Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 53 It's A Pill

Training, training, training and training was all Sora had done for a eight days. In between those day he had mingled with the, oh so now filled Kale and Caulifla. With those eight days of training, Sora now held a power level of,

[4,815,000,000 Power Level]

Only two more days, not counting today, until he fights with the God of Destruction of the universe he currently resides in.

Currently he was in his Heavenly World and doing his chanting and training for the day. The Heavenly World made a slow but eventual pace that gradually began forming small mounds and wet dirt.

Where that dirt was, was somewhere where a pond will eventually find itself at. The little mounds of dirt that will eventually become towering mountains that can match Mt. Everest.

[+500,000,000 Power Level]

Breaking out of his thoughts at the blue screen in front of his face, he waved it away and breathed in the natural and pure air. All untouched from chemicals that could be hazardous to the average mortal being.

Leaving after finishing his training and doing some cycles for the Dongxuan Sutra, he made his was to the front deck to steer course to a nearby planet.

The eight days he had been with the girls wasn't only training for himself, every single planet they had visited, they had checked for life. If said life was evil, the girls would challenge them to death, if good, they would be challenged to a fair fight. Their skills began growing at a steady pace.

"Where are going to?" Asked Kale making her way through the door and setting herself on top of Sora's laps.

Holding her waist with his hand, Sora pointed to a not so far planet with his free hand. "That world right there, it's a planet filled of very strong fighters."

"Really? Can I get stronger there?!"

Caulifla exclaimed bursting into the room, she was walking by when she heard Sora's words. She walked straight up to Sora and held him by his collar pushing her face close to his.

Sora pushing his head closer to her face with their lips grazing each other, "Yeah, in fact, you will need to go into super saiyan before the fight."

"Oh really?" cooed Caulifla.

"Heyyy!! If you're going to be doing this, then include me in it!" Jumping at them, Kale hugged both of them and madly kissed Sora.

"Agh, just don't slobber me! Damnit, who's grabbing my ass?!"



21 traveled around the universe for a couple of days now looking for the challenger of the God of Destruction. However looking for him was more difficult than she had first thought. She even had to turn into her True Form to look for him in space as well in case he was in a space ship or something.

She wanted to find him to see what he was like, to see if it was alright for her now friend Vados to date a man. Especially when she knows that Marcarita has the same idea as well, but she might act before or after the fight. Kusu was the one she was worried about, she knows that Kusu is childish, but she is also very serious when it comes to it.

Quickly finding her way to a nice planet filled with warriors, she flew there and decided to spend the rest of the day there resting a bit and hoping her hunger doesn't act up. She doesn't want another incident happening again like it did many years ago.


-12 hours later on the fighter planet-

Walking out of the ship, they made steady pace to where most people were at. Where a large amount of people with armor and weapons, most held no weapons and instead had gauntlets and small daggers.

"Okay, it's 8 P.M. right now. I will see you girls back here in four hours," said Sora as he looked at every person at the market district.

"Okay, bye!" yelled both Kale and Caulifla as they quickly fled from Sora.

"Ugh, why.."

Walking down the pathway surrounded by stalls filled with meat, weapons, vegetables, herbs and many other materials that the people need, Sora focused on the meat and then on to the weapons.

Not long after, Sora didn't notice that his eyesight kept drifting onto the necks of every single person.

"You aren't from around here are you?"

A group of six weird looking aliens approached Sora, from the group of six, only one held a weapon, a great axe, presumably the leader. They all surrounded Sora and snickered at him, "Give us everything you have and we will let you go."

Every other fighter and people in the surrounding instantly back away from the group of six and maintained their distance from them.

"It's the Nickel Gang!"

"I heard they just killed a group of fighters not that long ago."

"Poor man will lose everything, maybe even his life."

"Aww too bad, I was thinking of inviting him to my house for a drink..."

"Don't you mean to your 'bed for a quicky'?"



"O-okay! Ju-just please let me keep my dignity!" Sora said acting scared, "PL-please.. lets do this out of view.. okay?"

"Hehe, sure why not, I'm in a good mood today," proclaimed the man with the great axe resting on his shoulder.

"O-okay, please follow me.." Sora lead them away from the huge group of people and slowly led them to a deserted area with no sign of life in sight.

As they followed the 'timid' man to the outskirts of town, they noticed the presence of people diminishing. The leader was the first and only to put up his guard as they kept following Sora.

'Wait? Where is he?'


The leader turned his head over to the sound and noticed the 'timid' man's mouth latching onto his teammates neck as she shriveled slowly like a raisin. Taking a step back in fear, as Sora latched on to another teammate of the leader's who still hasn't reacted to what had just happened.

Readying his axe, the leader inched closer to Sora and quickly swung down his axe but before the axe can connect to Sora's skull, he disappeared. The axe kept going down and cleaved his teammate in two.

