top of the God of Destruction.

"KUSU!!" Immediately after seeing the small angel, 21 got off of the maddened elephant and stood in front of the joyful angel. "I got fun news!"

The angel Kusu questions with curiosity, "What kind of news 21?"

Quickly looking around with a grin to make sure no one else is listening besides the Angel and the God of Destruction, "A man from Universe 7 challenged the God of Destruction from Universe 6!"

At the sound of fighting, Kusu's blood boiled slightly as she kept hearing 21 talk, "Do you know why they are fighting?"

"I have heard two rumors," began 21 with a glint in her eye, "the first rumor was that the petty GoD from Universe 6 saw the man from Universe 7 eat food from his universe!"

Chuckling a bit at the thought of that and how silly it sounds Kusu looked at the pink elephant and said, "That could be you Rumsshi, if it was related to the social hierarchy instead, heh."

The elephant Rumsshi squinted his eyes at Kusu and turned away in annoyance, "Tch."

21 looked at the display of the elephant turning in annoyance and couldn't help but grin at Rumsshi in mockery.

"Calm down," muttered Kusu, "and what was the other rumor?"

"That it was a challenged from the mortal for the hand of the Angel Vados, your younger sister!" 21 was very giddy inside as she explained the last rumor.

"What!?" Kusu couldn't believe her ears! Her younger sister was about to be taken by a man! She needs to check this man's quality to make sure he is good enough for her sister. The job perfect for the eldest sibling of her family!

Definitely no other thoughts! None at all! Nothing... 'Okay, maybe I want him too, I mean, it has been centuries since a mortal has done something like this! My younger brother Sour once had a relationship with a mortal from his universe behind the Grand Priest's back. And he said he loved the relationship!'

Kusu kept her thoughts going further and further with a small blush on her soft blue cheeks, 'I, as the oldest sibling, should know what it is like as well! Vados.. wouldn't mind sharing.. right?'

Seeing the blush on Kusu, 21 got puzzled and bade farewell to both of them after talking with them for a couple of more minutes. She made trips to two other universes, Universe 4 and Universe 9. Both from where she got closer to their Angels, even if the angels were stopped from meddling in the businesses of the mortals, 21 was the person who had approached them first. That and she herself doesn't like being a part of society since she is afraid.


And just like that she had invited four universe to crash into the fight between Sora and Champa, to watch. Some for their own curiosity, and two female angels for their wanting of a partner or another hidden agenda.

Either a ton of trouble will find itself all the way to the fight between Sora and Champa, or nothing will occur besides two angels sending themselves to Sora like a sheep in wolf's clothing.



"Ahh! Cover yourself Sora!" cried Kale as she walked besides Sora slowly nudging herself closer to him. She had already gotten over the whole ordeal that had happened in the morning, especially when she had a talk with Caulifla and she supported her.

Sending an irritated expression to Kale, Sora moved his left arm behind her and over her left shoulder before latching his hand on her left b.r.e.a.s.t.


Groping her, Sora said, "I can't cover myself if I have no preemptive warning that I will sneeze, it came out of nowhere. Plus, I am pretty sure someone is talking about me behind my back. I hope it's Casion or Bulma... Mai... Launch... 18... Panchy... Chi-Chi... or Caulifla talking about me."

"You damn pervert," mutters Kale keeping her head down to hide her read face.

They continued walking to the kitchen for the last meal of the day with Sora's hand still on Kale's chest, until they met with the natural disaster, Caulifla.

"Already cheating on me?"

"No, obviously not. I am checking if she has b.r.e.a.s.t cancer..."

"..." (Caulifla)

"It's not cheating if you already approved right? C'mon, I need to spoil Kale too, she's on the verge of crying if I don't take care of her..."

"..." (Kale/Caulifla)


Race: Legendary Golden Ancient Saiya-jin Drake


Legendary Ancient Saiya-jin

Golden Drake




Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 1,850,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Nascent Soul Realm (Lower Grade)