Shock was etched onto his face and his heart was a raging inferno as he turned to face the culprit who just began attacking another of his teammate. Only three people remained, he didn't bother counting in the person who was being sucked dry of blood by Sora alive anymore.

Even if he screamed for help.

"Attack him from both sides, I'll go straight at him," ordered the leader.

Sora looked at the separating and trying to keep him cornered, 'seems like everyone always forget they can fly..' Sora threw the dead body of the man in his hands to the leader and a Ki blast at the feet of the man at the right of him. Quickly turning his heels, he stabbed the woman on his left through the chest with his bare hands and killed her.

"You guys are pretty weak," remarked Sora as he made his way to the still recovering guy on the right whilst throwing another dead body to the leader. He chopped off the head of the man and turned to face a furious leader.

"How dare you! Pay with your blood!" The leader raised his axed over his head and swung it to Sora with all his might.


"Pretty weak," Sora flicked the attack to the side with his fingers and roundhouse kicked the man's head sending it flying. Quickly grabbing the body before it fell, Sora drank all the blood quickly before it went to waste.

The Nickel Gang is no more.

(A/N: Now the abraham lincoln (penny) gang is running the place!)


After finishing his feeding, he took a look at his bloodied clothes and decided to get it changed.

Sending out his Ki Sense to look for a lake, Sora turned to the location he just found and went to it. Not long after he got there and sensing no one around, he jumped into the lake after removing his clothes.

"Now this is relaxing," exhaled Sora, "especially after killing people."

Splashing water on his face so that he can remove the blood from his face, his fangs finally retracted after finally being satisfied.


Hearing a twig snap, Sora turned his head to the location the sound was and found a curvy bodied woman, her skin pink, her hair was white, ears pointed, eyes blue, and she had a tail.

She was wearing a black tube top, black arm sleeves, and white baggy pants. She also had some type of jewelry on herself, a golden ring around her neck, one around her middle finger on her left hand, golden earring on ears and more golden rings on her arms. She carried with herself a poise that exuded seductiveness as she made her way to the practically n.a.k.e.d Sora.

"And who may you be?" asked Sora as his eyes scrutinized every curve of the woman's body.

The woman didn't answer and instead sat near Sora, outside of the lake.

Squinting his eyes at her, Sora continued, "Not much of a talker, eh?"

"..." Quietly staring at Sora who just continued washing himself, she opened her mouth for a second before closing it. Caution marred her eyes and she looked away before finally opening her mouth, "I.. call me 21.."

"Well 21, nice to meet you," replied Sora removing the last parts of blood that remain on his hand. He turned to face her and said, "If you keep radiating that 'hunger vibe', I might assume you might want to roast me alive, haha."

"You.." she turned her head quickly to Sora shocked and asked, "how did you know I was hungry?"

"A saiyan's stomach is never filled.. wait I mean wrong," chuckled Sora.

"It doesn't matter that you know that I'm hungry, nothing works," 21 hanged her head down dejectedly.

Laughing at the woman 21, Sora stated, "Stop acting all sappy. It's not the end of the world."

'You wouldn't understand...' thought 21.

Taking out a [Food Pill] from his inventory, Sora tossed it over to 21 and told her, "Here catch, this will help you with that problem for half a year."

Quickly catching the round this that Sora threw at her, she sent an inquisitive gaze at Sora and then a curious look at the pill before popping it into her mouth. Feeling it melt and go down her throat filled her with such pleasure that she had never felt before, the pill went down easily and there was no chewing involved.

The process felt weird since she didn't chew, but she ignored it and a darker shade of pink covered her cheeks.

After it fully went down into her stomach, she felt that she wasn't hungry anymore and was shocked. Her eyes widened and she turned her head to where Sora was, "Thank you!"

Tears began to roll down 21's beautiful pink face, no matter how much she wiped away her tears, more would pour out.

"If you really thank me, then how about a kiss then?" asked Sora with a smirk.

Turning her pretty little head to Sora with tears streaming down her cheeks and a wide smile on her face, she shook her head and flew away, 'Time to stop playing around and look for the challenger...'

"So ungrateful," although Sora said it with spite, his mouth carried a happy smile.

He resumed his little bath but not before it was interrupted once more by two completely n.a.k.e.d girls, both named Kale and Caulifla. Their clothes were thrown up into the air landing on branches and on the ground as the girls themselves shot at Sora.

""Wash US!"" (Kale/Caulifla)

"Wash my feet!"

"Wash behind my ears!"

".. my thighs!"

"... what have I gotten myself into.." muttered Sora.


Race: Legendary Golden Ancient Saiya-jin Drake


Legendary Ancient Saiya-jin

Golden Drake




Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 5,350,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ancient Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Nascent Soul Realm (Mid Grade)